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Moreninha Novinha quicando na rola
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Matt went to bed alone that night, commanding Lumiosa to return to her lamp. He laid awake thinking about what they'd learned, and speculating about what would happen next. Sophie had suggested that they wait to see what would happen, so Matt would do that.

Matt had his typical Saturday morning lay-in the next day. Though to be fair, recent events had left him rather exhausted, what with the large amount of sex he'd been having. Not that he was complaining in the slightest. When Matt eventually got up, he got dressed, and started walking downstairs. He could hear giggling from downstairs, followed by his sister saying "Fuck, he's coming". Matt walked into the living room, and found Becky and Jamie sat on the sofa, trying to look innocent.

Matt noticed that Jamie had a boner. "Morning guys," Matt said.

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"Where are mom and dad?" "They're uh, both working today," Becky said. "Morning Matt," Jamie said. Both of them looked annoyed at having been interrupted in what they were doing.

Matt went into the kitchen to get breakfast, and as he poured his cereal, he heard Becky and Jamie run upstairs, before the distant sound of her bedroom door slamming.

Yeah, she definitely wasn't a virgin. After Matt finished his breakfast, he went back upstairs to his bedroom. As he walked past Becky's room, he heard the unmistakable sound of pleasured moans, of both the male and female variety. Matt returned to his room, and pulled out his lamp. "Yes Master, what is it you desire?" Lumiosa asked when she emerged from it, after Matt rubbed it.

"I wish for my TV to change to a live feed of my sister," Matt replied. "And I wish to be able to control the angle of the feed with my mind." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and Matt's TV instantly switched on. On the screen, he saw Becky and Matt. They were both totally naked on her bed, and she was on top of him, riding him.

Matt took this opportunity to check out his sister. He'd always considered her beautiful, and he could see why his friends found her hot. Now though, any doubt was being destroyed. She had perfectly-formed C-cup boobs, which were jiggling as she rode Jamie. A nice butt that Jamie was currently squeezing. A soaking-wet, hairless pussy, which was filled with Jamie's hard dick. Her face was one of sheer pleasure from the sensations filling her groin. Matt's dick quickly grew hard at the sight of his sister riding her boyfriend.

He began to wish so much that he could fuck her too. And then he realised that he could. But first, he needed to get rid of Jamie. "Lumiosa," Matt said. "I wish that when Jamie and Becky cum, Jamie will remember that he has college work that he absolutely HAS to rush home to finish." "Yes Master," Lumiosa obeyed. "Good," Matt smiled. "Now then, I wish for Becky and Jamie to orgasm.

Hard." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa giggled. She snapped her fingers, and Matt heard Becky and Jamie cry out in absolute ecstasy, as their genitals exploded in orgasm. Jamie grabbed Becky's tits, and she leaned forward to kiss him, which did little to muffle their sounds of pleasure.

When it was over, they laid cuddling for a minute or so, before Jamie pushed Becky off, and started getting dressed. "What are you doing!?" She asked him, annoyed. "Sorry, I've got so much college work I need to do," Jamie replied, putting his shirt on. "But hey, I've had a great time. Love you babe." Jamie left quickly, leaving Becky laid in bed, annoyed. "Does this please you, Master?" Lumiosa asked Matt, who was grinning. "Oh yes," Matt replied. "But I've got some more wishes.

I wish that my sister will have no problem with incest. And I wish that all the love, lust and attraction she feels towards Jamie will instead be felt towards me.

And I wish it would be multiplied by a thousand." "Your wish is my command, Master." Matt didn't need to ask if it had worked, as a few seconds later, his bedroom burst open, his naked sister stood in the doorway. "I need you. NOW!" She shouted, before pouncing on him, ignoring the presence of the genie in the room.


The siblings grabbed hold of each-other, and kissed and fondled anything they could get hold of. Becky grabbed hold of his cock, and guided it towards her pussy. "Oh God…" Matt moaned, before sending a thought to Lumiosa. "Hey Lumiosa, can you still hear my thoughts?" "Yes Master," Lumiosa replied. "I wish for mine and Becky's bodies to become a million times more sensitive to pleasure," Matt thought.

Matt came instantly. The moment Lumiosa snapped her fingers to grant his wish, his entire body lit up with pleasure. Every inch of his skin was filled with sensations beyond his wildest dreams.


He could feel the air rubbing against his bare skin, while the rest of his skin rubbed against his sister's. This would have felt amazing under normal conditions, but thanks to Lumiosa's power, it felt better than anything he'd ever experienced. And as far as Matt's penis was concerned, he'd died and gone to Heaven.

