Cock riding bi guy gets sucked and cums

Cock riding bi guy gets sucked and cums
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This is a complete work of fiction, and has no correlation to any specific person, place, or event. Some of the characters' personality are a bit exacerbated, and I want it clear that I neither condon nor endorse any violently and aggressive attack towards any gender, this is just a dark story my mind created. Nothing More!!!! Annabelle's Introduction The following tale centers around a sixteen year old girl by the name of Annabelle Flint.

An unusual name, but she was far from that being a very respectful teen, that saw only the brighter sides to life despite her many woes to the contrary.

For her the first thirteen years of her life had felt like a dream, that sadly came crashing back down to reality when her parents who had been secretly fighting for many years finally divorced. The thirteen year old Annabelle had been forced to watch in confusion, holding her faded teddy-bear to her pajama-covered chest as her heart-broken father gave her a tight hug, whispering that he loved her before kissing her forehead.

As if this had not been cruel enough, barely two weeks later her father would parish in a devastating multiple-car pile-up that would cost four others their lives as well. For a few years Annabelle's mother managed to keep their lifestyle fairly normal, but her former husband's death had been more shocking than she expected, resulting in her developing a drinking problem that for the most part she managed to hide from those around her.

Then the repression hit heavily within their area closing many businesses, including the clothing factory Annabelle's mother worked for, forcing them to down grade to a small two bedroom house on the outskirts of their town. Yet none of this ever affected the young Annabelle, who managed to keep her sweet charming personality, even when her own mother' was beginning to spiral into depression.

It would take a little over a year for the area to begin to recover, by which time Annabelle would become aware of her mother's growing problem. Chapter One Annabelle breathed heavily keeping an even pace, nearly halfway through her morning jog, which she and her mother Rachael had adopted once her mother had left rehab.

The painful memories of the year long struggle to convince her mother that she needed help still very vivid within her mind. Today her mother had an Alcoholic anomalous meeting meaning Annabelle was on her own, her long burgundy blonde hair streaming out behind her shining brightly in the late autumn's sun, as she ran down the narrow country road that bordered the backside of her neighborhood.

Though young, Annabelle's body looked overly mature, particularly within her tightly fitted athletic shirt and shorts. At only five foot three inches in height Annabelle had fair tanned cream-tone skin, with angel green eyes that ensnared your soul with a simple smile. Her breasts were a large 34D that were very firm to the touch, along with a well defined curve of her amble bottom.

All of which was drawing her a lot of attention as she jogged alongside others, as many in the surrounding communities also used these roads as jogging routes. Whether it be male or female, eyes were drawn her way as she passed, the jostling of her body's features irresistible to them. The soft beat of pop-music playing within her ears, had the young girl a bit distracted as she merged onto another road, running sideways into another woman coming from the other direction. "I'm terribly sorry," Annabelle said removing her earbuds reaching out to help the older woman back to her feet.

Without warning the woman lunged towards Annabelle, who tried to pull back defensively raising her arm. "Oww!" Annabelle cried out as the woman's fist slammed into her thigh, at first unable to comprehend the odd object that seemed to be sticking into her, until realizing that it was a small syringe whose plunger had been fully depressed.

"What was.," Annabelle words began fading as her world begun spinning around her. A sensation of falling hit just before the void of nothingness consumed her leaving her unconscious.

The woman nervously raked her shaky hands through her short blonde hair, looking cautiously around to be sure no one was within sight. She reached down grabbing Annabelle's arms pulling her into a sitting position, with Annabelle's head resting against her small 32B breasts. Tightly wrapping her arms around Annabelle's torso, the woman's petite body struggled slightly as she lifted the unconscious athletically-fit girl up to her feet.

A black tinted windowed SUV suddenly came to a screeching halt next to them, the back door flying open revealing a man leaning back from the front seat. The woman whose name was Erica, stumbled slightly as she dragged Annabelle back toward the open door.

Were the man who was called Anthony, reached through grabbing the young girl's limp arms pulling her into the backseat, while Erica maneuvered her legs inside until the door could be closed. Erica once more looked around, a nervous look filling her eyes as she hurriedly jump into the front of the SUV. With an excited grin Anthony pulled off trying to look calm as he made his way towards the freeway, Erica on the verge of tears as she stared dismally out of the windshield. "Why are we doing this?" She asked in a timid-tone, causing the grin to fade into a glare, as Anthony turned to meet her nervous gaze.

"Because I told you too," he replied in a slow hard tone, making Erica turn away cowardly staring at the floorboard. Just as fast Anthony's smile returned as he softly drummed on the steering-wheel, gazing up into the rearview mirror taking in the beauty that laid upon his backseat, her unconscious face turned so that Anthony could easily count every freckle that dawn her fair complexion.

The two were husband and wife, with some very different values on what that entitled. Anthony at thirty-eight was a brilliant and very charming man, an inventor and entrepreneur worth millions. He also was a sexual sadist that thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain, yet surprisingly he was very much in love with his wife, and could not bring himself to cause her the pain he truly craved.

While Erica at only thirty was very frail-woman after ten years of marriage, at first she had been very independent, but Anthony's sexual and physical abuse through their marriage had broken her down into his perfect submissive. For most of the day Anthony drove down the freeway, heading towards his home that sat squarely in the middle of a forty square acres of land.

Just as the sky redden announcing sunset's arrival, Anthony pulled into his driveway, stopping at the gate entering the access code. His entire property had been walled off, that rose twelve feet in height, lined with spikes evenly spaced along its top. With some of his work there were many corporations that would resort to espionage to acquire them, but the walls now served a newer purpose as of today. He came to a stop out front of a large two story manor, with a gothic architectural style about its windows and spires.

The two quickly pulled the still unconscious Annabelle from the backseat, were Anthony carried her within his muscular arms from years of physical labor, up the stairs into a house depositing her within a nearly empty bedroom on the second floor which only contained a bed. Being situated within the center of the manor the room had no windows, built by Anthony a few weeks ago for this sole purpose.

Anthony laid Annabelle upon the bed, smiling excitedly at the prospects that awaited, studying her angelic body for a moment. Before retrieving a small wooden jewelry box from under the bed opening it to reveal a thick leather collar, spaced evenly along the outside of the collar were a dozen metal brackets with electronic-coils attached, underneath was lined with hundreds of protruding tiny copper prongs barely visible to the naked eye.

Anthony carefully worked the collar around Annabelle's neck, clipping the specially made clasp which required a key that hung from Anthony's. With an approving smile, Anthony turned to find his wife huddled against the door frame, a troubled expression upon her pale face as she stared down at the unconscious girl, who would soon awaken into a real-life nightmare. "Go do something productive," he snapped as he passed her, making Erica jump at his harsh tone before hurrying off down the hall, as he closed the door behind him.

