Emo porn making love teen and gay hairy guys blow jobs first time

Emo porn making love teen and gay hairy guys blow jobs first time
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Moms got cum all over her Tuesday morning started off like any other Tuesday for Gail and her son Terry. Terry was your average sixteen year old boy who was always attempting to cop a feel of his mother's ample breasts or butt.

She had been divorced for almost twelve years and frankly any mans attentions was welcome. Gail was 38 years old; she had shoulder length dirty blond hair.

Over the years she had put on a few extra pounds from the original 120lbs she started at, as her friends joked with her the extra twenty pounds was all in her tits.

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At 5'1" with a set of 40ddd she had no trouble turned heads. Terry was short, 5'4" about 160lbs with an average build. He did how ever have raging hormones and constantly would steal a pair of his mother's panties and jack off several times in them before putting them in the laundry. Terry left for school and Gail went to do a load of laundry, as she separated the dirty clothes she noticed two pairs of her panties were stuck together.

After inspecting them she realized they were covered with cum, her sons cum. She smelled the panties the odor of cum was intoxicating to her. Her tongue darted out she gently licked the cum deposit in her panties. Her pussy was getting wetter as she continued to lick the cum stain. She thought how wonderful it would be to get fresh cum directly out of his cock instead of waiting for it to get cold. She had always loved the taste of cum, more so when it was warm the fact she hadn't had any in almost 12 years was clouding her judgment today.

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She sat in the kitchen thinking this afternoon she would just go to Terry room when he got home from school ask him if he'd like a blow job.

No sixteen year old boy would refuse a request from their mom of that nature. She shook her head and realized what she was thinking with her pussy, I've got to get to work cleaning this house and stop thinking about this went through her mind. For the next few hours she tried to occupy herself with chores but her mind kept drifting back to the cum stained panties.

At 1:30 she heard the back door; Terry had apparently taken the early bus home and brought his friend Carl. As she entered the kitchen they were seated at the kitchen table with pie and soda.

"Hi mom," she smiled "Hi guys do you need anything else?" Carl's eyes were fixed on her tits while Terry was staring at her crotch. "No thanks moms were good for now, after we eat were going to my room to work on our project for school." She stayed in the kitchen making small talk; she would shake her tits every time Carl or Terry would fix their eyes on them.

Finally they finished and headed to Terries room. After cleaning the kitchen she headed upstairs to shower and relax a bit before she was too start dinner. After her shower she walked into her room, she paused at her dresser, she opened her third draw which container her sexiest underwear.

She selected a yellow French cut lace panties and matching pushup bra. Now for a pair of tight jeans a peasant blouse with the first three buttons open. She looked at herself with a wicked smile, I should be able to give them both raging hardons in this, went through her mind. She headed down the hall, as she past Terries room she heard muffled talking.

She past his room and entered the spare bedroom next to his room. The closet in that room was directly behind his computer desk so she could hear their entire conversation. She heard Terry and Carl talking about someone named Caroline, she was a MILF.

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They were both discussing how she had sex with them both last week. Terry told Carl "I came six times and all six times were in her," Carl laughed "yeah man she really enjoys cum I'm just the guy to give it to her too." They talked about her cock sucking ability, then what she heard next both shocked and excited her.

"Terry I'd sure like to give your mom five or six spurts my nut cream specials." Terry responded "only if I can have sloppy seconds and the first ass fucking." Gail felt flushed, excited and shocked that her son and his friend wanted to have sex with her. "Hey Terry does she have a bush?" "I'm not sure she keeps covered up most of the time." "Man I love creaming in a pussy covered with bush." Suddenly she realized her pussy was very moist, her nipples were hard, she was totally excited at the prospect of getting fresh cum.

She backed out of the room and headed for the kitchen flushed with sexual excitement. In the kitchen she made herself Vodka on the rocks and drank it down in two gulps, she poured another, my god I've got to get my mind out of the gutter, now what about dinner. She called up to Terry, "honey is Carl staying for dinner?" There was no answer as she was about to yell again she heard Terry in at the top of the stares.

"Mom can Carl stay over for the rest of the week?" It was a strange request; she looked at him and asked "sure but why?" "His mom and dad are having trouble at home this way he's not in the middle of their fighting, we've already told them he can stay and they're fine with it if it's ok with you?" She thought about it for a minute then said "sure he can stay; we'll have pizza tonight ok?" In the kitchen she sat thinking now I'll have two horny boys in the house for a whole week, wow!

