Picked up at a bangkok gogo bar she fucks

Picked up at a bangkok gogo bar she fucks
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Today's the day. Dirk is asking me since morning if I'm gonna suck his cock and balls the whole day from the moment my folks leave. I just ignore him, or just snort, or look at him like I have no idea what he's talking about, then I leave. He chuckles every time, but more and more bitterly, as though less and less sure what's going on. My parents are finally away; I'm already in my bikini standing in front of the mirror, my cameltoe quite visible.

At first I want to smooth it down, but then I think… fuck that; that's actually cool. Let him admire it. I walk around like that for two hours, still ignoring him completely. Then Emma arrives. She's dressed up in an outfit reminding me of movies from the '80s I think: shades, white sleeveless t-shirt, shorts, air max shoes, and for some reason a volleyball under her arm; she greets me with a wink, chewing gum; earpieces in her ears; she's nodding her head to the rhythm of something she's listening to.

She takes the earpieces off. As always she brings with her the fresh, and slightly fruity, scent of her perfumes and body, but this time it's a bit heavier. "Excited? " She asks. "Me? It's caaasual day, baby; like the last eight days." She chuckles; I ask, "Are you excited? " "I'm vvvery excited. Someone will be completely spoiled after today." Dirk shows up. At the sight of Emma, the grin appears instantly; he slows his moves.

"Oh, hello." She says, lowering her sunglasses. "Finally, you came to me too, huh?" He says, full of high hopes. Still the arrogant bastard. "What's he talking about?" Emma looks at me making a very serious face, and Dirk gets a bit confused again.

He doesn't know Emma knows about him and me. I shrug my shoulders, "Just ignore him." Immediately, Emma takes her top off, showing him her new tattoo, her flat stomach, the ribs; and there's this pink bikini top on those big tits.

He leers at her. "What?" She asks him, making this face; at the same time, she tugs down her shorts, showing him the pink bikini bottom. Looks like Dirk doesn't know what is more shocking her flawless, supple body; the tattoo on such a young girl, or the fact she's already only in a skimpy bikini.

He isn't sure of anything. We hit my room, now without him, where I drop my clothes and also get into a bikini. Then we just go and play volleyball in the garden, totally ignoring him. Now he totters around, perplexed, observing us from time to time. After this little sparring match, we take a shower; and then walk around the house in wet bikinis just to provoke him. Now both of our cameltoes are even more distinct than before. We're hanging out around the pool, Dirk shows up again, seeking his chance, more and more unsettled.

Now Emma decides it's time. When he's not looking, she wets her bikini top in the pool water some more and gets her nipples hard and visible. "Hey Dirk, what do you think?" She makes a spin presenting her body, "Who's looking better?

Her or me?" And the grin comes back, "Hard question.

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I'd need to see more of that to be sure, you know." "Oh, like… for example… this?" She pulls down her bikini bottom a bit, and there's her freshly shaved crotch, so smooth you could slide on it. I can see how, in the blink of an eye, his cock rises in his pants. "Yeeeah…" He's mesmerized by the view. She's looking at his zipper, it looks like it's about to explode. "And how about you? I heard from your cousin, you've got a pretty nice situation going on down there too." "Heh…" He's chuckling silly, evidently, can't believe his own luck; even for him, it's too big to grasp.

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Is it a dream or maybe he's dead? That would be more probable than this happening for real. Hopefully, his brain isn't susceptible to overheating from thought overload. And while he's trying to add two plus two she takes of her top.

Slowly. "Oopsy." Finger on her lips. Now he can see her tits in all their glory, C like mine, extremely perky and round like mine: the famous phenomenon of Emma and Adrianne; we've only got slightly different nipples, hers a bit harder, mine a bit softer. "Yeah.

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That's good." He's salivating almost, "Yeaaah. Yeaaah.Wanna see my thing?" He adds proudly and reaches into his shorts; he takes it out. Emma's eyes sparkle; she opens her mouth. "Nice. Really nice. You were right, Adrianne.

Now, come here, Dirk. I need your help." She turns around, sticking out her ass and playing with the bikini stripes. He takes his pants off while walking to her. I just watch the show, sipping on a cocktail. "Could you take it off?" She asks him, biting her nail. "Oh, yeah." He immediately grabs her panties and tugs them down. She steps out of them; walks a few steps with grace—as always—on the tips of her toes, like she's in high heels.