Anthony gave little thought of Annabelle as he went about his normal routine, as if kidnapping was an everyday matter to him.

Truthfully he just felt relieved that it was finally over, after months of scheming to cover every angleit had all gone perfectly to plan making him giddy as he entered his workshop. About an hour later Annabelle's eyes began flickering as she started to come around, frowning from the brightness that forced her to close them. For several moments she looked around puzzled by her desolate surroundings, still very druggy from the effects of the sedative.


Yet at the sudden awareness of the throbbing pain coming from her thigh, her memories came flooding back in a flash. Her confusion turn to panic as she jumped from the bed, hurrying towards the door expecting it to be locked, which caused her to pause nervously as it simply opened with a turn of the knob.

For a moment a war raged within Annabelle's head, between her rational mind encouraging her to be cautious, and the blind panic side that continuously screamed for her to run. Choosing to trust her instincts Annabelle crept out into the hall, whose oak wooden panels reflected the haunted glow of the overhead light-fixtures.

At one end of the hall she could see a set of stairs, with windows revealing a night sky beyond, making her wonder what exactly has been happening to her over the course of the day. As she slowly made her way towards the stairs she passed elegant looking furniture and decor lining the hall, making her feel as if she fallen into a movie scene if not for the sheer terror that filled her veins with adrenaline.

Annabelle frowned disconcertingly upon reaching the stairs noticing the thickness of the windowpanes, as she descended she came out at the end of a similar looking hallway. Only now she saw at the far end a wooden door with small windows running along its sides, revealing a lit up porch with a blackened sky beyond. Upon seeing a means of escape, Annabelle's panic took over, as she ran down the hallway passing several open rooms.

One of which was a living room where Anthony and Erica sat patiently waiting, Anthony pushed up from the couch they shared, walking out into the hall watching the terrified young girl bounding her way towards the exterior door. An eager smile crept crossed his face as Annabelle reached the foyer, with a potted plant sitting upon a small wooden table marking the center of the room. Just as Annabelle past the barely noticeable plant reaching out to grasp the door knob, she cried out in agony grasping her neck with both hands only causing more pain as her fingers touched the now charged coils.

Her unresponsive body fell to the floor in a heap, the soft laughter of an amused Anthony ringing in her ears. "You can expect that every time you near a door or window that is off limits," he stated in a soft tone, walking over kneeling down next to her. His rich blue eyes locking with her pain-filled gaze, "it can also happen if I press the button on my watch." He added showing her the device attached to his wrist, still laughing softly as he scooped Annabelle up into his arms, carrying her to the living room where Erica sat nervously biting her fingernails watching as her husband laid the girl upon the floor in the center of the room.

It would only take a few minutes for the numbness to fade, at first Annabelle only could move her fingers, but slowly feeling returned to the rest of her body. Painfully she managed to roll to her side pushing up on her hands staring at the pair that had kidnapped her. "What is this?" Annabelle cried reaching up with her hand feeling the collar secured to her neck, frowning as her fingers failed to find a way to remove it.

The whole time Anthony just sat there patiently watching Annabelle struggle with the unyielding clasp, before she finally gave up glaring at Anthony and Erica. Anthony simply smiled harder, while Erica lowered her gaze unable to meet the young girl's eyes, her soft brown eyes filled with guilt over her actions.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Annabelle demanded of Anthony, who calmed his laughter down enough to be heard clearly. "First because I so desired too," he stated matter-of-factly leaning forward with his elbows propped up on his knees.

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"And secondly you made it easy for me," he added lifting the lid of a laptop sitting on a nearby coffee-table, which caused the large screen television to come to life behind her.

Annabelle's eyes widened in disbelief as she turned to find herself staring at all of her social media accounts, "everything I needed to know when choosing a new play-toy.," he went on explaining how her broken home and drunken mother made her a perfect runaway case.


"Cases in which police hardly ever put much resources into solving." "Now listen well because I'm only telling you this once," Anthony went on after a short pause to let the horror of her situation sink into Annabelle, his voice taking on an authoritative-tone as his expressions hardened. "For now on you will obey any of my orders, fail to comply will result in harsh punishment." Annabelle stared defiantly into Anthony's eyes only making him more excited at the prospect of breaking this spirited young girl's will in the end.

"Now," he said leaning back folding his hands behind his head. "Let's see what you look like under those wrappings," he ordered smiling eagerly at the shock that filled Annabelle's face upon hearing this. The amusement faded from Anthony's face after a moment of Annabelle's defiantly glaring at him, having made no move to undress for this creepy sociopath. Though having fully expected her to resist in the beginning, Anthony still shook his head in disappointment.

His soft sigh a worrying concern for his wife, whose eyes pleaded with Annabelle to do as instructed, but Annabelle held nothing but contempt for the woman as she remain completely still. "Aaugh," Annabelle cried out, as an angry-raged Anthony lunged from the couch, crossing the room in a flash grasping Annabelle by the throat. Squeezing just enough to cut Annabelle's breathing off, causing panic to quickly replaced her defiance as she desperately clawed at his hand.

"I see that I'm just going to have to disciplined you, make you understand just how severely you will wish that you had comply to me." He held his grasp with an impressive show of strength, releasing her so she could take a raspy gasp for air, before backhanding her so hard that she was flung to the side before falling to the floor covering her face. He had to give her credit for keeping from crying like a baby, slowly pushing up with one hand still covering her left eye, which she knew would be blackened by the vicious blow.

"Get this bitch undressed and meet me in the bathroom, while I'll go and setup her punishment for later." He told his wife who nodded quickly jumping from the couch replying, "yes sir," in a apprehensive tone before Anthony disappeared down the hall. Once she was sure he was out of sight, Erica hurried to Annabelle's side kneeling reaching out grasping her arm to help her stand.

"Get off me," Annabelle spat pulling away from Erica as she still covered her bruised cheek. "Please don't resist him," Erica pleaded with Annabelle, who stared up at Erica with hatred filling her gaze. "He'll punish me as well," Erica explained. "So what?" Erica frowned at Annabelle's responds, pain filling her voice as she added, "but you're the expendable one." The shock of Erica's words made Annabelle completely forget about the pain in her cheek, the rational side of her mind pushing through the forethought of Annabelle's panicked thoughts, coming to the sad realization that at least for now she really had no other choice.

Reluctantly she reached down grabbing the hem of her shirt, hesitating slightly feeling degraded even considering complying. Erica's soft hands covered Annabelle's, encouraging the terrified young girl to continue as she helped her removed her shirt, athletic bra, jogging shorts, before finally her panties. Annabelle sat shamefully trying to cover herself from Erica's gaze, "don't do that, or you'll only make your punishment that much worse." Erica explained, turning for the hall.

