Dedos juguetones de mi amiga

Dedos juguetones de mi amiga
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I think from the minute I was born I was in competition with my older sister. She beat me on this earth by four years and that in itself was frustrating for me. She of course was unhappy that I was getting more of mommy's attention or so I was told anyway. But it only got worse when I learned to walk and to talk.

We would fight over toys and over blankets and over the TV remote anything two little girls could find to argue about. As we continued to get older it only got worse. Both of us learned to be more devious taking each others favorite stuffed animal, CD or games even each others cloths not that we could wear them but simply to hide them and eventually to ruin them.

We both excelled in school, how could we not we had to get the better grades then one another and win the most awards. Sometimes, I'm not sure how my mother didn't just kill us both, because it seemed constant. One thing I loved and was able to throw in her face was that even though she was 4 years older then me (technically three and a half) I ended up being only three grades behind her. My birthday fell on one of those months that let me start school younger then most kids and I rubbed it in her face any chance I got.

As could be expected it only got worse when she got old enough to start liking boys. I would try my best to be a pest if she was near a boy she liked and try to hang around them as much as I could.

Of course any parent has to keep an eye on a young girl starting to like boys so my mom served as my ally in frustrating my sister on this not letting her be alone with them. I made my mom's job easy as I inserted myself into her space every minute I got the chance. And of course as we started maturing in that area our looks and clothes started to be a factor.

The odd thing is that even though we were sisters our looks were polar opposites. My sister got most of her looks from our mom and I got mine from our dad. Mom was always one of those motherly type looking ladies. She was well over weight, dark curly hair, pretty brown eyes and easy tanning skin. Dad was tall, skinny, blond and pretty much looked like a nerd.

Well like I said she picked up most of moms characteristics and I picked up dad's. Even our names, seemed to reflect the parent we looked like as like my mother Sheila, my sisters name was Sherri started with an S.

And like my father Tom my name Tori started with a T. My sister had long thick wavy brown hair. She had what my father called beautiful brown eyes. Her skin tanned so easily and she always seemed tan but she did struggle with her weight growing up and mom had to watch how much she ate to keep her from getting too fat. I guess you would say she was a little bit plump but still pretty and she was like mom very short. I had very light blond hair it was thin and straight as a pin and hardly would hold a curl even after using a curling iron and I had bright blue eyes.

But unlike my sister who liked all food I was a very picky eater. While my mom had to watch everything she put in her mouth, my mom had to work hard to make sure I wasn't malnourished.

I also got dad's metabolism and I was bone skinny almost too much so. It didn't seem to matter how much I ate I just burned away the calories quickly and stayed thin. I also hated my skin tone.

Unlike my sister who tanned so easily I got my fathers ghostly genes and was pale as practically milk.

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I didn't tan one bit and would freckle and burn if in the sun very long. My sister loved this fact as my mom really had to watch out to keep sun screen on me. And I hated the fact that while she had perfect teeth, I had to wear braces on mine. I swear I had ridiculously long legs. When I was younger I hated them as they seemed to make me awkward and clumsy and I'd run into things and trip over things.

But as I got older I liked them more. As my sister stopped growing at as a young teen I kept getting taller. Not too long after I was only a few inches shorter then she was. As a teenager my sister got my mom's round curves and got full boobs she was wearing a C cup not too many years later she was a full D. I was distraught as my chest looked more like a boy till I finally my nipples finally started to poke out. But even after that started I developed very little and I barely needed a training bra and used tissue to stuff a padded A cup bra.

One of my biggest jealousy time came after my sister got her drivers license. Now she easily could leave me and go off and be alone with her friends. However as she developed into a teenager she lacked self confidence and didn't seem to attract the boys much. She had a few boy friends but they were pretty much geeks and she had only gotten to second base, with heavy kissing and letting her boy friends touch her greatest asset her large breasts.

But to her own detriment she was shy and reserved. She was then a junior in high school and not part of the popular crowd. She was loved by her teachers and respected in the high school. She would get so frustrated at our mother because I was allowed to do so many things younger then she had been like wearing make up. While still with a baby face and no chest to speak of, once I started wearing makeup I started to catch the attention of boys.

Now I was learning to love my long legs and drove my mother crazy with how short I would wear shorts and skirts.

The coolest thing is not only were boys around my age noticing me but guys my sister knew in the high school did too even though I was still in my last year of middle school, eighth grade. The summer before my entry into high school is where my life drastically changed. In our neighborhood half way down the block lived an older boy named Scott. Scott grew up with us and frequently played with us when we were all kids, but as he got older we saw less and less of him. Mostly because he was gorgeous and grew into a very popular guy, quarterback of the varsity football team even as a junior.

My sister had a crazy crush on him from afar and I do mean FAR as Scott didn't give her the time of day and hardly would acknowledge she was alive. Besides the pictures of her favorite movie star crushes, and music star crushes, my sister even had a few small pictures from school newspaper clippings of Scott on her crush wall of fame. I barely noticed this until that summer.

