Hot czech blonde rides a stiff cock

Hot czech blonde rides a stiff cock
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I get to the front door as your close friend is walking out. She has a devilish grin and says, "enjoy your dessert!!". I questionably say, "Thanks". I enter the house, it's really quiet. I call your name, but there's no answer. I walk to the family room, and your not there, check the kitchen and still no you. I walk into the dining room and to my surprise there you are. Naked, your arms tied above your head to the table legs, your butt is at the edge of the other end of the table, and your ankles are also tied to the table legs.

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At closer inspection, there is what appears to be marshmallow cream on your breasts with a peanut on top. You have strawberry sauce down the center of your torso to your belly button, in which appears to be a chocolate sauce, and from there is a caramel sauce leading to your "good part" covered in cool whip.

You have something in your mouth, so you do not speak. I look and there is a note at your side, it reads, "Happy Birthday lover, I got you something sweat to eat, please follow the directions below: 1. You must start at my breasts, and clean them before moving on.

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2. Upon cleaning my entire body with your mouth and tongue, you are to make love to me, not releasing me, if you need some help getting started you can take the gag out of my mouth for some encouragement, but I doubt you will need that. 3. After you cum deep inside me you are to kiss my private area and lick me clean.

4. After you clean me, you are to remove the restraints on my ankles, help me slide my head to the end of the table so it can hang off the edge, keeping my hands tied, you are to remove my gag and place your member in my mouth for a proper cleaning. 5. Whatever else you can think of, I'm yours!!!" I remove my shirt, as I know this is going to get a little messy.

I lean over toward you, my tongue extended and place it on your side just below your outstretched arm. You jump as you didn't expect that. Without removing my tongue, I slowly lick up toward your nipple, your breast moves slightly due to the pressure from my tongue.

I stop short of your nipple and move back down to your side, moving over slightly, I repeat this process, licking upward, but stopping short of your nipple.

This marshmallow cream is sticky stuff and I decide there is no way to make your breasts "perfectly" clean, as I am not that patient. I return to said starting point, move over alittle more and repeat, I press down hard letting my tongue really press into your breast. You let out a slight moan as you excitement builds. After about 20 licks around your breast, I see that all that is left is your nipple covering.

I lean over it and flick the peanut off of you into my mouth and quickly chew it. Next I lean forward, mouth open wide to go around your nipple and take in the marshmallow cream. I clamp down on your breast with suction from my mouth. You jump again. My tongue starts to flick and go to work on the cream. Not letting go with the suction, I lick and flick all over your nipple, pressing down on it as I lick, sucking it up onto my mouth, and flicking over the tip of it, as you softly moan and arch your back, rasing your breast to my face.

I let go of my suction with the sound of a "pop". I stand there admiring my work, and your gorgeous body. I walk around to the other side of the table to repeat this assault on your other breast. Again, I have you moaning and arching your back by the time I get to cleaning your nipple off.

I stand, stretching my back due to the poor posture of leaning over you for soo long. Satisfied with the cleaning of your breasts I move on. The thin line of strawberry sauce come up way easy, as I lick from the center of your breasts down to your belly button. The pool of chocolate sauce is overflowing from your belly button due to your breathing.

I lean down and clamp my mouth around it, and slurp of the fluid. I then stick my tongue out circling around your belly button, then dive it into it to be sure that it is clean. This turns you on some more as you are breathing alittle heavier. I start on the caramel sauce, this is alittle more stickier and requires more pressure. I decide to go to the end of the table between your spread legs, to continue with the caramel. Restarting at your belly button, I press down hard with my tongue to be sure to get most of the sauce as I go.

When I get to the "good part", you instinctively raise your body off the table to meet my face, but I tell you to slow down, I need to get the rest of the caramel. I retrace the caramel path from your belly button to the end. Have I told you before that I love cool whip? Not cause of where it is spread, but that certainly doesn't make me like it any less. I pull one of the chairs up so I can get more comfortable for my feast.