"Come on," Erica called after her. "He won't be happy with either of us, if he beats us to the bathroom." She advised leading Annabelle through the house to the master bathroom where they quietly waited until Anthony strolled in. At first Annabelle instinctively went to cover herself, but composed with a warning glance from Erica, who had moved to stand by Anthony side as he moved closer to Annabelle.

He admired her young unblemished body as he slowly circled her, loving her large breasts and meaty ass cheeks, though finding a few issues with her appearance. For starters Annabelle had a neat trimmed bush of pubic hair hiding her delicate petals, which Anthony felt any pubic hair on a woman was outright disgusting.

"Relieve yourself," he told Annabelle before turning to his wife. "Once she's finished get her thoroughly cleaned, and get rid of that mess. "He added pointing towards Annabelle's crotch, before turning back to Annabelle circling around behind her.

"I rather like her long hair," he stated raking his fingers along her scalp, "but I don't like it loose. Once it's dry, braid it into a tight ponytail." He suddenly laughed moving back in front of Annabelle meeting her gaze, "something to hold onto later." He smiled seeing her disgusted at his cruel comment, before turning back to his wife.

"Once all that is finished give her a thorough cleansing, then call me for inspection," he finished leaving them to their orders. "We better get started," Erica said nudging Annabelle towards the toilet, while she went about getting the shower warm. Annabelle took a bit of work to over come the pre-shyness of having Erica present, frowning in surprise as Erica began undressing once she had the water comfortable feeling.

"What.," Annabelle mumbled before her words faded from her lips upon seeing the red whelps that ran along Erica's back. Which horrified Annabelle to see that they continued down the back of her legs and inner thighs, as Erica was not permitted to wear any undergarments. Annabelle's jaw dropped as Erica turned revealing even more whelps to her breasts and cleanly-shaved pussy.

"Is he going to do that to me?" Annabelle asked in a hollow tone as she slowly got up flushing the toilet, causing Erica to frowned disconcertingly saying. "And much worse," she simply stated waving for Annabelle to enter the shower. To Annabelle's humiliation Erica personally went about washing her body being extremely thorough as instructed, her hands touching places only ever been touched before by Annabelle.

Causing the young girl to cringe back from Erica's touch, "I am sorry," she told Annabelle who rolled her eyes. "I've really tried to give him the pleasure he craves, but several years ago he grew flustered as you can see." Annabelle frowned as she stared down at Erica's bruised body. "The anticipation got him highly aroused last night, he got a bit carried away.," Annabelle stared at her in disbelief, "a bit." She questioned, though Erica paid little mind to her words as she went back to washing Annabelle.

Once Erica was sure she had Annabelle cleaned the two got out, were Erica first went about drying Annabelle off before doing the same for herself. Pulling out a blow dryer, Erica spent several minutes working her fingers through Annabelle's damp hair which was plastered to the sides of her neck and back. It would take twenty minutes for Erica to first dry, then carefully work Annabelle's long hair into a tight braid that stopped mid-way along her back.

"Sit back on the counter and spread your legs," Erica asked watching a disgruntle Annabelle turn before lifting herself back onto the cabinet, reluctantly opening her legs until the the hair parted revealing her precious folds. Annabelle stiffened as Erica pulled out an old-fashion style straight razor, which Erica noticed once more apologizing as she explained, "it's the only type of razor he will allow.

I assure you that I will be careful," she added watching Annabelle relax slightly, as she cautiously watched the older woman's work. Though Annabelle far from trusted Erica, a part of her instincts told her that she was at least not her enemy like Anthony clearly was. "There," Erica said upon finishing. Watching as Annabelle stared down between her legs suddenly seeming like she was twelve years old again, only now with massive tits that nearly blocked her pussy from view.

"Alright, stand up and brace yourself against the cabinet, then bend over with your legs a part." Erica instructed frowning as Annabelle resisted before complying, Erica pulled out from underneath the cabinet an enema pouch and dispenser tube, along with a vaginal douche package placing them on the cabinet.

Turning the water on allowing it to warm, Erica open the douche assembling it before working the applicator tip between Annabelle's folds, being sure not to insert it too far as Erica knew that Annabelle was still a virgin. Despite many of her peers striving desperately to get into her pants, though Annabelle had yet to find that special person to charm them off. Now it would seem that she would in fact never get that chance, as Anthony fully intend on deflowering the young morsel.

Not caring about the backwash from Annabelle's pussy that splattered against the tile floor, Erica next filled the enema pouch before grabbing the jar of Vaseline coating the applicator lightly.

Annabelle jerked as she felt Erica greased finger slowly working circles along the outside of her rectum, trying to relax the muscles before she gently work the applicator into Annabelle's ass, twisting the valve letting the warm water fill her bowels. At first Annabelle felt a slight warmth spreading through her, before she got the sudden feeling of needing to use the toilet badly as the last of the water filled her.

"Clinch up as I remove the applicator," Erica advised pulling the tube free pleased that Annabelle's rectum seal tightly upon its removal without a drop leaking. "You can stand up, but you need to hold that for at least ten minutes," Erica explained noticing the annoyed glare Annabelle gave her within the mirror.

"It's not that bad," Erica added having to go through the same routine twice a week. Mercifully time seem to pass quickly, and all to soon Annabelle found herself cringing upon the toilet, as she grimaced from the bazaar sensations she was having until the last of the water and shit poured free of her system. The entire time Erica paid little attention to the sounds coming from Annabelle, as she was more focus with mopping the floor clean.

As instructed upon finishing, Erica called for Anthony, who entered a moment later once more slowly circling Annabelle taking in her braided hair and shaved cunt. "Sexy," he commented smiling approvingly coming to a stop in front of Annabelle.

"There are a few rules that you will obey," he stated holding Annabelle's gaze as he continued. "One, you are forbidden to wear any form of clothing unless otherwise instructed to do so by me. Two," he went on not even giving her time to fully register his words. "Your body is mind to do with as I see fit," he grasped a hold of her left nipple aggressively twisting it to emphasize his point. "And the third you are aware of, you will obey your orders or be punished.

Speaking of which," he added with a devious smile pressing the button upon his watch. Annabelle cried out as the coils once more became electrified as they worked similar to that of a wireless charger, discharging a much stronger jolt that instantly rendered Annabelle unconscious before she even hit the floor. Anthony effortlessly lifted her into his arms carrying her through the house to one of his playrooms, which he lovingly referred to as the Disciplinarium.

A fitting name as the room was mostly bare except for the walls which were covered in belts of various shapes and thicknesses, along with whips of all makes, canes and wooden rods also in various thicknesses.

