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The soldiers moved quickly through the thick dry 110 degree air. Gunnery Sergeant Cole Piermont led his men composed of four new marines and six Iraqi police members that he had trained in the past six months.

They moved through the small town 60 miles north of Baghdad looking for an insurgent cell. Military intelligence has reported that they were ones responsible for the latest suicide market detonation killing 20 civilians and took an Iraqi cleric and assistant as hostages. Piermont was 47 yrs old and affectionately called the "old man" among his Marine group, but only behind his back, 20 yrs older he could still kick their asses.

He was a state prosecutor before he was mobilized from his reserve duty and now was two thirds done with his tour of duty.

Piermont wanted nothing more than to get back home to his family, but he wasn't going to hide or play it safe. Piermont had planned this mission and the squad had practiced back at base. They took up their positions and Piermont looked at each of his men.

He saw the tension in their eyes, the sweat beaded on their foreheads underneath the Kevlar helmets and their chests heaved heavy.

"Okay guy. just as we planned" Piermont calmly ordered. "Sure thing Gunny" replied one of his men. The Marines had surrounded a small ramshackled house and a thermo scan showed six figures, two of them sat back to back. From his experience in other missions, Piermont tagged them as the hostages. Piermont gave the arranged signal and although filled with apprehension the squad moved with quick precision moving into place and firing their weapons.

The muted sounds of the gunshots were followed with the thumping sounds of the insurgent bodies hitting the floor. The two men tied back to back had their eyes closed and shoulders tensed as their face grimaced. As the squad checked each dead body and gathered weapons, Piermont untied the two Iraqis.

The cleric was very grateful and praised Allah for their rescue. The second man was much older and Piermont gently removed the ropes binding his wrists. The man smiled at Piermont's concern. " I thought you Marine all tough" the old man said in a whimsical manner. "Tough enough I guess" Piermont smiled back.

Piermont rubbed the old mans wrists, for some strange reason he felt an affinity toward him, he liked him for some reason, liked him a lot.

"You come with us and we will make sure you get back to Baghdad and your family" Piermont sat in the back of the humvee with the old Iraqi, which the rest of his men thought was unusual since the gunny always rode shotgun up front. However, all the men liked the old Iraqi; he had a smile that was infectious. "And so how you think our country will survive, with years of guns and soldiers, eh" asked the old Iraqi?

"I hope not. I was always a believer of that Beatles song, 'All you need is love', you know it?" "Oh" laughed the old Iraqi, "I know that all too well. and so will you. Take this" The old man reached into his pocket and pulled out a small charm in the shape of a lamp that fit in the palm of his hand. Piermont smiled, said thanks and put it in his front pocket.

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After returning the hostages, the squad headed back to base. Piermont was sitting up front now and when they were within sight of the "Green Zone", the safe area controlled by US forces, he felt a sigh of relief.

But Piermont saw something with his peripheral vision that sent small hairs on the back of his neck standing. "Slow down" he ordered. He saw a figure sneaking off the side of the road and thought he saw a couple of heads behind an abandoned vehicle. Piermont yelled to his squad to "be sharp" and they all knew what to expect. They made sure their weapons were fully loaded and gear ready.

He gave the signal to pull to the side of the road and stop and the raced out of the humvee. Piermont gave the hand signal to fan out, all of his men searched for their target.

Just as one his men yelled and pointed to something, a roadside bomb detonated several feet in front of the humvee sending most of them to the dusty road.

The blast startled most of them and the three insurgents that planted the bomb moved from their hiding spot with their AK-47 rifles aimed at the squad.

Piermont felt a sharp jab on his hip and he reached into his pocket. He pulled out the trinket the old Iraqi gave him and there was a small stream of smoke coming from the bloodied tip of the lamp. He heard the clip of the rifle over him and he forgot about the trinket he stared into the face of the insurgent.

Piermont felt his hip with a burning sensation and his penis began getting an erection. Piermont didn't understand the feeling; it was a heat emanating from his body he never experienced before.

He felt the "heat" leave his body then something strange happened. The insurgent slowly brought down his rifle and smiled at Piermont. Another of the insurgents rushed to his side yelling something, and then he too stopped, looked at Piermont and began to smile. Both of them handed their rifles to Piermont who now rose to his feet but finding his left ankle was broken.

