Older gay man teaches young straights how to fuck ass

Older gay man teaches young straights how to fuck ass
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Having been introduced to fuit marinated in pussy juice, our eating becomes even more adventurous. As I said in the first instalment the story is absolutely true. Because of various circumstances I didn't have breakfast with Chris and Rebecca for a few days but the next time I called in as usual Chris was again missing.

"Chris had to go interstate for a few days" Rebecca informed me but he said it was OK if we still had breakfast together. Would you like Bananas and cream again?" "Oh, I think I'd enjoy that" was my smirking reply "Have you been marinating the banana again?" "Of course" she said as she lifted herself up onto the Breakfast Bar again and spread her legs "But this time eat it slowly so you don't get indigestion." With that, she lay back and lifted her knees so that I had could eat at my leisure.

I proceeded to lick her cunt from arsehole to clit and then suck the banana out a little and take a bite, alternating this with sucking her very erect clitoris. After quite a few mnutes of my enjoying the smell and taste of banana flavoured cunt, accompanied by her groans of pleasure, she stopped me, saying "leave the rest of it in there and fuck me.

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I want cream with my banana split." I wasn't sure just what she meant but I was only too happy to oblige, dropping my pants and lifting her onto the floor so I could finally fuck my best friend's wife. Plunging my cock into her, I could feel at least half a banana still in there. "Fuck me!


That feels incredible!" she screamed as I pounded the banana to mush deep inside her. After about 3 or 4 minutes she gasped "I'm almost there push your finger into my arse" I did exactly that and she arched her back, clamped her legs around me and gripped my cock and my finger as she came. I was about to explode as well when she again gasped "Don't come! Don't come!" I pulled out my cock, now liberally coated with mashed banana and cunt juice and she slithered under me, taking my entire length into her mouth.

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It took only a few seconds for me to explode a gallon of cum down her throat. I had never felt a woman swallow my cum while I was still halfway down her throat.

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How she didn't choke I don't know but it felt unbelievably intense. As I extracted my cock and she licked the corners of her mouth she murmured mischievously "I told you I like Banana and cream." She and I showered separately (I suggested showering together but she insisted that she was already late for work) and dressed but just before walking out the door she asked "Would you like to call in after work for some strawberries and cream?" "I'd like that very much!" Rebecca then did something which, for me, topped all the previous erotic behavior.

She stripped off her panties, asking me to hold them for her, crouched in front of me and, from a punnet of strawberries, inserted four or five of them into her cunt and then pulled her panties back on saying "I'll keep them warm in here." I left there even hornier than when I had arrived. That day I deliberately didn't relieve myself so that I was literally trembling with anticipation when I arrived at Rebecca's house.

I had coped with a hard-on most of the day but when she answered the door in the flimsiest nightgown I had seen yet one which reached only to her crotch and clearly displayed her nipples and pubic hair it almost hurt. "So" she said in a low, husky voice "I can see you're hungry and ready for desert." First she gave me a deep kiss, exploring my mouth with her tongue and my crotch with her hand and then she lifted herself onto the breakfast bar and, as before, lifted and spread her knees giving me a very close view of a pink-stained pussy, leaking red juice all the way down to arsehole.

It looked for all the world as though she were menstruating, which somehow made it all the more exciting. "Hmmm! I see you have kept the strawberries warm" I muttered as I dove in for my feast.

"Fuck yes, and I ruined a perfectly good pair of panties for you" she panted as I thrust my tongue into her cunt and began to lick and suck out what was by now strawberry jam. When she came hard within about 30 seconds I knew she had held back all day as well.

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I knew my face was now coated with a mixture of strawberry and cunt juices but, as soon as she had finished her shuddering climax, she began to lick all of it off my face and out of my mouth.

"Now I want you to shove that banana into my cunt and then fuck in the arse until I come again." I peeled the banana and then took the opportunity to feast on her cunt again as I pushed it in with my tongue, meanwhile pushing my finger deep into her arse.

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"Ahhhh! Fuck that's good" she yelled "but I want a big cock in there not a finger" and, with that, she grabbed my hand, pulled my finger out and sucked it long and hard before she climbed down and leant over the bar, presenting me with a cute pink arsehole which I proceeded to fill as instructed. "Wait" she said, as I began to push the tip in "Take it slowly or it will hurt too much." "I thought you loved this" I said "I do but Chris doesn't like it.

He thinks it's dirty." "It is!" I replied as I lubricated her arsehole with my spit and slowly pushed my cock in just past the tip "and that's why you love it isn't it?" "Yeeees!" she screamed as I pushed my seven inches of cock meat all the way in, feeling the bulge of the banana in her cunt.

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"God, I knew I'd love it. Fill my arse with your cock and your cum while I play with my cunt" Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to think of football, I came all too soon, but just as I finished pumping cum into her arse, Rebecca came as well, gripping my cock in a ring of steel. We both kept shuddering for what seemed like minutes until I gently slipped out of her arse.

"Fuck me! That was fantastic." She sighed as she lay on the floor "but we might as well eat the banana." So she squeezed it out of her cunt and we shared it.