Unlike my sister, shy and unpopular, I had a booming personality. I was loud and fun and cute and other kids liked to be around me. Because of my sisters age I even managed to make friends with some of the high school girls, mostly freshman and sophomores. One summer day with nothing much to do I went to the neighborhood pool with some of my girl friends. Well being rail thin and having long legs I was able to wear a bikini quite well, with a little help from padding in the top.

One of the girls that was in my group Lisa had made varsity cheerleader as a sophomore so she had become pretty popular in the high school. As we were splashing around the pool she noticed and pointed out the hot lifeguard, who turned out to be Scott and we all joked and flirted with him while he worked his part time job. I didn't think too much about it for the next couple of days until a few days later I had gone into my sister's room to look for my iPod that she had "borrowed" when I noticed the newspaper clippings on her wall.

I was alone in her room so I took a few minutes and read the article with the picture and realized it was the boy Scott from down the street and he was the same Scott the lifeguard that I had chatted and flirted with at the pool. I finished my reading and grabbed my iPod back and forgot about it for a few more days. Out of pure coincidence one evening at dinner my mother was trying to encourage my sister about boys and asked her, "What about that boy down the street?

Scott, I think his name is. Didn't you girls used to play with him?" "Mommmm," my sister replied, "he's practically the most popular boy in my school he wouldn't give me the time of day." My ears perked up at all this and as always being a brat I replied quickly, "No he would not, not in your lifetime." "Tori," my mom corrected me, "I'm trying to encourage your sister.

Be nice." And the conversation moved on. The next day I decided to go down to the pool on my own for the first time. On my way in, I saw him and felt my pulse race. "Hi," my voice squeaked. Scott took a moment trying to figure out who I was and said with question in his voice, "Mmmichelle?" I shook my head no and said, "Tori." And felt a lump in my tummy as I reached out to shake his hand. "Where are you going?" I asked bravely to which he replied, "Home, I just finished my shift, gotta work on my car." To which my heart sunk.

"I swallowed hard working up every ounce of courage I had and asked, "Can I come?" The next moment waiting for an answer seemed to stretch out forever and I watched Scott's eyes go up and down my body as I stood there in my bikini.

"Sure, why not," he replied and I could breath again. And we began to walk to his home. As we walked we had chit chat. He asked me what grade I was in and I stretched the truth by saying I was a freshman, well I would be that coming school year.

He asked me if I played sports to which I replied volleyball. He told me he played football which of course I already knew. We got to his house and went around the back where there was an old classic 69 Ford Mustang with the hood already open. "There's my baby," he stated with pride in his voice. I just giggled. "Isn't she a dream," he stated obviously as if he knew I thought so too.

To which I nodded and said "Uh huh." He then true to his word grabbed some tools and started working on his car. I felt a bit awkward, because even though I am self confident, I don't normally stand around in peoples back yards in a bikini. He had me turn on his radio and had me hand him tools, most of which he had to describe as I didn't know their name and worked on his car. He was very focused and serious working on it for quiet a while laying under it for a while then standing at the hood bent over working away.

Finally at one point he looked up at me and smiled a nice smile and then reached to my tummy and smeared black grease across my skin. I gasped and pulled back and he laughed hard. I then laughed too until I saw a mischievous look in his eye and he reached for me just as I darted back and he started chasing me around his car. Now he had on good shoes, and I only had on flip flops and he was quite the athlete so he caught me easily and proceeded to hold me and smear grease all over my skin.

He made thorough work of it and soon there wasn't mouth of my bare skin and in the bikini there was a lot of that, that did not have grease on it. He then pinned me firmly against the car and kissed me hard. Now I will tell you, that other then little innocent pecks from other little boys my age, it was my first kiss.

And thank god like most girls I had talked about kissing with them and read multiple article in teen magazines on how to kiss, because he quickly pushed his tongue at my mouth and I only hoped it didn't take me as long as it felt like to open and let his tongue penetrate my lips.

God he was strong and tall. He was a very aggressive guy and pinned me firmly to the car pushing me back over the open hood onto the engine kissing me hard.

This was Scott one of the most popular boys in my sister's high school, giving ME my first French kiss. The boy on her wall of fame. I did nothing to resist his aggression and even felt him grab and rub my butt which I did my best to ignore.

When he finally stopped and stood me up again, he smiled almost shyly at me and then touched his greasy finger to my nose. He picked up a tool again and was leaning over to start working again when I felt a stinging on my back, I reached back to feel it and then pulled my hand forward and had blood on my fingers.

"Scott!" I said as I started to cry and he looked up almost starting to look angry at me for distracting him but then his eyes saw the blood on my fingers and he turned me and looked and walked me inside his house. I had a pretty good cut on my back but he found his mother who cleaned it up and put a gauze pad and tape over it. She then yelled at him for all the grease all over me and helped me to start wiping it off.