He could feel every single groove of her vagina. Every drop of warm pussy juice, which coated his length. The sensations were so great, that Matt's cock exploded in orgasm the instant his wish was granted. The orgasm was the greatest Matt had ever had, even in the rest of his 6 days of genie ownership.

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It was so intense, that it lasted for many minutes, Matt shooting out the contents of his balls many times over, grateful for the limitless jizz supply he'd given himself. He moaned and cried out as his cock contracted pleasurably, feeling Becky's pussy contract around it in her own orgasm.

When it was finally over, the two of them didn't get to relax, as just the feeling of touching each-other was heavenly. They stroked each-other's skin, and wiggled their hips slightly. However, thanks to their increased sensitivity, this sent them over the edge into another orgasm, so, less than a minute after stopping, Matt's cock resumed shooting cum in an explosion of pleasure, which Becky's vagina joined in on.

Matt was out of this world with happiness, but he still had a problem. Though this felt incredible, neither of them could muster the strength to move beyond a few wiggles. But if they wanted this experience to be as mind-blowingly pleasurable as possible, they really needed to go for it. "Lumiosa…" Matt thought, through a haze of pleasure.

"I wish that we had the strength to fuck properly." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said. Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt and Becky instantly felt a surge of vigour run through them. No more did movement seem like the most difficult thing on Earth. Matt grabbed Becky's ass, and rolled her onto her back. He started thrusting in and out of her, which caused them both to scream.

They reached orgasm within 30 seconds, but they kept on fucking through their orgasms. They fucked and fucked, overwhelmed by pleasure, reaching another orgasm every 30 seconds or so. Lumiosa just watched on, proud, and happy at how she'd made her Master. Matt and Becky both lost track of time. In fact, they lost track of most things.

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Their increased sensitivity to pleasure, and Matt's limitless sexual staying power, meant that they just kept fucking and fucking, experiencing mind-blowingly powerful orgasms at an alarming rate. They didn't care about anything else. All they cared about was this incredible pleasure.

They fucked for hours.

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Not that they knew, as their minds were consumed with pleasure. Sweet, sweet pleasure. So much so, that they didn't notice Sophie and Alexis teleporting into the room. "Oh my God Matt, what are you doing!?" Sophie exclaimed. Matt didn't respond, except by moaning more. "Lumiosa, what did you do to him!?" Sophie asked angrily. "My Master wished for himself and his sister to be a million times more sensitive to pleasure!" Lumiosa smiled in response, clearly happy at having granted this wish.

"Oh my God…" Sophie said, before going over to her boyfriend. "Matt…? Matt, can you hear me?" "OH GOD YES!" Matt moaned, but who knows if it was in response to Sophie, or to having yet another orgasm. "Lumiosa, undo this!" Sophie ordered her.

"Right now!" "Miss Sophie, you know I cannot do that," Lumiosa said. "What my Master wishes, only he can undo." "Well in that case, Alexis, I wish for you to teleport Matt's sister into her own bed, asleep," Sophie commanded. "Your wish is my command, Mistress," Alexis said.

Instantly, Becky was gone, and Matt was left humping the bed. He was distraught at his fuck buddy vanishing, but that didn't stop him having another orgasm. "Matt, listen to me," Sophie said to him sweetly.

"I need you to undo this. Just wish yourself back to normal." "Miss Sophie, have you not considered that perhaps my Master would like to remain like this?" Lumiosa asked, obviously annoyed at her. "Who are you to interfere with his happiness?" "I'm human," Sophie replied. "Last I checked, we got the last say on things, not genies." "Now now Sophie, let's not go there," Alexis said. "I'm sorry, but I'm not letting Matt orgasm his life away," Sophie argued.

"Lumiosa, can you still talk to Matt in his mind?" "Yes Miss Sophie." "Then ask him if he wants you to undo this. Surely as his genie, you should check up on him, to make sure he's fully enjoying his wishes?" "Very well," Lumiosa said, before switching to the mental link.

"Master, do you wish me to end this enhanced pleasure?" "NO!" Matt thought back loudly. "He says no," Lumiosa related. "In that case, Matt baby, can you at least wish for the ability to talk?" "It's fine…" Matt panted. "I think I can talk…Just don't touch me…" "Matt, you need to end this," Sophie said. "By all means use Lumiosa's power for outstanding sex, but you need limits. I always either put a time limit on these things, or tell Alexis that she can end it when she thinks I've had enough." "Why…Why shouldn't I just have sex for the rest of my life?" "I know it feels good, but there's more to life than just sex.