Yet it was the strange contraption positioned within the center of the room that drew Anthony's gaze, as he gently laid Annabelle down upon the floor, an excitement spreading across his face at what was about to happen. Chapter Two Erica, who had not got redressed knowing that her husband would only punish her if she had, stood by the door with a perplexed look upon her face.

Gazing questioningly towards the strange contraption, though she was used to many of Anthony's custom made sexual restraining racks, as well as other implements of his own design. She had never seen this particular rack with part of it being a wooden pillory, where Anthony positioned Annabelle's head and wrists before locking them in place securing it with a padlock trapping the unconscious girl.

The pillory only sat a few inches off the floor meaning Annabelle should be laying flat on her stomach, yet another part consisting of steel pipes connected together to form a brace, which had been forced under Annabelle's abdomen lifting the girl's sexy ass straight up into the air. Several thinner pipes had been assembled so that they protruded along Annabelle's inner thighs, forcing her legs open exposing her untouched holes.

Erica was further puzzled as Anthony retrieved a piece of sheet metal, threading the thinner pipes through holes drilled into the sheet metal sliding it down until it pressed up firmly against the back of Annabelle's legs.

Acting as both a means of restraining Annabelle, but more importantly protection for her virgin cunt from his intended punishment. Anthony stood back once he had fastened the sheet metal into place, admiring how inviting Annabelle's raised ass look for anyone of the many tools that dawn the walls.

Pleased with his work Anthony left returning with a dining room chair, which he placed against the wall directly in front of Annabelle. Where he sat down snapping for Erica to join him, who quickly moved to his side dropping to the floor where he gently went about stroking her short locks while calmly waiting for Annabelle to come around. Less than ten minutes later Annabelle arose, immediately becoming aware of her immobilized condition, struggling to free herself unaware just how secured she was.

"You're awake," Anthony commented noticing Annabelle fighting fruitlessly. At the sound of his voice Annabelle stopped looking over at the duo, Anthony rose from the chair kneeling down in front of Annabelle's face so that she could clearly see his. "Since this is your first punishment, I've decided to go easy on you." Annabelle might have believed him if not for the amused laughter that followed his sadistic grin, as he rose moving behind her out of sight.

Erica frowned unsure what was about to happen, as she watched her husband disappear through a second door that led out into an attached garage. Returning a few short minutes later, accompanied by four of his twelve German-Shepherds, Erica's jaw dropped as she finally grasp her husband's intentions.

Though still unaware of the dogs, Annabelle's heart nearly stopped upon seeing the terror in Erica's eyes, as she briefly looked over meeting Annabelle's gaze before looking away. Guilty that she was relieved that it was not to be her. Upon seeing Annabelle's inviting position the leader of the pack bound forward, burying his snout between Annabelle's ass cheeks. As the dog's long moist tongue shot out pressing against her anus, it went about licking her recently cleansed asshole, yet still able to taste the tarty twang of her bowels as he devoured Annabelle's rose-bud.

One of the dogs circled around Annabelle following Anthony as he retook his chair in anticipation of the show that awaited him, moving out in front of her making it clear what was about to happen. Once more she fought to free herself, only instead of getting free she caused Anthony to grow even more aroused than he had been.

Instincts took hold as the dog bound up onto Annabelle's back, locking his front paws around the pipe and her thighs. Annabelle cried out begging Anthony not to let this happen, who only smiled eagerly watching as the dog went about hunching his hindquarters against her meaty upturned ass.

Annabelle felt his fur-covered sheath brushing between her ass cheeks, and the pointing tip of the dog's cock bumping against her flesh just south of her puckering sphincter. Several more times the warm tip poked around Annabelle's opening in search of it, who stared pleading with Anthony and Erica to stop this, yet neither moved to aid her as suddenly the dog's tip found its target.

Upon feeling his cock's tip penetrating Annabelle's reluctant opening, the dog violently force his full girth up inside Annabelle's bowels, causing her to cry out in pain from the sudden invasion. Due to her mother having a severe allergy to dogs, Annabelle had little experience outside of her few friends who own them, particularly unaware when it came to a male dog's anatomy.

Resulting in Annabelle foolishly being grateful that the dog's penis was so small, a notion that she was about to realize was false as she was about to get an agonizing crash course in dog-mating practices.

At first she could not believe the near frantic pace the dog pounded her, as his cock was a jackhammer, Annabelle's eyes suddenly widened as she felt the dog's flaccid cock beginning to swell within her. Going from a thin two inch long stick, to nearly six inches in length with a girth of two inches when he was fully erected, feeling as if a blazing broomstick was drilling her inners.

Only now was she just beginning to realize that that was the least of her concerns. As she began feeling the base of the dog's cock continuing to swell, painfully pulling at her sphincter upon his outward thrust, before driving it forcefully back home causing Annabelle to whimper.

As she groan from the force of the dog's thrusting, she began feeling a tingling that started from her vaginal walls, slowly spreading through Annabelle who quickly recognized that she was getting aroused. A realization that sickened her as she fought to hide her growing state, but Anthony already knew as he gazed excitingly into Annabelle's agonized eyes.

In disbelief Annabelle continued to feel the dog's knot growing, working its way towards baseball size. For a time the dog painfully yank his erected penis from her bowels, before filling her with his full girth, then suddenly the bulbous knot was unable to pull free of her muscular-ring. Resulting in the feeling that the dog was trying to rip her guts out through her asshole, until violently burying his cock deep within Annabelle's rectum.

A torrent of his burning hot semen erupted from his cock, causing Annabelle to moan in discomfort as he never seem to stop cumming. Even more disconcerting was the realization that she would be tied with the animal for several long moments, before he could manage to painfully rip his deflating cock from her ass.

Anthony was already standing behind her so that he could take several pictures, showing them excitedly to Annabelle who could not believe her ass could gape open so widely.

She had not even had a chance to recover from the first dog, when suddenly she felt the next one's tongue digging deep into her loosen ass, instinctively trying to clean the other dog's semen so that his could have the best possible chance of impregnating the apparent willing bitch before him.

Then he too lunged up onto her back working his hindquarters until he buried his flaccid cock up Annabelle's ass. For the next hour and a half Annabelle was violently taken by the remaining two dogs, until they too had filled her bowels with their burning cum, before Anthony finally led them out of the room.

Upon his return he toss a key to Erica, ordering her to release Annabelle which took Erica several minutes to figure out how. Once free Annabelle fell to the floor beside what Anthony had dubbed the bitch-rack, her abused ass throbbing worse when she tried to move even the slightest bit.

"Let's see if that ass has taught you anything," Anthony said retaking his chair. "Come here bitch," he called out snapping his fingers watching amusingly as Annabelle painfully tried to get to her feet. "No, crawl on your hands and knees like the dog you are." He demanded seeing humiliation upon Annabelle's face as she pushed up into position slowly moving towards him.

