Latina gets fingered and spanked fingering hardcore

Latina gets fingered and spanked fingering hardcore
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Motel Dread Naudia yawned widly and openly as her windsheild wipers hacked away at the rain pounding her windshield. She had been driving all day to get to a job offer.

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Since her future boss didn't want her to come down until he saw a picture of her as part of her resume she figured he wanted a secretary that would do a little more then to just hold calls. Right now however she needed a place to rest. After another 2 miles she considered just pulling to the side of the road and sleeping in her car for the night when a luminous glow far ahead caught her eye. She sighed and kept driving and saw it was actualy a motel.

Her eyes widened. "Wow, luck much?" she asked herself. She had on a pair of black booty shorts that fit perfectly around her firm tone ass. Her legs were shapley and her tanktop was a size too small. Her ample breasts pressed provocatively into the shirt letting her cleavage hang.

Her skin was tanned and her bouncy blonde hair shined it the motels light as she drew closer. She pulled in turning her car off.

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The motel was seemingly in the middle of nowhere and looked fairly nice. She was surpised to see the amount of car parked in front. Naudia entered the office seeing a man with a mustache, reminding her of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.


His hair was brown and his hair was gelled back and his mustache was perfectly groomed. He also had sqaure glasses and even wore a sweater. "Well hello there stranger." he greeted with a pleasent smile.

"Hi." she greeted back with a wide smile, "Are there anymore rooms avalible?" "As a matter a fact we have 13 open as of this minute." he said kindly, "You can have number 32." he said pulling a key from the wall of 50 keys, "That will be 25 dollars." "That's it?" she asked in total shock.

"Well were not out to get rich only to live within our means." he explained with a wry grin. She pulled her small purse and pulled out a few tens. He gave her back a 5 and a key. "By the way, a very nice estate you keep." she said. "Oh it's nothin' special.

We do our best here." he answered. She walked outside and to her right thinking about how she didn't see any help around. What he meant by "we". She shrugged and found her room. She unlocked her room and entered seeing a quaint little room with a queen sized bed, a lamp and desk, a TV, and a reasonable 7ft by 7ft bathroom.

The room also had a small kerosine lamp with some matches next to it. She spawled out on the bed. Fading out. A hand reached up from under the bed.

The blackish, blue skinned hand with long, sharp, thick, black, fingernails slid over the covers. The hand glided over her ass and sqeezed once. Naudia's blue eyes fluttered open as she turned over thinking she felt something.

There was nothing there. She sighed, "I need to get my PJ's." she said walking outside to see the rain had not let up. She opened her trunk and took out a bag. When she got back into her room she went directly to the bathroom. She emerged after a few minutes in an white almost see through night gown that went to her upper thighs.

The dark peering eyes under her bed could see her short bush through the gown that hung low to show cleavage. A crackle of thunder climaxed outside as she grabbed the kerosine lamp and matches lighting the lamp. She took the lamp to the window bend over to get a closer look outside seeing the night lights outside abruptly turned off. The rough blue hand extended outward grasping the ground of dirt and dragging forward.

The greesy black hair covered head kept going forward. It's body was humanoid and had black horns. It lifted it's head revealing a long set of blackish yellow sharp thin teeth. It had two black eyes as the horns peered in front of his face from the side of his head on his temples. The firgure rose directly behind the leaning girl who stared outside trying to get a better visual. The creatures long erect phallus was directly behind her soft ass cheeks. It's hands were only inches from her hips.

Naudia suddenly got the feeling she wasn't alone. She felt a boulder in her stomach swallowing hard. The creature siezed her hips and rammed himself into her soft pussy. She moaned loudly that she tried to make a scream. She turned her head as it rammed her pussy like nothings she had ever felt.


She saw it's face and felt fear, yet excitment. She reached her hand back and felt his rigid abs as he slapped her ass hard scratching her ass in the process. The rough strong hands reached around grasping her large tits. His long fingernails pintching her nipples, twisting.

Naudia was getting wet, very wet. Within seconds she orgasmed out loud. Letting her new lover know she liked it. The monster pulled out and shoved its penis into her ass. She cried out in easier having always loved it in the ass. She started rubbing her clit. She moaned more when she started grinding on the creatures penis. It groped her tits harshly and savagly. Her tits swelled in pleasure as she cried out in lust. She suddenly felt it cum inside her ass. She bit her bottom lip in a smile as it turned her around.

"You enjoyed it? Why?" it demanded, it's voice foriegn, and rigid.

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Her soft hand came up, caressing it's face. "Because you weren't trying to harm me.

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You were demanding and knew exactly what you wanted." she explained licking it's head, sucking alittle to swallow it's cum. It rested a hand on her head, stroking it. "I usualy kill and eat those I capture like this.

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But you, you are special." he lifted her by the hips tossing her on the bed and climbing on top of her, "You I will keep." "Here?

Forever?" she asked taken off edge. "No, for the night, but you will have to come back occasionaly." it said as it kissed her neck, it's wickedly sharp teeth scatching her neck, drawing a very small portion of blood.


His tongue came out and licked the wound. She giggled, "That I can diffeniatly accept." she said feeling his dick rise between her legs. "What are you waiting for. Fuck me." she said with a clever little smile. It eyed her body up and down grasping one of her breasts and then nearly tackling the girl he was steady on top of. Driving his mouth into her neck sucking it, driving his cock into her pussy while still grasping one tit and the other hand lifting her shapley thigh to pound her her pussy like a maniac.

She moaned like a banshee all night long.

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