Skyla Novea Gets Her Wet Twat Stuffed

Skyla Novea Gets Her Wet Twat Stuffed
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Timmy was one of the best friends I'd ever had. Timmy and I grew up together and were always hanging at each other's house and became more like brothers.


We graduated high school in the summer of 1998 and although we went to different colleges, we were still like brothers. We told each other everything. Not a secret between us,except for what I'm about to tell.

Timmy went to a small community college while I attended a major university. Along the way he met Mary and they fell in love.

Within a year they were married and she was pregnant for their first child.


Things went great for the first 15 years.then you fast forward to today. After I graduated college,I took a drivers position with a trucking company and I worked my ass off to get to the top of the "corporate ladder". I now have an office that overlooks the Metro area and sell contracts to different businesses. I never settled down with one woman,for the simple fact I was away on the road for the most part.

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I've never considered myself lucky,as I worked for everything I own,but I do have a little inheritance from my aunt and uncle that would be more than enough to retire early.

While sitting at home one evening,my telephone rang. After looking at the caller ID,I realized it was Mary and answered the phone. She was scared and needed some place her and the 3 kids could go. Timmy had came home drunk and started to scruitinize her for not cleaning that day.

He lifted his hands but never hit her. I offered her to stay with me for the night and I'd talk to Timmy the next day. Her and the kids showed up and spent the night.Mary and I talked as the kids watched tv and I learned they had been having trouble. Bills were behind,they were on the brink of losing their home and Timmy,my best friend was an alchoholic.

He drank away their paychecks,but never around me. I told her they needed to rest and I'd talk to him the next day.

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She hugged me and went off to bed. As I approached Timmy,I could tell he was upset. Upset to the point that he cried to me,and I've never seen him cry. He said he had problems and needed help. I offered him the best advice I had and sent him to a counselor.


It was paid for by me and anytime he needed to see them he could. I helped Mary with the bills and got them squared away. She was so emotional as she hugged me,stating they'd never be able to repay me.

I told her,we were best friends,brothers and thats what family is for. He got straightned out after 6 months of counseling and managed to pick back up on work. We remained in contact every day,like best friends do and he really had made an improvement to his life.

Things were going great for Tim and Mary,until one night just a few months ago,she called me again. They were flat broke,Tim had lost his job and they were behind 2 months on the mortage. She needed help and was willing to do whatever if I loaned her the money. She wanted to talk and meet at my place,so I invited her over.

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She arrived an hour later and we made small talk and had a few drinks. She told me what she needed and I gave her the money to help them out. After all,he was my best friend and I hated to see him struggle. She said she was willing to do whatever it took to repay me and I told her I'd get back with her,just not to let Tim know I helped them out. She left and called me the next day to let me know the payment had been made.

While on the phone with her,I got some info about the remainder on the house. I called the bank,which is the same bank I deal with,and transferred the balance to pay off their mortage. I called Mary and let her know the remainder of the house was paid off and that things should be a little easier for them.

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She was ecstatic and wanted to see me. She stopped by and as I opened the door,she embraced me with a hug and was crying with joy. She said she couldn't believe it,but I told her everything was taken care of. She sat down on the couch,wiping the tears away and I handed her a drink. We made small talk over our drinks and she continued to thank me for what I had done. I told her not to worry,I was glad to help out.

I wanted things to be easier for them and now they would be. She said she would repay me every dime I had given but she wasn't quite sure how long it would take her.

I told her I had thought of a way to repay me,but wasn't sure about it. I didn't want to ruin a friendship for what I was about to do. She asked what I meant,and I bent down to kiss her. She pulled away,but looked me in the eyes and said I think I know what you want. She kissed me and I ran my hand across her face.

Her eyes watered up and I brushed away her tears. Through her thank you's she continued to kiss me. I embraced her and we shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues mingled as we held each other in our arms. I ran my hands along her body,across her firm breasts down to her ass. As I kissed her neck,she reached down and felt the bulge in my pants.

I told her if she needed any help to let me know and she could repay me this way. She melted in my hands. She undone my pants and grabbed my cock. She was surprised as she wrapped her hand around my 9 inch cock. She dropped to her knees and started to lick and suck my cock. She stroked me as she inhaled my cock and worked it to the point that I had to stop her before I shot my load in her mouth.

She kissed her way back up my body and was stripping out of her clothes. I brushed my fingers along her pussy and felt her wetness. She was dripping wet and I knew it would be easy access.

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I laid her back on the couch and kissed my way to her pussy. Her juices were running down her thigh. I kissed and licked her wet pussy. Rolled my tongue around her clit and that was all it took. She squirted and covered me with her juices. As I lapped them up,I scooted back up and rubbed my cock along her juicy slit.

I slid my cock in slowly,allowing her to get used to the thickness. She arched her back and made it easier and in no time,my cock was sliding in her pussy with no problems.

Wrapping her legs around me,she pulled me tight to her. She wanted all of my cock and I was giving it to her. I pounded her pussy to several squirting orgasms and could tell I wasnt going to last much longer.

As I went to pull out,she told me she wanted me to fill her up. Said not to worry,she couldnt have kids anymore. That was all I needed to drive my cock into her already drenched pussy and unload my seed.

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As I started to fill her pussy,I could feel her tighten up.She was cumming once again. Her pussy sucking the cum from my cock. I shot rope after rope of cum deep into her pussy. As I pulled my cock from her pussy,our juices ran down her thigh. She rubbed her clit to finish off her orgasm as we kissed passionately. She licked and sucked her fingers as I kissed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

We laid together for a half hour,kissing and fondling each other. She stroked my cock until I shot another load. As she was leaving,we kissed and she said she wanted to see me again. She said Timmy never made her cum like that before and she owed me several times for everything I've done. I told her I'd be in touch.