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Slamming white cocks in to black simone styles face
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Jane G.I. Jane My name is Jane Reilly! Well maybe it is not, I can't tell you my real name because our government does not know I exist, so they say.

Just this week they said that females will now be able to be in front line fighting along with the men, I have been in that role for years! I joined the marines years ago to get an education and see the world. Boot camp was a joke! The other girls just could not keep up but they got a pass because we are the weaker sex.

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My father taught me how to hunt, fish, survive in the woods and live off the land but the main thing was to shoot. I can out shoot just about any man, distance, accuracy and speed This came out in boot camp.

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We were on the range, I got bulls eye, bulls eye and bulls eye, they kept moving my target farther and farther away. Bulls eye, bulls eye and bulls eye.


The drill Sargent came over, asked my name "Jane Reilly sir" I said. Well Reilly I have not seen shooting like that in awhile "very good" where did you learn to shoot that accurate? I said my father taught me everything he knew. The Sargent then asked who was your father? Well sir it is a long story but his name was ken west. My mother and my father were not married so I got my mothers last. Well ms. Reilly you will not believe this but your dad and I were buddy's, shot together, train together and survived together.

What else did your father teach you? Well sir I do not have to worry about some guy jumping me or hurting me! "I will kill them or disable them for good" that is good to know ms. Reilly. Days later I was called into a meeting with the Sargent, some other brass and the training Sargent from the other mens squad.

My Sargent spoke first! " I will bet that this young lady can survive and capture or kill 10 of your men out on maneuvers! The other Sargent said well who do we have here "G.I. Jane" my Sargent said well her name is Jane! Ok how do you want to do this? I will provide her the gear she wants, send her out into the woods, after an hour you send 10 of your best men to capture or kill her. (of course with paint guns) that sound like a deal!

We break, I go with my Sargent to a supply room, then I ask him how he could bet on me without knowing me. He says that if ken taught you half of what he knew the 10 men are in trouble!

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I get the supplies I need, then head into the woods. The first thing I do is dig a hole about my size, make a covering, go over to another area make another hiding place, check my watch, 1 hour is up the 10 soldiers are going to come after me.

I get in my first hiding spot, wait until I see them coming, they are together so I pass on getting one of them because the other ones will see me.

I watch, watch and watch them until one of the guys goes off on his own. Bam I got him, red paint on his back he didn't see me when I shot him or after.

He walks out, everyone is clapping, 1 down 9 to go! This went on all day, one by one I got each one of them and they did not even see me. Finally I came out of the woods to yells, claps and joy from the woman's company. The top brass were shaking their heads, the other Sargent was pissing and moaning it was rigged but my Sargent was giving me the hi 5's. He pulled me over to the top brass and said " I would like to introduce you to Jane Reilly, this is ken west's daughter" the brass was all over me, asking question, shaking my hand and saying they were glad to meet me.

A while later Bill my Sargent told me to hit the showers, then meet him back here.

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When I walked into the shower all the girls from my company were there cheering me and all wanted to know how I did it, I just said lots of training! An hour later I was out waiting for Bill to show up, a few minutes went by then he showed. He said lets go get something to eat, sit and talk things over. We went to this little pizza restaurant, got a table and ordered our food. Bill then asked me if I knew what my dad did for a living?


I said yes I did! He was in the marines! Bill then said is that all you know? I said what else is there? Your father was a marine! but he was in black ops. There were only a few people who knew what your dad did and I was one of them because we trained together. If there was a trouble spot in the world your dad was in there undercover months before the US got troops involved, sometimes because of his work we did not get involved.

Your dad would blow things up, assassinate people, all without anyone knowing it was the US that did it. He was the best of the best! That is where all the training came from that he gave you. You were trained by the best! that is why I knew you would do good with the 10 soldiers today! They can not touch your training! Now here's the big question, do you want to join black ops? You would be in a class of your own, no one would know what you do or who you are.

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You would be assigned a regular job in the marines as a cover but you would be on call to do black ops work. Jane looks at Bill completely in shock. "If I say yes can I back out at any time?" Bill says yes! This is a high stress assignment so when ever you say stop we will. Well if I can use all the training my dad gave me why not!

Bill says " Jane I will watch over you and keep you out of harm" over the next few months Jane went through some very tough training, she is now a full black ops trained weapon, a killing machine. She can live without food, just off the land, she can kill with no weapons with just her hands. She is now finished with her training, time to get back to her life and go have some fun, the only problem no one is to know anything of what she has been doing over the last months.


She gets back into her apartment, goes into the bedroom, lays on the bed, looks up at the ceiling and says what has she gotten herself into, is her life ever going to be the same. She is thinking is this going to be good or bad for her, can she just block it out of her mind when she kills someone.

Jane gets up calls a girlfriend to see if she wants to go out for a drink or 2, and some fun. They are going to meet up at a club down in the hot part of town around 9 pm, Jane has 5 hours to get ready, maybe soak in the bath, just relax and calm down get back to regular life.

She goes into the bathroom, turns the water on in the bath tub, comes out and takes her cloths off. She then walks past a full length mirror, backs up, looks at her body.

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5' 5" 120lbs. Of fighting machine, her hand go up to her breasts, 34c then down to her waist 23" then down to her hips 36" all muscle now, a very tight body. Maybe now she can get back to being a female instead of a soldier. 9pm Jane enter the club, finds her friend Robin, orders a drink and starts to talk about just things nothing military.

Robin tries to turn the topic back to the Janes life over the past 2 months, all Janes says is that she was in basic training and she is over it now. Robin says that she never looked so good, Jane says thank you! Lets have another drink!

Several minutes later a guy came over, asks Robin to dance then another guy asks Janes to dance, they both go out dancing they danced and talked all night until closing. They decide to go back to Robin's apartment to party some more. Once there they drink a little more, talk and start making out. Jane and her man go into the guest bedroom, start taking their cloths off, and continue making out. Jane is thinking that she wants to get fucked so bad but should she be the aggressor or lay back and let him lead.

Before she finishes her thought he is moving down to her breasts sucking on each one, Janes is thinking how she missed this over the last 2 months. He now has a finger down at her pussy moving up and down her slit stopping at her clit, moving around, around and around it.

Each time she takes in a breath, looks up says god this feels great, I'm just going to lay back and let him do his work. He now starts to move down kissing her rib area, then her belly button. She wiggles around because she is ticklish there, he stops, moves down to her pussy, starts licking up and down, up and down.

He stops at her clit, sucks it, then moves his tongue over, over and over it. She is trying to catch her breath, it feels so good she is starting to come again and again. Did she miss this! Her lover moves back up, kisses her then moves his hand down to guide his cock into her pussy. Again she takes in a deep breath, he is a great lover! He pushes his cock in a little, pulls it back out, pushes it back in farther, back out again then back in until he hits her cervix and again she takes in a breath.

She wraps her legs around him, starts pushing back with every push that he does, they both are getting ready to orgasm, he pushes in and holds it as he shoots into her, her head is moving from side to side as she goes into her orgasm. They lay there a little while with his cock still in her, she is kissing him and making small talk. The next day they wake up, she start playing with his cock, then goes down to suck on it but he stops her, pulls her back up, starts kissing her and tells her that she can do that the next time we go out.

She says are you sure there is going to be a next time, he says that he hopes so! She says she hopes so too.