Stunning hotties get out their large toys to play on their pussy

Stunning hotties get out their large toys to play on their pussy
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Andrea was a university freshman that barely has turned 19. She was a pretty brunette with hair that fell to her shoulders. She had nicely rounded hips, lovely smooth legs, a thin waist, flat stomach and firm 34 B breasts.

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Today she dressed conservatively in a light blue skirt that extended past her knees and a white long sleeved blouse. She whistled softly to her as she walked home after a long day of studying at the library. Her nicely shaped ass wriggled under her skirt as she walked and her hair bouncing around her. It had been a nice day and she is going out to dinner this evening. She was wrong. Very wrong. I had observed her several times in the administration building where she worked and when I attended board meetings.

Each time I observed her my lust grew, today I was very horny. I was in my early fifties waiting in the alley, around the corner right ahead of her. It had been weeks since I had last fucked a young woman. My devious mind quickly began to work as the attractive young woman approached me. As Andrea rounded the corner, I whirled towards her, grabbing her, Andrea fell to the ground I fell on top of her.

Before she knew what was happening, she was bundled into the back seat of a car. Her hands tied behind her back and a gag was stuffed into her mouth. She was forced down onto the floor. No one had seen Andrea's abduction. Andrea tried screaming, but the gag in her mouth muffled all sound. Her heart was racing as tears welled up in her eyes. Her body trembled as the fear that she felt was rapidly turning into terror.

She silently whispered her prayers. She tried hard not to think about what was going to happen to her as her mind started inventing terrifying images.

After sometime, the car finally came to a stop. I climbed out and grabbed Andrea roughly forcing her to walk with me. She did not recognize the building in front of her. It was an abandoned building that has not been used for years by the university, and I knew that I would not be disturbed here.

I whispered in her ear and said "Scream if you want to, Nobody can hear you out here… and I have to tell you… It will really turn me on.

You will do everything I tell you to do. If you don't, things will only get worse for you. Do you understand?" Andrea nodded her head. I then pulled the gag out of Andrea's mouth. In a shaky voice Andrea whimpered "W…What do you want with me? Why are you doing this?" "Why?" I grinned. "Because I can, that's why I'm doing it.

And what do I want with you? I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you in every hole you've got. I want to bust you wide fucking open. That's what I want with you!" The tears ran freely down Andrea's cheeks as she began begging in a trembling voice. "Oh, no! Oh, please no! You can't! I . I've never . never done . it! PLEASE don't . don't . hurt me! Oh, God! I vowed to save myself !" This was music to my ears. The very thought of filling this young woman got my balls boiling. I reached up under her skirt and ran my hand between her smooth legs.

She futilely tried to protect herself from my invading fingers by twisting away from me as I squeezed her crotch and stroked her hips.


"So, you're still a virgin? Wild to find out such a attractive woman is still pure. I'll find out in a moment if you're telling me the truth !" Andrea tried fighting as I forced her towards the abandoned building. She tried holding back, " STOP! PLEASE STOP! NNNNNOOOOO!" screaming and crying, begging me to let her go.

It was all to no avail. The inside of the building was dark and dirty, it had a stairway that lead to a downstairs room where a mattress lays on the floor and most of the windows had been boarded up. The atmosphere was perfect for the terror that was to come. Andrea was pulled, crying and screaming towards the centre of the room. I shoved the helpless woman over to the mattress and down on her back. I held her in place while I handcuffed her hands. She is now immobilized and at my mercy.

"HELP ME! OH, GOD SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" Andrea screamed at the top of her lungs. I laughed as her screams echoed in the empty building. I reached out and started squeezing her firm tits through her blouse. Then without warning, I grabbed her blouse in the front, and ripped it completely down the middle, revealing a hot, pink bra that contained her young, firm breasts. A thin, gold necklace rested above her heaving chest. Andrea meagerly tried to prevent me from unfastening her front clasped bra but I easily tore her bra off in one swift move.

I was delighted in seeing her perfectly shaped, firm, 34 B breasts. Her light, pink, quarter size nipples were like little peaks. I sucked and nibbled on her right breast as I was squeezing her left one hard and began pulling and twisting the nipple.

"Am I the first man to touch your tits?" I asked. She lay still not answering. "Yes." Andrea whispered, her face wet from her tears brought about by her humiliation and pain.

She was now realizing that there was no point in fighting anymore. I reached down and rubbed her crotch. I could hardly wait to ravage her. I removed the tattered remans of her blouse. I lifted up her skirt then hooked my fingers into her panties and began pulling them down. "Oh, God! Please, no! she cried as tears flowed down her cheeks, hoping I would show some compassion. I chuckled as I slowly jerked off her skirt and roughly spread her legs, exposing her defenseless pussy to my lustful eyes.