"Now sit back on your heels with your arms kept behind your back," as Annabelle sat back Anthony smiled leaning forwards pinching her nipples tightly between his fingers making Annabelle grimace. "Now lay back," he instructed Annabelle testing her obedience. "Aww," Annabelle moaned as she slowly leaned back feeling her nipples stretching. Anthony smiled comically releasing her nipples watching as Annabelle fell backwards, "spread your legs and don't move." It sickened Annabelle to willingly expose herself, which worsened as she watched Anthony lean forward feeling one of his knuckles raking up between her moist folds.

A fair amount of her fluids clinging to his knuckle causing him to laugh as he held it up in front of Annabelle's face. "I think you like being ass-fucked by those dogs," Anthony teased seeing the shame that filled Annabelle's eyes.

She could not understand how her body could respond to such a violent and painful invasion, tears filling the corners of her eyes as even under Anthony's intense gaze found herself aroused, disgusting her desperately wishing to deny what she was experiencing.

"Lick it clean," Anthony demanded, Annabelle hesitated at first, having never had any inkling to taste her own juices before. Instantly regretting it as Anthony's eyes hardened in disappointment, Annabelle quickly complied, frowning at how sweet she tasted having been expecting a more disgusting flavor. Though sympathetic to Annabelle's sexual inexperience, Anthony still needed to punish her, but decided to have a bit of enjoyment first.

Rising to his feet Anthony instructed Annabelle to slide back towards the center of the room, before turning to his wife who was still sitting beside the chair. "Straddle her head, and bury your cunt into that bitch's face," he ordered, Erica nodding timidly getting to her feet moving over to Annabelle.

"Turn so i can see the pleasure coursing through your beautiful eyes," he added retaking his seat watching as Erica knelt down with her pussy directly over Annabelle's mouth. Erica eased down until she felt Annabelle's tongue reluctantly reach out touching her outer folds, almost instantly Annabelle felt Erica's folds moisten clearly excited by Annabelle eating her cunt. Annabelle had no clue what she was doing, as she herself had never had such an act preformed on her to know what felt good or not.

Anthony allowed Annabelle's tongue to fumble about Erica's folds for a few minutes, before deciding it was time to carry out Annabelle's next punishment. Roughly grabbing her ankles pushing them towards Annabelle's chest, lifting her lower torso off the floor. "Hold her ankles," he told Erica, "and use yours to pin her wrists against the floor." Annabelle fought the panic that threatened to tear free of her chest, as she was once more partially restrained knowing something bad was coming.

Now with Annabelle in his desired position, Anthony walked over to the back-wall, grabbing one of the whips which had a wide thick leather strap attached to a wooden handle nearly equal in length. As he returned Erica looked away feeling shame that she was grateful that it was not her about to receive what she knew to be painful. Flinching as the first crack of the strap slapping harshly down between Annabelle's legs. If not for Erica pinning her down, Annabelle would have jumped cleanly through the roof when the agonizing pain shot from her crotch straight to her core, her scream muffled by Erica's ass pushing down harder over Annabelle's face.

Five more times Anthony would slapped the strap across Annabelle's slit, speaking a single word upon each hit saying, "always obey me or else." The final blow a much harder swing that caused Annabelle to widely buck under Erica's weight almost managing to knock Erica off her before she regain control, desperately she fought to hold Annabelle's violently-shaking body down.

"Enough, let her up." Anthony told Erica who moved to sit beside Annabelle, who rolled to her side balling up with her hands press tightly to her abuse pussy. Tears poured from her eyes having never experienced such pain to such a sensitive area, after a few moments Annabelle slowly pushed up onto her arms afraid what would be next.

"Both of you kneel in front of me," he demanded retaking his chair, watching both girls crawl submissively. Annabelle's legs shaking from the intense pain moving caused her, but she refused to stop understanding Erica's words from early a lot better now. "Time for me to have a little pleasure," he told Annabelle as he went about unfastening his dress pants, freeing his fully erect cock from his boxers. Annabelle's eyes widened, having never seen a fully engorged penis before, shyly looking away before curiosity got the best of her.

Anthony was larger than an average man with a length of ten inches, and a girth of about three inches making it appear so much more menacing to the inexperienced young girl.

He smiled holding his cock by his base watching Annabelle unconsciously staring intently at his manhood. "Touch it," Anthony encouraged, grateful to have actually managed to find someone so naive with sex as Annabelle in this day and age. Apprehensively Annabelle met Anthony's gaze, swallowing nervously as her right hand timidly reached out, unable to believe what she was about to do despite her sexual-curiosity hazing her thoughts.

With a shaky finger, Annabelle touch the spongy texture of Anthony's crown, causing him to smile in amusement. Erica could not believe how Anthony was so calm, letting Annabelle slowly explore at her own pace, with no signs of impatient or over-eagerness like he usually was.

"Here," Anthony told her softly taking her hand into his, moving it until he had her fingers wrapped around his shaft, before demonstrating on how hard she should squeeze. Guiding Annabelle on how to stroke him enjoyingly, moaning as he released her hand letting her to continue on her own.

His head fell back amused by the cruel but somewhat satisfying handjob she was capable of providing, just one of many things he had plans on how to teach her properly. "Give me your other hand," he demanded lifting his had to stare down at her guiding it to his testicles. "Rolled them about like dice at a crap's table," he instructed seeing the shame that filled Annabelle's face as she complied. Feeling her own body beginning to grow hotter, her pussy a dripping mess sickening her for finding anything about this situation arousing.

"Enough!" He called after a few minutes slapping her hand away. "It wasn't your hands that I really wanted pleasure from," he smiled chuckling softly as he grabbed the top of Annabelle's head painfully.

Forcefully pulling her head towards him causing her to stumble hastily forward on her knees, having to brace her hands upon his legs as he pulled her down over his lap, until she was just inches from his cock which he was aiming towards her mouth. "Now open," he ordered suddenly tightening his grasp forcing her to cry out, as he painfully bent her head back until she had to meet his sudden hardened eyes as he warned.

"And if I so much as fill even a trace of your teeth against my skin, I'll let the entire pack of dogs have their way with you as many times as they so desire." Annabelle swallowed nervously nodding, opening her mouth as he had ordered. Anthony slowly guided his cock into her mouth, moaning at the sensation of her warm moist tongue running along the underside of his cock. Then his head pressed into the back of Annabelle's throat causing her to flinch, gagging as he held her head in place.

"Swallow," he instructed, but Annabelle was struggling to breathe and was panicking trying to pull away. "Swallow, " he repeated slapping her face to get her complete attention, and with little other options Annabelle complied, her eyes widened in surprise as she felt his cock beginning to slip into her throat, as he forced the last of his cock into her mouth until her lips pressed up into his pubic hairs. Anthony held her head still for a brief moment, then he let her pull back to gasp for air, before impaling her throat once more.