Do this again sometime, but please just rest for now. And next time, be more careful." "Fine…Lumiosa…I wish…I wish for you to undo this sensitivity…" "As you wish, Master," Lumiosa smiled at him. She snapped her fingers, and Matt let out a groan that was a mix of relief and disappointment, as he felt the sensations leave him. "Would you like to make another wish?" "No…just go into your lamp for now…" Matt replied, before passing into unconsciousness.

Lumiosa returned to her lamp, and Sophie pulled the duvet over Matt. "Just sleep for now," She said, kissing him. "Rest." ------------------------------- When Matt woke up, he could feel his dick tingling. Likely it was due to the sheer number of orgasms he'd had. He had no idea how many it had been, but he was grateful to Lumiosa for his ability to have that many without his dick falling off.

As Matt laid there with his eyes shut, he thought about what had happened. While it had been incredible, his rested, not blissed-out brain could tell that perhaps Sophie was right. Perhaps fucking his sister wasn't the best way to spend the rest of his life. Matt opened his eyes, and saw that the sun was setting outside. He managed to force himself to sit up, and he got out of bed. He put his clothes back on, and walk downstairs.

On the sofa, he saw Sophie and Alexis, who were nude, and playing Call of Duty on his Playstation. "There are hot, naked girls playing video games in my living room," Matt said. "What, am I dead or something?" "You're alive, barely," Alexis replied. "Alexis, pause the game please," Sophie ordered. Alexis snapped her fingers, and the game paused, despite it being an online game.

Everyone else would just have to wait. "Matt, are you okay?" "Yeah, I feel okay," Matt replied. "Good," Sophie smiled, kissing him softly. "But don't do anything so stupid again. I know it felt good, but you were just gonna fuck your entire life away." "Yeah…thanks Sophie," Matt said. "You're the best." "I'm just trying to look out for you." Sophie then gave him another kiss.

"But right now, we need to deal with your sister." "What about her?" "I had Alexis put her to sleep, but right now, she's still full of the lust for you that you gave her. If I have Alexis wake her up, she'll just pounce on you again. Go get Lumiosa, and wish it away." Matt nodded, and went to fetch Lumiosa's lamp.

He brought it down, and rubbed it. "Lumiosa, I wish for you to put the lust you gave my sister towards me back in Jamie, and then go back into your lamp," Matt ordered her.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and then returned to her lamp. "Alright, Alexis, make it so that Matt's sister can wake up when she's ready," Sophie said. "As you wish, Mistress," Alexis said. "Alright, now that that's dealt with, come and cuddle me," Sophie said.

The two of them sat on the sofa, cuddling up to one another. "Matt, the reason I came over was actually to ask you out on a date," Sophie told him. "A date?" "Well yeah, I mean, we're a couple, but we've never actually been out on a date. Maybe we should." "What did you have in mind?" "Maybe a movie? That seems like a normal first date." "Alright then, let's go." Matt and Sophie stood up to go on the date. "Alexis, I wish for you to dress me in a nice dress," Sophie ordered.

"No underwear. Just the dress, shoes, and a nice handbag please." "As you wish," Alexis said. Instantly, Sophie was dressed in a red dress, which showed off lots of cleavage. She was holding a matching red handbag. "Would you like me to dress Matt as well?" "Yeah, I don't trust Matt or Lumiosa to do it themselves, so you do it," Sophie replied. Alexis snapped her fingers, and Matt was instantly dressed in jeans and a casual shirt. He peeked down his jeans.

"I'm not wearing any underwear…" He said. "Of course not, underwear gets in the way of fun," Sophie grinned. "Now come on, let's go." Sophie shoved both lamps into her bag (Alexis returning to hers), and dragged Matt out of the house.

"Why don't we just teleport there?" Matt asked her as they walked to the cinema. "Because I want to have a romantic walk with you," Sophie replied, taking his hand. "That a problem?" "No, I guess not," Matt smiled. "Look, thanks again for before." "It's nothing, really. I like you Matt. A lot. And I didn't want you to die. Not yet, anyway. For one thing, I need you with me facing the Society.

We still don't really know what they're about." "Sophie…can we not discuss that now? We're on a date." "Yeah…sorry." They arrived at the cinema, where there was a big queue for tickets. "Well, we can't wait around here, can we?" Sophie said, guiding Matt to the queue. "Everyone, let my boyfriend and I through." The people in the queue all moved aside, and Sophie and Matt just walked through to the front. "How…how did you-" Asked the scared man behind the ticket counter.