Then she turns to him, running a finger through her hair. He stares at her tattoo. "May I try it?" She asks him like it's a question about a dish at a fancy dinner party in an embassy. "Fuck yeah!" She smiles bashfully, though there's no bashfulness in that girl, she's just playing it awfully well.

She kneels before him, opens her mouth, and just before tasting it she looks at me, and she winks. I wave my fingers at her playfully.

I see her tongue coming out of her mouth, the slick long 'S' crawling toward the cock of my cousin. And the tip starts to flick the head of it. It goes along, entwining his cock from the sides as much as it can; then her mouth goes into action, the cock's head enters it, next the shaft starts sinking in. He looks at me, mouth full open—he cannot even close it—one brow up like on a fucking fishhook, his face says, 'Saaay Whaaaat?' Yeah, you should thank your cousin now, Dirk.

I give him a cunning look, another sip of my drink. It's time for me to go topless, too! Emma laps loudly, taking his cock out of her mouth, "Pretty sure you don't have these kinds of girlfriends at home, do ya?" And she sucks it again. "No, That's the problem." He is breath taken. "Yeah, I understand it completely." She's massaging it with one hand, "Now!

It's delicious! But is it… durable? " She asks and immediately pats it on her cheeks and nose, and forehead. "Try me." The words from his mouth come not without difficulty. She lowers her head; his cock now lays on her nose and forehead; and the balls on her lips. She says, mumbling, from under it, "You want me me suck that fuckin' cannon more, Dirk?" "Yeah… Yes.

Yes!" She tilts her head and moves it around the cock, flicking her hair; now it's in front of her lips again. Quickly she gets it in her mouth, almost all of it at once; and she's back to sucking again, surprisingly fast and deep moves from the beginning; Dirk's legs bend, he's just moaning through clenched teeth again, loudly. I come near, without my top. After a moment she slides her mouth off his shaft, "Mmm, it is durable!

Adrianne, you trained that thing pretty well." And then she goes back to sucking. "I'm a natural, baby," Dirk says; trying to be cocky as always, but his voice is on the verge of stammering. "Heh, yeaaah, you are a natural born." She adds and she sucks him nice and deep.


I grab his face and turn his head to face mine; now I give him one of those kisses we've been practicing so often. While we are kissing and she is blowing him, I take off my panties and bring them up in front of his face, his eyes go down to my naked crotch.

Emma takes the cock out of her mouth one more time and says to me, "Now I wanna see how it looks when you blow your cousin." "Watch.

And learn!" I point my finger up, lunge down and get to play with his prick using only my mouth, my hands are on his knees. Oh, I love to suck it so much. Now she stands up and gives him a kiss, complete with the cock aftertaste. "Adrianne was spoiling you good, huh?" She pats his face. "Fuuuckin' not enough." "Oh, no?" She chuckles, amused. "You have high demands." "Fuck yeeeah." He says it sighing because I just started to suck one of his balls like a vaccum.

She gives him another kiss, "Mmmm, and you think you can handle both our cunts? Not too much for you? Hmm?" "Oh, I'll fuckin' handle you…" Whenever he tries to speak I suck his cock or balls harder.

"Good, and how's Adrianne's mouth?" "Fuckin' silky… oooh, and right where it should be!" "Hah! Mmmm." She purrs. "So now, maybe you two can show me how cousins fuck?" "Mmmmm. That's a good idea, Emma." I say, standing up, "Sit!" I point him to the floor.

He obeys and he lies down, smiling, with this red-purple, glistening, protruding, dangling knob. I walk slowly around him, also on my toes, like a true lady.

I flick my hair. Emma kneels at his side to get a good view, her eyes sparkling in anticipation, and that blissful angel face. I prepare myself to sit on him, reverse cowgirl style. He aims and I slide onto his cock, push down till it's all in there. Now I can ride. Mmmm, here we go. The young cock starts its work. Like we practiced, better and better. Fucking him steadily, I look at my side, Emma's biting her bottom lip and gently touching her tits watching it, but this time she is doing it completely unintentionally.

She leans over to get a better view of the sweet, sweet penetration. First she looks at it from the side of my ass, then she changes position to look at it from the front, closer and closer; finally, she starts licking my clit. After some time, she starts to move her tongue from my clit to the shaft of his cock, and back to my pussy.

