Luscious hot babe Selma Sins fucking a hard cock

Luscious hot babe Selma Sins fucking a hard cock
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In the week following the big summer kickoff party, Alex started texting me a lot. The very first, and most important thing she texted was that we needed to get together again. I was pretty sure I knew exactly what she wanted, and I wanted the same thing! Alex however would end almost every conversation we had with the same sentence and a quirky little smile, "I'm NOT going to have sex with you" At the party, toward the end of the day, Alex and I found ourselves in my room naked and ready to start fucking like a pair of horny rabbits.

I had just managed to get my cock all the way up inside her, taking her virginity in the process, when my father came banging on the door screaming at us to put our clothes back on and back down to the party.

Just like that it was over. We could have continued for at least a few more minutes before we had to get back downstairs, but Alex wasn't having it. She had her bikini back on before I could beg her to let me put it back in. Other than popping her cherry, we never got in a single thrust or grind. It was so frustrating. After thinking about that for a couple of days, it seemed to me that Alex really got screwed at that party, and I mean that in every sense of the word. She lost her virginity in a single stroke, at a party, while all her friends were outside wondering where she'd gone, and that was the total extent of it.

Now I will admit that I am a horrible guy because yes, my goal for the entire day was just to get laid, as much as possible, but I really felt bad about the way that happened with her.

That's no story to tell about your first time. I had actually known Alex for a very long time and she is a very sweet, fun, beautiful girl who had never been anything but wonderful to me.

She actually admitted during our quick little time together that she really wanted to have sex with me, even though she kept on saying she wasn't going to. This got me thinking about my neighbor Julie. Julie had a very similar turn of events. Our first time was the first time for both of us. It was fast and clumsy, and not romantic in anyway. What Julie tells people was her first time, was actually our second time, it was much more romantic and intimate and not just a rushed hump on the side of the bed.

So I decided to do something I never do. I talked about it with Julie. One of my rules is that I never tell anyone what goes on between myself and any of the girls I hook up with. Even if it's just a one night stand. Even if the girls tell all, I have never told even my best friends anything. They all figured out that Alyssa and I were having sex, because we dated for six months, and Alyssa did let out some details to her friends and you know how high school gossip spreads.

However, no one ever got a single detail from me. So this was a rare case. I invited Julie over and told her what had happened with me and Alex. Julie just cringed, and laughed. I mean it was funny, but only because my dad's timing was SO bad. Julie agreed with me that to leave things that I couldn't just let it end like that. But to just invite her over to finish what we started would just be a total dick move as well.

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I mean seriously, what kind of douche move is that? So I asked Julie what she thought I should do, and she had a great idea. Julie came up with the idea that I should do the same thing with Alex that I did with her, make the second time special.

What a great idea! I would make the second time slow and romantic and all about her, so that she didn't feel like some little slut who got banged at a summer pool party. Julie and I talked some more and came up with a really crazy idea. I texted Alex, and asked her if we could spend the day together on the Friday. I asked her to meet me at the mall at 10 am. She agreed, and ended her text with the same line she always did, "I'm NOT having sex with you", and for once I actually thought, if that's the way you feel, that will be just fine.

I needed a little bit of help to pull off a something special so I enlisted Julie, and Alex's best friend Hannah. While Alex and I were at the mall all day, Julie was setting up the patio area by my pool. Hannah dropped by Alex's house and picked up some special items from there as well. Alex and I met at the mall just as planned. When I saw her I gave her the biggest tightest hug and kiss I could.

She said to me "You're in a good mood! I replied "of course I am, I'm with a beautiful girl and I have such an awesome day planned for us!" She looked at me rather skeptically but off we went. Our first stop, Bounce. This is a gigantic gym filled with trampolines. Being a gymnast I go there all the time. Alex used to be a gymnast as well so she wasn't too bad either.

We spent over an hour bouncing and flipping and pissing off the owners. We had an awesome time. We were sweaty and tired but laughing and smiling as well. We were also holding hands. Progress. I gave her another kiss and we headed off to our next stop, the food court. We needed a snack, we had just bounced off a lot of calories so we were both starving. For the next couple hours we bounced around from place to place and just went crazy.

Our mall is huge and has so many fun things to do. We went ice skating for a while, lots of holding hands, kissing, and other very close things involved in that one. Then we went to the video arcade and played games for a while. We even took a couple turns on the merry-go-round. We were taking pictures and laughing and kissing and holding hands, and hugging and holding each other close the whole day. It was so much fun. After that, we had a late lunch at her favorite place, and then headed to my house.

The patio area was set up exactly as Julie and I had discussed, but you couldn't really tell just now in the bright sun of the afternoon, plus Julie had covered up some of the special effects. So I retired to my bedroom to change, and surprised Alex by not even inviting her to help, which surprised her. Alex changed in the upstairs bathroom, and then we went out to swim and tan for a few hours. Alex looked incredible in the little tiny bikini she put on.

