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Hidden outdoor camera indian peeing photo and pic cocks outdoor gay
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"Hey, I hope she didn't give you too much trouble." I said to my babysitter Amanda. She just turned 13, and came knocking at my door a week ago asking for some work. She was a beautiful little redhead. 4' 9", with a cute little ass and a succulent pair of tits that had me trying to find a way to suck them and fuck her silly. "No Daddy Paul, she was just like an angel." Most of the kids in the neighborhood called me 'Daddy Paul' or 'Daddy'.

My 9 year old daughter Suzy is a beautiful little girl with long blonde hair. She hated wearing any kind of clothing and never did at home.

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The next morning I went to Amanda's house and talked to her mother. I needed Amanda to sit for me on Sunday, but it was going to be late when I got home.

"Hello Sharon" she smiled and said "Hi Paul". She reached out and gave me a hug and asked me if there was something wrong. "I need a sitter for tomorrow, but it will be 1 or 2 in the morning when I get home.

I was thinking that if you were alright with it that Amanda could stay over and be with Suzy until the morning". She invited me in and we sat in the kitchen drinking coffee while she thought about it. "Well you paid her $50 for last night, how much would you pay her for this?" I sat there thinking then asked "What do you think would be fair?" "Well how do you feel about $100?" I sat there kind of feeling like she slapped me across the face very hard.

"Well, that sounds kind steep but I think I could do that". She sat back and smiled as she called Amanda. When Amanda came in she run over to me and gave me a huge hug.

Her mom told her about the job. "Amanda sweetie, Paul needs you to sit for him again, but because it will be very late when he gets home, you will spend the rest of the night there." I told her that I would need her to go to the store so I could buy some snacks for her and Suzy.

Later at the store I picked up some chips and other snacks for the girls. "Amanda, I just realized that I never got anything for your birthday, so how would you like to go to the mall and pick something out?" she looked at me with a huge smile and said, "Only if it's OK with you, but you really don't have to do that". I just smiled and stated for the mall. At the mall she picked out some jeans and a couple tops. "I think you forgot to get underwear." "I didn't think you wanted me to get any".

"Well I thought every young lady likes having new things especially panties." I gave her my credit card and told her to go get some pretty panties. I took her home and told her to be at my house at 10 am.

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Then I went and picked up a few more items to make her easier to convince to engage in erotic acts. She arrived promptly at 10 am, I let her in and Suzy was really excited to see her. I helped them lay out the snacks and told Amanda that I made some punch for them to go with the snacks and some movies to watch.

They were happy. As I drove to Bill's house I started thinking about Amanda and her mom. Amanda's dad died when she was 2yrs old, and they were hardly getting by. So I understood why Sharon had hit me so hard on her sitting price.

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I watched football then went home at midnight. When I arrived home, what I saw both appalled me and made me rock hard instantly. Suzy was in my favorite recliner passed out, and Amanda was lying on the sofa wearing only a thong.

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I picked up Suzy and carried her to her room and put her in bed. Then I kissed her on her cheek and went back to the living room. Amanda was sleeping so peacefully, I almost didn't wake her. I went to my room and began to feel over dressed so I stripped down and went out to wake Amanda. I knelt by Amanda and looked at her sexy body and admired her sweet tits. I bent down and took one between my lips and gently sucked and teased it with my tongue, it became immediately stiff like a pencil eraser.

She started waking so I stood up and sat next to her on the sofa. She sat up, and said "I'm so sorry Daddy, I will get this cleaned up then go to bed." "No, you are OK, I am not mad about anything, why don't you sit next to me and watch a movie before we go to bed." I went to my room and grabbed a DVD, and returned to the living room and started the movie.


I sat next to Amanda on the sofa as it began. The movie started, and her eyes went wide open as she saw the woman sucking a huge cock. "What is she doing?" "She is sucking her friend's cock. It lets him know that she really loves him." she put her hand around my cock and started stroking it. "Mmmm, that feels good baby." we sat there watching the movie when after I felt my cock sliding into her warm wet mouth, "Just suck on it, please don't bite." I moved my hand to the back of her head, "Oh yeah Baby, you are doing just great!" She was sucking my hard cock like a pro.

She was doing so well, I was cumming in about fifteen minutes. "That's it little girl, make me cum. Daddy wants you to drink his cum from his big cock." She kept sucking so strongly and 20 minutes later I was blasting before warning her. "Oh Baby, you are making me cum!" I came and she couldn't hold it, so my cum went all over her face and hair. Then I had an idea, "Hold right there Baby, I'll be right back." I got up and got my camera and came back.

