Happy time with kalina who always treats her clients the best brunette and massage

Happy time with kalina who always treats her clients the best brunette and massage
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I was mere moments away from kissing the biggest crush of my life, a crush I never would have dreamed I had a chance with, a crush that was my best childhood friend. A crush that was a straight man. 5 years ago I was finishing up my senior year of high school. I was a lean, toned, 6'2, 180lbs wide receiver on our football team.

I had short brown hair, dark brown eyes and pretty full, soft lips. I was always considered a feminine, but attractive guy. I had dark under eyes and extremely long eyelashes, people always mistakenly thought I was wearing makeup.

I had very long legs, and never grew much hair. The compliment I received most from girls was my extremely shapely bubble butt. No matter how much I worked out, it stayed extremely shapely. Throughout most of high school, I was confident I was a completely heterosexual male. I had a few girlfriends, was attracted to women and never even had a thought about being with a man. I wasn't afraid of it, I just really had no attraction to males. That changed one day at football practice.

We were in the middle of our second practice of the day. It was during the middle of the summer, sun blazing. It was the beginning of camp, so we weren't wearing pads. Just doing walk throughs, making sure we knew the plays. My best friend Dan was the corner back, standing across from me.

Dan was one of the most popular guys at our school, especially with the ladies. He was 6' flat, 165lbs of muscle, medium length blonde hair with a well-kept fauxhawk in the front. He had crystal clear blue eyes, a devilish smile and a ridiculous amount of charm. We were each other's wingmen, and we were good at it. We were also the two primer players on our football team, and since we played opposite positions, we got quite competitive. The quarterback called the play, hiked the ball and I casually started jogging my route.

Dan was playing tight coverage, and as I stepped to the side to pass him, he checked his arms hard into my chest. Normally, I'd be used to that type of contact. But considering it was a casual practice, the shove surprised me. And angered me. The next play, he tried to do the same. Anticipating it, I grabbed his arms, pulling them. His momentum betrayed him and he fell hard to the ground. Dan was known for being a hot head, and being shown up on the football field was the number one way to set him off.

He immediately got up, ran towards me and tackled me hard to the ground. Because of the hotness and amount we had been practicing, we were both shirtless, and sweaty. He landed hard on my stomach, his exposed muscles glistening.

I grabbed his back, trying to shake him off, but he forced my hand to the ground and pinned me. I squirmed, but it was no use. I was on my back, him straddling me, holding both my arms down. I looked up at him, saw the fire in his eyes, his muscles bulging holding me down, and I felt myself getting hard. Luckily, two other players pulled him off before he could feel what was stirring in my pants.


Coach called the practice early and we went to the showers. Normally, most of us would head home and shower there. But Dan and I each had work shortly after practice, so we opted to shower then. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal at all. We had both accidently seen each other naked, we had been friends since pre-school. It was fine. We'd each had sex while the other person was in the room.

So a shower shouldn't have been a big deal. But just minutes earlier the sight of him, and his dominant touch, had made me hard. I tried to convince myself it was because I was in a dry spell and any contact would have done it, but I was about to realize I was wrong.


We both stepped into the group showers, talking about school, girls and sports. For some reason, I couldn't stop looking at him out of the corner of my eye. To my relief, it had no effect on me. I was beginning to feel that it was nothing but an aberration. But then I saw him start to watch his dick.

Flaccid, it was no more than an inch and a half. Nothing impressive. But as he washed himself, I saw him start to grow. He was obviously taking a bit more time with that area, as he thought it was just he and I.

He also didn't think I'd be watching. I watched his cock grow in his hand. Not only was he growing to an impressive length, the girth of his cock was almost intimidating. By the time he was done, he had grown to what I figured was at least 8 inches, and at least a few inches around. I'm surprised he didn't faint from the sudden rush of blood.

That's when I felt it, my cock was rock hard. I hadn't even realized I was aroused. I quickly turned to the side, washed myself off and got out of the shower as soon as possible. I rushed to work and tried to put the memory out of my mind. For 5 years, I failed. We each went to college, graduated and had moved back to our hometown in California looking for work. Throughout those 5 years, whenever I went through a dry spell, I would use that memory to masturbate.

I convinced myself I was simply bi-curious. I never felt an urge for another guy, never did anything with guys and enjoyed a fair amount of sex with girls in college. But for some reason, my ultimate fantasy, one I never thought possible, was to be with Dan.

Ironically, my dream came true after a fair amount of unfortunate luck. I had gotten a useless degree in college, or at least that's what I was beginning to think after nearly a year went by without getting a job in my field. In that time, I worked a few odd jobs, but nothing full time, and nothing that paid enough to give me any security. I was in a constant state of stress or near eviction. However, that all changed one day when by a stroke of luck I got hired by a sports bookie.

He was an acquaintance that I had met from my high school coach. One day working out at the gym he approached me and asked if I was doing well post-college. I told him my story and he hired me to help him keep his books, run some money and basically be his lackey.

It was a shady business, one I wouldn't have ever tried to get involved in, but it paid very well. And was tax free. Plus, I was a devout sports fan, and when he let me bet, I generally did very well. This continued for a few months, I was beginning to earn his respect even more, running more important errands, responsible for more money, and even being responsible for collection.

He asked me if I wanted to start my own crew, being responsible for my own clients, running my own business. Of course, he would be fronting me the money, and I would be giving him a very large amount of the profit.