She poured herself her third drink and call for the food. Twenty minutes later the food arrived they were in the kitchen eating.

Gail was feeling a bit woozy after her third vodka. Terry looked at his mother 'you ok mom?" "Yes darling just a bit tired." The two boys looked at each other then Terry asked, "mom do you think we could have a beer?" Without thinking she blurred out "sure honey please make me another vodka on the rocks." They all sat in the den talking about school and what the boys were doing.

Terry got up three times he got beer for him and Carl and Gail had another vodka. Gail looked at her watch, it was 7:45 she was very mellow from the vodka and super horny from hearing their conversation.


She realized her blouse was still open to the third button which left the top of her ample bosom exposed. She knew the boys were now openly staring at her tits.

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Well it's about time I have some fun with them she thought. "Terry today at the market as I walked past two stock clerks I heard one say to the other I'd really like to bust a nut or two or three in her. What were they talking about?" Terry and Carl sat their staring at her with their mouths open. "Terry, Carl do you know what they were talking about?" Finally Carl responded "Mrs. A they were being rude don't pay any attention." She smiled at Carl, "Carl when were here in the house alone will you please call me Gail?" Carl looked at Terry "sure thing Gail." "Now guys what exactly is busting a nut?

Is it something good or fun?" Both boys exchanged glances finally Terry spoke. "Yes mom it's a good thing it's a lot of fun for sure." Now Gail gave him a look "but what exactly is it?" Now Terry shot Carl a look, they nodded to each other, "Mom when two people are have sex and the girl tells the guy to bust his nut she's telling him to cum in her mouth, ass or pussy." "Oh wow, so that's a good thing after all." Both boys sat their smiling at her.

"OK but three nuts isn't that a lot of cum?" Now Carl joined in, "heck no Gail I can usually bust five or six good size loads a day. If I haven't jerked off in a couple of days I can cum seven or eight times, the first couple of loads are very full sized." Terry jumped in "yeah man, remember Caroline's pussy after she got our first two nuts in her." Both boys high fived each other and looked at Gail.

Gail sat in silence for a couple of moments her pussy was wet and she was super horny, so she pressed on. "Who is Caroline a girl at school?" They exchanged glance, "not exactly mom she is the lady around the corner that Carl does her lawn." "Terry she's my age." "That's right mom, both Carl and I love older women they are so much better then the girls at school.

They know exactly what they want and are happy to tell you." Now Gail was sexually supercharged, they liked older women, "I have a few questions for you two." Both boys exchanged glances, Carl spoke "oh Gail what?" She took a deep breath, "first have you jerked off today? Second when was the last time you did jerk off? Third, how many nuts did you bust in Caroline and where did you put them, and lastly am I as sexy as she is?" Carl smiled, "ok first neither of us has jerked off today.

I haven't cum in four days. Between both of us she received 12 nuts she got four in her pussy four in her ass and she swallowed four loads down her throat, and lastly you are was hotter then her.

You are a super hot MILF." Gail rose up on shaky legs, "gentleman I'm going upstairs, please shut off the TV, lights and lock the doors." Once in her bedroom she sat on the bed thinking, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get sex on a regular basis with no strings.

It is my son and his friend but young men have staying power if their telling the truth they probably cum in quarts. She stripped off her blouse and jeans, the sexy bra and panties looked great on her. There was a sizable wet spot in her panties but so what. She made up her mind. She listened at her door as she heard them come up and go into his bedroom.

Once the door closed she put on six inch yellow heels and headed for the bedroom door. She knocked twice and then just walked in. "Hi guys what do you think of the outfit?" Both boys took several pictures before she could say anything; she shrugged and gave them a couple of sexy poses. "Gail how big are your tits?" asked Carl "Well baby their 40 triple d do you like the way they look?" "I'd like them a whole lot better if they were bouncing freely." "Really well then let's get the girls out for you.

It appears both of you have nice big cocks too." Terry spoke up "mom my cock is 8" and Carl is almost 9". Gail hesitated for a moment, "Terry, Carl I don't want my pictures all over the internet first.

Secondly this has to stay between the three of us or there could be big trouble. If that's good with you I'm in for some serious nut busting." The boys smiles and patted the bed for Gail to come sit between the.