I start as far out as possible and gently lick the cool whip, it's melting due to your hotness, so it comes off real easy, but your friend put this layer on extra thick, which is fine by me. As I get to bare skin, I apply pressure with my tongue to clean you better and you jump with excitement. I lick the cool whip, leaving a vertical path at your opening, you are breathing quite heavy in anticipation of what's next. I decide just to dive right in, pushing my whole face into the cool whip, mouth open, tongue extended, licking and nibbling and sucking in the cool whip.

I pull one of your lips away from your body with the suction of my mouth, as you moan.


Then I quickly stick my tongue into you to be sure there is no cool whip there, I lick up and down your lips raising my head as I get closer to your clit.

There is a small layer of slightly melted cool whip around it, and that must be removed to expose it. I push my open mouth down around the area, sucking in like I am drinking a milk shake, your flesh pulls away from your body into my mouth and you moan some more. I extend my tongue to touch your clit and you jump.

I flatten in over your clit, smothering it, and slowly lick at it. Slowly at first, sucking on it, and flicking over it and around it. Your breathing gets heavier as I know you are getting closer to a climax. I increase the speed and the pressure, as you raise your hips up into my face. My pace quickens, as does the suction, your breathing loudly now, and almost thrashing around as you reach that point, with one last big effort, I lock onto your clit as your whole body shakes as you have a massive explosion.

Your almost convulsing as you do, your hips off the table as much as you can, my face buried and attached to you. You move your head side to side, moaning as you do, as you cum, but being tied down, you can't move very far. I slowing start to loosen my suction as you begin to calm down. I give you little pecks of kisses all around that area, as your breathing gets closer to a normal pace. Needless to say, after that show, I am fully erect and ready to move onto step 3 of the night, so no extra encouragement will be needed.

I stand and unclasp my jeans, shimming them down along with my boxer/briefs in one fell swoop. I step up to the table, take my member in my hand and playfully smack it's hardness down onto your exposed, moist part. You jump. I take my member and slowly rub it up and down your opening, your lips spread inviting me in. I pull away and smack it down onto you, and again you jump and sigh in frustration.

You want me inside of you!! I again rub my guy around your moist lips and slowly insert the tip, just barely the tip and hold it there. You squirm and try to move to take me in, but you cannot move enough, and I quickly pull out.

Again you sigh. I take my member and rub up and down again, this time as your lips part I insert past the head, you moan as you think you are getting what you want, and I quickly with drawl. You move your body, as best you can in frustration, I look into your eyes, you cannot speak, but your eyes are desperately telling me to make love to you. I take my guy and quickly with no warning insert inside of you, past your lips, all the way in.

You jump in surprise and let out a big moan.

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I slowly withdraw, not all the way, leaving my head inside of you and quickly slam forward again. This motion is met with a grunt from you as the table shakes. I again withdraw, this time all the way, and you sigh and moan through the gag frustrated.

I insert again, to the hilt, and quickly withdraw partially and slam back in. I slowly withdraw and re-insert, damn you are hot I think to myself. I am beginning to build to a steady rythym as I piston in and out of your Netherlands.

With my right hand, I reach down and gently pinch your clit, as you moan. I gently massage it in between my finger and thumb. My pace quickens as does the pressure on your clit, you are moaning and begin to loose control of your body. With my free hand, I reach up and gently pinch your left nipple, then I bear down harder on it and your clit as I start to sweat from the pistoning in and out of your beautiful body.

I am ready to cum, so with one last thrust, I impale myself into you, holding it there, as I play with your clit and nipple as you cum as well. My member is throbbing as it pumps my seed deep inside of you, as again you shake and thrash your head from side to side.

I stay inside of you as we both calm down catching our breath, and I start to lose the stiffness. I slowly pull out as you try to protest, but you are unable to other than make some inaudible noises. I sit down quickly admiring your intimate area, as I press my face into your wetness. You jump, as I take a long drawn out swipe with my tongue all the way to the top at your clit.

I drag my tongue back down slowly, as your lips stay open, inviting me in. I swirl my tongue from side to side, as I stick more of it into your depths. You try to moan through the gag, but you can't. My tongue is stretched as far as it can, my face pressed firmly between your legs, as I lick and make love to your tunnel with my tongue. Your wetness combined with my fluid has an intoxicating scent and taste, as I hungrily lick, slurp and eat our fluids.

