Beobachtete meine Frau von meinem Nachbarn gefickt

Beobachtete meine Frau von meinem Nachbarn gefickt
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Chapter 3 After a long uncomfortable flight, naked and lying in a cage, I am offloaded from the plane and put into a large delivery truck. I am taken for only a few miles from the airport where we landed but in the back of the truck I can see nothing. Finally, we arrive at what I assume to be my new home. The cage with me in it is taken off the truck and I see this humongous castle.

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Armed guards at every corner, up on roofs, everywhere! I am taken inside and placed in an area somewhat like the warehouse where I was sold. I see no one for the rest of the day. Finally, two armed guards show up with two beautiful dark skinned girls tagging along with them. Both the girls are nude and I can tell are in somewhat the same predicament I find myself.

The men take me out of my cage, cuffing my hands and feet and instruct the girls to get me cleaned up. The guards leave and I am taken by these two girls to a very large shower. The girls wash my hair, my entire body. I feel one's hand rubbing soapy water over my pussy, her fingers actually pressing inside making me squirm. The girl behind me repeats the same thing only her soapy hand rubs between my ass cheeks before pressing her finger into my ass.

Neither speak a word. I try to get them to help me, they just go about their work of cleaning every orifice and every inch of my body. Each does seem to spend a very long time fingering both my holes but not to the point of making me cum. Then I am taken to a very luxurious room. The bed is huge.

There is a beautiful wooden cabinet with many gowns and beautiful clothes hanging inside. The girls dry me and begin to fix my blonde hair. They curl it and then apply make up. After, the cuffs are removed and they help me into a pink evening gown. The bottom littered with beautiful ruffles. The gown itself was extremely expensive looking.

I finally plead with them to tell me what is going on. Finally, the smaller girl whispers "you are the Monarch's special guest tonight at His ball. He received you as a gift from the man who purchased you." I am blown away by her words. I begin thinking, well as bad as this has been so far maybe it won't be a complete disaster. At least I am with someone rich, powerful and that seems to want me looking my best when at His side. So, my mood does pick up just a little though I am still extremely hurt by what my father has let me get involved in.

I do, however, take special care in my appearance since I am going to be at the side of the ruler of where ever I seem to have landed. Finally, I am left alone in my new room.


I sit at the extremely expensive looking vanity checking my make up and lip stick. I think if I please him at this showing he might like me well enough to let me go home. I hear a knock on the door and I move over to open it.

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I am greeted by a guard that bows and says "it's time for you to go to the ball". I follow him down a long spinning set of stairs to be introduced to the Monarch. He is very handsome and looks to be approximately my age. He is very, very polite. He takes my hand in his and gently kisses the top.

I let all my defenses down at once. I flash him a bright smile and he leds me into a room filled with people sitting around large dinner tables. He pulls a chair out for me and I slip into it and he moves to the other end of the table. Everyone in the place seems to be staring my way. Throughout our dinner, I am extremely impressed and begin thinking this might not be so bad after all.

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After dinner he gets up, everyone else stays seated and moves over to me. He takes my hand and helps me out of the chair. As I stand beside him, his hand goes around my throat. I am caught totally off guard and I let out a little squeal. I feel his hand slap at my ass cheek extremely hard at my squeal as i stare around at the people watching. There must be 100 men and women, mostly men seated at the tables.


The gown is torn off me to expose my naked body in front of all his guests. He bends me over the table holding me by my hair against it. He tells the audience "I have been told this one has never had a cock in her ass, we are about to check that and do something about it if it is true." Out of the corner of my eye I see a mountain of a man coming toward me.

He has his shirt off and his massive frame is literally filled with muscles. His black skin is already a bit damp with sweat and glistens in the light of the dining area.

I finally see them keep coming in the door. Every man as big and muscular as the first. I count at least twelve of them though it turns out there are fifteen. They form a line just to the left of me where the Monarch still holds my head so that I will see them. Each drops his pants exposing the biggest cocks I have ever seen. He laughs and says to the crowd "I think it will be stretched out after tonight, what do you think?" The crowd screams with laughter and claps heartily.

The first man moves behind me, his cock massive and rigid. He gives me no warning, spreads my ass cheeks and shoves his big black cock inside my tight ass.

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I scream from the pain as his cock wrecks my tight, dry ass. He begins pumping it in and out of me, the blood from the tearing inside my ass beginning to lube the dark tunnel. The friction from the dryness making him scream as his cock empties inside my ass. He steps away from behind me presenting his cock to my face, while pushing the head past my lips for me to clean as the next man in line takes his place. The next man shoves in deep aided by the first man's thick cum.

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He pounds at my ass while his large hands slap the cheeks roughly. He fucks me so hard that I feel a warm stream begin to flow down the inside of my thighs and I realize i have just pissed on myself.

Yet, he doesn't stop. He fucks me harder until he also empties his large balls into my ass. He makes me clean not only my ass but my own piss off his cock as the other man moves in. He violently slams his cock deep into my bowels. One after another, they fuck my asshole, stretching it beyond belief.


My ass aches as the fifteen loads of cum drip from my stretched ass. Cum runs down my thighs mixing with my own piss in a nasty puddle on the floor between my legs. The Monarch then pushes my face down in the puddle.

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"Clean that up you nasty cunt". I hear laughter as i begin to lick up the filthy mess on the floor. Once again I am led to a cage and thrown into it roughly.

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An aching heap on the floor of it as i lie there still filled with cum from their cocks.