Extreme boys sex tube There are many various contraptions and

Extreme boys sex tube There are many various contraptions and
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Let me just say that I am a married man. I have a lovely wife with one caveat - shortly after we were married I found out she was gang-banged by a few of her guy friends back in high-school. Let me assure as well that this didn't change the way I felt about her, only my commitment to staying monogamous. In other words, I get my fuck on when my wife ain't looking. I'll be brief, because this is a true story, and such stories are always brief.

There was this slutty, Jewish girl at my work. I know she had kids because I saw the pictures of them but I also knew she was either divorced or single because she had no ring. That being said she was a total bitch to me.

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Every time I would ask the old guy at work if he needed help moving boxes of files she would make a comment about ageism. Well one day enough was enough. Let me just describe Anna first because she ain't that bad at all. She has bombshell, brunette hair, giant tits, and a wide big caboose. I don't know how old she is.

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She's probably 35. I'm 25 by the way, in case you were wondering. Well one day I am commenting on our representative at the bank and I say, "Remember the woman at the bank?" and Anna, like a mega-bitch, leans in and makes a weird coughing sound, ahem, and says, excuse me? I give her a look of death because I'm confused. Then I realize that this bitch is mad cause i referred to our rep as "the woman," instead of the "person," as if I give two fucks. Well I knew Anna was staying after work so I had a plan to shut this rabbi's daughter up for good.

It was 5:00 pm - one half hour after work, when I entered Anna's office - she had her own office of course, the princess always has her own office. I noticed that every time I enter her office she looks straight at my crotch so I knew what was really going on with Anna. She wanted my giant gentile cock which was plenty hard through out the day and so large as to never go unnoticed - not just by Anna but the plethora of other hot chicks checking out my package.

It does make me feel uncomfortable, except when I'm about to do what I'm about to do. So Anna asks if she can help me with anything in A/R. I barely ever have A/R issues so you can sense that something is up in the air - and I am hoping she is thrilled about it.

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I shut the door hard but with grace. It creaks and moves relatively slowly as it slams shut. She gets up as if mad but she knows what is going to happen too. Good, I think.


I don't want my dick to be ripping through dry wall. I want my tip wet so I can sign on the dotted line. I walk up to her and grab her throat and push her up against the wall.

She clutches my hand with on hand and puts her other hand down her pants fingering her self - the game is on and the jig is up. I put her on the floor like a gentile brute and shove my dick up into her, around her satin panties, while her long jean skirt - her Yiddish skirt - hangs around her legs. I look her straight in the eyes. The bitch looks like Scarlet Johnson with a cuter button chin. I suck on her lips as I choke and fuck her and she squirms in ecstasy - what a massicist I think to myself - her father must have fucked her up beyond belief.

I grab her and slam her on her desk right after I throw all her shit on the floor. I put her like a dog on that table and she turns back one hundred and eighty degrees to look at me like a starved poppy. It sets me off so I redden her ass with pimp slaps as loud as thunder while I fuck her with her legs tangled up. I'm about to spill my seed into her but I'm not done. The time has come to sodomize her. I rip into her ass and she screams in pain. I fuck her hole like a boxer working on a speed-bag - my balls slapping the wet cream off her pussy - man this bitch is wet.

I finally get a wonderfully creative idea - I'm going to make her taste her own ass. I grab her by the hair and drag her by the door. I shove my cock into her mouth.


For about ten minutes I am just railing her mouth like a jack hammer. Then I grab her skull and shove my hammer into her throat. I can see the outline of my skull crusher literally jut out her larynx. I hear, gul, gul, gul, gul, ahh, gul, gul, scream, gul, ahh, interrupted occasionally by heaves of saliva dripping off my cock like spider webs. I spit on her face and pinch and kneed her breasts with cruel strength behind every nip and knod. I see them turn red to the point of almost bleeding.

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Her nippled are like two giant fish eyes staring at me from the abyss of my own cruely. I notice how hard they are compare to before - before the brutal fuck - and it angers and arouses me all at once.

"Tell me you bitch, are you going to lose some weight for me?" "Yes!" she screams. "Say you have a fat ass and need to be punished." Silence.


"Say it!" She says nothing. I know she is teasing me. She must be punished for her offense. .I throw her on the floor again with a bitch slap. "Sorry!" She screams.

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"Please fuck me gentile daddy. My ass is too fat and I need to go on a diet! Give me your cum so I can get my protein for the day!" "At a girl." I grab her face cheeks with my hands and pinch her face shut with a grip that could win an arm wrestling competition. I push her to the ground and I put my foot on her face and bust a glorious nut on her face and tits. I pick her up and slam her against the wall.

I thrust my finger into her stomach and she screams. I tell her what's going to happen if she mentions this to anyone. She smiles and says that she'll keep it a secret if I come back next Thursday. I slap her.

She falls to the ground. "Get my pant!" She grabs them for me. As I walk out and turn I tell her that I'll be back next Thursday but she's coming to my dungeon one weekend soon so we can have the real fun. That's how you treat these chauvinistic females. You have to dominate them because their fathers were pussies.