Hot emos boys having sex and german gay twink Luke Desmond Reece

Hot emos boys having sex and german gay twink Luke Desmond  Reece
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Remember it's only a story, its fiction. No one was harmed in the writing of this story. The first and only time I witnessed someone having sex I was sixteen, forty years ago. Not planned and unfortunately stumbling onto it by accident. Unfortunately? When it is your first serious girlfriend getting boned, yes it's unfortunate. After we exchanged our promise to be faithful we were always together, or I thought we were. There was plenty of hand holding and kissing but my hands never wandered other than a back massage.

I dreamed of the day I would muster the courage to slip a hand onto her tits. It was four months into the bond when Suzy found my hand upon a bosom. After that sacred moment my hands freely roamed.

But every time I tried inserting a hand under her shirt it was met with denial. I was just dyeing to feel those globes unclothed. On occasions my hand would mosey southward where audible threat of rejection would occur. The week before I found her beneath someone else, we laid on her bed deep in kissing while my lips drifted into her hairline causing her head to pivot back and forth.

After an hour I had a hard time controlling myself, the urge was too much to take; my erection was quite aggravated pent upped inside my tight jeans bent downward. I crawled onto her body reaching between our bodies fixing my distorted dick. She became quite aware after that, in a good way. Both of us entirely caught up in lust I pried her legs apart slipping between them. Our breathing quickened as our body language developed. I was grinding away at her pussy; my kisses were now into the top of her blouse then the top button was unbuttoned and I was drooling onto her bra.

Together we twisted on the bed, rolling around several times and then I found two more buttons unfastened and I was sucking on a covered nipple.

As we rotated her skirt rode up high enough so my pecker was gyrating forcibly against her panties. I took a gamble un-zippering my pants, to my good fortune there was no objection. But to my misfortune it ended all too soon. My pants open for less than a few minutes; my dick sliding over the expanse of her pussy the urge to cum came too fast.

I squirted an enormous load of sperm inside them and partially on her panties. I was both humiliated and deeply embarrassed in my actions.

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Up until that point we had been so pure. Suzy was totally flustered. She knew I had done something but hadn't a clue what. I quickly rearranged my pants stumbling towards the bedroom door afraid of any consequences that might arise. The next few days nothing was said of the encounter, then mid-week she approached the subject gently demanding a promise not to allow it again then asking a few questions on the mechanics of what I had done.

I fumbled for answers. It was a Friday; I had football practice, then practice was canceled at the last minute. My head streamed full of nasty thoughts on Suzy's bed all the way to her house. But that all changed the minute I arrived. Twenty minutes behind her hoping she might still be changing out of her school clothes and I might catch her at an advantageous moment.

Entering through the back door something was amiss, on the kitchen table were Suzy's books but beside them was another set.

At first I figured they belonged to a girlfriend. I soon realized they belonged to Rob, a good friend of ours. Approaching the staircase I could hear Suzy's voice speaking over Rob's. I was crushed. "No please Rob, please don't. My commitment is to Dave!" Ready to bolt up the stairs recognizing the fear in her words but stopped when Rob squeezed out a reply. "And why not, you already stripped your shirt off, you've asked me questions about by dick, and your body is laying in a fashion that says come get me.

Suzy, you sure do have a pretty set on knockers on your chest, and they taste just like candy." I just had to see what was going on, not flying up the staircase I crept, one step at a time as to be not heard. Rounding the top through a slightly jarred door I witnessed the unbelievable. On the bed my girl was naked from the waist up as Rob sucked on a chest puppy. Her long blonde hair scrambled, her eyes clenched as her body heaved weakly upwards.

I backed up against the wall, my mind in a state of confusion not able to comprehend. "Keep your paws away from there!" Rob's hand attempting to enter her clamped thighs and he wasn't listening to her disapproval. When he raised his head into her neckline, the special place she loved I witnessed the fastened loins relax as his extremity disappeared. Looking on the foot of the bed were nylons, her skirt was raised up to the extent I could distinguish the baby blue flowers on the fabric of her panties and the pure white garter belt with the unfastened snaps.

As Rob smooched her neck one hand made progress rubbing her inner thighs which were yielding to his encroachment and his other was fumbling with his belt buckle, I didn't like where this was headed. Delirious with anger I stood there frozen, I took a step forward but paused with the sight of her exposed titties and spreading legs.

My girlfriend was a loss for words as Rob's finger made circular motions across her panties before a finger snaked into the hem until it was out of sight. "Rooooooooob… what are you doing… your finger, your finger, it's…it's." A moment of silence passed. "Keep it of my vagina&hellip. OK?" "You mean your pussy Suzy?

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It's called a pussy don't be using those technical words, and my penis is dick not a penis! I think it's time I introduced you to Mr. Dick, he's a friendly sort of guy you know and would love to get to know you better." Rob's pants were already at his knees, squirming around there was no struggle to get them to his ankles.