He stood up on his right foot pointing his own weapon at them. The third insurgent who was 30 feet away did not know what was going on but as the rest of the squad started to recover, he handed over his weapon and in his confusion surrendered also. The insurgents were taken into custody and Piermont was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Piermont's squad was all released after their minor cuts and bruises were tended to. Piermont's ankle was bandaged but he was bedridden when the doctors noticed an infection on his hip they assumed was from shrapnel.

His commanding officer visited him with his staff; the general told Piermont that he was put in for a Purple Heart and the Silver Star for capturing three armed insurgents with I.E.Ds. The general to show his appreciation put Piermont in a private room. Lying in the hospital bed Piermont thought about the circumstances of the surrender.

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He has been in battle situations before and never got an erection from it. He thought about the lamp and the smoke wondering about the fairy tale of Aladdin's Lamp. He caught himself with that one inwardly smiling that next he will be given a flying carpet. Just then one of the Iraqi attendants came in bringing him some cool water.

She was wearing a full Burka with a veil. He had seen her around before her name was Nadeira. Because of her clothing, he could tell she was very religious.

He recognized her eyes; they were a perfect almond shape, wide dark eyes that seemed to dance. He tried to imagine what she looked liked beneath the veil. Suddenly he felt his penis getting aroused; a heat started filling his hips and body. He was sporting a full erection but the heat that filled his body seemed to pulse. Nadeira has brought the water and was taking out the empty pitcher when she stopped in mid-stride.

She turned to face Piermont and smiled underneath her veil. Piermont felt like he could hold the heat he felt in his body and when he saw Nadiera's eyes glistening he held on to the heat. Nadeira reached from her veil and pulled it away smiling at Piermont.

Piermont was caught off guard, she was beautiful with a narrow nose and full rounded lips. She was much younger than he thought, about 18 or 19, his own daughter back home was just 20 yrs old. She was giving him a flirtier smile and when Piermont smiled back he relaxed and the heat fired from his body. Nadeira's face totally changed, she no longer had the look of a smiling young girl but the look of a hungry seductress.

She began disrobing, the bulky blue Burka falling to the ground. Although she wore simple white, almost old fashion underwear, this did not hide her firm athletic voluptuous body. Piermont sensed the change. When the heat left his body it was as if he had aimed it at her. The erection he experienced was nearly a discomfort.

He had married his wife Cynthia when they graduated High School. Since then he had never cheated on her despite the many times in his career he's been away from her.

Now he was staring at a beautiful nude girl, he was fixated on her large dark nipples even as she moved the sheet from his body and straddled his knees. Nadeira slowly rolled up the hospital gown exposing Piermont's erection.

Nadeira's eyes widen and she instinctively licked her lips. Piermont himself looked at his cock in surprise, it was the largest he as ever seen it. In fact, it looked like one of those huge cocks he had seen in porn movies. He knew he had a six inch cock, but this was huge, maybe 10 inches or more. As he stared at his erection he saw Nadeira's hand holding it and her dark hairy crouch slowly being lowered on it. Finally this cock felt the relief it needed as the tightness of Nadeira's vagina lowered onto it.

Piermont reached up and grabbed her hips arching his body and thrusting his cock deep into her. Nadeira moaned, her head leaning back her long black hair to fall lightly on his legs.

With her right hand she put her fingers in his mouth and then rubbed her nipples with his saliva. Piermont couldn't believe how tight the grip on his cock was and how good it felt with each thrust. Nadeira shuttered and covered her mouth with her hand stifling her orgasmic shriek. Piermont's cock felt like a champagne bottle that pop its cork as he let go with a burst of semen for the first time in over a year.

Nadeira slowly dismounted him, they were both drenched in sweat, She leaned over and placed his cock in her mouth and licked it dry. She then kissed his forehead and silently got dressed.

Piermont just laid their quietly stunned over the course of events. What came over her? What came over him? Nadiera now in full Burka glanced back at him one last time and continued on her rounds.

The next couple of days Piermont thought about everything that had transpired. He reasoned that it must have been something with that lamp the old man gave him, all that talk about love, the insurgents smiling and surrendering and Nadeira the devout religious young girl.

He wondered if it was temporary or some sort of "power", so he decided to test it. In the morning Dr. Olivia Price came to check up Piermont. She was the Hospital administrator, a Major in the US Army and a 32 year old woman with an attractive figure. She had a reputation of being tough as nails by not signing medical waivers for soldiers even with gunshot wounds.