Finally giving him the washcloth letting him finish considering it was all over my body. We hung out the rest of the afternoon inside as he began playing Nintendo. He tried to teach me how to play but I was not very good at it and when his mother was otherwise occupied we kissed some more.

Finally as dinner time got closer I knew I had to leave. He asked me if I wanted to come over again tomorrow to help him work on his car and I quickly agreed.

And home I went. I was stunned I had made out with one of the most popular boys in the high school the boy my sister had newspaper clippings of on her wall of fame, she would hate me if this came to anything. The next day I went to his house again and helped him with the car, he looked a little disappointed I did not figure out why till later. We kissed a lot again and I was getting better at knowing the names of the tools. We had a nice time and he got the car running to which he was very happy.

I asked could he take me for a ride and he was excited to do so. We drove around the neighborhood first and I was hoping we'd run into my sister but we didn't. Then his mother called him on his cell phone asking him to get some items at the grocery store.

We went inside there hand in hand and I helped him carry the groceries out to his car on our way out, there mom and Sherri were. We all looked at each other and I'm not sure who looked more upset mom or Sherri.

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"Young lady how ever did you get here," she asked? "With Scott," I replied and they nodded hellos to each other. "Well you'd better be home when I get there. Understand me," She lectured to which I nodded yes. Scott and I went to his car and he apologized for me getting me into trouble but I told him not to worry about it. He offered to drop me at home which I accepted and as we stopped in front of my house, he kissed me goodbye and then asked, "Will you come over again tomorrow at 1 o'clock, but ummm, this time you have to wear your bikini, okay," he asked.

I nodded and opened the door and headed inside now understanding his disappointment when I had arrived. When mom got home I got a lecture on riding in a car with a boy, when I had told my mother I was going out to ride my bike. I told her I had run into Scott and had helped him with his car which she doubted my mechanical ability to help him. My sister starred and listened to the lecture looking sick. Even as I was getting lectured the look on her face made me feel so excited.

I had competed on the biggest stage with her, over guys and I had achieved the huge prize, a popular high school boy. My mom then realized how much older he was then I and questioned me about that, but I reminded her we had all known each other since we had been kids and that unfortunately seemed to calm them both.

Neither of them even considered the idea that I had been making out with Scott the neighbor boy, the guy on my sisters wall, a boy 5 years older then me.

The next day after lunch I put on my bikini again. Scott's request gave me a good alibi and I told my mother I was going to the pool. I walked so fast to Scott's house I was so excited. He was there washing his car and I helped him finish it. He then invited me inside his house for a drink and we went inside. He got me some iced tea and to my surprise grabbed himself a beer. "Hey you can't drink that," I protested and he laughed and said, "Says who," and took a big gulp.

I laughed and watched him drink half of it down in one gulp. "You want some," he asked offering me the beer to which I nodded taking the bottle and taking a sip. It tasted like crap. "Not like that, you have to finish the rest of it in one drink," he corrected and downed the rest of the beer.

He got up and went into the kitchen and got another and opened it.


"Now try again, just swallow over and over try to drink as much as you can," he encouraged handing me the bottle. I tilted it up and started drinking and I felt his hand go on the bottle as well holding it up a lot not letting me lower it. I drank and swallowed and swallowed, getting about half down before it was too much and some ran outta my mouth and he let me lower the bottle. "That's better," he stated, "Now finish it." And he guided the beer up to my mouth again helping me tip it into my mouth.

Again he put his hand on the bottom of the bottle holding it up and I drank almost all of it down to the very last sips which again overwhelmed me and poured down my chin. I guess it did help I was in the bikini as the overflow had gotten on my body not onto a bunch of clothes. He then told me, "Good girl," setting the bottle down and kissing me deep again. We made out for a while till I felt something I wasn't ready for. Scott started pulling at the strings on the bottoms of my bikini.

I quickly slammed my hand there. "Scott I'm not ready for that," I whined. To which he looked very disappointed. "Please, my moms not home so I thought maybe we could have some fun," he stated. "I'm not ready for that," I answered nervously, "I'm a virgin. Scared he would freak out and kick me out. I was relieved as he started kissing me again. We kissed for a while then he stopped and asked, "Will you give me a blow job then and relieve this ache." His eyes were starring into mine, I could hardly believe I was here with Scott the boy on my sister's wall one of the most popular guys in the high school and he had been making out with me.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I had never done anything even close to this with a boy, after all he was my first kiss. I thought about it as he stared at me, my heart pounding finally answering, "Okay.

. I. . I don't know how. I haven't done that with anyone," I admitted thinking it smarter to tell the truth then to hide it like I had with the kiss.

"It's okay, I'll teach you," he said and stood up taking my hand leading me up stairs to his bed room. It was the first time I saw his room and it looked very masculine with lots of football trophies there were a few posters of sexy women in bathing suits. He walked me to the bed and sat me down, then walked over to his dresser opening a drawer.