A bright pink top that must have been two sizes too small for her. It certainly showed off how big her tits were, the girl has an amazing body. They never looked that big when she walking around school all covered up. The bottoms also looked as tiny as they could possibly get. Just a little orange triangle tied on with the thinnest little strings I have ever seen. Dental floss is thicker than these strings. Looking like that, she came out, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me long and hard with all of her tongue, and what did she say to me?

"I'm NOT going to sleep with you"" Let me tell you, at that point I was ready to cancel all the evening plans and invite her back up to my room to NOT sleep with me again right then and there. In the pool there was lots of kissing and touching and feeling. I had my hands all over her tits, and even got my mouth down on those nipples a couple times. She did not protest. She moaned, she held me there tight, but she never said stop.

A couple of times, she had her hand right down my suit. She just reached right in and grabbed herself a handful of cock. She cooed at me "Damn that's so big" and she explored and played and started to stroke. Seriously, the hell with the bedroom, I wanted to take her right then and there IN the pool. When I slipped my hand down into HER suit, she whispered the same thing as always. "I'm NOT going to fuck you". I kissed her and slipped a finger in her pussy. This went on for a while but eventually we made our way out of the pool.

We toweled off and together climbed up on one of the big comfy lounge chairs, sitting in each other's arms kissing and touching anything we could. Just then, I hear the back gate open and in walks Julie, with her boyfriend, all decked out like they were going to the Prom.

She looked amazing, they both did. Not tuxes and Prom gowns, but a nice suit and a beautiful dress. We both got up and looked them over and Alex asked what the special occasion was. Julie said they were going to a special formal party, it was a big surprise. Then, at the gate again, in comes Hannah, and her boyfriend, also all dressed up for a big formal party. Now Alex was beginning to suspect something was up, so I told her "Why don't you go with Julie and Hannah, and the guys and I will stay here.

They have a surprise for you". Julie and Hannah led Alex through the gate over to Julie's house where they explained, a little, of what was going on. That I had arranged for all of us to go to a special party for the night, and I wanted it to be a big surprise for her.

Hannah had gone to Alex's house earlier in the day and picked out one of her favorite, sexiest fancy dresses and had it at Julie's house to change into. Needless to say Alex was pretty surprised. The girls just screamed and giggled and talked about the whole thing while Alex got changed. At least that's what Julie told me later.

Alex didn't know what to say the whole time. I left the other two guys downstairs and went to my room to change into something nice for when the girls came back. I got back down to the patio, uncovered all of the special arrangements and turned the lights on.

Julie had decked out the whole place with colored and twinkling Christmas lights and flowers and all sorts of fancy decorations, the place looked like a tiny ballroom.

It was awesome! The girls came back through the gate and just screamed and went wild. Their mouths dropped at the site of the place. I went over and took Alex by the hand, then in my arms, and said "Surprise!" She said to me "Oh my god Zane what is all of this?" I explained to her, quietly so no one else could hear "Well, I felt really awful about how things ended at the party last week.

My dad barging in on us like that. I didn't want you to feel like just another hookup at some summer pool party. I wanted you to know you ARE special to me and I wasn't just using you to…" She smiled so big, and said "Oh my god Zane this is so sweet!

I never thought you were using me for anything! This is amazing I can't believe you did all this for me!" I whispered in her ear "Well I didn't want the story of your first time to be one stroke, bang, over. It should be more special than that. " She whispered back at me "Awwwww, you still think I'm going to sleep with you, aint that sweet" I just smiled back at her. She whispered in my ear again "Not gonna happen cutie.

Remember? I'm NOT going to sleep with you" This time I whispered back "That's okay, I wasn't expecting you to" From there the night continued on.

Julie had turned on the music and the place looked just awesome. The six of us danced and sang to the music. We took pictures just like prom, it was hilarious. We ordered pizza and wings, Julie "borrowed" a couple unfinished bottles of wine from her house so we had a little bit to drink.

It was like an awesome mini prom just for the six of us. We imitated all of the typical Prom clichés, Alex of course was voted Prom queen, we gave her a Burger King crown, she wore it with pride all night. I know the others had fun, but I considered it a private party just for me and Alex the whole time. By the end of the night she had her arms around my neck and wouldn't let go.

We kissed a lot, and she just kept telling me how sweet I was, and how wonderful this was, and how she couldn't believe I did all this just for her. By this time it was late.

Hannah's dad arrived to drive Hannah, her boyfriend and Alex home. Julie's boyfriend was able to drive himself. Alex pulled me close, gave me a big kiss and said "I wish I didn't have to go". I said "Sorry sweetheart. It's not a real Prom. I couldn't get us a hotel room".

