Group of horny bitches sharing cocks sucking and fucking

Group of horny bitches sharing cocks sucking and fucking
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We left Mike and Christy trying to re-coop from a morning fuck session. Christy daughter Kasey had come into the house making just enough sound to be noticed. She walked by the bedroom door saw them. She walked in and saw Mike's now flaccid cock just in front of her mom pussy. Her pussy, and his balls were covered in cum. Christy noticed her daughter at the bedroom door, and ask her to come join and clean "my" cum off my new friends' balls.

Kasey says, Mom, I am not alone. Hearing the voices causes Mikes cock to flutter back to life. Yes, Tori is putting her baby in the nursery with your grandchild. Then Tori appears in the doorway. Tori has short black hair, a nice developed body standing about 5' 3''.

Tori is shocked at the scene and gasps, "Oh my God!" Kasey looks and says, "I'm sorry Tori, I didn't know my mom had a friend over." Christy says, "Oh its ok sweetie, the more the merrier, Mike has enough cock for all of Us. Don't you Mike?" Tori is a little uneasy.

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Tori says, "Kasey, maybe I should come back another time. I don't want to interrupt." I say, recognizing Tori's feelings, "Tori, we would love to have you join us if you want, we are all just adult friends here." Kasey is now taking her clothes off, she reaches for Tori's hand to guide her into the room. Christy who was beside me on the bed. gets up, gives Tori a nice hug and kiss greeting, and encourages her remove her clothes. Kasey already naked, is now on the bed, licking her mom's cum of my growing cock.

I find out Tori has a daughter the same age as Kasey's and Christy granddaughter, about 6 months. They had meet at their doctor's office and became friends. After the births, then became very good and intimate friends. Tori's will tell us. . her husband left her during her 5th month of pregnancy, he was not ready for a family, and she has not been with a man for these 11 months, due to doctor's orders, it's was a difficult delivery.

Kasey and Tori were planning some fun between them that morning, Tori was excited to be in this situation. Kasey stops licking my cock for a moment, and says, "Mom, what the fuck, where is Lilly." Tori says, "she's ok Kasey both Lilly and Ester are sound asleep. By now all four of us are naked on the bed. Christy sits upright and drags her 38DD tits across my mouth as I say, "Oh my god." Mike and I were just getting to know one another, he lives in the neighborhood.

Mom, this is Tori, we thought you would be out with Lilly. Christy says, "You are a beauty Tori. Did my daughter drag you here for fun?" Tori says, "I am sorry to intrude, I was not expecting this." Tori is embarrassed, her free hand goes up to kind of hide her face.

Kasey moves up on the bed and leans over to kiss me on the mouth, "Nice to meet you Mike." she whispers. I kiss her back and say, "very nice to meet you Kasey." "Tori, you look overwhelmed and I do apologize we had to meet like this," Christy says as she kisses her cheek. Kasey looks back down to my cock, looking back at me, "I love to clean up after my mom." "If you don't mind Mike", "Please do, I respond.

I watch Kasey as she again slowly licks around the head of my cock, taking it in an inch at a time. "Your mouth makes Mike's cock even more beautiful baby doll", Christy says to Kasey . Christy notices Tori watching Kasey licking Mike's cock. Tori licks her lips and moves forward. Tori wants what Kasey is doing. Two mouths are getting better than one. "Mike, you taste so good mixed with my mom", Kasey says.

Tori starts helping Kasey, "Tori hasn't had any cock in a long, long time guys." "Be easy Mike." Tori says, it's been 11 months, my doctor wanted me to wait, the birth was very difficult. Christy says, "Tori, sweetie, I promise I will not let anything bad happen to you," Tori looks at Christy's naked form and says, you and Kasey are built the same.

Of course, we are similar in all ways, Christy says. "Has my daughter ever kissed you Tori? "Yes, we have known each other a short time, but she has become a good friends and lovers." Christy looks over and notices Mike sucking Kasey's tits as she is stroking his hard cock with her hands.

Christy leans down and kiss Tori's lips, sucking and nibbling and finally drawing her bottom lip into her mouth. Mike says, "Christy this is like sucking on your tits". He starts fingering Kasey's pussy. She is already very wet. Christy pulls Tori over to the bed and they lay down beside us, she leans over and kiss Mike's lips and licks Kasey's nipple.