Dr. Price hardly looked at Piermont, rattling off his medical condition in a flat monotone voice. Piermont looked at her lips wondering what they would be like wrapped around his cock, which was now starting to get erect.

He felt that familiar heat build up in his body. The door to his room opened at a young nurse walked it. He knew her as Specialist Boland, was just weeks away from going back to the states. "So Gunny, looks like we can get you out of the hospital and back to your barracks, the ankle should heal in about a week.

Nurse Boland?" "Yes ma'am?" "Prepare Gunnery Sergeant Piermont for outpatient processing" "Yes ma'am, will do" Boland turned to head for the door and Piermont who was holding in the heat let it go. He tried to let it flow from his body slowly, just a measure at a time. Boland turned and walked to the foot of his bed smiling. Major Price took off her glasses and dropped the medical records on the floor. It was as if she noticed him for the first time.

"Hi gunny. Mmmm anything I can do for you?" she purred. Piermont had a full erection and mumbled "uh. suck my dick. achem" he wasn't too sure if his theory was right, he took a chance that his career could be over if she heard him and filed charges. Major Price heard him, and she complied. She pulled away the blanket and bent over the bed sucking his cock.

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Nurse Boland walked to the other side of the bed, she kissed Piermont with a hot kiss and moved to his hips and thighs kissing and sharing his cock with the Major. Piermont was still holding back some of the heat, he looked at the Major and told her to take off her clothes. She stood and stripped while Boland continued sucking his cock. He then instructed Price to lick Boland's pussy.

Boland moaned with Piermont's cock filling her mouth as the Major was nibbling on her clit. Piermont shot his load, Boland came and Price who was fingering herself also had an orgasm. "Do you love me?" Piermont asked. Both women smiled starry eyed at him and said yes. "Then never tell anyone about what has happened here" and Piermont let more of his heat leave his body.

The two women dressed, fixed their make-up and continued on to their work. Piermont recognized he has now changed, perhaps due to that lamp, but he recognized he could have any woman he wanted and control the after effect. It was every man's dream, almost everyman's, it wasn't Piermont's.

Piermont was a man who lived with a strong sense of moral conviction and now he has twice cheated on his wife and his marriage vows. Dr. Lester Verducci walked into Piermont's room and handed him some papers. "Congratulations gunny, Major Price just signed your papers, you're going home." Gunnery Sergeant Piermont out processed from Fort Hood and hours later he returned to being Cole Piermont on American Airlines flight back home to his family.

During the days spent being medically discharged; Cole experimented with his new found power. He found he was able to call on the heat at will although he now called it his inner aurora. When he called up this aurora everyone he met was super friendly to him.

He could send out a wave of this aurora that made people like him instantly and depending on the intensity, to love him in varying degrees. He discovered it worked on animals, the most ferocious junkyard dog turned into a loving puppy around him. He discovered with some it worked just so far on children under puberty age, they liked him but not strong enough to supplant their parents.

He also discovered that with an intense wave of his aurora, the subject would love him so deep that they would follow his command, even to repress the memory of an event. The only side affect, besides a large penis, was an unusual looking scar on his hip. Cole wondered how to make good use of his new power. Cole departed airliner and made his way down the terminal, he was in his dress uniform and using a cane as his ankle was still mending.

He was surprised to see not only his entire family, put his co-workers from the State Attorney's Office, the Mayor and the press. There were banners saying "Welcome home Cole Piermont our Hero" and American flags.

His wife Laura and ran to his arms, followed by his 20 year old daughter Kaitlyn and his 18 year old son Trevor. Once they were all hugged his parents, brother and sister followed by their children embraced him as well.

He did the interviews with the TV crews and when he got home he had a chance to unwind. His wife Laura told him about the welcome home party, just for family, they were going to have for him in two days. During this time his wife and children marveled about the service that was given his father.

One night at a high priced steakhouse not only did they get a table right away, but the owner insisted in taking care of the bill. It seemed everyone they met treated them like. family. At home there were no complaints as their children went out for a long night out while Cole and Laura reacquainted themselves. Laura wondered how long it was since she and her husband last had sex, she couldn't even recall his penis being so large and the sex so good.

