Cutie poked by a inflexible dick

Cutie poked by a inflexible dick
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This is the story of the first time I tried to seduce someone.


I'm an intern in a small office with a mostly older staff. I'd been working there part time for about a year, when they filled the new office manager position with an outside hire. Charlie was 40ish, bearded, bespectacled and a little heavy around the middle, but I wanted him so badly from the moment I was introduced to him.

I can't tell you why, but he was just so nervous and sweet and there was something sexy about the way he carries himself. But being a mostly shy girl, and realizing that a presumably married man who was nearly fifty wouldn't even think about fucking the 20 year old intern. I tried to let it go. Well, I just masturbated furiously to the thought of him fucking me on his office desk.

I couldn't stop myself from smiling at him in the hallways, or walking past his office while sucking on various phallic food objects (which makes me cringe thinking about it).

Two weeks ago, I was locked into an unbearable conversation with some of the office troll women, talking about Charlie's family taking the Summer off for vacation. Apparently his wife and kids wanted to go to Disney World for a couple of weeks since they have had no time together for a while. The thought of Charlie leaving me for a few days made me upset. I continued to think about him fucking me and it made me so wet, so I finally decided to fuck all convention and stop being a quivering pussy about it.

I've spent the last two weeks wearing see-through shirts and black bras. My skirts have been showing a peek of red thong anytime he was looking for files near my vicinity.

I could tell he noticed, he'd taken to staring at my forehead while having conversations with me, and avoiding me around the office, only to eye-fuck my tits and ass when i was cleaning my glasses or "working".

Last Friday, I decided it was time to act. The office staff had left by 4:30, and he and I were basically the only ones in the office. When he left to talk to the boss down the hall, I quickly snuck into his office and stole every pen. Desperate, I know but hopefully would be well worth it. I sat and waited for him to return, anticipating my move.

I heard him coming down the hall, saying goodbye to my boss, who was leaving for the day. I poked my head around the hall and said goodbye as well, and lingered outside Charlie's desk, waiting for him to realize and run the supply closet. As soon as he did, I followed, waiting until the door clicked shut.

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I quickly stripped off my sweater and opened the door, locking it behind me when it shut. He was surprised to say the least. He turned around quickly and his face was priceless. The sweater I'd been wearing was hiding a tight, mid drift reaching white camisole, my tits bursting out of it with the help of a push up bra. He was in a panic, but I could see him staring at my now heaving chest. I'd never been so nervous as I took the two steps to basically press myself up against him.

I kept eye contact as I reached over to stroke his groin.

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Through the thin fabric, I could feel the outline of a giant cock. I had to dart my eyes down to make sure I wasn't crazy, and there it was, straining against his pants, and absolutely huge. I looked up at him with big doe eyes, and whispered, "Wow". He looked like he was about to die as I grabbed his now hard cock through his pants and put my other hand on his face. I pulled him into a kiss, my heart beating like crazy. His mouth was soft and hesitant and I could feel his cock twitching under my hand.

I undid his belt and reached inside his briefs.


My mouth dropped open, my small hand could barely fit around his fat dick. He could see it too, and he moaned softly. I stroked him once, my thumb circling the head of of his cock. He still seemed nervous, so I pulled back, retracting my hand from his now bulging cock. I grabbed one of his hands and moved it under my skirt, to my soaking wet thong. He started breathing heavily as he touched my wetness.

I leaned into him, my breasts pushing into him, and stood on tip toes to reach his ear. "See how wet I am? I want you, NOW! "I want you to fuck me deep and hard" and I reached out to stroke his cock again. He watched me as I lightly squeezed his dick and kept looking up at him. Fuck I was going to have to go further.

He'd taken off his belt, so slick, so i undid his pants and pulled out his cock. He was so turned on, and as I dropped to my knees, i knew I'd have to be careful with how I touched him if I wanted him to impale me with that monstrous 7 inches of dick. I could barely get it in my mouth, my horrible gag reflex choking me with every inch I took. He was moaning like crazy, and grabbed my head with his hands. "Oh, suck it, fuck, oh fuck". The words almost made me pass out. I pulled him out of my mouth, licking the length of his shaft, and stood up.

"I want you inside me. Let's fuck on your desk!" He wasn't about to argue, judging by how hard his cock was.

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We quickly walked to his big office desk where I slid down my panties and hiked up my skirt. "I don't have a condom," He said nervously. "I don't care, fuck me now!" I said while sitting up on his desk. I took his fat cock and started rubbing my cunt lengthwise. He pawed at my shirt, managing to yank it over my head. He moved the soft cups to the side and began sucking on my now hypersensitive nipples, biting and licking and moaning against them.

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It was unbelievable. He pulled back, grabbing his cock from me, and positioning it right at my opening. I looked up at him. "When's the last time you were inside a 20 year old girl?" He sank his dick slowly into me, the feeling was so tight and full my eyes rolled back into my head. He let out a loud groan as my pussy swallowed all seven inches he produced.

"Fuck you're so tight. God. Oh my! Fuck," he moaned over and over as he started to push in and out of me, very slowly.

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He pushed me back onto the desk, as I wrapped my legs around his thick waist, letting him pound his girthy large dick into me. He started to groan and seethe, and i was pretty sure he'd blow soon, when I started to feel the throbbing of his cock. He kept it up for much longer than i expected, letting me rock into him.

My orgasm was building, and I could feel all the anticipation making my toes numb and my face hot.

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"Fuck, I'm so close!" I panted into his ear. Charlie looked at me with just lusty eyes and a half open mouth, and slammed his cock into me over and over, fucking me so hard my sweaty ass almost slid across the table.


I let out a half scream, my first orgasm with Charlie sent shakes across my body. He pounded into me for a second or two more before he came inside me; groaning loudly into my chest. He kissed my nipples as he pulled out, making me groan. He stretched me out like crazy, and I could barely get off the desk. He pushed two fingers inside me, and felt the sloppy wet mess inside my pussy. "Is that what you wanted?" he asked me, looking me dead in the eye as he withdrew his fingers.

i sucked them dry, swallowed it and smiled, and he slid me off the desk and sank into his office chair. I sat on his lap, playing with his flaccid cock, pretty sure he was spent for now. We made out for a little, but I saw little point if i couldn't have his dick inside me, so I helped him clean off the table, and pulled down my skirt.

He pocketed my red thong, before slapping my ass and telling me to get out of his office. "I'm not on the pill, you know?" I said smirking as I left.