She tried to hide her complete nakedness, but then she remembered she couldn't use her hands to cover herself. She tried begging for one last time "Oh, please let me go! PLEASE! I won't tell! I promise!

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Just let me go!" The echoes of her own pleas came back to mock her helplessness. I took my time to examine her love chamber. The skin around her genital and anal areas were perfectly smooth with no hint of stubble except the soft brown pubic hairs on her virginal slit that were fine, sparse and neatly trimmed, easily displaying her naked pussy.

Andrea screamed, " STOP! PLEASE STOP!" as I ran my finger between the lips of her vagina, gradually working it into her. I slowly stroked my finger in her. Her pussy was astoundingly sssooooo tight and I was surprised when I felt the resistances that was her hymen. After a few minutes I felt her getting wet. I pushed her legs further apart and pulled her thin lips apart, looking at her unclaimed cherry.

Her virginal pussy was like a delicate and innocence flower, pink and wet inside. I took in her sweet and pure scent. Her pussy actually smelled good and I had to taste her.

I pressed my face against her pussy and slowly ran my tongue along her clit. Licking and moved my tongue in and out of her tender flesh, sucking up her tasty nectar. My rock hard cock hardened even more thinking about how amazing it was going to feel when I fucked her. Andrea lay helplessly on her back and stared at the ceiling and trying to mentally remove herself from this terrible situation.

Feelings of helplessness and vulnerability filled her mind as a steady stream of tears flowed down the sides of her face. Her most intimate spot that no one else had ever seen or touched remained totally exposed and accessible to this horrible man. My ten-inch long thick cock was rock hard and throbbing. I stood up and removed all of my clothes. Andrea looked at my muscular chest.

Her light blue eyes wondered down to my stomach and then her jaw dropped open in shock as she looked at my cock for the first time. I then started rubbing my cock on her face.

"Feel that?" I said to the terrified woman. "Feel that big cock? It's going to slide into your tight virgin cunt, baby."She closed her eyes in disgust as she moaned "No,no,,no,no" over and over again.

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Her eyes snapped open as she felt me rubbing the head of my cock between the lips of her virginal pussy. She was filled with terror as she felt me forcing her open, pushing the head of my cock inside her. "Get OUT of me! Please, PLEASE get OUT of me! I don't WANT this! PLEASE!" she screamed and tried to close her legs in objection but it was no use.

I pushed my cock inside her with a deliberate slowness, soon I felt the resistance from her hymen. "I'm at your hymen honey. I see that you are really a virgin." I said sadistically as I paused a few moments. I deliberately delayed to play with Andrea's mind by giving her false hope of maybe keeping her virginity.

"Please," Andrea begged, "please don't do this! I don't want my first time to be this way!" Then, without warning, I drove viciously forward, shredding Andrea's virginity as I tore through her hymen and sunk my entire long thick cock brutally inside her. I felt a tearing and ripping deep down in her defenseless little cunt, it was done and could never be undone. Every muscle in Andrea's body snapped taut from the pain and an agonized scream escaped her throat, "OMG!

OOOOOOHHHHHH! OOOOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" I withdrew about half of my cock and watched Andrea's virginal blood coating it. Her soft pink edges moving down the length of my cock.

I showed her the blood on my fingers, "This couldn't be happening!" thought Andrea. I then shoved myself back into her. Tears poured from her face as I relentlessly slammed into her trembling body.

She was screaming and beggin, " AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! OMG! STOP! PLEASE STOP! YOUR HURTING ME! OMG! STOP!" as I slammed into her with long, deep, vicious strokes, making sure that she lost her virginity completely. Between the sobs that wracked her, Andrea pleaded with me to stop, pleaded with him to get out of her, " OMG! STOP! PLEASE STOP! YOUR HURTING ME! PLEASE PULL OUT! PLEASE PULL OUT!" Her blood and secretions lubricated my cock as it repeatedly drove deep into the warm, velvety wetness that was once a virtuous young college woman.

Andrea had always wanted her first time to be special. She had wanted it to be with someone that she loved. Her virginity was to be her gift. Now it had been stolen from her, ripped from her by a stranger who cared for nothing but my own lustful needs. I plowed relentlessly in and out of Andrea like a piston, my hard cock demanding satisfaction.

I built up to a frenzy, driving my hard long thick cock deep into her and then drawing it out. Her tits jiggled from the continued jarring thrusts. I continued to pump into her as I whispered things to her. "My naked cock in your cunt, no condom. Lots of semen to fill you with." I put my mouth to hers, forcing my tongue deep down her throat. Now they were exchanging even more bodily fluids and Andrea's disgust grew. I increased my pace, feeling my balls begin to swell and tighten.