The jolts of electrical charges go through my pussy; my young cousin is fucking it and my friend is licking both his cock and my twat. Yeah, I like bad things. After a minute, she starts sucking one of his balls which immediately makes him slow down and sigh loudly, almost painfully. Emma giggles lightly, then she manages to make a serious face again, "Now, Dirk, can you handle one more pussy?

Wouldn't be too much?" "Fuckin' gimme it!" He hollers as if possessed by the devil, "I'll fuck you good." "Yeah? Okay! If you want it… Adrianne, I think he's ready!" "Oh, nobody is ready for you." "Who else if not a guy like him?" She pats his chest, smiling. Then she stands up, just to demonstrate her supple body in full glory before she goes down on all fours, swinging charmingly that beautiful, sweet bum, and her beautiful tits hanging between her elbows.

He almost throws himself on her, grabs her ass and pushes his cock into her hole. With his sudden first push, she almost screams, arching her back; and with the thrusts which follow, satisfaction crosses her face.

"Hey, cousin!" I kneel and hang around his neck; watching as he drills her. I give him kisses from time to time. The echo of slapping peals in the big pool-room, clap, clap, clap. Now he's moaning louder than she is, but she giggles a lot.

I watch him fuck Emma; I watch his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy; her beautiful ass on full display. Dirk, drunk on us, is again talking some bullshit under his breath, "tight cunts. tight fuckin' cunts! Two fuckin' cunts…" "Whata party, huh?" I say to him. "Yeah, yeah… fuckin'… awesome." Dirk's palms now caress her ass carefully while he's poking her; he's breathless, no wonder, it's hard to fuck Emma easily for a long time.

Now I'm biting my lip. I need to try that pussy. I push him aside, get to her ass from behind and slowly slide my tongue across her soaked slit. Licking her juices, I feel something's spilled out of me just now. Meanwhile, Dirk's already fondling my body, ass, and tits. I give him a fast glance from between her asscheeks, his face is red.

I step away and give him room to get to her again. He's back to fucking her, but he can barely stand it for even a second after shoving it inside. He's on his last legs. I kneel next to them and start kissing her ass, so he can see my wriggling tongue good: I look up at him; he's so stubborn, but no, that's too much; he jizzes in her, gets his cock out and sprays the rest on my face, even in my eye; some I catch on my tongue and mouth, some I manage to lick off Emma's back.

"Give it to me!" She yells, almost instantly turning around; throwing herself on me and kissing me before I can swallow it. While kissing her I see him, lying on the edge of the pool; mesmerized by the picture of us two; he looks like he's high, lips moving, something like, "un-fucking-believable." *** We swim naked.

I make some more of our favorite, pinacoladas; of course only for me and Emma, no alcohol for him!


He must stay in shape all night. For him, I brought grape juice, that pisses him off a bit, but just barely, in the end, he has two naked teenage goddesses to play with. Dirk's got a hard-on 5 minutes after he jizzed, but we have time, we let him recover fully. Sometime later he starts waving his cock at us, vexed, boosting himself and yelling how much he wants to dip it some more in both of us; we know it's time.

So we do it again. First, we make him lick us. We lie down next to each other on the edge of the pool, still sipping drinks, while he devours our pussies, going from mine to hers, and back and forth. For a moment I stare at that new tattoo of hers, gentle leaves on her delicate skin and that nasty snake coming out of it, reaching for her clit with his tongue.

That is hot. After finishing our drinks, we tell him to lie down, we, on the other hand, get on all fours and suck him off together, sharing his cock. After this, it's finally doggy-style time, and it starts with me. Emma's playing with my buttocks and kissing them.

Then it's time for her, this time missionary-style, her wish; Dirk's workout pays off, he can support himself on straight arms for a long time, doing her like it's push-ups. This time she lets him cum in her pussy. And again after just a couple of minutes, his cocks starts to rise. Seems Dirk wants more and more with every round. After an additional 15 minutes, he again gets very loud and brags how awesome his cock is. That's the sign for repeating the fun.

We get out of the water. First, I sit on his face, while Emma sucks his cock. Water's still dripping down our young and supple bodies. Additionally, my pussy wets itself profusely on his face, I'm drowning him in it. Then I change with Emma, I suck his cock and she wriggles on his face; I can see she's wet as fuck too, but he seems to like it that way.