Anthony grabbed Annabelle's head with both hands to better control her, only allowing her to pull back when panic filled her eyes, finding her desperate gasps for air irresistible sounding. "I can see that your going to become quite the cock-sucking whore," Anthony joked, laughing at the shame that filled Annabelle's eyes, "but that's not now." Annabelle cried out as he suddenly yanked her head back, pulling her to his left side forcing her to lay her head upon his lap.

Snapping at his wife who moved to his other side, grasping her husband's cock taking it right in her throat with a single effort. Sucking as she quickly withdraw her mouth before engulfing him fully once more, surprising Annabelle that someone could move so fast while taking that monster down their throat. "Watch and learn what is expected of a professional," he told Annabelle, who could not take her eyes from what Erica was doing, her sexual curiosity becoming a more dominant influence within her mind.

"Switch," Anthony suddenly groaned, feeling his ballsack tightening as he struggled to hold off cumming, until once more buried down Annabelle's throat. Six massive spurts of cum erupted from his cock, causing Annabelle to nearly gag from the force of it shooting down her gullet into her stomach.

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Anthony sighed softly resting his head back against the wall for a moment, before looking at his watch smiling excitedly at the time.

"Well," he exaggerated comically. "it's finally time for me to make you mine," he told Annabelle who did not need to be a genius to understand his meaning.

Chapter Three After nearly a year of fantasizing about kidnapping and claiming a virgin, Anthony had come up with some pretty creative fantasies, all of which were ritualistic in nature.

When he stumbled upon Annabelle's social media accounts, realizing that she met his requirements perfectly. His imagination began reshaping his fantasies to better fit Annabelle's appearance, her fiery hair in particular reminded him of a jpeg with a hellish concept that seem to call to all of Anthony's true desires, and would require much thought on how to recreate it within a real world being that hell was a bit out of reach.

Now all that research, construction, and patiently waiting was rapidly coming to completion. "Take her into the kitchen for a lite snack," Anthony ordered Erica. "Then meet me in our bedroom while she eats," he went on excitement radiating from him as he left the room ahead of them. Erica quickly led Annabelle to the kitchen retrieving a small cheese-plate from the fridge, placing it on the table before turning to leave, "what's going to happened?" Annabelle asked hastily, causing Erica to pause as a sorrow expression befell her face, "he's going to take your virginity." Erica replied causing Annabelle to roll her eyes in annoyance, "I already know that," she barked agitated that Erica thought her that stupid.

"How?" She asked fear creeping into her voice. Truthfully Erica did not know which she explained watching as misery consumed Annabelle's eyes, "will I survive it?" Erica frowned dismally looking towards the stairs knowing Anthony would be irritated by her taking so long, " I don't know, but you better eat up. You might not get another chance to do so tonight," she warned before fleeing from the room feeling sick to her stomach.

Annabelle stared at the empty door for a moment, before slumping back into one of the chairs. Though not remotely hungry, Annabelle picked up a slice of cheese, heeding Erica's warning as she went about picking at the plate. About twenty minutes later Erica returned, only now she was wearing a tightly fitted lavender-colored corset that made her small breasts appear a full cup-size large.

With a pair of knee-high Stiletto boots in a matching color, and nothing else leaving her pussy and ass exposed, to her credit Erica did not struggle with the six inches heels walking.

Anthony joined them about ten minutes later, still wearing the same dress shirt and pants, a large duffel bag hanging from his shoulder. Placing the bag upon the table he took the chair next to Annabelle, where he gently encouraged her to finish off what was left on the plate, while waiting patiently for her to do so.

"Stand up and hold out your hands," Anthony ordered pulling a pair of velcro restraining-cuffs securing Annabelle's wrists, before retrieving the bag snapping his fingers for them to follow him.

He disabled the electronic-barrier with his watch before opening the back door, upon seeing the open yard Annabelle froze fearful of the collar shocking her.

Which at first made Anthony mad until he realized he had not explained that he could disable the barrier at will. "But you better hurry up because it resets after a short time," he warned after doing so, watching in delight as a nervous expression filled Annabelle's face, as she quickly stepped through the door shivering at the sudden cool breeze.

The breeze was an important part for Anthony, who could not actual use fire and brimstone like it had appeared within the jpeg. Fortunately for Anthony, nature had other means in which to produce similar sensations within a person.

They walked out into a large fenced off portion of the back yard, "I wouldn't consider running if I was you," Anthony said noticing a calculating expression upon Annabelle's face as she gaze out into the yard. "The fence is another border for the electronic-barrier you experienced earlier," Anthony explained, causing Annabelle's head to drop in disappointment.

"Plus," he added with an excited grin. "It wouldn't even kick in until after your pass the fence, and I wonder what they would do to your unresponsive body." He laughed nodding towards the pack of dogs just beyond the fence. At first Annabelle had not noticed them, but she could easily spot the four who had violently deflowered her asshole, the leader staring intently towards her with an almost eager expression to his face she thought.

Anthony led them out into the center of the yard, where a large stone slab sat with a tall-narrow pine just a few feet away. Annabelle was disconcerned upon noticing chains attached to the rock, with an additional chain hanging down from one of the tree's branches. Anthony dropped his bag upon reaching the hanging chain, turning to grab Annabelle's hands, harshly yanking her arms up above her head so that he could attach them to the chain. Annabelle had to stand on her tippy-toes to keep her full weight off her wrists, which Anthony made more difficult by attaching a spreader-bar to her ankles, lastly pulling a blindfold from his pocket covering her eyes not wanting her to see anything still having much to setup.

"It's not all about our pleasure," he whispered softly into her ear. Having been partially informed on what was going to happen, Erica walked over dropping to her knees in front of Annabelle. Using Annabelle's thighs for support, she leaned forward and licked along Annabelle's outer-folds, causing Annabelle's breath to catch in her throat from the sudden intense sensation. Anthony left Erica to her work walking over to a gate where he retrieve two of the bounding dogs, leading them inside the fence before tying them to stakes a short distance away.

He then collected two large glass mugs from his bag, smiling joyfully at the disgusted grimace his wife gave him as she rose taking them from him, before walking over to the dogs kneeling down beside them. It sickened her to reach out and grasp one of the dogs' furry sheaths, slowly working her hand along it until his flaccid cock began protruding. Turning her face away at the warmth sticky feel of the thin stick like cock, before it slowly began growing within her hand under her manipulation, hold one of the glasses at the ready to capture the dog's semen when he came.

While Erica went about milking the dog Anthony had moved in front of Annabelle, grasping her left breast sucking her hardened nipple between his lips, while his other hand moved to explore her moistened cunt causing Annabelle to moan out. He only wanted to keep her in a heighten state of arousal, carefully watching her reactions so that he could keep her from cumming.