Your breathing begins to get more deliberate as your excitement builds, I begin to move my whole head, as I try to get deeper inside of you, as I continue to lick you, pushing my face with more pressure into you. My tongue is buried deep inside of you, moving around, playfully licking. I take both hands and reach up around the outside of your thighs and touch your breasts.

In this position, I squeeze my arms tight against your legs, actually pulling your thighs close to my head, almost squishing my ears as I hold you tight and close to me. With my fingers, I playfully tweak and pinch your nipples. I grab hold of your whole boob and squeeze, then return to your nipples. Meanwhile, you are breathing heavier, as my tongue assault continues on your most private parts.

You are moving your hips up and down on my face, as best you can, me squeezing your legs to my head and playing with your boobs proves to me too much, you tense up, not moving a muscle as you moan in the gag, letting go of the biggest orgasm of the day.

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I bear down hard on your nipples with pressure between my finger and thumb, sending pain signals to your brain but the pleasure signals from down below over ride them, and you moan as you cum and continue to cum. You are breathing heavy, trying to catch your breathe, as I release the pressure on your nipples, but my tongue is still inside of you, just gently licking up and down as you calm down.

Your breathing is almost normal, as I pull my face away, our eyes meet lovingly and you roll your eyes back, as you cannot believe how incredible that was.

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Seeing you cum like that, and me being the one to cause you to cum like that has my member hard again, and is still in need of the promised cleaning. Per instruction #5, I untie your legs, and you straighten them out to get the blood flow back into your feet. I stand and gently put my hands under your armpits and pull you forward on the table, so your head is hanging off the edge as requested. You help, shimming along the way. I stand at the head of the table, with my member poised right at your mouth.

I remove the gag, and you open your mouth for me to enter you. With your head hanging down, I enter your mouth, you tongue rubs across my member.

Your lips clamp down onto me, as I slowly withdraw, you are tasting yourself for the first time. The smell is intoxicating, as you think about the flavors, how they got there and where they are from. I slowly and gently piston in and out of your opened, "O" shaped mouth. I look down and see your boobs, inviting my hands to come play with them.

I love boobs!. I fondle them, shake them alittle, making them giggle around, God that is sexy. Almost forgot, as I make love in your mouth, my excitement builds, playing with your boobs helps with that as well. I know your not big on tasting semen, but in this situation, the way I see it, you have no choice, so I continue moving myself in and out of your mouth. It feels so good, warm and wet, and playing with your boobs just starts to send me over the edge, I am moving faster, then at the moment of release, I stop inside your mouth, as my member throbs and empties it's load in your mouth.

I hold it there for a moment as I catch my breathe. I withdraw completely and help pull you back up so your head is resting on the table. I lean down to kiss you, my face still damp from your wetness, as we kiss we open our mouths, and to my surprise, I find a salty film still in your mouth, as you held it there to share with me. I hungrily tongue wrestle with you savoring the flavor and getting turned on knowing I deposited that in your mouth and now you are sharing it with me.


As I smash my face into yours, I slowing guide my hand down your belly to your warm spot. I press down firmly at your clit, and move my hand side to side quickly, as we make out.

You attempt to protest, but with my other hand, I hold your face close to mine. As I quickly rub across your clit, you are able to move cause your legs are free, your feet are on the table and you push your torso up to meet my hand. You are going to cum again, I can feel it, so I continue the steady rythym, till french kissing you all the while.

You start to shake, your torso still raised in the air, humping my hand as I rub, you begin to cum, you turn your head away from my kiss and scream, "Oooooohhh Gooooooddddd.Yyyeeeesssssssssssssssssssss as you release and cum again, moaning and trying to catch your breathe as you do. This one doesn't last as long, and you slowly lower your torso back to the table, and let out the biggest sigh."That was incredible, you're incredible" you say in between your heavy breaths.

All steps for my birthday are complete, well sorta, you are mine for what ever else I want, so I untie your arms, and help you to your feet. I wrap my arms around you, hugging your nakedness close to my body. I take you by the hand and lead you upstairs and start the shower.

I inform you that I will now clean, with soap this time, your sweaty, sticky, sexy body and you are to just stand there as I do.

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