After we cleaned up in the bathroom and, to my surprise, she let me watch her pee, I was leaving to go home when she asked "Will I see you for breakfast tomorrow?

I'm out of fruit though so I'll have to think of something else." And she did The next morning as I arrived, to my surprise and disappointment I found that Chris had returned home. Rebecca greeted me in a short nightdress I had never seen before and which obviously was designed to to be worn with bottoms but was just as obviously lacking them. I was surprised Chris hadn't objected! With a conspiratorial smile and a wink she said "No fruit this morning Pete, so I made pancakes for the two of you!" "What about you?" I asked.

"Oh, I wanted to thank Chris for this lovely nightie he bought me so I've already eaten, haven't I Chris?" she replied, licking her lips and grinning like the cat who swallowed the cream as I realized that's just what she had done. I was suddenly really jealous of my best friend.

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Chris and I sat down to our pancakes in our usual places with me facing the breakfast bar as usual and I watched as Rebecca once again sat up on the breakfast bar, giving me a full view of her pussy which I now realized was completely bare. We had just begun to eat our pancakes when Chris looked straight at me and asked "Do you like the new look?" "What new look" I asked, puzzled.

"Rebecca's new look. I know you you're looking at her pussy. She shaved it for us last night" I immediately picked up on the "us". "OK I confess! It's hard not to look when she's wearing that nightie, and, yes, I like it. You don't mind though?" "Rebecca told me what you two have been up to. I think it's as hot as hell. I couldn't get enough of her after she described the banana incident." Chris said, a gleam in his eye, as Rebecca spread her legs further and began to finger her pussy.

I was dumbfounded. My best friend didn't mind me sticking my cock in every one of his wife's orifices? "And now I've a treat for both of you" Rebecca interrupted so that Chris swung around and we were both staring at her obviously wet pussy.

" I know you both like chocolate" she teased as she picked up a chocolate bar, peeled off the wrapper and broke off a quarter of it. "What do have in mind?" asked Chris "Oh! You'll see." Rebecca replied as she proceeded to slowly insert the chocolate into her cunt and then pull it out and pop it into her mouth. "Shit that tastes good!" she murmured, and then "But first you'll have to both take off your pants so I can watch the two cocks I love. It didn't take long for us to oblige so there we were, my best friend and I, in shirts and ties but naked from the waist down, watching his wife shove chocolate into her cunt and then suck it.


Needless to say we were both rock hard. Rebecca then instructed Chris and me to to sit on our chairs and rub our cocks. She then broke off a new piece of chocolate and pushed it all the way into her pussy and, closing her legs jumped down off the bar, knelt in front of me and began to suck my cock while Chris, jerking off, watched her.

She deep-throated me a couple of times, playing with my balls and the with a "More of that later, time to enjoy your chocolate!" she lifted herself back on to the breakfast bar and spread her legs, displaying a cunt totally smeared with melted chocolate, which I immediately began to lick. "Fuck that's hot!" Chris exclaimed as I proceeded to eat all the melted chocolate out of his wife's cunt, "Shove your tongue all the way in and make her cum." "Give me your finger!" Rebecca gasped and then she sucked, covering it with saliva "Now push it into my arsehole." I slowly did just that all the way in and Rebecca began to buck and grind her cunt into my face.


Then she shoved me away, gasping and trembling. I began to extract my finger but she yelled "Leave it there until I tell you." It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure and tell me to remove my finger. She hadn't come but she was bloody close and, meanwhile, my cock was dripping pre-cum on the floor. "Why did you stop me?" I asked "Because I want Chris to enjoy his chocolate too!" she said as she pushed another piece of chocolate into her cunt and again jumped down and sucked her husband's cock for a few minutes while the chocolate melted.

Now it was my turn to watch but this time she didn't get back on the bar, instead telling Chris to get on the floor and straddling his face, presenting me with a close up view of her chocolate smeared wide open cunt being licked by Chris while she sucked his cock.

As Chris tongue-fucked her, I expected her to tell him to push his finger into her arse but, to my surprise, it was Chris who said "Pete, come over here and shove your cock into her arse she loves it!" I already knew that and I also knew he didn't like it for some reason so I was happy to oblige.

I was already slippery with pre-cum so I knelt over Chris' face, my balls hitting him on the forehead, and slowly pushed my entire length into his wife's arse.

We were all so close that I only pushed in and out slowly 3 or 4 times before Rebecca screamed and shoved her cunt onto Chris' face, her arse spasms causing me to explode a huge load of cum into her arse. Chris still hadn't come so Rebecca swung around and planted her cunt onto his cock, riding it for a minute or so until he came as well, bucking under her and shuddering.

I thought we were finished but Rebecca, dirty as ever, had another surprise in store: "Compliments of you two I've got an arse and a cunt both full of chocolate and cum, so you're going to clean me up." It was my first time tasting chocolate flavoured cum and I have to say, I developed a taste for it. Chris, Rebecca and I henceforth referred to it as "oreo sex" and, interspersed with "banana splits" we enjoyed it many times over the next 6 months - until I made the fatal mistake of asking Linda whether she would be interested in a foursome.

That put an end to that!