When I sat down I told her, "Grab my cock and look up at me." She looked so sexy as I snapped off a few photos, then we took a shower together and went to my room to sleep. I had intended to fuck her, but I decided to get that virgin pussy when she wasn't drunk. The next morning I woke up with the sexiest 13 year old lying next to me. I gently woke her and kissed her forehead, and she looked at me and noticed we were naked. "Morning sweetie." "What happened Daddy?" She was looking at me, apparently not remembering the night before.

"Hey Baby, look at my computer." When she looked, she saw the photos of her cum covered face swapping out on the screen saver. "I was bad Daddy." "You were so bad you were so good Baby.

Daddy wants you to be bad again Baby." I kissed her and gently pushed her under the covers to my stiff cock and she started sucking it. "Yeah Baby, suck Daddy. You are doing just fine." Just then, Suzy came in and asked where Amanda was, and I just lifted the covers off to reveal her sucking my stiff member. "What is she doing Daddy?" "She is showing Daddy how much she loves him." Suzy climbed in bed next to me and watched as she devoured my cock and I pulled Suzy close so I could rub that tiny little slit.

I was getting close, so I told Amanda. "Go ahead sweetie.


I'm almost there. Try to swallow as much as you can." She started sucking harder and I was getting closer. "Can I get closer to watch Daddy?" "Yes Suzy get down there and watch. Maybe she will let you have some of Daddy's cum." I started cumming, and Amanda was swallowing as much as she could. When she stopped swallowing, some dribbled down my shaft. "Go ahead Suzy lick the cum off of Daddy's cock." Suzy started licking and then took my cock head into her mouth to really get a good taste.

When we were all done, I had one sweet girl on each side while we caught our breath. Then we got up and ate some breakfast. After breakfast I had the girls clean up after last night. "Hello Sharon." I said as I answered the door.

I let her in and she noticed that both girls were naked. "Why are they not wearing clothes?" "Well, Suzy wont wear any, and I never asked Amanda." she followed Amanda to my room where her thong was and I had forgotten that my screen saver was still running.

"PAUL, GET IN HERE NOW!" She yelled. I went in and she asked "Did you FUCK her also?" "No, but I really wanted too." She looked very upset, and I was kind of uneasy because I thought about what would happen to Suzy while I was in prison. "How do you think I should handle this?" "I'm not sure, but I don't want to be incarcerated, but I'm really at your mercy here." "First you have to erase those pictures.

Then I need something to drink, my nerves are shot." she stood there while I erased the photos and then asked if I had anything strong to drink. I brought her some bourbon, vodka, and rum with a glass. She poured herself a glass of Jack and drank it down then poured another. "Well, I know I should have you locked up, but then Suzy wouldn't have a mom or a dad. So now I need to think of how to punish you without jail." I was feeling a little more relived, but still unsure, so I grabbed another glass and poured myself a glass of Jack.

Sharon also poured another drink. "You do have to admit that Amanda does look sexy covered with cum." She said. She called her daughter to join us at the table. "Did you like sucking his cock?" "Yes Mama, both times." "You blew him twice?" "Yes, I'm sorry Mama but it was fun and I liked his cum." Sharon swallowed some more of her drink while she looked at me.

"OK, go play with Suzy while I talk to Paul." She sat there looking at me with a frown on her face.

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As she poured another drink she asked me, "First I need you to pay me for her babysitting, then I want another $100 for her giving you head. You told me you really want to fuck my little girl, how bad do you want her in your bed?" I sat back in my chair trying to figure out where she was going with this.

"Lets grab our drinks and go to the other room." When we rose from the table, I could not hide my stiff cock making a tent in my boxers. I poured some more Jack then went to the living room. We sat on the sofa, and she told Amanda, "Look, Paul has a hard cock." "Can I suck it again?" "Not now dear, but maybe later." I was not sure what to say or do, so I did or said nothing.

"Amanda, Paul wants to fuck you, what do you think about that?" Amanda stood there smiling while she was thinking. "If it don't hurt too bad, the girls at school says it hurts." "Only the first time, but we can make it hurt less. OK, go play some more with Suzy." My cock was so hard now that it was beginning to hurt. Sharon stood up and stared removing her clothes, "Lets go to your room and fuck, I need to be drilled. All of this talk about fucking or maybe the whiskey has me really horny." I jumped up and stated that way, and on the way I poked my head in and told the girls to come to my room.

I stripped off my boxers and t-shirt, them crawled in bed and stuck my tongue deep in Sharon's juicy cunt. "No, don't eat me, I need to be FUCKED now." Who am I to argue with that, so I got up there and shoved my cock in deeply with one hard thrust.

