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Virgin darling is offering her pussy for hunks after losing bet
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Ugh, cheer practices. "Okay, ladies, you're free to go." Finally. I got up from push-up mode, and head to the showers. I'd had enough of push-ups for a long time. I make my way to one of the showers, and strip myself of my sweaty, disgusting clothes.

"I'm so glad it's Friday," says someone in the shower next to me. Amy. "I know. I don't think I would have made it another minute doing push-ups." "Do you think Monday she'll make us do more?" I let the water on off my skin, and look at myself. I was tired, and exhaust. "I don't know." I say absentmindedly. I run my hand through my hair, and lean against the wall. At 5'7 I was one of the best volleyball players in my school.

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Though I had to work hard to get it, I got the scholarship I needed to get into Drake University. "So are you getting together with Kyle afterwards?" I heard the jealousness come out of her voice. Amy was downright the most popular girl in school. I came next, but wasn't a friend of hers. She thought everything revolved around her.

Kyle had chosen me, but Amy never got over it. "Yeah, why?" " reason. So have you.uh.done it yet?" I yank open the curtain. "No, and it's none of your business what Kyle and I do." The water in her shower stops, and she steps out. She grabs a towel, and wraps it around herself. "Jeez.I was just wondering.

I mean everyone is. The great "it" couple," She turns around, and heads over to her locker. "I mean it's pretty obvious he won't wait forever you know." "What are you talking about?" I grab a towel, and start drying off. "You and Kyle, of course." Pulling on the last of her clothes. I get dress and think about this. Amy decides to drop it, and leaves with a satisfied grin on her face. "Don't let her get on your nerves. She's just being, Amy." My friend Danny comes up, and is drying her hair.

"I know. She's just like a parasite." I look at my watch, and swear. "I'm late." Danny looks at the clock, and she rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, let me know how it goes." I laugh. "I will." Not. I'm halfway through the door when she grabs my arm.

"I'm serious. She's just a jealous bitch." She lets go, and I grab my stuff from the floor, and head out to my car.


This date was the only thing I looked forward to, and I had brought special clothes just for it. A black skirt with a flower belt, and a tube tank top I had once gotten a compliment from Kyle on. I pulled into his house, and noticed his parents weren't home yet. Hmm. strange. They're usually home by now. Maybe they're just running late. I get out, and head up to his door. Right when I get there the door opens, and Kyle steps out. He's wearing cargo shorts, and a simple button-up blue t-shirt.

"Hey, babe. I thought you might not be coming." He wraps me in a huge hug, and gives me a kiss. "I know. Practice ran a little later than I thought. Can you forgive me?" He laughs, and says maybe. He pulls me into the house, and pushes my body up against the wall with his body. He starts kissing me, and starts to undo his shirt. I pull him tighter against me, and finish unbuttoning his shirt.

He sheds it, and I let my hands explore his chest. It was warm, and solid. Well, of course, he worked out a lot. "I have a surprise for you." He murmured against my lips. "Oh." I laugh, and push him back so I can see his face. He doesn't say anything, but walks towards the stairs, and beckons me with his finger. He then turns around, and takes off up the stairs. I roll my eyes, and follow him. I get up the stairs, and turn into his room when he comes up behind me.

He picks me up, and carries me into his room. I scream, and pretend to fight back. He chuckles, and pins me down on his bed not letting me move. "Hey gorgeous." He leans down, and starts kissing my neck. He moves down, moving my shirt out of the way. My heart stops beating. I suddenly knew why Amy had started the conversation.

"Wait, Kyle." I try to push him back, but he thinks I'm just playing. "Mmmm." "Wait." I say. "Why do you want me to stop?" I stop myself from telling him I wasn't ready, and that I couldn't have sex with him.

I mean this is high school, and if I said that I'd never live it down. Not to mention Kyle would probably dump me, and go be with Amy. I shiver, and he thinks I cold. He pulls the covers back from his bed, and pats the area beside him. "I know what you're doing." He says smiling. "You do?" I ask nervous. "Yeah. Stalling." He grabs my hand, and pulls me to him. "But you and I both know that it won't work." He starts kissing my neck again, and I once again push him away.

He grins, and once more pins me to the bed. He grabs the end of my shirt, and pulls it up, over my head. "Damn." He mutters.

I groan as he starts at my stomach, and licks me all the way up my chest. Suddenly I want him. I want him bad. I can't stop myself as I sit up, and undo my bra. He leans down, and begins to suck on my breast. Wow! His hands slip down, and I feel him fumbling with something.

His zipper! "Kyle&hellip.wait! I think we should.wait." There I said it. Only I don't think he's too happy about it. But all he does is laugh. He thinks I'm joking. He unzips his pants, and steps out of them. He grabs me, and pulls me up and goes for my skirt. "Kyle.wait I'm serious. I think we should wait a little bit longer until." I let my words fade as he looks at me. Just looks at me. I couldn't read his face, but whatever he was thinking it wasn't good.

"Wait.?" He asks, like it's a foreign language. "Yeah, I just.I don't know if we should do this. I mean.what if something happens?" Not meeting his eyes. I know what I'll see in them.

Disappointment. Regret. "We've been dating forever, and you don't think we're not ready. Babe, listen. I'm ready, and I know you're ready. You're going to lead me on, and not finish what you've started?" His voice. It was getting angry. "Well.I'm sorry about that, but it was kind of hard not to get turned on with you doing everything that you did.

I mean I liked it--" I start. "If you liked it what's the problem then? I say if you like it why not?" He throws his hands in the air, "Come on, I dressed up nice, and everything for you." He reaches for my skirt, and I knock his hand away.