Both their heads turned at the sudden whimpering of the nearby dog, who filled nearly half the glass while Erica stared at the baseball-size knot within her hand, unable to believe Annabelle had taken such a beast within her. She moved to the next dog quickly working him to orgasm, before carrying the now full mug back to Anthony who smiled eagerly taking the warm feeling glass.

While Erica went back to fill the next glass, Anthony clamped his hand down over Annabelle's face pinching off her nose forcing her head back slightly.

He brought the glass up to her lips so that the second she opened her mouth to breathe he began pouring the hot syrup-like cum down her throat. The moment the acidic copper taste hit her tongue Annabelle gagged realizing what it had to be, sickening her at the thought, but some how managing to keep from puking as she swallowed desperate for air.

Three more times she forced herself to gulp down the seamlessly never ending stream, until finally Anthony stepped back releasing her face expecting her to throw up, instead she simply hung from her restraints coughing to clear her throat so she could breathe. Tossing the empty mug away Anthony took the next one from Erica, who stepped back staring towards the ground unwilling to watch as he forced this glass down Annabelle's gullet.

Once more leaving her coughing while gasping for air, "you are living up to my fantasy perfectly so far." He said kissing her forehead, allowing her a few moments to recover while he retrieved a ball-gag. Once her breathing had calmed, he fastened the gag into place before returning to his bag, where he pulled out a bull-whip which Anthony carefully designed.

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It was crafted so that it was only capable of a fourth of an average bull-whip's speed, with its cracker made from a much softer material to keep from breaking skin, yet still able of producing a devastating impact. Erica's jaw dropped upon seeing the whip, quickly rushing to her husband's side grabbing his arm, yet a menacing glare was all it took for her to retreat back lowering her eyes knowing she was going to be punished later.

Ever since the idea of using a bull-whip had crept within Anthony's mind, he went about taking classes to learn how to properly control the whip, needing the ability to precisely hit his intended target spots.

His instructor had joked one day during practice about how quickly Anthony was learning, amusing Anthony knowing that the man was completely unaware of his true intentions for his training, which in itself had aroused Anthony making this moment even more pleasurable than he expected.

Poor Annabelle had no way of knowing what was about to happen, which is what Anthony had wanted, not even the whooshing sound of the whip moving through the air was any form of warning to her. The first strike hit just below her right shoulder, running diagonally down her back before ending just above her left ass cheek. At first the blow had been overwhelming that it took a second for it to register with Annabelle, whose eyes suddenly clinch tightly shut as a high pitch scream ripped from her throat, only marginally muffled by the gag.

With the sheer size of his property, along with the overgrowth of trees that surround it, Anthony was not concern with his distance neighbors hearing anything. Hanging from her restraints Annabelle gasped between tears as the pain was undescribable, bracing upon hearing the whooshing of the next blow. This time it started on her opposite shoulder, while the next was more vertical across her middle back.

After a dozen strikes angry red whelps were quick to develop after each impact, each five times the width of the whip's tip, her throat severely irritated from her continuous screeches and screaming. Anthony continued a dozen more times across her ass cheeks and thighs, Annabelle only vaguely aware of his soft laughter until it began growing louder as he walked over to her, pulling the blindfold free revealing her bloodshot tear-filled eyes.

Which widened upon spotting the whip Anthony dragged along the ground behind him, as he moved to stand in front of her. Grimacing, Annabelle begun struggling against her restraints realizing that it was not yet finished. Cracking the whip at his sides, Anthony torment Annabelle for a moment, several times whipping it so that it snapped just centimeters in front of Annabelle's face, causing her to jerk back against her restraints.

To her disbelief she spotted that the front of Anthony's pants was fully tented from his erection, Erica even believed it seemed larger than it normally was, neither able to understand how this could excite him.

Not that Annabelle had time to give it much thought, for Anthony having grown tired of playing around, flicked the whip so that it snap down across her left breasts, before quickly doing the same to her right, making sure both times her nipples had been inline with the cracker.

He quickly moved on to her stomach, angling the whip so that it would crack down across portions of Annabelle's pussy, earning a bloodcurdling screaming that finally ended when she blacked out.

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Though a bit disappointed that it had not lasted longer, Anthony dropped the whip down next to his bag, more than satisfied knowing that this was only just the start of tonight's fun. "Let's get a beer," he told his wife laying his arms over her shoulders, leading her back inside, but the moment they entered Anthony violently shoved Erica forward.

Who slammed into the dining table before being forced to bend over it, as Anthony went about repeatedly slapping her ass saying, "never get between my desires and that bitch again. She is mine to do with as I wish," Anthony growled before walking over grabbing two beers, handing one to Erica as he quickly finished his off. Anthony retrieved four water bottles from the fridge placing them next to the stone slab once back outside, moving back to where Annabelle's limp body hung, struggling a bit as he tried to free her restraints from the chain.

Anthony wrapped an arm around Annabelle just before she dropped loose, lifting her into his arms carrying her over to the rock slab, placing her upon the cold smooth surface. Shackles had been precisely drilled and secured to the corners, which Anthony locked into place upon Annabelle's wrists and ankles.

He retrieved two more velcro bands from his bag wrapping them around Annabelle's thighs just above her knees, thin cotton ropes had been attached to the bands, the ends of which Anthony had fed through rings drilled to the stone's sides spreading Annabelle's legs as wide as the shackles would allow.

Stepping back Anthony smiled as Annabelle nearly perfectly resembled his twisted fantasy, of a helpless virgin being sacrifice to a beastly demon upon a large stone slab.

Nearly because in his fantasy a consuming fire covered the girl, who could feel the flame's severity without it touching or marring her flesh with burns. A cruel smile spread across his face as he reached over uncapping one of the water bottles, before pouring it right over the unconscious girl's chest who instantly came around screeching in agony as she felt as if she was on fire.

Anthony poured the next bottle over Annabelle's pelvis and thighs laughing cruelly, amused at watching her struggle against the unyielding shackles. Annabelle's body violently shivered as he went about covering nearly every inch of her with the remaining bottles, before going about unbuttoning his dress-shirt letting it fall to the ground, before kicking off his shoes finishing with his dress pants and boxes.

He moved to stand at Annabelle's feet where he retrieved a small tube from his pant's pocket, which puzzled Erica who had been silently watching in horror at the ordeal Annabelle was enduring. As Anthony opened the cap, Erica saw that a condom had been forced inside.

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As he removed it, she noticed a red powder falling from it to the ground. Anthony worked the seasoned condom over his throbbing cock, before carefully climbing up on the stone moving over top of Annabelle, who was too focused on the agonizing burning sensation that the breeze caused her. Until Anthony's excited face suddenly loomed over top of her, more aroused than he had ever been before in his life, he knew that he was not going to be able to hold out for very long.