He took Suzy's delicate hand and placed it on the outside of his underwear. "That's right Suzy; meet Mr. Dick, no need to be shy. Yes Sir that it's Suzy, damn does that feel good." Her fingers traced the length of it, from the tip to the base. "Rob… its way bigger than I ever expected. How could it ever…&hellip.?" "Ever what?" as his finger making gyrations on her pussy, "Fit inside a girl?" "Not sure, but give me the chance we could find out.

Some friends say it just slips right inside out of sight." "ROB! That is not going to happen, not today, not ever, I shouldn't even be here with you. You kinda forced me into this. My heart belongs to Dave; this is getting way out of hand." But her hand still clenched his boy flesh as she attempted to shift him away.


"Forced you? I forced you? OK I might have opened it but it was you Suzy Fleming who willingly removed your blouse, and to top it off there was never an objection when my pants came off!" Looking nervously into each other's eyes both knew how sinful they were, but that did not interrupt them.

Leaning into each other they took turns trying to swallow each other's tongues as Suzy's legs broadened further.

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"I'm just thinking here Suzy; I know you're feeling guilty and I understand to a point. Maybe we just get to know each a little better; we don't have to do it" "What are you talking about Rob? DO IT? No way are we going to DO IT! I made that clear." The tone in her voice re-assured me somewhat. But could I ever forgive her?

From my vantage point I had a perfect view. The hem of her panties was now being stretched tightly against his hand. "Wait, just hold on Rob this isn't part of the deal. Take it out Rob, it feels very uncomfortable." "I'm sure it does, boy are you tight, and there is plenty of lube so I'm guessing you're as horny as me. I got a proposition if you're game." "What?" "I'm not convinced you are totally committed to Dave otherwise why are we together like this?

I also figure you may not want Mr. Dick slithering up inside Miss Pussy. So we could make this enjoyable to you and me if you want. What do you say?" There was a long silence from Suzy. Was it my imagination hearing a sloppy noise as his finger worked its way up into her pussy? Suzy had turned over on her back spreading her legs for this so called friend of mine.

"I don't think I'm going for your scheme. I'm asking politely one more time to take your finger out before I really get pissed." Her body motions showed she wasn't getting pissed, eyes closed, her legs haphazardly quivering and her hand still detaining Mr. Dick. "Look, nothing to dramatic, nothing that two teens haven't done before, nothing we have to tell anyone about when we leave here today. Since we're already half undressed why not take everything off and do a little experimenting?

Nothing wrong with that is there? I can show you how Mr. Dick shows his appreciation when you play with it." What a dirty little slut my girlfriend turned out to be. Pondering over the proposition Rob pried her fingers loose of his dick, sitting on his knees his pecker inflexible, protruding upwards he stripped her naked without resistance. Now my girlfriend and our best friend were naked as jaybirds. "You promise Rob nothing more than this, just fooling around, no sex or anything?" Her eyes fixed on Rob's dick reaching for it.

"It's so hard Rob, and so soft at the same time." Her fingers squeezing at the base sliding towards the top. ROB! Is that sperm? I don't want any of that on me! I'll get pregnant." "Suzy that feels damn right nice what you're doing.

And that's not sperm, its pre-cum. The right word is cum and it comes out later, I'll show you!" Suzy's fingers discovering Rob's balls rolling them around in their droopy sack. It was clear they were having an effect on each other. I swear Suzy's hips were rising when his finger thrust in, and Rob's lower body was beginning to fuck her clamped hand. Rob shifted spots. "Well what do we have here my darling?" Between her lower legs his hands on her slender calf's unlocking their grip elevating them until my girl was spread wide.

Any movement I had made stopped when a small slit in her pussy came to view. Panic-stricken to admit I was turned on my hand clutched my own pecker. Any doubt I had faded. Raising her legs higher he descended forward, his arms fell to the bed trapping them in front of them.

Leaning on his elbows he reached between their bodies grasping his dick. I could see everything being balled upped like she was, the dick in his hand, her cunt slit, his floppy nut bag, the stained brown skin around her asshole.

My worst fears came true; he swept the head the length of her gash. "NO&hellip. we can't, we can't do this Rob!" "Suzy, trust me.

Mr. Dick is exploring. He has no other plans it feels so good. Does it feel good to you?" She was silent; her arms answered swarming around his waist running up and down his back settling on his ass checks.

While his dick swiped up and down her cavity she was essentially enticing him for more. A virtually inaudible murmur escaped as Rob's dick persisted "Please&hellip. Please&hellip." I wasn't sure if Suzy was asking for more or requesting him to halt. "Please stop Rob; I can feel it&hellip. It's too close to going in&hellip. We can't&hellip. You can't, you can't put it in, please Rob." The bulbous head was slicing the folds of Suzy's delicate pussy incision.

The wetness of her cunt glistened. He paused; the head disappeared slightly into her slit. "NOOOOOOO! NO please don't, take it out, we can't, you can't! ROB please……You promised me." Her hands came from his ass pushing his torso, she tried in vain to get her long legs down but his arms prevented it.