She smiled and said "damn, that's a shame" I said "Sorry, I'm not gonna sleep with you tonight" and grinned right back at her. She smiled at that and the three of them left. After we saw them off Julie turned came over and whispered to me "Well if she doesn't sleep with you now then she's never going to, because that was awesome".

Julie and her boyfriend left, then I cleaned up and called it a night. The next morning. Saturday. Alex started texting me early, telling me how wonderful the night before was and how much fun she had and how special I made her feel. I responded that I was glad, because that was the point.

The she asked me if I had plans for the day and could I come over to her house instead. Well of course I can. I was supposed to go hang out with some friends but the hell with them.

I convinced my brother to give me a ride to Alex's house, and she greeted me with the same big hug that she left me with the night before. She seemed to be still on the afterglow of the night before.

She kept thanking me and kissing me "that was so sweet". Eventually the thanking stopped and the kissing picked up. We were on her couch kissing and her hands started to wander. First over my chest. Then over my stomach. Once in a while a little brush over some private areas. It wasn't until her hand slipped over my cock for the first time that I noticed none of her family seemed to be around.

I asked about that. "We seem to be all alone? Where is everyone?" She said "Yup. Everyone else is gone to Dani's soccer tournament". Dani of course being her little sister. They would be gone most of the day as long as little sister's team won. Go team! I asked "did you plan this?" She said "No, I was gonna go too, but after last night, I thought I might want to invite you over while no one else is around" I looked at her and said "I'm NOT going to sleep with you" and smiled.

She looked at me with a wicked grin and started to unbutton her shirt. Then she stood up and started walking away.

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How could I not follow that! As she walked into what was obviously her room, the shirt slid off her shoulders and dropped to the floor. When I walked into her room I couldn't believe my eyes.

Her room looked exactly like my patio from the night before! In her bedroom she had a big queen sized bed, with a dark green cover on it. Above the bed was a hand stitched blanket with moons and stars and howling wolves, very Midwest hippie. She had twinkling Christmas lights hung from every corner of the room, a lava lamp next to the bed. All we needed was a bag of weed and it would have been a hippies paradise, and as I said, it looked just like the night before.

I asked her "Did you do this just because of last night?" She said no, this is the way her room ALWAYS looks. That was part of what made her so happy the night before. It was like I knew exactly everything she loved.

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I took her in my arms and hugged her. That's when I remembered her shirt was off.

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I kissed her, ran my fingers up her side, lightly across her breasts, barely touching them, and pulled the bra straps off her shoulders. She looked at me, bit her lip, and arched her back thrusting them out at me. Damn&hellip. I reached behind her and undid the bra, pulled it off and dropped it to the floor. She smiled, I smiled, then my hands went straight to her tits.

They were glorious. Her nipples were already rock hard, yet everything else was so soft. She closed her eyes as I fondled her breasts. She started to moan at my touch, and I started kissing her neck.

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Then she stopped me and said "Wait". She stepped over to her door and locked it. Shut off everything but the Christmas lights and the lava lamp, and then came and started kissing me again. I said "I guess this is the part where you don't sleep with me right?" She looked at me and said "Nope, this is the part where we change the story of my first time" I guess she had been talking with Julie the night before.

We went back to kissing, and touching. Every time I touched her breasts she let out a sigh. I peeled off my shirt. That made her ooh and ahh and start caressing anywhere she could find skin. I was in heaven.

I reached down and slid my hand over her pants. She stopped kissing, stepped back just a bit, then reached down and pushed her pants off.

I undid mine as well and pushed them down. She reached forward and ran her hand over my boxers. I was hard as stone at this point, and her hand on my cock almost made me explode.

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She led me over to the bed, hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them right down off her legs. My god the girl was so beautiful naked. Then she slid my boxers off and pulled me down on the bed with her. We kissed, and touched, I caressed any and every part of her that I could. Her skin was so soft and smooth I just wanted to touch every inch of her. She said to me "Thank you so much for last night.

You made me feel so special. I have to admit that I was feeling kind of bad about my "first time" at your party", I couldn't believe I lost my virginity but didn't have sex. I thought I would be so embarrassed around you since then. Knowing that you&hellip. You know" I said "I know.

I never intended to just use you for sex, and if you don't want to sleep with me now that's fine too". She said "No no no no no, this time you're not getting away.

You're going to give me a first time I can talk about" And she smiled a huge devious smile at me. I kissed her, for a while.

Then I started to kiss my way down her body. Her neck, then down. Her breasts. I stopped there for a while and nibbled and kissed and sucked and teased.

She was going crazy. She let out the softest little moans, quiet little sounds that were so damned sexy. I stopped and looked up at her eyes, then I smiled and started to kiss my way lower.

I easily pushed her legs apart and climbed between. Then I leaned down and gave her a kiss. Right on the lips. She jumped like I'd hit her with a taser.