No sooner had she sat down then the boys very skillfully unclipped her bra. Gail grabbed the cups as the bra came loose; she smiled and tossed the bra on the floor. Her nipples were already rock hard, "Mom have you ever had you nipples sucked by two different guys at the same time?" "No baby but I sure hope I'm about to experience it." The guys went to work on her nipples, the sensation it caused was exhilarating. The guys stopped "Gail please sit up," She did as Carl asked.

She felt their hands on the elastic waist band of her panties as they slowly pulled them over her hips until they were finally removed. "Gail give us a big spread please, wow you have a great bush." For a moment she felt embarrassment but she spread wide "I'm glad you like it Carl." Carl got between her legs she felt his tongue on her throbbing clit. Terry went back to work sucking her nipples.

The sexual stimulation Carl was giving her clit was causing her to shudder with small orgasms every few minutes. She was pressing her mound into his face as if she was humping his tongue. Finally she spoke out loud, "Carl for heavens sake will you please fuck me now!" Carl moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy he gently rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. "Carl baby just go slowly it's been a very long time since I had a nice big cock in her." Carl gave a slight push the head of his cock was in her pussy, it felt wonderful.

As he pushed deeper into her pussy her muscles started to contract around his cock the feeling was exhilarating.

Carl was deep in her now, she had never had a cock that deep in her. She felt the head at her cervix, he hesitated for a split second then pushed on, he was ball deep in her she was moaning with pleasure. "Pump me baby, pound my pussy." Carl did as he was told, Gail moaned, she pushed her mound up to meet every downward thrust he gave her. His speed was increasing, she was moaning.

Carl leaned close to her "Tell me where to bust my nut Gail," She pulled him tight too her chest, spread he legs a little wide and yelled "Carl baby bust your a nut deep in my pussy please." A few seconds later she felt a huge orgasm overtake her, she was moaning and crying.

Carl stiffened cum erupted from deep in his balls; it flowed out of his cock into her waiting pussy. The sensation of feeling warm cum flowing into her caused her to have another violent orgasm. Her entire body convulsed with ecstasy. She felt his cock pumping cum for at least six spurts before it stopped.

Carl kissed her on the mouth, "you have a great pussy Gail." "Well thank you sir I hope you have every intention of using it on a regular basis." He kissed her again and nodded yes.

He rolled off now Terry mounted her, his cock slipped easily into her sloppy wet pussy which had started to leak out pussy juice and cum. His cock wasn't as long as Carl's but it was wider, "baby I'm sorry you get sloppy seconds but I'll do everything I can to make it wonderful." She pulled Terry to her chest and held him tight. His cock kept up a steady rhythm; she felt the sensation of the small shudders deep in her pussy.

She realized she was going to have another violent screaming orgasm, sure enough as he stiffen and a large flow of cum erupted from deep within his balls and out his cock she dug her nails into his back, pushed her heels deep onto his ass her toes curled she screamed with animal pleasure as they orgasmed together.

She was crying with delight, she had her face in his neck, she whispered in his ear, "You know you can have my pussy anytime you want it baby." Terry rolled off and she sat up to see what they wanted now.

"Mom get the lube I'm going to fuck you ass good and deep." "The lube is in my bedroom guys I'll go get it, Terry honey just for the record my ass is virgin so be gentle." She stood to go to get the lube, "hey Gail put your panties on, this way when you walk you'll keep most of the cum in you and what does leak out we can see in a picture it's really hot." She laughed and with panties on went for the lube.

Upon returning to the room as she entered both guys high fived each other and started taking pictures. She stopped in her tracks "what guys?" They both pointed to her crotch, there was a huge wet cum stain; it was obvious she had been fucked as cum was leaking out of the panties down her legs. She smiled "anyone needs to bust a nut?" Terry took the lube and went to work on her ass hole.

Carl smiled at him "hey Terr, think she's a dp girl?" For a moment Terry looked dazed then he smiled "do you remember the first time we dp Caroline?" "Do I ever now she wants it on a regular basis." "Let's treat her to it." Terry nodded his agreement.

Gail stood in the room a bit confused. Carl lay on the bed and smiled "Gail would you swallow my cock with that wonderful pussy please." She pulled her panties down and mounted him she started a slow movement up and down, Carl pulled her close to him, "Gail get those titties on my chest they feel wonderful." Now she was working his cock deep in her pussy, suddenly she felt Terry's cock push into her ass hole.