I yell out, "this is heaven!" Kasey starts to straddle me and is ready to lower herself down. "Watch Mike and Kasey, Tori." Says Christy. Tori whispers back, "It's so hot Christy". Tory says, "I miss having a cock inside me." You will get your chance soon sweet girl, says Christy. Kasey leans over so Mike can kiss her breasts.


I want it, but it's been so long, says Tori. Look how gentle he is with Kasey, Christy says. Mike is kissing Kasey's tits and start to suck on nipples as she lowers herself down on his cock. Christy kisses Kasey's back and then runs her tongue down her spine.

Tori watches, " you two are so close". Tori, come here and watch Mike's cock disappear inside her, as Tori watches them fucking slowly. Christy mouth goes to Tori's nipples to suck. Tori's nipples are inside Christy mouth one at a time, she is still breastfeeding and therefore lactating.

Christy says, "baby your milk is so good." "I can see the milk on your lips," I responds. I says, "wow that's so hot, I hope I get to taste some of that breast milk." Kasey is moaning and shaking as I is slamming up into her. Kasey takes my chin in her hand, and looks at me, as she is sliding up and down on my cock, she says, "Mike you suck hard enough on these", putting her tits in my face, "you will get some milk." I'm smiling and I suck.

Christy is watching her daughter grind her pussy against Mike's big cock and soon is down on her knees to start nibbling on Mike's balls. "Come here Tori, she says, join me." I can feel two tongues licking my balls. My hand finds Tori's ass, I'm stroking it. Soon a finger is playing within her and finds a wet pussy. Kasey's body begins to tense, she is getting close to cumming.

I rise up and kiss Kasey on the lips as she is about to cum. Her moans are now more pronounced, hugging her tightly, whispering in her ear. "Let go baby." I bite down on a nipple as she lets loose.

Her milk comes to my mouth at the same time. I can't believe I am licking and suck moms milk.


Kasey screams out as I hold on to her, her cum gushes out. Her pussy is clenched around my cock, like her mothers did. And Tori is still down there licking those juices as they flow out of Kasey. Tori is lapping up the cum. Kasey is actually weeping softly, still impaled on me, her orgasm was so intense.

She is trying to catch her breath. Christy goes down to the foot of the bed and spread Tori's thighs and starts licking her slit. Kasey slides off me.

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I move my body down some and my cock is near Tori's mouth. She licks up the bottom of my shaft. Her head is moving side to side enjoying the feeling of Christy mouth on her pussy. "That's it Tori, Christy says, clean up Kasey's mess." Christy spreads Tori's pussy open and slides a finger deep in her as she sucks her clit. Tori's mouth is sucking on my hard cock fully. Kasey has recovered and is now sucking on Tori's nipple. Christy has two fingers inside Tori now, saying she is preparing her for me.

"God Mike, this girl is so tight, she is going to cum." Tori is moaning aloud; her mouth comes off my cock.

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Christy is pumping three fingers in her, twisting her hand to find her G spot. "You are driving me crazy," Tori says. Christy pulls her sloppy fingers out of her and lays down on the bed bringing Tori on top of her.

Kasey is getting milk from Tori's nipple "She needs a cock in her Mike," Christy commands. I look at Tori, "Tori are you ready? "I am a little scared," she says. "Kasey and I are here baby, Mike will go slow and he will be gentle" Christy shares. Kasey is sucking on one nipple and Christy on the other as her ass is up in the air waiting.

I get up, move behind her, and get into position.

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I am caressing her body, easing her, I gently move down and kiss her ass. My hands move over her. Christy whispers in her ear, "Mike is so good sweet girl, just relax." My mouth is kissing her butt, then I'm down on her slit.

I taste her wetness. "Tori, don't worry babe." I move to be face to face with Tori. Smiling at her beauty, I begin to kiss her mouth tenderly.

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With my hands I gently spread her ass cheeks, our tongues dueling, I rub the head of my cock on her pussy lips. Christy reaches around her and grabs her ass for me, spreading her. "Oh Baby." Slowly the head of my hard cock pushes between Tori's pussy lips. I grip her ass tighter. I am moving the cock head in and out gently.