I started to tease her lips with my fingers, tracing and touching and massaging. Her moans got just a tiny bit louder. I played, and teased, and touched, then I leaned down, pulled those lips apart, and ran my tongue up inside her. She let out an actual moan. I continued to lick her insides. My fingers traced and touched. My tongue probed and licked and tasted. She was so sweet. After a while of driving her crazy she was starting to thrash and buck a little.

The time was perfect. I reached my thumb up and started rubbing hard circles on her clit. Again, she jumped like I'd plugged her into a wall socket. I continued that while she jumped and thrashed. Then it was time to finish her off. I leaned up closer and took her clit between my lips. I started to suck on it, and lightly nibble. I'd flick it with my tongue, then suck on it hard. She was really going crazy. I pushed a couple fingers well up inside her pussy and started working from the inside as well.

That was the last straw. She let out a long, loud "oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh" and started to buck her hips against my face.


Her hand reached down and grabbed my head, holding me against her pussy as her juices began to flow. I started lapping them up, and continued working my fingers on her. She kept going for a long time, and then finally collapsed. She was breathing so heavy and moaning hard, but still very softly. "Oh my god… oh my god… what the hell was that? … oh my god". I let her relax. For a moment. While she was catching her breath. I reached for my pants and grabbed a condom.

I rolled it on. Slipped back between her legs and leaned up over her on my hands and knees, my cock dangling down just inches from her almost virgin entrance. I asked "Are you okay?


You seem out of breath?" She said "Oh my god that was incredible, I've never felt like that before?" I said "Really? Not even with your own hands?" She said "Oh my god I want to do that again, PLEASE do that again" I said "Not just yet" reaching down and taking my cock, starting to rub it against her pussy.


"First, we have to change your story" She smiled, reached down, took my cock in her own hand and led it to just the right spot. She started to pull me, and push it into herself and said "This is my only story now, put this in me and fuck me right now". I pushed. My cock pushed right into her easily.

She was still so tight and soft and warm and wet from her orgasm. I just slid all the way in.

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I pushed all the way, balls deep, and stopped. I left it right there, paused, looked at her, then looked around waiting for someone to knock on the door, or the phone to ring or a car to pull in. Then I pulled back, and thrust it into her again. I started pulling back and thrusting. Over and over. She never let out a single sound. She gave a little grimace, and took in a deep breath with every thrust.

We kept going like that for a while. I started thrusting harder and faster. Now she started to let out the slightest of moans with every movement. I'd never fucked anyone so quiet before, it was hard to tell what she was feeling, but when she wrapped her legs around my waist and started pushing back with every thrust she made it pretty clear.

I loved watching her face as I pounded her hard. I was getting closer and closer. I would push into her deep and then just grind around in circles against her hips. It felt SO good. She started moaning some more and started telling me "oh my god stop, I can't take any more" I stopped, still inside her and asked "What's the matter?

Are you not liking it?" She said "Oh my god I love it, I do, but it hurts. I need to stop. At least for a little. Please?" I said "Of course, anything you want" We stopped, and I pulled out, still hard as stone and ready to blow within seconds.

It was like my dad knocking on the door all over again. Alex relaxed and started apologizing and saying "I'm sorry Zane, it's just so much, it's making me sore and starting to hurt, I just need to stop for a little while, I'm so sorry". I said "Hey it's okay. I don't want anything to be bad for you, you have to love every moment" She nuzzled up close to me and hugged me close and said "Thank you so much Zane, this was magical, and perfect.

I couldn't ask for a better first time" I smiled and kissed her and said anything for you. Then I discretely took her hand and led it right down to my cock. I pulled the condom off and put her hand on it. Then I took her hand in mine and started to finish myself off. She got the idea and took over. She then proceeded to stroke me to completion and I started just shooting off like crazy.

She let out a little scream as I started shooting it everywhere. She had it all over her hand, and arm, my abs. I don't think we got any on her bed but probably everywhere else. We laid there for a while and continued to kiss and touch and talk.

We were there for a long time, I tasted every inch of her. Then I had her tell me the story of how she lost her virginity.

She was very animated and detailed, I think embellished in a few places but I wasn't going to argue. In the end she was so happy and told me that I needed to come over every time her parents weren't going to be home. I won't lie, her room is the perfect little atmosphere for sex. All we needed was a little incense, but she had that the next time! We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, exploring each other, and she was gooooood.

Eventually I got a text from my brother that he was going to stop by and pick me up, so I had to leave. I didn't want to. She didn't want me to, but I had no choice.

As I was leaving, she gave a long, hot kiss. Then she pulled me close and whispered in my ear that I need to come over next weekend.

She said "My parents are supposed to be out all day, and if you come over, I AM going to fuck you all day". I smiled back and said "Whatever you say"