There was a slight pressure and in it went. Gail's eyes shot wide open, she groaned "just stay as you both are for a minute I need to get accustomed to this." After a few seconds she started to rock her body back and forth slowly, the boys pushed more cock into both holes. Before long they were both balls deep and she was moaning.

Gail couldn't believe the sexual sensations she was feeling, she knew in a short time her body would explode in a wild orgasm. She could feel their cocks pushing deep in her, their cocks separate only by a thin membrane.

Their pace has increased; she was thrashing like a wild animal. She knew it wouldn't be long before she came. She felt Terry stiffen and push deep into her bowels, from deep in his balls cum once again erupted out of his cock and into her bowels.


Terry cumming in her ass made her shudder violently and cum, just then Carl stiffen a huge flow of cum was being pumping into her pussy. She screamed with pleasure and almost lost consciousness. It took several minutes for all three of them to regain their composure.

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She looked at the two of them lying there, "I must tell you both something that was the most intense sexual experience I've ever had in my entire life. Would it be ok if we did it again in a few minutes?" Another high five, they changed positions "wow you guys are ready to do me again great," and again she was dp'd.

After her second screaming dp caused orgasm they lay there for a while covered with sweat and cum. Gail looked at them "guys I'm going to get a warm washrag to clean both of your wonderful cocks." Carl looked at her "panties Gail, always wear the panties." She giggled with panties on headed for the bathroom. She returned with the warm cloths, as she entered both guys stared taking pictures, "turn around Gail lets see you unvirgin ass. She giggled and gave them several great shot.

As she lay down next to them Carl took the camera "Gail would you like to see some hot pictures?" "I sure do sir." After reviewing at least a dozen photos of her wet stained panties she had to admit the pictures were hot. She realized she looked hot with cum leaking down her legs from ass and pussy. In the pose she had struck you could see her 40 triple ds swinging about which just added to the moment. As she started to cleaned there cocks she was amazed they were both getting hard again.

"Wow you guys are hard already." Carl smiled at her "Gail it's time to see how good a cock sucker you are." She gave them a sexy smile then she went to work sucking the hard cock. It took several minutes of her slowly sucking Carl's cock before she was rewarded with a large mouthful of warm cum, it took two swallows to get it all down but she got every drop. After sucking Terry and swallowing another large load of cum the three lay in bed relaxing.

She asked if the guys had intentions of fucking her tomorrow, since they were half asleep she cuddled up to Terry and fell asleep. The alarm went off at 6:15 and both boys jumped up and headed for the shower. She looked around, she realized she was covered with cum, not only her bottom half but down to her knees.

Her tits, chin, cheeks and hair all had cum on them too. She put on a robe and headed for the kitchen.

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She didn't clean the cum off her so they could see the results of last night. Breakfast was on the table as they entered, "Gail I like the look, it appears you had a good time last night." "I had a great time last night I wanted you to go to school with the though of me covered in your cum." They both ate then headed for the bus stop, see you later mom she heard as they left.

Gail took a hot bath and lounged around the house most of the day. At 2:30 she put on green tight boy shorts a green bra and green heels. A pair of short shorts and a pullover t-shirt she went to the kitchen. At 3 Terry walked in alone. "Where's Carl honey?" "His parents came to the school today they took him home; he told me he'd call me later." They both looked at each other, finally Gail spoke. "Terry honey the other night was wonderful; I don't think I've ever had better sex.

If you want I'm your pussy or nut busting girl or whatever you want to call me. I just don't want the sex to stop." Terry smiled "that's great mom from now on you're Terries cum slut, are you ok with that?" "Honey I'm ok with it, as a matter of fact I'm happy to be your cum slut." "That's great my friend Al saw the pictures of you in your panties after the second dp, he almost popped a nut there in the hallway." "Really I thought the pictures were for you and Carl?" "No way were not going to put them on line but if a couple of my friends need to pop a nut you and Caroline are the girls.

We called Caroline earlier and she agreed to a party at her house Saturday night. You can call her later get acquainted and discuss what outfits you'll be wearing. I'm having my friend Al make you a few pair of panties which will say Terry cum's in here." Gail sat at the table she wasn't happy about the new turn of events but she didn't want to give up the sex so she agreed. "Mom how about one of your great blow job before I do my homework?" "It will be my pleasure sir but will you and Carl be dping me later?" Terry laughed as he pulled out his cock, "yes mom you'll be dp'd every day, probably at least two or three times now how about that blow job."