"Christy, she is really tight." Slowly in push in farther, my cock is half way in now. Tori's reaction is getting loud and her body is shaking. I kiss her deeper as her orgasm grows in intensity. Her whole body shakes and I push my cock deeper. Her orgasm becomes even more intense. I hear a voice, "do it baby, all the way." "Fuck her like you fuck me." My cock is sliding in and out of her juicy hole. Christy continues to spread her ass wider holding her ass cheeks apart.

Tori is moving, screaming, her mouth is sucking my tongue now. Kasey is trying to reassure her. Tori tells Kasey to suck a nipple, and moves to have my mouth on the other nipple. She continues to ride my cock. Fucking me hard and deep. She is making up for missing cock for 11 months. With a different mouth milking each nipple, another orgasm hits her. The juices are flowing. Christy says, "this is so hot." She moves to catch Tori's juices in her mouth. Her orgasm continues, 11 months of cum is flowing out of her.

This tight young girl is getting fucked on top of me. Tori still in the throws of an orgasm, and my cock is ready to unload. Christy sees my face and says, "Tori, do you want Mike's seed planted in you?" "Yes, yes fuck yes," With that my cum shoots deep inside her.

Kasey's hand goes down to help pump each drop of cum out of me. I reach up and caress her cheek and smile. As my orgasm finishes, Kasey pulls my cock from Tori and puts it into her mouth. I hug Tori tightly. She rolls off me. In seconds Christy's mouth is on her pussy gently licking. Kasey stops sucking and licking my cock and balls.

I begin to rise, seeing the naked bodies and thinking about the last two hours, I get up and head for the shower. I need to wash all the cum off me. I am washing, but not alone for long. Kasey steps in with me. We kiss, and her hand is immediately on my cock.

"I want to wash this for you, Mike." "Let me help," comes from another voice. Its Tori, opening the shower door and stepping in with us. Kasey turns and they kiss. Soon the three of us are washing each other. Using the bath puff with bath gel I begin to rub it on both of them.

They are focused on each other. Kissing, caressing, licking each other's bodies. I am find the bath puff makes the biggest impact when it is being legs. I ask about Christy, Kasey says, "Mike, her eyes were closed, she may be asleep." Then Kasey lets out a moan as she cums. Tori's mouth on one nipple sucking, and my bath puff washing between her legs. Then Tori says, "my turn." Kasey's orgasm subsides, her mouth goes to Tori's nipple, while my bath puff attaches her pussy.

Within a minute Tori is moaning loudly with another orgasm. The girls begin to focus on me, but we hear a voice. Christy walks in demanding her turn with me.

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Kasey steps out. Christy steps in to the shower, kissing her daughter fully on the mouth as they pass. Christy and Tori kiss. Christy says, "Tori, will you stay and help me with this man?" A four-hand wash is a really good thing. One in front concentrating on my cock and balls.

The other hands on my back and butt. "Tori, Mike deserves to be pamper, he did such a nice job with his wonderful cock this morning.," Christy said. Tori was down on her knees licking and sucking my freshly washed hard cock. And with one hand she has reached between my legs and inserted two fingers inside Christy's pussy.

I moved a foot forward and my big toe was playing with Tori's pussy. Soon we all were moaning in unison. I ordered both of them to get their back sides in front of me and bend over, my hard cock went deep into Christy first.

She and Tori were kissing and fondling each other's tits. After a minute, I shifted to Tori's pussy. It didn't take for her to cum. Gushing her juices out. Christy's mouth there to catch what she could, and lick up some more.

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As the water continues to come out in 4 shower heads at us, I again shifted to Christ's pussy. Just as my cock hit her cervix, Tori's mouth was in front on Christy's clit. The fucking and sucking brought Christy to climax quickly. Then the two-woman faced each other. Kissed deeply, fondled each-others breasts, told each other how wonderful the morning was. I rinsed off and stepped out.

Kasey was there with a very large bath sheet to dry me off. Soon I was shoved on my back on the bed and had a wonderful experienced mouth sucking my cock wildly. I shot my cum quickly down her throat. The ladies were all very happy. We all said we must do this again soon. I rode my bike home.