He reached in the drawer and pulled out a hand help mirror and a small tube of lipstick. "Here put this on," he said handing me the tube of lipstick and mirror. I opened the top and it was a very bright cherri red wet look. I held up the mirror and began to put the lip stick on, it was the brightest slutiest lipstick I had ever worn.

Once I had it on he took the mirror and the lipstick back placing them on the dresser. He then smiled at me taking my hands standing me up. Then he turned us basically trading out positions. "Okay, now kneel down and sit on your feet," he said and guided me down to kneeling in front of him as he did this he sat on the bed.

He then leaned me forward and kissed me. As he broke the kiss I felt my bikini top pull away. "It's okay, I just want to see more of you," he said as I looked at him stunned.

I was very embarrassed as Kleenex tissues fell from my top and he could see how small my chest was but he just smiled down at me. "Alright since you have those rail road tracks on your teeth you're going to have to be very, very careful to keep your teeth back.

Make your mouth round and keep your jaw opened wide. Just do your best to try to relax. Remember even though its called a blow job you don't blow you suck. So suck in pulses and try to open your throat. And don't forget the absolute most important thing, when I cum swallow over and over like you did with the beer. If you don't, it means you don't like me and you find my stuff gross.

That's a huge insult and I wont want to be your friend anymore," he instructed me sternly looking me directly in the eyes. With that he put both his hands on my head and said one more word, "Open." I did as I was told, opening my mouth slowly, wider and wider, making my mouth into an O and focusing on pulling my teeth back, then I watched him open his pants and pull his cock from the opening in his boxers.

It was larger then I had hoped. Like most girls I had gotten a very brief peek at my father's cock by accident. And like most pre-teens I had baby sat a few times for baby boys and seen their penises. But being this close looking at the huge purple head I have to admit being intimidated. Before I could think about it too much I felt him begin to guide it into my mouth. I got a good smell of it just before I felt it bump my lips. Soon I felt it touch my tongue and I felt stickiness There was no turning back now as I had just started my first blow job.

It pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth rubbing on my tongue. I tasted the odd taste for the first time, very salty.

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He kept pushing and suddenly I gagged and jerked my whole body back. "Relax," he commanded and I felt his grip on my head tighten. He did pull it back and then pushed again and began to move it in and out. I was so, so tense and was trying to tell myself to relax but as soon as I seemed to be able to he pushed far and I gagged. He continued to move it and kept making me gag then I heard him say, "Open your throat," and before I could gain my composure he pushed down on my head hard.

The cock pushed hard at my throat and I felt my instincts make me gag hard but he kept pushing and I felt his cock push into my throat. I felt my whole body tense and my muscles tighten and I tried hard to jerk back but his hands held my head hard now and I couldn't pull back at all.

My body realizing this and had another instinctual reaction and since I couldn't gag the object outta my throat my next physical instinct was to swallow. I heard him sigh as his cock thrust much deeper into my throat. He seemed to read my mind as I heard him say, "Breath through your nose." I'm glad he did as the cock completely took away any way for me to pull air into my mouth.

I struggled for a few breaths before I felt his cock stroke in and outta my mouth and throat over and over. I am not sure how good it felt for him and I don't know that I really sucked all that much but I think I did okay at keeping my teeth back. I didn't really feel that I was much doing much for him, but instead he held my head hard and moved his hips back and forth and worked his cock inside my mouth. His breathing grew heavier as I was beginning to let myself relax a little bit and I heard him breathing and grunting.

Then he scared me for a few moments as he lifted up from the bed, using his hands and arms to pull my head up firmly against him. He hugged my head into his groin and his cock forced as deep down my throat as it had been.

Then before I had a panic attack, I felt a hard squirt in the back of my throat and it sounded like he yelled at me, "Swallow." He pulled his hips back then thrust in again, again saying one word, "Swallow." I felt the gush in the back of my throat and tried to do what he said and swallowed.

It was awkward and I made the mistake of sucking for air and I felt my sinuses and lungs draw in liquid. I didn't make that mistake again and this time did as he said and gulped down the cum. I felt him thrust and cum five times before he sat back down on the bed, still holding my face pressed into his groin. It was weird as he held me there and stroked my hair keeping my mouth on his cock. I felt his cock soften and almost seem to shrink its size some but his arms held my lips pasted into his pubic hair.

"God, you did awesome for your first time," he said as he stroked my hair but still held me there. Finally I felt him take hold of my head with his hands again and ease me back. He laughed when he looked in my face and I didn't realize till a bit later that the lipstick was smeared all around my mouth and my face was red and I had cum hanging from my nose.

He hugged my head to his groin again but this time he let me turn it to the side as his cock was no longer in my mouth. "You did so good baby," he said softly. He finally let go and laid back on the bed.

I wasn't sure what to do but slowly got up and laid down next to him. When I did he put his arm around me and pulled me into his chest and held me there tight in his arms. We laid there a while and I heard him snoring for about an hour. Then he woke up and laughed at me again and got up and walked me in front of the dresser to look in the mirror. My face and hair looked a mess with lipstick smeared all over my mouth.