"We would like two tickets to see Avengers Age of Ultron," Sophie said calmly. "The one that's about to start." "We're sold out…" The man said, terrified at Sophie. "Aw, that's a shame," Sophie said, clearly loving that this man was afraid of her mind-control voice. "How about I re-phrase myself. Give us two tickets. Now." The man started doing it, tapping buttons on the machine.

"How…why am I doing this!?" The man asked, before handing Sophie the tickets. "Please don't hurt me." Sophie just grinned. "Go and get us some snacks," she ordered him. "Popcorn, nachos, Coca Cola. Quickly now." The man got up, and ran over to the snack stand. "Wow, you're really bossy when you want to be," Matt said to her, giving her a kiss.

"I think I like it." "I love bossing people around," Sophie smiled. "It's so cute watching people wonder why they're obeying me." The man returned, carrying the snacks she'd requested, which he handed to Matt and Sophie.

"Good boy," Sophie said cheerfully. "Now go and serve the rest of your customers." The man returned to the ticket desk, and Matt and Sophie walked into the theatre, which was full to the brim.

"Where are we gonna sit?" Matt asked. "There's no space." "Oh ye of little faith," Sophie said. She then walked over to a couple that was cuddling at the back. "You two, go and fuck in your car." "We don't have a car, we walked," the boy said. "So go home and fuck," Sophie ordered. The two of them immediately got up and left. "After you, Mr Evans." "Why thank you, Miss Swift," Matt smiled, before sitting down.

"You know, I'm starting to really like this whole genie thing." "Yes, but tonight is all about us," Sophie giggled. She gave Matt a kiss, and then they cuddled each-other to watch the movie. "Enjoying the movie?" Matt and Sophie were shocked as the screen turned to a shot of Neil. "Don't worry, all the other cinema-goers are sleeping.

Your presence is requested. Both of you. We'll be waiting for you at your house, Sophie. Please don't keep us waiting too long. Okay Ophelia, put things here back to normal." "Your wish is my command, Master," they heard Ophelia say off-screen, before the movie re-started, and everyone in the cinema woke up. "Well that's a shame, I was enjoying the movie," Sophie said. "Are we gonna go?" Matt asked.

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"It could be a trap." "Of course it could. But I don't think it is. And anyway, it's like Alexis said; it's in our interests at the moment to go along with them.

Now come on." Sophie stood up, and addressed the room. "Everyone!" She shouted. "Put your hands up if you've got a car." About two thirds of the room put their hands up. "Good," Sophie said, picking a guy at random. "Come with me. Drive me and my boyfriend home. 32 Wayford Way." "At once," the man said in a trance-like state.

"Why don't we just teleport back to your place?" Matt asked as they followed the man. "Because ordering people around is much more fun," Sophie replied. The man drove them home.

They got out, and walked in the front door. When they looked inside, however, they didn't find Sophie's living room.

They found an ornate dining room, with a feast set out. Brian, Sarah, Neil and Jürgen were sat around the table, with their genies stood attentively. "Welcome," Neil said. "This is my house, and you're welcoming me?" Sophie asked him. "Strictly speaking, this is my house," Neil said. "I just had Ophelia move it inside your house." "So what, you made her house bigger on the inside?" Matt asked.


"Have you been watching TV?" "It was my idea, actually," Brian said. "Before he starts pretending to be clever." "Yes, but I'm the one who wished for it," Neil said. "Anyway boys, if I could just interrupt," Sarah said. "Sophie, Matt, please sit." The two teens sat down next to each-other at the table.

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"Not getting your genies out?" Jürgen asked. "We were on a date," Sophie replied. "You interrupted us." "Decided to have a fling?" Sarah asked.

"That's sweet. But remember, there's nothing quite like having a bunch of gorgeous hunks do your bidding." "Did you call us here for a reason?" Sophie asked. "Indeed we did," Neil said. "We've been discussing things, and we'd like to invite you both to be formal members of our organisation." "And what would that involve?" Matt asked.

"You get to come to our meetings, for one," Brian explained.

"And you get to share in our secrets." "Secrets?" Matt asked. "Do you wish to join us?" Jürgen asked. "What happened to Alex?" Sophie asked. "Keeping secrets from us is an easy way to get kicked out," Sarah replied.

"Ideally we'd confiscate his lamp, but that wouldn't really achieve anything without Apriya inside. Though if our plans come to fruition, that shouldn't be a problem for much longer." "Plans?" Sophie asked, intrigued.

"Well, we may as well tell you both," Neil said. "You see, our organisation was founded by Alex's grandfather, David, who had a theory. He wondered where the genies came from.