But I couldn't pass up this opportunity. He told me to start by bringing in one new member to take my job. Knowing Dan was in as much of a financial struggle as I was, I called him up. He immediately agreed. The next few months also passed by with little happening. I was learning a ton, taking on a lot of responsibility, but loving the money.

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I was lounging at home, watching a national game that I had a lot of gamblers take bets on. The games was going quite well for me, when I got a call from my boss. I double checked the caller I.D., since he was almost never the one to call me. "Come to the shop immediately. We need your help sorting things out." His voice made it clear that he wasn't asking me. This was a demand.

I hurried to my car and drove to his place, my mind racing with what the problem could possibly be. I thought everything was going great. I pulled up to his place and walked in to the main room.

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He was already waiting for me. "You're going to get one chance to tell me everything and make this o.k. One. You recommended your friend Dan, that means you're responsible for him." I wasn't sure where he was going with this, but I knew it couldn't be anything good.

"What is it?" I asked nervously. "Do you have $100,000?" He asked me. I was his employee, he knew my history, he knew the answer to that question. "No, of course not." I said, my voice wavering. "That's too bad, that would have made this a lot easier." He finished speaking, opened the door to his office and lead me inside. When I walked through the door, I couldn't help but want to run. I saw Dan beaten on the floor, blood covering his face.

It looked like they had broken one of his legs. "Your friend here thought he could skim money off the top from me. I've been watching him the last few months, and I know for a fact that it was him. At least $100,000 is gone and he isn't giving it up. Do you know where it is?" "Of course not." I shot a look to Dan, I couldn't believe he had betrayed me. "Well, I need that money back.

I mean, maybe I don't need the money, but I do need more obedient employees. I can't let that go unpunished. You understand that, don't you Mitch?" He asked me, genuinely believing I would agree with him. Instead, I said nothing. "Now, I can either get rid of the problem, and just take a loss on the money. But I don't think either of you really want that.

So, I'm going to give you a few choices to help me get the money back. They all involve you taking part in a few of my other businesses." He let that sink in.

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Obviously, we preferred anything to death. "First, as you know Mitch, I'm involved a bit in some drug trafficking. You two would be my mules. However, as you know, that job is even riskier than your previous one. Second, you could help me by taking a rival that owes me a lot of money and making sure his gang pays.

Third, you could walk the streets for me the old fashioned way.

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Which sounds best?" I looked at Dan, he looked helpless and defeated. His body, and spirit, had been broken. I weighed the options in my mind. I wanted no part of the drug trade.

I had hear stories of his mules and none of them lasted long before dying or getting arrested.

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The second one was kidnapping and demanding a ransom. I had done his books, I knew who owed him money, and there was no way I wanted to get involved. Third, I knew that walking the streets would involve me getting pimped out around town, to shady guys. And I wanted no part of that. I looked again at Dan, and it seemed he had reached a similar conclusion. "I, I don't know." I said helplessly. I looked at my boss, my eyes begging for mercy. "I have one other possibility for you two.

Only for you two. Though it's probably not for either of you, it'd definitely be the safest." Dan and I almost spoke at the same time. "Anything." "Well, you two are both very good looking guys.

You're friends, and your desperate. This job will give you a house, food and a very leisurely life. You really won't have to do anything risky, or even illegal.

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It may make you uncomfortable though. And if you take this, you would need to do everything possible to convince me and the clients that you're motivated." I had no idea where he was going with this, but it definitely seemed the most agreeable. "I'll do it." Dan chimed in. "Don't speak so enthusiastically yet.

You see, I have an apartment downtown that has been modified. It has cameras covering every inch of the place.

I wanted to find a couple girls to live there, and stream the video to the internet, but I've had a very hard time accomplishing that. You two could take there place." He gave us another moment to think about it. "You'd live together. Live a normal life, you'd spend a lot of time indoors.

Watch T.V.

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Play games. Smoke. Get drunk. Relax. I don't care. However, there would be a few very important rules." "Go on." I said. "Well, you'd have to be naked, at all times. The customers would be paying quite a bit to see all of you, and we wouldn't want them to be disappointed." "So we'd be constantly watched, getting jacked off too? Fuck that." Dan replied. "I'm afraid it'd be more complicated than that. You see, you two, would have to act…as a couple." I was speechless, but my cock began to twitch under my pants.

"No way." Dan yelled. Spitting out blood. "Well, you shot down my other options. This is your last choice." He said coolly, pulling out a pistol.

"I'm not gay." Dan said, panicking. "I'm not asking you to be. You just need to have sex with a guy on camera, for money. Live the life however you want, you'll just have to do certain things each day." "Like?" Dan and I asked at the same time. "Whatever a couple may do. Shower together, sleep together. Kiss. Give massages. Watch shows together. Eat together. Cuddle. And, of course, fuck each other. Occasionally you might get certain demands from clients, and if they pay enough, follow them.

However, everything will be paid for you. You'll have two days off a week to do as you please. Put if you run, we kill you. If at any point you seem uninterested, we give you a warning, and then kill you if it happens again.

If we don't make a lot of money, we kill you. So you better make it worth the customers' time and money. If you refuse, we kill you. The choice is yours." He finished talking and raised his gun, pointing it straight at Dan.

"When would we start?" Dan asked, clearly giving in. "You'll move in tonight. And the cameras will start rolling the moment you're healed. Which I'd say is about a month and a half. I'd get used to the idea before then.

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Agreed?" Dan could only manage to nod his head. "Mitch?" "Sure." Was all I managed to spit out, although I was secretly excited.