He walked me into the bathroom and got the cold cream out for me to clean up my face. While I was doing this his hands went to my chest for the first time and I felt him caress my small breasts and then his fingers found my nipples.

"God, their so tiny, your so cute," he said making me feel so embarrassed. He then poured some mouthwash into a glass and handed it to me. I rinsed and spit and no sooner then I had he turned me facing him and kissed me hard. "Thank you," he said, "I feel much better." Even after using the mouthwash I have to admit that I still could smell the scent of his cum. Its not like I could rinse out my sinuses too. I had no idea that I would smell his scent long into the evening.

It wasn't long after we cleaned up that I had to get home before mom came out looking for me or sent Sherri.

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So I found my bikini top and to my delight he gave me one of his t-shirts to put on and headed home. I hoped when I got home no one would notice I had no makeup on at all and my hair was a little messy.

I felt a little guilty and dirty but I was excited this incredible popular boy liked me. I had a hard time going to sleep and I stayed in the shirt he had given me, smelling the scent of his perspiration as well as still smelling the scent of his cum.

Finally I was able to drift off to sleep. ************ The next morning I was surprised when at 10 AM my mom yelled up for me that I had a phone call. I was even more surprised when I answered and it was Scott.


"Hey, can you come over," he asked to which I of course replied, "Yes." I took a quick shower and put on light makeup and told my mom I was going out to play with one of my girl friends and off to Scott's I ran.

The first thing out of his mouth was, "Hey your not in a bikini. Okay, new rule, you can not be at my house unless your in a bikini." He said this with a smile but looked serious. The lawn mower was out and his grass had been freshly cut and I realized he was all hot and sweaty from cutting the lawn. None the less he grabbed my hand and walked me into his back yard to their storage shed. He opened the door and pulled me inside where he closed the door again. "Since you didn't wear your bikini you have to take off your shorts and shirt and be in just your underwear," he said looking me straight in the eyes.

"No way," I replied looking back at him. "Fine, go home then," he said with all seriousness. We looked each other in the eyes for a few moments almost seeming like a starring contest then he gave in and said, "Please." I looked at him unsure but then to his pleasure I lifted and pulled my t-shirt up and off exposing my bra. "Now the shorts," he added and I complied unbuttoning, unzipping and taking off my shorts leaving me in my bra and panties.

"Beautiful," he replied and pulled me to him for a kiss. I have to tell you he didn't smell very good as he was all sweaty but this was Scott the popular boy at the high school, so I simply tried to ignore the smell and kissed him back and we made out for a good while.

Finally after lots of kissing I was surprised to hear him say to me, "Kneel down." I looked at him unsure and whined, "Scccott." To which he just put a finger over my lips to shush me and said it again, "Kneel down." I looked at the floor in the shed and it was really dirty and gross with dirt and mud and oil stains, but then I felt his hands on my shoulders and slowly I let him push me onto my knees. No sooner then I had knelt down he took his cock from his pants.

"Scott the floor is dirty," I protested. But he just smiled down at me, took hold of my head and said one word, "Open." I'm a little ashamed to admit I did, but I did what I was told, opened my mouth in the shape of an O again and felt Scott push his cock into my lips. Within less then an hour of his phone call I was there in his lawnmower shed on my knees in only my panties and bra sucking his cock. After a few minutes of pushing in and out, I felt his hand reach onto my back and unhook my bra.

I wasn't happy about this but he just kept tugging and tugging at it till I let it pull off my arms all the while his cock stroked inside my mouth.

Before long the grip on my head hardened and he again forced his cock into my throat making me take it all the way down again. What made this even worse is that with the fact he had cut the grass he had sweat a lot and he smelled pretty bad down there, soon my nose and lips were pushed into his bush and I was forced to smell his sweaty sex.

I wasn't happy about that but it didn't seem to matter as he always held my head so tight I didn't seem to have any choice.

I have to admit, I wasn't really enjoying myself much at all and was just hoping for it to be over soon and like yesterday as he was about to climax, he used both his arms to force hug my head into his groin. Then down my throat the cock exploded again. To which I heard him say one word again, "Swallow." Which I obediently did.

This time I felt so much more dirty and slutty then I had the day before partly because of where I was doing this and the smells there. He again held me there tight against him till his cock fully went limp before he finally pulled it from my mouth. I also realized that he controlled this as he always held my head firmly and I had a mouthful so I couldn't protest and I was getting a little frustrated when he finally pulled out.

I was about to get up when I felt him place his hands on my shoulders and he told me, "You did wonderful again, thank you." That made me feel guilty for what I was thinking and as one hand stayed on my left shoulder the other stroked my hair and face and I didn't have the heart to complain.