That snake of hers allures me so I come closer and kiss her clit she won't mine, not the first time I'm there with my mouth - my tongue and the snake's tongue touch. Next, we go on our knees, on the edge of the pool—Emma and I with our asses next to each other—and we let him fuck us from behind in a row.

He can change from one of us to the other whenever he likes. Again, the echo of clapping and the moans of our happy threesome. I feel his fingers near my ass. "Put it there," I say. Emma turns her head around, "Oh, yeah, put it right there." She nods. He's pushing his finger into my ass, slowly. I don't have a problem with that, actually, whenever I want sex, my ass is ready for taking things in it.


Today it's even slightly gelled already; I did it during the shower. But I still don't want him to know how willing my ass is to take a cock like in a finger snap.

My mouth and pussy are too willing for him already. His whole thumb is now in my asshole—and the cock's fucking my pussy—a loud groan of excitement behind me. "Like that? Try mine." Emma wants more. Her ass is in fact prepared for it too; and inside hers is much more lube than in mine. He shoves the middle finger of the other hand into her asshole; the sensation makes him sigh loudly.

Now his cock barely moves in me. Then, we try cowgirl style. While Emma's piercing herself on his cock I sit on his face; he licks my pussy greedily.

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Somehow, he manages to say something from underneath. "This is so fuckin' good! I'm in fuckin' heaven." After a couple of minutes, we change one more time. Now I'm bouncing on him. I look around.

This is my home. That's… so weird. I look down; and this is my cousin. Then I catch the reflection of us in the pool; I jump on his cock harder… He's again on the verge. We let him cum on our tits. A few good loads of a thick pearly cream splash on them. First, we lick his cock clean, and then lick it off each other's tits.

The next break is longer than the last ones; now his cock, though flaccid, looks like it has been stretched, at least one inch longer than before; we're really milking him dry here.

With the fourth time, near midnight, we decide to move it into the water. We jump in and, while he's sitting on the edge with his legs in the water, we start to suck him. After a moment of delightful sighing, he jumps in and grabs me from behind, I gladly turn my back to him and let him fuck me. It's fun, but in the water, he cannot go full speed.

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Emma kisses him first, then she dives and sucks his cock underwater straight out of my pussy. Then I go underwater, while he fucks her. I kiss her thighs and ass, emerge for a breath, and then he lets me suck his cock. Still, we cannot use him properly in these conditions so we decide to get out of the water. Emma and I climb the ladder showing him our wet naked asses a little more.

We flick our wet hair standing proudly, he has a good view from the pool at us. Now he gets out. His busy, purple, hard cock looks good with all that water dripping down off it. I invite him with my finger, turn around, take a few steps just to shake my bum a little bit more and go on all fours again. In no time, he's in me. Emma goes on all four right next to me, just waiting for her turn, I feel her swaying ass hitting mine from time to time.

"Change whenever you want, kid." She says. "Kid, heh. Like you're such oldies." She sways it more and more waiting for her turn; even though to keep her interested, he has just shoved a finger up her asshole. He gets to her, starts fucking her pussy again.

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We are still wet; it splashes while he bangs us; ass makes a much more noise during doggy-style when wet; the echo is louder.

Now he sticks his fingers into my ass. "I'm a fuckin' God," he murmurs. "Ha! You wish." Emma says between panting. "There's a still lot to learn Dirk," I add. "You've fuckin' convinced me," he answers and fucks her faster. I believe he's not even sarcastic right now though everything he says always sounds like it. Then Emma says the magic words, "Shove it into my ass." I see from behind my shoulder he almost freezes; now he hesitates for a few seconds, surprised probably; as if someone just pinched him!

"C'mon, Dirk, don't worry, go all the way." She adds with that angelic, flawless smile of hers. "Yeah? All the way?" "Heh, Yeah. All. The. Way. Please? Can you do it?" She again does the bit with biting fingernails. "Fuckin' A, queen. Just watch." He takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing it on her asshole. He pushes at it slowly, with a lot of resistance; Emma's bending her body, her back arches downward beautifully. The head slowly disappears inside.

"More. Till it's all there." She says quietly. So he pushes more, it barely moves, but it still moves a little; til the whole shaft is in her ass. I cannot resist and kiss her ass cheeks one more time; drops of water everywhere.