The genies themselves don't know, but someone must have put them here. Someone must have bound them to serve humans. Someone must have made the rules we have to follow. But who?" "Maybe some sort of God?" Sophie suggested. "That's one theory," Neil continued. "But we also have a theory that religion was developed by genies.

That all divinely-attributed miracles throughout history are actually the work of genies. It would seem plausible, but then, that would basically destroy organised religion. And it would throw a spanner in the works of the theory that God gave us the genies. Unless, of course, it is some sort of God that merely wished to give us the genies and observe." "So what are these plans then?" "There's more than one reason for us collecting lamps.

We do it to keep them away from ne'er-do-wells who would use them for evil, but at the same time, we wish to use them to meet the maker. The maker of the genies. Now of course, we can't just wish to meet him.

Believe me, we've tried. So we're trying to draw him out." "Draw him out?" "I'm sure Alexis explained to you that we are forbidden from preventing the work of the genies? We cannot destroy the world, as that would prevent genies from having Masters and granting their wishes.

But no matter what genie we ask, none of them actually seem to know the punishment for breaking the rules. So we are hoping that, if we gather enough lamps, the maker will show up to scold us." "So you're gathering lamps to maybe summon someone who may or may not actually exist?" "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." "Assuming you even do manage to get an audience with the maker, what do you intend to do?" "Well, in an ideal situation, we would like to steal his power for our own.

But realistically, someone that could make thousands of genies would not be overpowered by the 6 of us. So we would try to convince him to allow us control of all the genie lamps in the world." "Why?" "Because as I have said, this world is full of people who would like to use the powers of the genies for evil. The world would be much better off without 10,000 sources of magic out there. Better to keep it in the hands of a select few." "I'm confused," Matt butted in. "Why not just wish yourself back in time to when the genies were put on the Earth, and see who did it?" "We've tried," Brian replied.

"But none of us have ever managed to go back more than about 50,000 years. It's like we're being blocked from it." "Sounds like this "Maker" doesn't want to speak to you," Sophie said. "We can live in hope." "Yes…look, can I have my house back, please?" Sophie asked. "I'd like to go to bed." "Very well, I suppose we have overstayed our welcome," Neil said. "Ophelia, I wish for you to return this house to normal." "As you command, Master," Ophelia smiled.

She snapped her fingers, and instantly, the dining room vanished, and Matt and Sophie were alone in her living room. "Come on, let's go to bed," Sophie said, heading upstairs.

"For sex?" Matt asked, but Sophie shook her head. "You've had enough of that today, come on." They headed upstairs, past Sophie's parents' room, where they could hear moans of pleasure. "Are they having sex in there?" Matt asked her.

"Nothing escapes you, does it?" Sophie said sarcastically. "They've been fucking since I commanded them to. You should know, you were there." "But that was days ago!" "Yeah, so? I wanted them to have some fun, so they have been. But unlike your extended sex session, mine could be ended by someone other than the participants." The two of them undressed and got in Sophie's bed, cuddling. "Goodnight Sophie." "Goodnight Matt.

I love you." "I love you too." They kissed, and headed off to sleep. ------------------------------- Author's message: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, EVERYONE WHO WAS COMPLAINING THAT SOPHIE'S PARENTS WERE STILL HAVING SEX!? Seriously though, I'd just been assuming Sophie had told them to stop off-screen. Anyway, sorry about it being 3 days since the last chapter. In my defence though, I was out Friday night, and I started this chapter on Saturday, but it was delayed by me watching Eurovision in the evening.

Hopefully Chapter 8 will come tomorrow night (I'll probably (maybe) start it after I post this.) Anyway, time to respond to a few comments: Bestiality: This is NOT happening. Full stop. I find the concept disgusting, so no way am I writing it. German: To the person who asked, no, I'm not German, aber seit 7 Jahren lerne ich Deutsch, und das (Und auch Italienisch) werde ich bald in der Uni studieren.

Other ideas: I do read all the comments that get posted, and I've seen a couple of great ideas (Mostly sexual ones) that I might seriously implement, it's just a matter of waiting for the right time. I got incest in this chapter, so we'll have to see what comes next.

The future of this story: So when I started this, I didn't really have a proper plot in mind. It was just going to be a boy getting a genie and using it for sex, with the story lasting until I run out of inspiration/motivation. Now though, a plot is beginning to develop, partly because of you guys wanting it. I'd be lying if I said I knew how long this story will last, because I don't, but while I was writing this chapter I came up with an idea of how it might end, so we'll have to see what happens.

But I have no intention of stopping for now, don't worry.