His eyes narrow and his fist clench up. "Look maybe we need a break." I blurt out. This seems to only make him madder. "A break.first you lead me on, when my intentions were clear, and you say no to me.

Then you say we need a fucking break?" He says to me. His face growing redder by the minute. I was getting scared. He was really mad. I knew I shouldn't have said we should wait. I shouldn't have lead him on either. Now his parents were gone, and we were the only ones in the room alone. "Well, aren't you the greatest." I whisper.

"You know what; I'd like to think that my girlfriend of four-and-a-half years wasn't losing her mind!" He practically yells at me. He should of.

It would have meant the same thing to me. "I'm not losing my mind. I'm just not ready for sex!" I almost yell back at him. "You're not ready." He says. "That's the reason. So we can do all this stuff," He gestures to me, "but we can't have sex because you're not ready.


Even though we can get naked, and do this. We can't have sex." "Wait, Kyle, that's no--" "Not what you meant. What did you mean?" He ask folding his arms across his chest. "I meant I'm not ready to have sex.

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I don't know when I will be, or if I ever will, but I know I can't do it now. I'm just not." I search for the right words. "You're just not into me. Like I am to you." He says looking at me with a gaze so sad. "No, Kyle, I never said that." I say sitting down on the bed. "You can say what you want, but your right, you might not ever be ready.

So I don't want to pressure you; make you feel like you need to do this." He grabs his pants, and pulls them on zipping them up. "Kyle, that's not fair." I grab his arm.

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But he pulls it away before I can get my hand around it. "No, what your doing isn't fair." He slips his shirt on, and grabs his car keys. He looks at me one more time before he turns and heads to his car.

I run after him, afraid he would do something he'd regret. I push his door closed as he opens it. "Kyle, wait. Please just wait. I don't want you to drive while your mad. Please?" He stares at me, and says, "Like you care." Then he opens it again, turns his car on, and starts backing up. Then he shoots forward, and leaves me with no ride home.

He didn't just leave me here. I guess this is what people get for telling the truth. Shit. I start to leave, but I grab a sheet a of paper saying I was sorry. This was suppose to be a great night. Now it was just a disapointment. I walk out of his house, and started the walk to my house. It wasn't long but I was exactly excited about it either. I was thinking about how this day couldn't get any worse when it started to rain. I stopped walking, and just let myself get soaked.

I all the sudden didn't care. I took a deep breath, and started to walk again. I might as well go now. The sooner I get home, the better. As I turn the corner I see a blue pick up stopping for the stop sign. I looked to see who the drive was and wow, it was the gothic guy. He saw me too, and it looked like he was deciding on something.

I saw his truck start to go, and then it stopped. I heard the door open, and then my name was being called. "Allissa!" I stop and turn around finding him waving his hands at me. "Yeah?" I ask. "You.uh.looks like you could use.need a ride?" He ask. He was now soaked as much as me. ".Uh.yeah. Thanks." I head towards his card, but then stop. If I get in that truck with him, if anyone sees me there goes my life. Well.screw it. I needed a ride badly, and Kyle left me.

I climb in his truck, and we start moving. " go to my school right?"I ask. I knew the answer, but it was kind of ackward sitting in here saying nothing. "Yeah. We have math together." Of course I knew this. I always saw him, and he's cute, but I was the social, hot, cheerleader. I liked him.but I'd be dead if anyone knew that. "I'm sorry I don't know your name though." I did of course.

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But I didn't want him to know that. "It's.uh.Jason." He says it like he's forgotten his own name. We reached my house, and I didn't the unthinkable. "Would you like to come in?" I asked. Realizing what I just did I prayed he'dsay no.

"Sure. " Damn. Why? Why did I ask him? I lead the way in my house, and he follows looking at all the pictues in my house. Of me. When I was little. Ugh. I knew those picture would come back to bit me in the ass.

I realize my parents aren't home, and Jason and I were only.

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I look back at Jason. He was staring at one of the pictures. I moved close to see. It was me when I was six. "That was when I we we're on vacation in the Bahamas." I didn't remember it very much, but my parents told me I liked it there.

"Do you remember going there?" He ask turning to look at me. "Uh.not really." I expect him to say something, but he just looks at me. Then I realize that he was kind of leaning towards me. I hadn't noticed it before, but now it was obvious he was going to kiss me. As his lips get closer all I can think about is if I kiss him back Kyle will never speak to me again. His lips touch mine, and it's like everything disappears. Like it's just him and I. I didn't push him away, and he must take that as a sign, and he grabs my waist and pulls me to him.

Kyle left me standing there, and the whole school probably knew it by now. Who cares, Daniel? Just relax.

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I wrap my arms around his neck, and start kissing him back for real. His kisses start changing, almost greedy, and he pushes me against the wall. His hands find the edge of my shirt, and he slips one up to cup my breast. I let him too. Suddenly I wasn't afraid. Jason was here. I was here. Why not?I'd had a secret crush on him forever.

I pushed up his shirt, and he lifts his arms up so I could pull it off. I grabbed his hand and lead him to my room. He gently pushes me on the bed, and pulls my shirt up over my head. Grabbing the front of his pants I start unbottoning them. When I'm done he slips them off, and his shoes too. I stand up in front of him half naked, and let him pull my pants down too. When I'm naked he pulls me to him, and kisses me deeply.

I feel his tongue go over my lips as if asking for premission. I open them as he lays ontop of me. Our bodies find a rthym. He pulls my legs to wrap around his waist, and I feel his penis against my stomach.

He pulls back slighty, and positions his penis against my opening. Staring into my eyes he pushes in and I gasp as he dives staight into me breaking my hymen. Then he starts thrusting going deep into me. He moans as he rides me, and I kiss him passionately.