"You look so beautiful there," he said and smiled down at me. He then pulled his cell phone from his pocket and before I realized what he was doing he took a picture of me kneeling there in only my panties. "HEY DON'T," I protested but he just slipped it back in his pocket and said, "It's okay it's just for my memory." I was about to protest again when I felt him reach under my arms and lift me to my feet and then he kissed me with closed lips on my mouth and said, "God your so beautiful." And he hugged me close rubbing his hand directly on my panty covered butt.

"Let's get some lunch," he said picking up my t-shirt and shorts handing them to me. I started to reach for my bra but he grabbed it away saying, "No leave it off for now, I like looking at your little nipples." I blushed and looked at him unsure but he took my bra and pushed up on his tip toes and hung it from the ceiling of the shed, much higher then I could reach.

"Its okay you look beautiful like that," he said again so I finally gave in, put on the t-shirt and shorts. I'm not sure why but all this had made my nipples so hard and I was embarrassed how they showed through my t-shirt. He then took my hand and opened the shed door and led me into his house.

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No sooner then we were inside then he called for his mother asking if lunch was ready yet and drug me into the kitchen. There she was fixing lunch and I felt like my nipples where huge with flashing lights on them, but she just smiled at me and said, "Hi, is Tori going to join us for lunch?" "Sure is," he quickly replied and got himself and me a big glass of iced tea from the fridge.

I crossed my arms feeling very self conscious but she didn't seem to act weird or anything so I finally relaxed a little. We had small talk over lunch and then went to the den after and he turned on the Nintendo game again.

His mom was in and out moving around the house doing housework and we played for a couple hours. Then his mother came into the den and said, "Scott, I'm going to run some things to your Grandmother's okay?" To which he quickly replied, "Sure. Will you be back before dinner?" To which she replied, "No I think I'll fix her dinner she's not been feeling well lately, can you fix yourself leftovers?" To which he replies, "Sure not a problem." No sooner then the conversation finished and she grabbed her purse and keys and headed to the door with a final, "Love ya, behave yourself." And she was out the door.

No sooner then she had made it out the door he yelled, "Woooohooo," and tackled me on the sofa. He pinned me down as his hands went almost instantly to my breasts and he began squeezing and pinching the nipples. "Easy," I laughed trying to slow him down and trying to protect my sensitive nipples. Then I felt him reach down and unbutton my shorts and unzip them. "Heyyyyyy easy," I whined to which he replied, "Remember the rule, bikini or panties and bra." He grabbed my t-shirt and tugged it up and off and then grabbed my shorts.

I'm not sure if he did it by accident or on purpose but I also felt my panties going down. "Hey not my panties," I protested but it was too late and they were already at my knees and then down and off my feet. "It's okay," he corrected me, "I just need to see you. And with that he was laying on me my body totally naked.

We kissed a while and I felt his hands all over me specially on my tender nipples but the one thing I have to say about Scott is he didn't do anything soft. "Easy, that hurts," I scolded them as he worked them too hard. "Sorry," he replied easing up some. Then I noticed his hand at his own pants again unbuttoning. "Scott, NOOO I'm not ready for that," I protested. "Then you have to give me head again, okay," he asked. I thought about saying no but was afraid he might not take that as an answer and might push for more again, so I unwillingly agreed nodding.

This time he did it different though and I felt him crawl up my body as he worked his pants open and his cock out. I was still on my back on the sofa and his body had me stuck there.

Within seconds he was kneeling over my face and pushed his cock to my mouth. I wasn't ready for it so it just slid right up my face, he was already aroused and so it had sticky on it and smeared across my face. Feeling panicked by his aggressiveness I quickly opened my mouth and used a hand to pull his cock to my mouth. I regretted every moment after that as with me laying on my back like that, and the sofa firmly under my head he was able to thrust his cock into my mouth quickly and deeply and before I knew it, it was pushing deep into my throat.

Within seconds his pubes pushed against my nose and lips on every in stroke. He also seemed very aggressive and intense and was moving his hips hard and fast.

I know I was groaning loudly trying to get him to slow down but it made no difference. I even put my hands up against his hips trying to stop him or at least slow him down but he was far too strong and just pushed them down against me.

I have to admit up to that point I never would have known the difference between a guy getting head, or fucking a girls face, but I understood it at that point as that's exactly what he did. I thought about biting but I didn't think he was trying to be mean, I just think he was really horny.

The only good thing about how this was happening is that it didn't take him long before he was squirting down my throat. He didn't say one word the entire time he was doing it till just then when again he said one word, "Swallow." I'm not sure I even considered any alternative at that point and gagged his cum down my throat. I swear I heard my jaw pop as he was pushing against me when he came and it hurt quite a bit.

Like always after he came, he pushed all the way in and rested like that, only this time it was with him practically sitting on my face. I was not happy with this at all, and he didn't seem to notice or care, he just held there and rested, straining my face. Finally he pulled off me and slid down my body. Just as I was about to let him have it. . "God your amazing," he said so confidently, "Where have you been my whole life." I was looking up at him angry, hurt, sore, and he was looking down at me with big puppy dog eyes, with a silly smile.