The day before the party Cole took his wife shopping for a new dress. They went to a department store and in the petit section they found the saleswoman was a tall leggy model type. As Laura and the saleswoman were picking out dresses, Cole felt the familiar warmth of the aurora return. He decided to play a little and sent the aurora out to his wife and saleswoman. They both smiled at Cole and each took is hand and brought him into the stockroom. His wife Laura was oblivious to the saleswoman on her knees unzipping Cole's jeans as she was taking off his shirt and kissing him.

"I feel your desire for her. take her" Laura whispered in his ear. She then bent down and undressed the saleswoman who was sucking Cole's cock. When Laura had the saleswoman completely nude she grabbed her tits from behind her and pulled the saleswoman on top of her.

"Come Fuck her" Cole bent over the two women and mounted the saleswoman who spread her legs and opened her arms for him. While he fucked her Laura who was underneath them, fondled the saleswoman's breasts and licked her ears. All three of them orgasmd and both woman were lovingly kissing him; even Laura and the saleswoman were kissing each other. This whole scene was surprising for Cole. His wife was old fashioned and always thought as lesbian sex as "disgusting" and felt the same way about group sex.


Now not only was she a participant, but she shared her husband with another woman. After they got dressed the saleswoman gave her the dress for free and her phone number, smiling dreamingly of them as they left. "Honey what the hell was that all about?" Cole pretended. "I. I don't know what came over me. I feel so embarrassed, but I also feel so. so. wonderful" Laura smiled. "Cole I love you so much, but I don't think we should ever mention this to anyone" "I agree honey and I love you too." It was the night of the party.

Attending at the Piermont home was Cole's parents, Older brother Tom who was married to a petit Japanese girl named Mikki, they had a 16 yer old daughter, Kim. His sister Stephanie was divorced, 10 years younger than Cole and was a fashion editor for a national magazine. When Stephanie and Cole's daughter Kaitlyn were together they looked like sisters.

Laura had all the food catered in, made pitchers of hypno-martinis and 6 bottles of champagne on ice. It was a pool party so everyone was outside in and out of the pool. By the time it was dark and the torches around the pool was lit so was Cole. He was watching his dad and Tom playing billiards in the den and saw his sister-in-law Mikki walk by in her bikini.

She was barely 5 feet tall, both Cole and his brother Tom were just over 6 feet tall. He wondered what it would be like to fuck the little Japanese woman. With that thought he started getting an erection and felt the heat build up inside him. He knew he had to control the aurora but the alcohol he consumed wasn't helping.

He walked out to get some fresh air, but it wasn't a good idea, his niece Kim came running up to him wearing a tiny bikini. "Come in the pool Uncle Cole" she said. "Sorry honey, I am way too drunk for that" he laughed. His niece pouted and gave him a sexy smile. The heat within in him was really building up and he didn't know if he could hold it. He made a dash inside and headed to the bathroom thinking if he locked himself in the bathroom maybe he can release the aurora and it would be contained.

As he reached for the bathroom door it opened and Mikki stood there and was surprised to see someone at the door, she gasped and then laughed. Cole tried but he released the heat. It practically burst out of his body so strong it nearly knocked him backwards.

The entire room was engulfed in his body heat. Mikki leaped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist and kissing him while grinding against his erection. Cole moved his hands a around her sublime body, lifting her skirt and putting his hand inside her panties.

With his other hand he undid his pants and the fell to his ankles. Mikki's tongue moved in and out of Cole's mouth as she felt his hands pull aside her panties and the tip of his cock as it protruded his boxes was nestled at the entrance of her pussy.

With both hands on her little hips he forced her down on his cock. Her wetness made it easy for his entry. He bounced her small body up and down his cock while he stood against the wall. She never released her grip from around his neck as she bounced his cock inside her harder and harder.

She came. He came.

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Then they went. After his orgasm inside Mikki, Cole felt intoxicated as he has ever been. His cock stayed hard and it felt like it was leading him out of the bathroom into the family room. He felt like a drunken passenger in the back seat of a taxi as his cock lead him about. His eyes tried to focus on the scene before him. Just about everyone was naked or nearly naked and in the large family room.

His father was slumped back on the couch kissing his wife as Cole's niece Kim was sucking his cock. Tom was getting the same treatment from Cole's wife and looked back at Mikki who was still sitting on the floor sweaty and breathless.

