Sexy Blondine Geht Verrückt Ihre Part5 Nehmen

Sexy Blondine Geht Verrückt Ihre Part5 Nehmen
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My wife Robyn, step-daughter Megan and I, Live in a two bed room apartment. Robyn and I have been married for a year now.

Both Divorced. The first 7 months of date were great. Megan wasn't too fond of me and didn't approve of me and her mother. I once heard her and mother talking. "Honey, Royce and I are getting pretty serious. He's going to be around a lot more." Robyn would say. "Why could you and dad work things out?" Megan asked. It was clear she wasn't really mad at me. Just wanted her old life back.

A day before I popped the question to Megan's mother, I came to ask for her blessing. We talked and I finally won her approval. Since Megan stayed with her dad, I'd only see her every other week.

This lasted for six months of Robyn and I's marriage. But Megan's dad took a job in Japan, forcing him to move out of the US. He gave Megan the option to go to Japan with him. Or stay in the US&hellip.She choose to stay. Robyn moved her in with us and everything was great for the first few months.

But then went downhill. It was Robyn's Birthday and I had gotten her a pair of diamond earrings. I presented to Robyn in front of Megan. Robyn and I shared a passionate kiss&hellip.Megan did not like the site. She got up for the kitchen table and stormed off to her room.

Robyn looked at me. "Royce, let me go talked to her." Robyn return about 30 minutes later. "Is everything ok?" I asked. She delayed for a second.

"Yeah, everything is fine." I shrugged it off.

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Later that night, Robyn and I were in bed. We started kissing and I was super horny. I rolled on top of her ready for action.

She pushed me off. I looked confused.

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"Royce, we need to talk." She said. "We can't be so passionate around Megan.


This whole thing is still new to her." I was so puzzled that I didn't bother saying anything. "Look let's just take a break from it all." She said. For about 5 months there was no sex or kissing of any kind. Every time I would make a move Robyn would push me off saying "I don't feel right doing this with Megan around." Our sexless marriage was driving me crazy.

It seemed everyone was happy and getting their way…but me. I eventually turned to porn but that wasn't like the real thing. One night Robyn and I got invited out to a bar for some drinks with friends. I remember how sexy Robyn looked. Robyn is about 5'9, mixed with Spanish and white. Since we were not having, sex she picked up a little bit of weight…and not in a bad way. She was thick, with her flat belly and thick thighs.

God her ass was so fat. This night she wore some tight jeans with open feet heels. She wore a faded shirt that's read "BITCH" on it cursive. Her large D breast looked good also. She had full pouty lips, covered in peach colored lip stick. I wanted to tear her apart right there in the bedroom. But knew, she would just turn me down. Later at the bar Robyn and I are having a good time. Were both drunk laughing and talking with friends. She's with the girls and I spot her across the room while standing with the boys.

We make eye-contact and smile at each other. She notions me to follow her, so I followed. I was too drunk to walk, but her ass gave me something to focus on. She leads me outside and we start making out like a couple of high-schoolers. After a while my dick is swollen. And I'm making sure she feels it.


"Royce! You're up in pool." A friend called out. Stopped myself while I still had the strength. Hours past, Its 2am.

Robyn is so drunk she can barely stand on her own. She slurring her words. I'm not doing so hot either. A friend gives us a lift home. We get in and head straight to the bedroom. Megan's door is shut and I see her light is still on.

We close our door and try to get ready for bed. I leave Robyn on the bed to go in to the bathroom I hear some stumbling and return to see her drunk ass has her pants down to her ankles&hellip.heels still on.

I chuckle and walk over. Her red thong has me hard again. "Need some help?" I ask jokingly. She laughs obnoxiously. I figured this is my time to fuck. I help her take her pants off. I grab her up and give her a kiss. I take a look at her ass and see that it swallows her thong.

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I get her shirt off and then her bra. I grab her hair and pull her head back. Then began sucker on her tits. She started moaning loudly. She pushed me off and slurred "Eat me baby…Please." She climbed into bed and got in a doggystyle position. "Come eat me." She said anxiously.

I got into bed and sat behind her. I pulled her thong to the side, revealing her two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. "Move." I said aggressively, throwing her hand away, I pulled her ass cheeks apart. I brought my nose close to get a whiff of her. Then I went in, licking and just about making out with her pussy. I love the taste of her, I missed it. It was long before I could taste her juices. She was moaning loudly.

"Ahh, Eat it baby…" I could feel my pre-cum wetting my pants. I unzipped my pants and began working my cock.

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This was beautiful. We were about 10 minute in when I heard the creak our bedroom door and the words "Mom". I looked up, it was Megan.

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She stood in awe and shock. Robyn was still face down moaning. She didn't her a thing. I made eye contact with Megan. Her eyes were big.

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I should have stopped and told her to get out. But I wasn't gonna let some 17 year old bitch ruin my sex life cause she was uncomfortable. I put my month back down and started lick Robyn's ass-hole. But still making eye contact with Megan.

She just stood there. "Oh baby, why did you stop? That feels so good?" Robyn moaned. I licked it like ice cream and wanted Megan to see it all.

Robyn's booty swallowed my face. Megan stood there biting her lip. Watching her mom get her ass ate. This last for about 2 minutes, then I went back to eating her pussy. "Oh Oh Oh Royce I'm cuming.

Im Im" I could feel Robyn gush in my mouth and feel it rolled down my chin. It was time I'd get a well-deserved released. I thought Megan would have ran off but she was still there. Guess the little bitch likes it. I stood up on my knees and laid my dick in between Robyn ass cheeks. My dick isn't that big, normally 6 ½ inches.

And 7 on a good day. "I glazed up at Megan, making sure she was watching.


I then lined my dick in front of her pussy and slowly working it in. "mmmhmmm" I moaned. She was so tight and warm. I gave her slow strokes. Then beefed it up. Slamming in to her with all my might. Robyn's moans and wet pussy sloshing filled the room.

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"Fuck me. Fuck this pussy. Make me come again." I wanted to bust in her pussy so bad. I pushed her flat on her stomach and sat on her booty, grinding my dick in and out of her cunt……This lasted for about six minutes. Megan was watching the whole thing. I could feel myself about to cum. This was gonna be a big one.

"Mmhm, baby roll over I'm gonna nut" I said. Let her roll to her back. Then climbed on top of her. I stroked my dick rapidly.

Robyn laid there, rubbing and pinching her nipples. Finally I laid the tip of my dick on her chin and shot large ropes of cum, about four. They covered her whole face.

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I place my dick in her mouth and let her suck me off. I looked at Megan, she gasps while staring at her mom's cum covered face. She'd never heard her mom talk the way she did and probably was still a virgin.

She bit her lip again and looked up at me. Then she ran out slamming the door. I smiled and climbed off of Robyn. Robyn STILL drunk quickly sat up look towards the noise, all most falling off the bed. "Baby was that Megan?" she asked. I force a shocked look on my face laughing in-side. "It must have been." She sighed "Fuck!" I calmed her down "Get ready for bed honey…I'll go and talk to her." I pulled my pants up and walked towards the door with a huge smile on my face.

"Hurry baby check on her." Robyn stammered. I walked closing the door, but not before looking back seeing Robyn stumbling trying to wipe the cum off her face.

Megan had a good view of all the action. Hope she's not fucked up from this. But maybe she's learned to knock :) PT2 coming soon ;)