Sharon wasn't joking about being horny, she started cumming after only 3 strokes. I pounded her until we were both having a very good orgasm. "See Baby, fucking really feels great." Amanda smiled and nodded her head. I told the girls that Sharon and I still had more talk about. They went to watch TV, and I asked Sharon what was on her mind. "What do I need to do about this situation?" "First if you are dead serious, you will move Amanda and me in here where you have 3 extra bedrooms, then you get health care coverage for Amanda.

You will buy me a dependable vehicle. For doing this, you get a babysitter for free, a housekeeper for free, and a 13 year old virgin to fuck all you want. But remember that if she gets pregnant, you will take care of everything that needs taking care of." I laid back on the bed thinking about this trying to use the head on my shoulders.

This was a heavy situation, I needed more time to think. "Can I have some time to think this over?" "Yes you can think, but it will expire in 2 days. If you don't take the proposition, you will not interact with my daughter ever." "OK, I will give you an answer tomorrow." Later while eating pizza with Suzy, I felt that I should involve her in my decision.

"Suzy dear, what would you think if I have Amanda and Sharon move in with us?" She looked at me as to say why are you asking me, you know what I will say. The next morning I called Sharon and asked her to come over. "Should I bring Amanda?" I told " She can come if she wants to." Then I went to my room and took a shower but stayed completely nude.

Amanda and Sharon knocked at the door, and I let them in. I told Amanda and Suzy to go watch some TV, and I asked Sharon to have a seat on the sofa. "Well, what do you have in mind? Have you made your decision?" I looked at her for a minute, then I spoke "First, Everyone will be nude, except when mother nature leaves your monthly gift.

When you have friends over, they have a choice, but you do not. And Second, there unconditional sex. That is my answer." She sat there thinking, then said "Deal!" I called the girls to where we were, and told our new family members "OK Sharon, Amanda let us check out which rooms you would like to occupy." We walked around to the 3 rooms that were empty and let the 2 women choose.

"OK tomorrow, you start packing your things and have them moved here. Then we will go get you a new vehicle.

Right now, I just want a pretty little virgin wrapped around my cock." I went to my room and came back with a DVD, and had Sharon go get the girls while I got it ready to play. They all returned and I had Sharon and Suzy sit on the sofa, while I sat in my chair with Amanda on my lap.

"I want Amanda to pay very good attention to what is being done more than how erotic it is." I started the movie, and pulled my little nymph back against me lightly fingering that virgin cunt. The movie was showing teen girls dancing erotic for for guys, and really rubbing their young bodies against the guys. The dances all end with the hot bitch giving head.

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We watched it for 30 minutes, then I told Suzy to go get one of her Hip-Hop CD's so Amanda could dance for me. When she put it on to play, I told Amanda "OK, I want you to dance for Daddy like the cunt in the movie.

Suzy, you can practice dancing if you, ask Sharon if she wants you to dance for her." Amanda climbed up on my chair as the music began. "That is the way, show that sweet little cunt, dance for me.

Go on Baby, that's it, get lower so Daddy can lick your tiny little twat." She was a natural little titty dancer.

She got lower until that sweet cunt was at tongue level, and I started sucking it. When she had her pussy even with my cock, she started grinding it, "Oh Baby, keep going, I will give it to you later. Oh God, you have me ready to cum." I gently pushed her down so I could get my cock in her sweet warm mouth, "That's it Baby, blow Daddy until he gives you his sweet Daddy's milk, then swallow all that you can." She swallowed my cum, and then Sharon suggested "Lets smoke a joint and relax for a few minutes." "I don't have any weed, but it does sound good." :I do." Sharon says.

She rolled a couple joints, and handed one to me. I lit it and took a good hit and passed it to Amanda. "Can I smoke some too?" She said looking at Sharon.

"He handed it to you didn't he, he is your Daddy, what he does is what happens, the only time either of you girls need to ask me is if he isn't here." Amanda took the joint and pulled some smoke, and started coughing. I told her not to take as much, and to try to hold the smoke as long as she could. She took another hit, and then handed it to Sharon, who also hit it and then looked at me.

Knowing what she was wanting to know, I nodded my head and she handed it to Suzy.

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Suzy took a toke, and passed it back to me. We passed it back around and while we smoked, we watched some more lap dancing. I laid Amanda on the love seat, an leaned down to kiss her and suck those sweet little tits. After I had them very sensitive, I started sucking her tiny slit. "Daddy is going to put his hard cock in you, and fuck you until he fills you with his cum." She smiled, then my stiff cock was at her entrance and I applied some pressure as it slid in about an inch.

I leaned down and kissed her again, then I shoved my cock in as far as it would go. She was looking up at me smiling. I slowly pulled out and went back in, then I just fucked her until I filled that little twat full of cum. We then went to bed, of course my new little honey was with me.