As he was saying this his hands rubbed up and down my sides. It felt so strange to be laying naked, in someone else's house, under a guy, his weight keeping me where I was.

I hardly knew what to think. "You give the best head I have ever had, I cant get enough of you," he said sincerely looking me in my eyes. Then he leaned down and kissed me so gently, so softly, not his usual kiss but a very soft gentle loving kiss.

My anger went away. We laid there on the sofa a while and again he fell asleep. Eventually I had to wake him up as I knew my mother must be wondering were I was. I hated to but I had to leave, he helped me get dressed and I headed home. It was amazing to me that just a few days ago, I had never really even kissed a guy, now just within a few days, I was kissing like a movie star and had given oral sex three times in less then 30 hours.

My mom seemed a little suspicious and told me she had called over to one of my friend's house Amber and I wasn't there. I quickly told her I was with Cindy and I knew if she called her Cindy would cover for me as I had already done twice for her even without knowing why. My sister also stared at me oddly but I just couldn't help smiling at her knowing who I'd been with.

The next day I was sad when the phone didn't ring in the morning. Thankfully after lunch it did and I hurried to answer the phone. "Hey kitten, wanna go shopping," he asked me and I said sure and told mom I was going for a run.

I left in a warm up suit with my bikini on under. I got to his house and he greeted me with a big kiss, then said, "Your not obeying the rule." To which I was able to say, "Yes I am," and I unzipped the jacket exposing me in my bikini. He laughed and said fair enough and he reached over and zipped it up and then said, "Come on," grabbed my hand and walked out to the car where he opened my door for me. We drove to the local mall. Oh my God, I can not tell you how happy I was there in a public place with this popular high school boy.

We didn't hold hands or anything but I noticed lots of kids look and it was pretty obvious I was with him. I felt sky high. First we went to Victoria Secret. He told me he wanted to buy me sexy things and that I could get anything I wanted long as it was sexy.

I bought my first thong and lots of other very girly sexy underthings. He spent close to $250 there and then we headed out. Next he took me to a swim suit shop. Before we went inside he told me he wanted to buy me the smallest, most revealing bikinis we could find and asked me if that was okay. I agreed. We went through several suits till we found ones we both liked and then I tried them on.

He bought me 5 new bathing suits none of which my mother would approve of. But I didn't care, Scott the high school quarterback was shopping with me. We got a cookie and soda together in the mall and I was ecstatic as lots of guys and girls saw us together and then we headed back to his house. When we got there his mom was home. So he popped in and said hi and then we went into the garage.

This time he closed the garage door and turned on the light. He put a old blanket on the hood of the car and emptied the belonging of the shopping bags on the hood. "Now you have to try each one of these on for me," he commanded. I looked at him turning my head to the side and not looking too happy with him, but he batted his eye, turned his head and said in a long drawn out whine, "PPlleeaase." How could I say no.

"Where do I change," I asked. To which he replied without hesitation, "Right here." I looked at him like he was nuts.

"Come on. I spent almost $350 on you today, I want to see what I bought." I couldn't believe I did it but I undressed all the way to naked and tried on the first swimsuit.

Then he got me riled up again when again he took his cell phone out and took picture of me in the tiny bikini. "Scottttttt don't," I whined. But he took the picture anyway. "Come on they are just for me," he implored and looked at me with the puppy dog eyes again.

"Next suit," he commanded again before I thought too much about it and I complied. One by one I went through each of the five swim suits and then the lingerie including thongs, lace bras, and two sexy teddies.

Before long he was snapping multiple pictures to where I lost track and didn't even realize it as he took some between outfits, while I was naked. After I had changed into each of them he put his cell phone away and hugged me tight and told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. After a big hug and kiss he put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Kneel." I looked at him surprised and began to protest and before I said anything he said, "Come on you'll have to go home soon and my balls ache.

Kneel." As I was about to do as he said I felt him take hold of the panties on me pushing them down to my feet. I looked at him very unhappy and again he spoke before I could say anything saying, "Come on Tori we don't have very long, it just means more to me when I can see all of you. Now kneel." And this time he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down hard. I knelt there in his garage in just the bra and that didn't last any longer before he reached over taking it off.

"Backup," he commanded and guided me back towards his car, right in front of his front tire with my feet going under the front fender of the car. He backed me up against the fender resting my head on it and then said, "Perfect." And got directly in front of me opening his pants. Again I got the one word command, "Open." And reluctantly I did as I was told and opened my mouth.

This time with the car behind my head he didn't have to hold my head. He just pushed his cock in my mouth pushing forward until the back of my head was resting on the fender and then he began to fuck my face. As it continued he got harder and harder to where again I wasn't liking it at all but the bad thing about having your mouth full is you cant protest much. Again I put my hands up on his hips to try to slow him some but after I did this for a while I felt him take my wrists and pull them up and he pinned them back onto the hood, while still fucking my face.