Grasping the base of his cock Anthony moved his head into position between Annabelle's folds, using his weight to force his aching cock straight through her hymen before his pelvis slapped loudly against hers.

Annabelle first grimaced from the tearing pain of her hymen, before her eyes suddenly bulged as a burning sensation unlike anything she had experienced before, lit her vaginal wall up causing a bloodcurdling scream to nearly deafened Anthony. He held perfectly still for several minutes wanting as much of the paprika to absorb inside her cunt, before pulling out until only his head remained.

Annabelle thrashed about under him, crying hard as she desperately wished for an end to her anguish. As Anthony had predicted he only managed three strong thrusts before he suddenly stiffen upon Annabelle, nearly busting through the condom as he erupted. Momentarily blinded by the intensity of his release, groaned in sheer pleasure before collapsing upon Annabelle's frigid body. It would take several minutes of harsh breathing before Anthony would regain his composure, the entire time Annabelle continued agonizingly thrashing from the mind-splitting pain the paprika caused, even when Anthony finally pulled out the pain only seemed to worsen.

Anthony moved off Annabelle, watching her for a long time enjoying the agony he had forced upon her young body, but it still was not over with yet. Removing the condom he turned it inside-out before dumping his semen over her face, laughing harshly as she cringed as it pooled in her tear-stained eyes.

Anthony wasted little time in re-dressing, letting Annabelle squirm in agony for several long minutes before retrieving the water hose. Using it to flush out Annabelle's pussy, which would still take some time before the pain would begin to subside. Still breathing heavily from his intense orgasm, Anthony slowly walked over to his wife pulling her into his arms, kissing her deeply before resting his cheek against hers.

"Now it's your turn to claim the bitch," Anthony whispered into Erica's ear, causing her to pull back confused. "I didn't want to ruin all the fun and surprises," he said with a smile, in which Erica saw a level of cruelty she had never seen within him before.

Taking his wife's hand Anthony led her over to his bag pulling out the final item, a strap-on with a very special dildo attachment that caused Erica's jaw to drop. It had the same length and girth as Anthony's own cock, but heavily inspired by the feline's barbed penis, he created this dildo to have thousands of millimeter long flexible spikes running along its shaft.

Even more terrifying was that Anthony had taken it a step further by adding several inch long stiffer spikes which protruded straight out from its tip, with an additional centralized spike half an inch longer which would penetrate the young girl's cervix. Erica shook her head unable to fathom words to comprehend how he could enjoy this abusiveness act, frowning as he moved her close to the rock slab. Helping her step into the harness before tightening it into place, Anthony gently grasped Erica's chin forcing her to meet his gaze.

"Remember last week when we finished working out how to kidnap her?" He asked, Erica nodded knowing that he was referring to the merciless pounding he had given her afterwards.

Anthony began nudging her until she started climbing onto the smooth stone, until she was laying between Annabelle's legs. Anthony reached out parting Annabelle's folds exposing her opening to Erica, who nervously moved the dildo into position biting her lower lip. Anthony forcefully pinched the head's spikes against one another, letting them slip unfelt into Annabelle who was barely conscious of her surroundings anymore. Erica pushed the smooth bulbous head into Annabelle's opening, stopping just before the first ring of spikes were about to penetrate, looking up with pleading eyes towards her husband's hardened glare.

Whimpering in sympathy for the pain she could only imagine was in store for the helpless girl, Erica pushed forward forcing several rows of spikes into Annabelle's slit. While too tiny to tear flesh the spikes horribly scraped along her vaginal walls, out of fear Erica went slow unintentionally prolonging Annabelle's agony.

Who desperately struggled against her restraints screaming in distress, looking up meeting Erica's apologetic eyes, who realized her mistake as she began forcefully thrusting harder. Until their pelvises slapped loudly together, as she drove the central spike right into Annabelle's cervix, while the rest pressed up along the outside crushing the flesh around the larger spike.

Erica pulled all but the head out before slamming it back home, causing Annabelle to cry out but not all from pain. Anthony frowned unsure at first, but as Erica picked up a steady pace, the unmistakable sounds of moans could be heard between Annabelle's screams. Unable to fathom how or why the horrible scraping combine with the violent invasion and crushing of her cervix, was capable of producing such intense electric shocks that surged along her vaginal walls before collecting within her core, pushing Annabelle to a heighten state of ecstasy that made Anthony chuckle softly as he unclasped the ball-gag.

Clamping his hand over Annabelle's mouth as her screams intensified, "stop screaming bitch," he ordered in a harsh tone, which took every bit of Annabelle's willpower to manage. "You're enjoying this, aren't you bitch?" He asked teasingly, leaning over staring her in the eyes. "Answer me," he demanded when she remain quiet except her muffled crying, seeing shame within Annabelle's gaze as she nearly bit into her lower lip to keep from screaming.

"Yes," Annabelle suddenly whimpered causing Erica to frown in disbelief, but unconsciously her pace quickened at seeing Annabelle rapidly approaching her limit. Anthony's cheeks were killing him from grinning so hard, as Annabelle was proving to be truly the perfect slave for his enjoyment. Suddenly Annabelle cried out as Erica tipped her over the edge, causing even worse pain as her vaginal walls begun constricting around the spiky invader, while her cervix tried to desperately suck its invader deeper within her.

Erica quickly pulled out grateful that it was over as she crawled off the stone, unsure how she truly felt since Annabelle seemed to have enjoyed what had happened on some weird level that bothered her at not being able to understand how.

He quickly cleaned up repacking his bag zipping it shut, before leading the dogs back out of the fence to be with their pack. "What about her?" Erica asked staring back at Annabelle as Anthony guided her towards the house, "if she's lucky, she'll make it to morning." He replied laughing softly forcefully pulling her into the house about to close the door behind them, but paused wanting to burn the sight into his mind.

"Besides, after watching you destroy that bitch's cunt, I want some alone time with you." He laughed lustfully nearly dragging Erica up to their bedroom. Annabelle was completely wiped from her agonizing ordeal, quickly giving in to the blackness of sleep that called to her, managing to rest for about two hours before a vicious gust of wind blazed across her exposed flesh.

Annabelle tried to jerk up from the initial shock to her system, panicking at finding herself shackled until the previous night's memories pushed through the haze of pain that was consuming both her mind and body. Falling back against the stone Annabelle cried out, despair filling the once cheerful young girl that only saw the brighter things, now unable to see nothing but nightmarish fates. For a time she softly weeped staring blindly up at the full moon, but mercifully she was still too drained to remain awake for much longer, passing into a dreamless unease-slumber unsure what tomorrow would bring.