Haus des Geschlechts und der Herrschaft

Haus des Geschlechts und der Herrschaft
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Fbailey story number 733 Date Rape Drug It started out innocent enough but sure changed in a hurry. I had invited three of my friends over for the afternoon to plan our science project.

The teacher paired us up but that was fine because I had known all three since we started school, years ago. We didn't hang out together because I was a nerd, Jim and Bob were jocks, and Hank was just a pervert. My mother and sister had been out shopping and asked me to help them carry bags in from the car. The guys took one look at my MILF mother and my sexy little sister and rushed out to help them.

When things settled down Hank helped Mom get drinks for everyone. Normally she gives Brandi and I soda still in the can, but that time she carried out a tray of glasses that contained ice cubes, soda, and straws.

Hank had two glasses in his hands. He gave one to Brandi while Mom placed the tray on the coffee table next to us. Hank handed the glass that he had been holding to my mother and took one off our tray. Something did not seem right about it but we got into a heavy discussion and time passed.

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Brandi started acting funny, like she was drunk. Soon Mom was acting funny too. Hank said, "It won't be long now." Jim started laughing and said, "Dude you didn't. Not to them." Bob said, "You fucking nut. You slipped them roofies." I couldn't believe that Hank had slipped my mother and my sister the Date Rape drug Rohypnol. I said, "Get to hell out of my house…NOW!" Bob threw Hank out of the house and then turned on Jim saying, "You're no better than he is.

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I've seen you do the same thing." After the other two had gone Bob said, "Hank spiked their drinks and made them unsuspecting victims. He was going to try to fuck them and Jim would have helped." I asked, "How long will it last?" Bob said, "I'm no expert but I think it will take from eight to twenty-four hours to get out of their systems.

They won't remember a thing." I questioned, "They won't remember a thing?" Bob laughed and said, "You know Trish Baker, don't you?" I replied, "Yeah." Bob added, "Well a few weeks ago someone slipped one into her drink at a party. All night long guys were going up the stairs, fucking her and then coming down the stairs. I counted six at least but I'm sure there were more than that. My sister saw her two days later and she mentioned being sick, having some memory loss, and that her legs were sore." I must have looked confused because he added, "He legs were sore from being fucked so much.

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One guy even took nude pictures of her on his cell phone." Brandi and Mom were sleeping on the couch when Bob asked, "Can I help you get them into bed? Then they can sleep it off." I appreciated his help. He was awfully happy to help take their clothes off too.

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He asked, "What do they normally sleep in? We wouldn't want them to wake up nude if they should be in pajamas or something." I replied, "I'm pretty sure that Mom sleeps nude.

Brandi usually wears a big T-shirt to bed." He really enjoyed helping me get all of Mom's clothes off from her. I saw him licking his lips while he rolled Mom's nipples between his finger and thumb. I watched him doing that to her and after I had pulled her panties off I just had to touch her puffy pussy. Mom had stubble on her mound. I couldn't resist running my finger down her slit. Bob reached down and I watched his fingers slip deeply into my mother's slit.

He kept wiggling them around and then he said, "She's got a nice big clit. I bet her hole is the perfect size for my cock. I'd give anything to be able to fuck her.

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I've never had a real woman before and your mother is the finest woman I've ever seen. You've got to be the luckiest kid in school. Your sister is all any of the guys ever talk about too." We took turns slipping our fingers into Mom's pussy. With his help we spread her legs and I got my very first look at one. He was able to get three of his fingers in her hole. Bob asked, "Can I fuck her? Please!" I wanted to fuck her too.

My cock was so hard that it hurt. I didn't have to think about it very long. I said, "Okay." He said, "After I cum I'll clean her up and get out of your way. You can do whatever you want too to them and no one else will ever know." So I watched him fuck my mother.

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Just before he came he pulled is cock out and splashed cum all over her tummy. True to his word, Bob got a washcloth and cleaned Mom up. He got dressed and helped me put my sister on her bed before he left. I went into my sister's bedroom and started undressing her. Brandi had on a tight pair of blue jeans that I had to struggle with to get off. I lifted her up and pulled her shirt over her head.

As I looked at my beautiful sister lying there on her bed wearing just her bra and panties I realized that my hard cock still hurt.

Bob had fucked Mom…so I went back into her bedroom. She hadn't moved an inch. I got between her legs and slipped my cock into her.

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In no time at all I was squirting cum in her pussy. Shit! I had made a mess inside of her. How was I going to clean that up? I would just have to give it some thought. I went back into Brandi's room and looked at her.

She looked fantastic. I remembered what Bob had said about one of the guys taking pictures of Trish Baker. Then I went into my bedroom and got my digital camera. I took several pictures of Brandi before I removed her bra and her panties, taking more pictures as I went.

I sucked on my sister's nipples and they got hard. I opened her legs and enjoyed her fuzz. Looking at her pretty pussy made me hard again. I had already made a mess in Mom so I went back in and made the mess bigger. I took lots of nude pictures of Mom too. After all I might never get another chance. I put a T-shirt on Brandi and pulled the covers up over her. I visited Mom two more times before it was my bedtime.