I kiss it loud. With that cock inside her ass looks like it's going to explode. Just so, so full. He starts moving his cock. "Oh, my God, Oh, my God! Nice, big cock in my ass." She whispers with eyes closed. "Like it?" I ask. "Love it! Sooo stretched, so filled. Mmmm." She bites her lip and purrs. "It's so fuckin' tight," Dirk mumbles quietly. A big drop of water gathers on his chin and drops down on her lower back. "Don't get stuck there," I say and give another loud kiss to her ass.

It goes slow at first. But I know her ass and what can it take. After a few pushes, she's stretched nicely and ready for a rough ride. He speeds up but only barely, because it's too good for him.

Finally, he reaches the right, fast pace. But he starts shivering. Not to mention, he's completely speechless! Emma wants to lick my pussy while he's fuckin' her ass. I want it too; I sit in front of her and I feel her almost uncontrollable breath on my crotch, but she manages to lick it, then shoves her tongue into it. I'm certain she can taste Dirk's cock on me, very well. But she loves my pussy with extra taste. Then she starts fingering me, and her tongue's drawing 8's on my clitoris. I'm coming… "Gonna come, gonna come!" Dirk starts yelling, his voice is quavering.

I have an orgasm, and from the sounds, I think Dirk's just spurted in her ass. I open my eyes; his face is weirdly contorted. Emma turns around fast, just to catch some last drops of the cum on her tongue. For a moment I just lie on the tiles, blissful. Then, I feel her body on me. "It's after midnight!" Her face before mine, "Happy birthday, Adrianne." She kisses me, I taste Dirk's cum.

"Yeah, happy fuckin' birthday." Dirk's still panting heavily; also lying on the tiles, six feet away from us. After a moment he asks, without even raising his head, still out of breath, "What the fuck did you two do there? The photo… What happened there? Something fuckin'…" We look at each other, smiling knowingly. Emma stands up, walks over to him, "You need a good crew, Dirk. A few guys like you? Maybe we could visit you one day." He sits up, looking at her very pensively, something unlikely for him.

And then she lowers her voice andadds, leaning over him, "I know how greedy you are, but think for a moment about the big picture here.

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About what happened here. That can be just the beginning, a little foreplay. It's not easy to find girls like us, but with that face, that body, contacts, money, confidence.

If you're gonna play it right; play it cool… think about the possibilities. Do you see them?" He has never looked so attentive as he does now, listening to her words. He is speechless. The party is over.

My hair is almost dry, I put a pair of seethrough cheekies and my shoes on, high heels. I start collecting my things, clean everything up. Emma has hit the shower. Dirk is lying on an air mattress drifting in the pool. Nude, his cock is now almost purple-blue, half-flaccid, stretched even more, maybe it will stay like that forever. He's out of his mind, completely mellow. Even the loud clack of my heels on the tiles doesn't catch his attention.

It reminds me a bit of a scene from 'The Graduate' with aloof Dustin Hofman just drifting on the air mattress; only quite fuckin' profane and backwards. "Good job, Dirk." I say; he just observes me, with dead eyes, "And, uhm, my ass?" I start putting on the bra, "Hmm, maybe you'll try it, perhaps, next year?

Who knows." He has no words. But I know that he will be still be a monster. Only a different kind, more our kind of monster.

I take a long walk with Emma in the warm night air, we talk about our thoughts, observations. And ideas for this summer. We do a circle and get back to the house. She takes a cab. *** My parents are back in the morning. They congratulate me on my 19th birthday and give me a present right away: diamond earrings. Later, Emma comes along, acting like she wasn't here last evening; she wishes me happy birthday one more time; Dirk joins with the wishes too; he is completely quiet today, almost shy.

"Hi, Dirk," Emma says and they shake each other's hands; it seems almost formal. "Too bad we didn't get to know each other better." She adds. "Yeah…" That's all he can say. "Oh, maybe Dirk will visit us soon," my mom adds, "Uncle Louis and aunt Clara would be very happy." Dirk plays it cool, just nods. I look at Emma, she looks at me; immediate understanding. He gets into the car with my parents who will drive him to the airport; now he seems to me more mature, more manly, so very tranquil, but definitely not less evil.

The last look; there's almost like a tear in his eye, but that's probably just stray cum from yesterday. We watch them drive away. "We've just created a real monster," I say. "Trust me, he's better this way," Emma replies. "Yeah, probably. So… summer begins, huh? What to do now?" "Oh, I've got a plan for us already…" ### The End ### Thoughts:-)? Contact me at: [email protected]