Suddenly, all the females in the room slowly stood and walked toward him. Like zombies in a budget film, they reached for his him and his cock. He was slowly dragged to the ground when a pussy sat on his mouth and various mouths licked and sucked his cock. Cole rolled over and a body swiftly rolled underneath him. He focused his eyes as he felt the small hands pulling his cock into her pussy. He lifted his head up and looked into his daughter's eyes. "Kaitlyn? No, not you." "Yes daddy.

please. Please fuck me. Ohhh yeah. oh daddy, you feel so good" Cole's mind was twisted in torment.


Yes her tight pussy felt good and the way she bucked underneath him, her hands gripping his ass and moving pushing him more inside him. Yes it felt good, but this was his little girl, it was wrong and yet all he felt was love for her. "Cum inside me daddy. I love you" she whispered in his ear. "Yes honey, I. ahhhh ohhh urrrr yeahhhh" and Cole filled his daughter with is love juice. He rolled on his back and was trying to clear his mind to consider what had just happened when Stephanie, his younger sister straddled him.

"Well it's about time big brother, my turn" she giggled. "Oh jeez. Steph" he mumbled. Stephanie lowered his shaved pussy on Cole's cock and dangled her firm 35D's over his face. Cole grabbed them in his hands and licked each nipple as his sister rode his cock. Stephanie leaned back enjoying the feeling of Cole's large cock drilling her pussy.

Cole grabbed her hips as he pulled her up and down. He turned his head and saw Tom was eating his mother's pussy. Kaitlyn crawled toward her uncle Tom's cock and started sucking it. Trevor crawled behind his sister and looked at Cole smiling. "It's okay now dad right? I mean you fucked her right?" Cole said nothing as his son shoved his cock into his sister from behind. Kaitlyn never looked back to see that it was her little brother fucking her, she kept sucking her uncle and moved her ass back in rhythm to meet his cock.

After his sister Stephanie had an orgasm and rolled off him, Cole tried to get to his feet. His niece Kim had other plans and pulled him down. She bent on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and Cole guided his still hard dick into her waiting pussy. While fucking her he saw his brother Tom walk over and stare at him. Cole immediately felt embarrassed. He had fucked his brother's wife and now was fucking his teenage daughter.

He was about to say something when Tom smiled and winked at him. Tom positioned his cock in front of his daughter Kim and she ran her tongue slowly under the base of his cock to the tip and them sucked it into his mouth. Both brothers tag teamed the little teenager fucking her mouth and pussy.

Two hours had passed. Cole had fucked everyone female twice. He walked to the backyard and jumped into the pool. The cool water relaxed him and sobered him up a bit.

After drying off he walked back to the orgy. There was no more fucking going on. All the men were spent and the women exhausted. Naked bodies of his family were all overlapping on the floor. He had a brief flashback of a day in Iraq, a similar scene except it was dead soldiers lying in the desert.

The scene flashed before his eyes and he felt the heat in the room returning to his body. There was something he needed to do before it completely dissipated. He went to each person and whispered instructions to them that they will get dressed, go to sleep and forever forget what sex happened.

The last person he approached was his son Trevor. Trevor heard his father's whispers. "Please dad don't, I want to remember this" "Sorry son, really it's for your own good" "But dad please, I can keep it a secret.

I always had a secret desire to fuck Kaitlyn and mom, I am ashamed of that. But I really would like to keep this memory. Please." "Son, this will only haunt you. believe me. I wish I couldn't remember either" "Dad, I don't know how you acquired this power, but I can help you.

You know I'm a good researcher. I can help you. really" It was against his better judgment but Cole agreed not to erase his memory. In the days that past he would see the looks that Trevor gave his big sister and know that he was recalling the night he fucked her and his mother.

Cole himself was giving his daughter the same looks and wrestled himself on fucking her again. In fact he was sure there were several times he thought Trevor would bring the subject up. Two months later, Trevor came through with his promise. He called his father to his room and on the computer he displayed the results. He found documented evidence that the Iraqi cleric who gave his father the lamp had also visited several other prominent Americans.

Trevor showed him a photo of the Iraqi with a young John F. Kennedy, Jack Nicholson and even younger Hugh Hefner. Trevor also showed him a picture of former president Bill Clinton with the Iraqi in the background.

In all the pictures the Iraqi looked the same old age he was when Cole met him. Cole thanked Trevor for his work and Trevor just asked for one reward. Later that night, after the family orgy, Cole erased the memory from his son.

He did destroy all the evidence that Trevor uncovered.

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The next day at the office Cole was visited by the chairman of the Democratic Party and agreed to run for governor. It seems his destiny was already laid out before him.