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Then I looked around for a way to clean out Mom's pussy. A douche was the most popular way. I found two bottles under the sink in the bathroom. I read the instructions on the bottle and wondered how I would get Mom into the bathroom and onto the toilet. I thought about asking Bob to help me but I knew that he would want to fuck her again as payment…or worse yet…fuck Brandi.

I fucked Mom for the fifth time and then I got her into the bathroom all by myself, I gave her a douche, cleaned her up, and got her back in bed and covered up. I laid in my bed for over an hour thinking about what I could do to my sister. I could fuck her and if I couldn't manage to pull my cock out of her in time I wouldn't have to douche her out.

The best part was that she would never know. I got out of bed and went into Brandi's bedroom. I pulled the covers back and took some more pictures of my cock getting closer and closer to her pussy hole. I got it with the head just inside. Then I gave it a few strokes. I felt my climax coming on and as hard as I tried I just couldn't pull my cock out of my sister's sweet tight pussy.

I came in her a lot.


Well if I had to give her a douche I might as well fuck her a couple more times. I looked threw her bra and panty drawer, I looked threw Mom's bra and panty drawer, then I looked in the dirty clothes. I found three days worth of used panties and smelled of them all. Then I fucked my little sister for the second time. I gave her the same amount of cum. For some reason I went back into Mom's bra and panty drawer.

There on the bottom in a corner was a computer disc. It was not labeled. I took it back into my bedroom and stuck it in my computer. It started up all by itself. Dad was talking and saying that he had two of the most beautiful girls in the world. A tear came to my eye. Dad had been killed in an automobile accident over a year ago. He must have made that disc before he died.

He introduced his wife, my mother as being thirty-five years old and his daughter, Brandi, as being thirteen years old. He must have made that video just days before he died because Brandi was only a week or so past her birthday when Dad died. Then Dad said that it was Brandi's birthday. I knew it. They were in some fancy hotel. I could see big buildings through the window. Then I remember that I had to stay with grandma while they took my sister to Washington, DC for her birthday.

The next scene was of Mom and Brandi wearing bikinis and jumping into a swimming pool. They looked great. Mom looked around and then pulled her top off to both sides to flash Dad her tits. After a few seconds she covered herself up again. The camera went to Brandi, she looked around, and then she flashed Dad her tits too.

She was really nervous and covered up much quicker than Mom had. The next scene was in an elevator. Mom and Brandi pulled their tops to the side and then lowered their bottoms for Dad.

He complimented them both.


Inside their room he filmed them getting out of their bikinis and taking a shower together. Mom washed Brandi's tits and pussy. Brandi washed Mom's tits and pussy. Dad didn't miss a thing. As I watched the movie, Mom and Brandi made out. They kissed, they sucked the other's nipples, and they ate the other's pussies. When they were finished they got on their backs side by side and spread their legs. Dad got closer and slipped his cock into Mom.

He gave her a few strokes and then slipped his cock into Brandi's pussy. I had taken pictures just like that of my cock in her pussy. Dad's cock went back and forth several times before her came in Brandi and told Mom to lick her clean. I watched the entire four-hour movie. Mom and Brandi got dressed, they got undressed, they used the toilet, they took showers, and Dad fucked them both several times a day, every day that they were there.

I counted at least thirteen times that Dad left his cum in his daughter's thirteen-year-old pussy. I wondered if it had been planned that way. At the very end Dad had set up the camera and had filmed himself. He said, "Son, it you are watching this, I'm most likely not around for one reason or another. As you can see I took your sister's virginity on her thirteenth birthday. Both your sister and your mother will let you fuck them too. All you have to do is tell them that you found this disc in your mother's panty drawer where I put it." The very next day Dad died in that car accident.

I decided to fuck Brandi one last time then clean her out and put her back in her bed with her T-shirt on. I was the first one up. Mom got up sometime after noon. She was sluggish. She came into the living room and asked, "What happed yesterday? I feel funny, there is a big crusty spot on my sheet, and my two bottles of douche are in the trash basket in the bathroom." Shit…I had forgotten to empty that.

I said, "I found Dad's video of Brandi's birthday in Washington." Mom smiled and said, "That's nice. Now answer my question." So I told Mom about Hank spiking her and Brandi's drink, throwing him and Jim out, and of Bob helping me get them in bed.

Mom was silent waiting for more information. I told her that Bob had fucked her, but that he pulled out before he came, and then he went home.

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She was still silent wanting more information. I then told her that I had fucked her several times and given her a douche. She smiled. Then I told her that I had done the same thing to Brandi. Finally, I told her when I had found the disc and that I had watched the whole thing. Eventually Brandi came down the stairs and asked, "What happed to me yesterday?" I explained everything again.

Fortunately they were not mad. Brandi was pleased to know that Bob had not fucked her. Mom didn't seem to care that Bob had fucked her though. As to me fucking them…that became my job…twice a day, every day, just like Dad had done. The End Date Rape Drug 733