I had to stop this inhumane treatment to my girlfriend, he was about to rape her. I never took a step forward; I was too busy in my own pleasure stroking my dick. "Suzy, we've gone too far, I just have to have you. I hope you can understand I need it badly" With that statement his dick vanished nearly an inch inside her cunt as she repeated her attempts to free herself.

"Damn Suzy you are so fucking hot and wet." Rob withdrew the inch of buried dick which looked like a steel pipe it was so rigid, a fat steel pipe.

As soon as his dick was out the slut beneath him once again brought her hands to his ass pulling him down. I was confused; did she want to be free of him? Rob's stance a few inches above my girl who still had her legs trapped high with his arms grinded the phallus along her cunt up onto the feeble blonde bush. Then head of his dick trapped itself in her breach "One more dip, that OK Suzy?" There was a long pause from her while his dick head waited for an answer.

I knew with one thrust it would be out of sight, her virgin cunt violated by our best friend. "Not any further than last time&hellip. Promise me that Rob? Please?" He never responded. Rob left Suzy's hairline, lurking above her they gazed into each other's eyes then they were kissing. While their tongues battled his dick head was back in place, her hands once more on his backside, my hand busy with my own dick.

It was insignificant his dick head would appear and disappear. Then it went in a little further. "NO!" He released a muffled grunt, "To late" He went gradually, half an inch more than a retreat, then another half inch.

He was almost half-way inside her when a loud raucous declaration as Suzy's head was shaking fervently side to side. "Oh my God that hurts Rob, please take it out" But he didn't, he paused, when he resumed I watched in horror as Suzy's asshole protruded outward from the invasion.

Her head swished side to side, her hands grasping his biceps, he lay particularly still as her verbal assault increased to point she began crying. I watched in disgrace, a coward for not doing anything. She was bent in a peculiar fashion, her legs still high trapped under his arms.


Not moving his body completely but just his hips he withdrew only a measly inch from her cunt. Oh my God, I forgot she was virgin territory, a ring of blood coated the base of his dick.

When he reinserted red blood droplets seeped out of her hole coating their sexes. Over the next two or three minutes hardly any movement between them until Rob withdrew the red streaked dick except the head, then cautiously re-inserted himself. After several more I noticed a change taking place in Suzy's body. She had stopped crying, her hands were again on his ass pulling it down with each insertion.

Still in the balled-upped position the spectacle only increased my need for relief.

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I knew I was going to cum soon; I slowed the pace of my hand in time with Rob's fucking. "Fuck! This is the bomb Suzy, your cunt is so frigging tight!" There were still droplets of blood oozing out from her shattered hymen. "Why don't you dump that boyfriend you have, I could go for this action every afternoon." I was hurt when no reply came from her. "That hurt like Hell Rob, your dick is a monster, how did it ever fit inside me?

Just don't make me pregnant&hellip. "Her hands pulling him hard against her body with each thrust. His pace quickened over the next few minutes in sensitive strokes. I couldn't take anymore, it was lurking inside me and it had to be released. It was over, I felt it rising deep then I was spilling out rope after rope of pale cum all over the rug. I staggered backwards resting against the wall as my orgasm ebbed. Gathering my senses but still feeling guilty I pushed my dick into my pants while witnessing the two fleabags on the bed.

"I can't hold off much longer Suzy, I just gotta do it&hellip. I have one nice big load for you my darling." His momentum was now crawling to a halt. "I've never seen it happen Rob, let me watch, I want to see you cum!" "Can you get pregnant your first time fucking?

I don't think you can." "Rob you promised, don't make me have a baby. I give you my word I won't tell anyone what we've done and maybe, just maybe we can do it again another day." It was a voice of desperation. His dick was making mini strokes. "Shit I'm gonna cum Suzy, I'm going to blow!" He promptly withdrew his dick letting it hover inches from her cunt and he did blow.

His dick ejected one unbroken barrage of thick white jizm landing directly on her unfolded cunt lips. Before he released another he re-inserted himself somewhat. I knew what was happening inside her pussy. He stayed in that stationary position, his dick half buried inside my girlfriends twat while I watched it pulsate unloading three, maybe four additional hefty gobs of baby making seed. I guess Suzy's pussy must have been tight and cramped.

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The edge of her cunt lips discolored with blood began to yield to an oozing white accumulation of sperm as Rob's dick scantly moved around. "Oh my God, I thought I was going to faint from that! Suzy dump that shithead; let me be your new boyfriend. I'll take care of you, way better than he ever could." Before he finished his request with one heave his dick was entombed with in her cunt.

Even from that distance I heard the squishy sounds emitted from his barrage of thrusts. Where my dick had shriveled he stayed hard for another five minutes. The entrapped sperm was escaping around his dick. Some of it collecting on his shaft but the majority forming globs and spilling out and running down over her asshole collecting in a puddle on the bed.

Finally they stopped and cuddled. I made my exit. I knew his talk was a scheme to fuck her again. And I was right, the next day Suzy told me that our romance was over. Less than six months later her belly began to swell. Right after she turned 17 she gave birth to Rob's baby.