Fake agent having sex with hairy cunt

Fake agent having sex with hairy cunt
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The day started off like any other for Megan, she woke up at five in the morning when her alarm blared. She sat up and let the blankets fall to her waist exposing her perky double d's. Megan reached down beside her bed and grabbed a lacy pink bra and panties. After putting them on, she stumbled over to her dresser and pulled out a short skirt and tight blouse.

After a couple more hours of getting ready she rushed out the door. Megan arrived at the Beast Testing and Modification Institute at 8:00 and went to the second basement level. She had been working in the reptilian division for two years and had witnessed some remarkable things.

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They had bred several different types of lizards to immense size, each new species being no smaller than a horse. Although unlike horses these reptiles were hyper intelligent and learned much faster than the average human. There were fifteen of these lizards on the second basement level. Twelve of them were male and three female. They were kept behind huge panes of glass ten feet thick. Megan's job was to feed the lizards, check their mental progression and then enter it into the BTMI database for further research.

Today she was the only employee working the second basement level. When Megan reached the monstrous pane of glass the lizards were waiting for her. They had long since learned when her shift started. Megan slipped into the enclosure and quickly closed the door behind her not wanting to let them out.

They surrounded her instantly nuzzling at her affectionately. Normally they were far more shy than this and would wait directly by the food dispensers.

Megan was set off guard by their sudden change and by the way the largest lizards was sticking it's nose between her legs. Before she could make herself react the lizard lifted her up by the crotch and sent her tumbling to the ground.

Then one of the smallest lizards fell onto her chest pining her to the ground. Megan squirmed attempting to dislodge herself from under the beast.

That was not going to happen, and to her disgust it bit a chunk out of blouse, ripped her bra from her breast, ad started sucking on the left one. She let out a shriek when she felt the larger lizard pressed it's nose against her crotch.

The beast sucking on her breast started sucking harder on her nipple and swirling it's tongue it. Megan could feel herself becoming aroused and it made her feel sick. She shrieked as she felt her panties being pulled off and a cold tongue swipe across her pussy. It swirled around her clit squeezing it lightly before slipping past her moist lips going about four inches inside her. Megan did not know what to do, and she definitely didn't want to know what they had in store for her.

Lucky for her she didn't find out as the glass door swung open and her boss stepped into the enclosure.

She quickly sounded off something that resembled a bear banger, which sent all the lizards scattering. Megan didn't waste her chance and bolted out of the door with her boss following. "Are you okay Megan?" "I'm a little shaken, and need a change of clothes but I think I'm okay." "Well you wait here, I'm going to get someone to come and check you out. I'll be back in a few." After her boss had left Megan looked around the room and tried to stop shaking.

After a couple of minutes she gave up and walked back towards the glass. When she looked inside the enclosure she shook even more. The door was still open and the lizards stalking towards her, and she knew now what they were planning. They wanted to breed her. The largest lizard's cock was fully erect, measuring over three and a half feet long and over five inches thick. Megan turned and ran towards the elevator.

She wasn't fast enough as the beast leapt at her, slamming her over top of a desk. It had her pinned to the desk and was ready to fuck her hard. Before it penetrated her pussy it pushed its thick tail six inches up her ass. As Megan shrieked it started pushing its thick cocked past her pussy lips. Then it started rocking its hips back and forth pushing more and more cock into her. Megan couldn't take it anymore and she started pushing her hips back against its girth.

She loved being stuffed with oversized animal cock.

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Soon the cock was in balls deep and the lizard's balls were slapping her crotch. Megan screamed as her burning pussy lips clenched tightly over the cock and she orgasmed. The lizard followed suit and blasted litres of cum into her womb.

It was thirty minutes later when Megan's boss finally returned with three other female employees. Her boss was a very attractive petit blonde women with jiggly c cup breasts.


The other three woman were all brunettes. The first woman was like an amazon, she stood a muscular six feet, had e cup breast and had an ass that was beyond squeezable. The second two were obviously twins, they each had large d cup breasts and tight asses. They were horrified at what they saw, yet somewhat aroused.

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Megan was completely passed out but the biggest lizard was still plowing deep into her pussy. Megan's boss let off another noisemaker scaring the lizards off Megan. As the lizard pulled its cock free of her stretched cunt what seemed like litres of cum poured onto the floor.

The boss and the three other co-workers quickly grabbed Megan and turned back to the elevator. There way was blocked by eight lizards who had snuck behind them. Megan's boss quickly set off the noise again but this time it did nothing at all.

By this time Megan had regained consciousness and started shrieking Run. The women dropped Megan who landed face first in the lizard cum.

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The amazon like woman ran straight at the lizards, leapt over them and crashed into the elevator. She quickly slipped inside and started pressing the close door button. The door was too slow and three lizards crashed inside the elevator. They were quick to tear every shred of clothing from her body. The biggest of the three stood up on its hind legs grabbed the woman's shoulders and pushed her back against the wall.

As she was struggling to get free the lizard's three foot long four inch thick erect cock slapped against her athletic tummy. It then pulled back its hips and thrust forward. The woman howled as the thick cock smashed a foot into her tight slippery cunt.

After a few more savage thrusts it was all the way inside her. Her pussy was being stretched to the woman's limit and it was like nothing she had ever felt.


After a few minutes of intense fucking the lizard turned around with her impaled on its cock. The beast kept thrusting as the women felt the two other lizards lift themselves onto their hind legs and grapple her shoulders.

They wasted no time and in unison thrust their twin two foot long three inch cocks balls deep in her ass. It didn't take long for the three to blow their loads. The woman's belly grew as litres of jism were shot into her.

She had passed out soon after but the lizards kept pumping into her now extremely loose holes. The twin brunette bombshells took a different route of escape and sprinted towards the enclosure. The went inside and closed the door behind them. That is when they realized how stupid their plan was. Six of the lizards opened the door and followed them in.

The twins tried to run but were caught within seconds and their ordeal began. These lizards tried something different from the others. Two of the lizards lay down on their back and each pulled a girl and placed their three foot cock against their ass and pulled them down. The cocks ripped through the twins clothing and sunk all the way into their asses. The women screamed in agony ass their assholes felt like they were being ripped apart.

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The next two lizards soon hovered over top of them. The two lizards soon sunk their oversized cocks into the twins eager pussies. The feeling of being double stuffed by the lizards was too much for the twins, they clenched their holes and fell into blissful orgasm.

Just after litres of cum filed their holes and they started screaming as they orgasm again not being able to deal with hot gooey liquid. Megan's boss looked around the room smiled as she saw amazon woman being stuffed by three monster cocks, licked her lips as she heard the twins screaming, and she slipped her hands into her panties starting to fondle herself as she watched the largest lizard pick Megan up and start plowing her pussy yet again. "Good boys, I hope you like what momma brought you, now it's my turn" She then quickly slipped out of her clothes and pushed one of the lizards down on its back and crawl onto the beast leaving her pussy In the air exposed for the final lizard to take.

Before she let a lizard fuck she took the three foot cock of the lizard she was laying on in her mouth. It took her a minute but she managed to get it all the way down her throat. As soon as it was all the way in she felt her pussy being penetrated. She rocked her hips back and forth and soon the lizard was balls deep in her. Megan's boss made the lizard get off her an hour later when she was finally finished being plowed. She got up and let the cum pour out of her pussy. She gingerly walked towards the door and said "Time to go back home my children, bring your treats.

Momma will let you out again soon" After all the lizards were back inside their cave in the enclosure she put her clothes back on and started cleaning up. She couldn't have anyone finding out about her extracurricular activities.