I knew that it wouldn't be long. I was groaning in pleasure, "UUUUUUGGGGHHHH! UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" as Andrea screamed out her anguish," OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!". "I . I'm going to . going to . ohhh . blow my load . inside you, my little vixen! I'm going to shoot it up in to your unprotected cervix, coating the walls! " "DON'T! Please DON'T! Oh, God, don't DO that! Please don't DO that!

I'll get pregnant. I don't want a baby. Please take it out!" She was suddenly terrorized by the thought of becoming pregnant by this older man. I gazed into her lovely eyes that were filled with fear, enjoying the feel of her, enjoying her agony. Her pleading with me was exciting.


I felt myself reaching the brink. My cock started to throb and jerk inside her. I forced my cock up to her cervix and with a low groan, " uuuuuugggghhhh!

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I shot a long stream of thick, hot cum deep into Andrea's young body, spraying my seed directly into her womb. 'Oh, NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Andrea screamed as she instinctively recognized the meaning of the warmth spreading through her.

She felt me spraying her insides with a fresh stream of cum each time I drove into her. She thought I would never stop ejaculating as I pumped a seemingly endless supply of hot cum into her.

She sobbed in disgust as thick clots of sperm were shot into her young womb. Finally, I slowed the pace, and with a sigh of satisfaction, " AAAAAHHHH!" I pulled my softening meat from her. As I slide my cock from her, I notice how tight her pussy still was. Her body twitching and jerking involuntarily from the vicious thrusts driven into her depths.

I rolled Andrea onto her stomach, she was softly crying. I was looking down at her naked body, seeing the curve of the young woman's bare ass, and I began feeling the stirrings of arousal.

As I moved towards Andrea, Andrea's eyes widened in horror as she felt me spread her ass cheeks and spit on her asshole. She tensed as she felt my finger rubbing my spit around, moistening the entrance.

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I inserted my finger quickly and Andrea gave a sharp gasp of pain," OOOOOHHHHH!" "Uuuuhhhhhh.ohhhh." Andrea groans as I rub the head of my cock against her rectum. I press against her, forcing her open. She feels her little, wrinkled opening spreading wider and wider as my long thick hard cock forced it's way in. She groaned into the mattress, air puffing out between her lips as the pain began to bloom in her asshole. The deeper it penetrates, the louder she groaned and whimpered, " NNNNNOOOO!

OOOOHHHH! NNNNNNOOOO! nnnnnnnnnoooooo." "Noooooo…! Please!…" she shrieked, her head flying up. Andrea couldn't believe the pain. It felt as if she were on fire. As if she was being shredded from the inside out. She was sure that she would die.

Sure that no one could survive this much pain. Andrea screamed repeatedly as the invading organ moved deeper and deeper into her.

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She begged me to stop in screams of pure agony. I cupped the soft, quivering mounds of her buttocks in my hands and with a vicious thrust, I thrusted against her dryness as I drove the full length of my cock deep into her. "Stop it!

Jesus Christ, STOP it! Nuuuhh! Nuuuhh! Nuuuhh! You're KILLING me! Oh, God I can't TAKE anymore! PLEASE!" Andrea cried out in a voice filled with torment. Her jerking, trembling body, her screams of agony stirred my enjoyment. Her body trembled as I fucked her with long, deep strokes.

I moved slowly at first, wanting to take my time, to really enjoy the soft warmth of her nice, tight asshole. Andrea cried out as I violently drove myself deeply into her, to make her jump before returning to the long, slow strokes I had been using. I would fuck her slowly for a while, then again drive into her viciously to make her jump and scream. I repeated this procedure for what seemed like forever to Andrea.

"You're hurting me!" Andrea cried out. "Oh. God you're HURTING me! Please stop it! Please, PLEASE stop it!" I ignored her pleas, driving into her with ever increasing ferocity.

Andrea's body was bucking and jerking under the pain of the assault. She cried out with each brutal invasion of her bowels. "OH, GOD PLEASE CUM!" she screamed in agony. "I can't TAKE it anymore! Please, PLEASE CUM!" That was enough to push me right over the edge. The thrill of having her beg me to cum tore a thick stream of semen from my balls as I filled her.

I continued pounding into her, pumping more and more cum into her. Finally, with a groan, I deposited the last of my fluids into her. I nearly collapsed with the magnitude of my orgasm. With a sigh of satisfaction, I sagged, leaning slowly back to allow my softened penis to withdraw. A trail of my sperm emerged, dripping down over her vaginal lips. Andrea lay trembling on the floor, tears burning her cheeks. Andrea pulled herself into the fetal position and cried softly. She knew her life would never be the same again.

For several minutes, all that could be heard was her weeping. I stood there getting dressed, then I told her, " you will not tell anyone if you do you will lose your scholarship."