Fortunately it didn't last very long before I got another one of his one word commands, "Swallow." And he erupted down my throat. Again as he came he pressed his hips as hard against my head as he could and it really pushed me hard into the fender. As usually he held like that for a while. I then actually felt his upper body stretch out over the hood with his softening cock still in my mouth. I let him do that a while but I then heard him start to snore and it was hurting my neck and head, so I patted the back of his thighs to wake him up.

I felt him lift his upper body up and then with his cock soft in my mouth I heard him say a one word command again, "Swallow." I was confused for a second until to my horror I realized why he said that.

To my horror he began to pee inside my mouth. Within seconds it was a full stream of urine flowing into my mouth and I felt it spray from the corners of my mouth. "Swallow damn it!" he said angrily, "Swallow." I was horrified and humiliated but I felt his pelvis press harder against my face and he commanded me again, "Swallow." I'm not sure why I did it, probably out of fear, but not sure what to do or how to stop it, with it flowing down my body, I did as he commanded and swallowed.

The second I did he commanded again, "Again." And to my shame I did. He commanded it over and over and I drank down Scott's piss down my throat. I think I swallowed 11 times before the stream stopped and it took a few more seconds for him to withdraw. I was very mad this time and scrambled to get to my feet. I felt very ashamed as most of my body felt wet and sticky with his pee.

As soon as I was too my feet he grabbed my arms holding me and told me, "It's okay baby, I'm sorry I just had to go so bad. Don't be mad at me." I looked at him so angry and I didn't really know what to say but he just held me and told me, "I'm sorry I just had to go so, so bad, forgive me please." I couldn't believe the shame and humiliation I felt, for someone to pee in my mouth and all over my body.

He walked me over to a large fan in the garage and turned it on letting it blow on my body. He held me there, from behind, with his head on my shoulder whispering in my ear, "Its okay. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met." The fan was slowly drying my body and he was still holding me and every muscle in my body was tight. I know he could feel the anger.

He finally turned me towards him and kissed me softly on the lips looked me in the eyes and to my shock said three words to me, "I love you." I looked at him shocked and he kissed me slow deep and long and then said it again, "I love you." I started to cry and he held me tight.

He then found me a t-shirt of his and some sweat pants of his and told me to put them on which I did. I started to reach for my panties but he said, "No leave them off." And he guided me to dress without underwear of any kind. He kissed me and held me some more and I knew I was running out of time and was probably late for dinner. Then he asked me to do something that blew me away, "Will you wait till morning before you take a shower?.

. Please." "I love you with all my heart and I want you to feel me on your skin tonight, I want you to smell me on your body tonight, please don't shower or bathe or even wash with a washcloth. Leave these on for me all night and then you can shower in the morning.

I looked at him like he was out of his mind. "Please for me, stay as I've left you, wet with my body fluids. It's the most personal thing you can do for me since we're waiting to make love." I was stunned at his request and didn't really know what to think. "You'd better get home, but if you really love me even half as much as I love you, you will wait as I ask till the morning to wash away my love for you," he said with all sincerity. I didn't know what to think but he then hit the button to open the garage door and I walked home stunned.

I think most people may think I lost my mind but I did as he asked that night and left his t-shirt and sweats on. I did smell his pee and sweat and his body all over myself. I did feel so dirty and guilty and. . in love. Its crazy the things people will do when they are in love.

*********** The next morning the phone rang at 7 AM and my mother didn't seem to happy as she came to my room telling me the phone was for me. It of course was Scott. He asked me if I had washed yet and I told him the truth and said I had not. He then told me he couldn't see me that day that he had to go out of town to see his grandmother. Then he said, "I love you." And I felt my heart race.

Nymphs rub enchanting wet cracks

Then he asked me, "Do you love me?" Now I had never felt, or thought or imagined love before the last few days, but how here was one of the most popular boys in the high school asking me if I loved him.

I had always told myself I wouldn't say those words to a boy with a silly crush and I took a few seconds to think how to answer. Then I finally decided on my answer and I said to him, "Yes, I love you." "Thank you," he said softly and the line was quiet for a few seconds.

"Will you do something for me," he asked. To which I replied, "What?" "Come to my house tomorrow morning at 10 AM and let me wash my fluids off you," he stated waiting quietly for a few minutes for me to realize what he was really asking.

"I wanted to wash up this morning," I stated with sincerity. "I know that's why it would prove your love if you'd be willing to wait one more day. I would be at my grandmothers knowing you could smell me even from so far away," he said as if he was asking something simple of me.

Every girl dreams of the first guy she'll say I love you to, and of the guy who will say it to her. And here this guy was and he just said it a few hours ago but he had done the most humiliating thing to me that anyone has ever done.

Now he was asking me to continue the humiliation and to leave my skin sticky with his. . his. . pee. "I have to go," he said, "But I hope to wash my fluids from your body tomorrow morning at 10 AM." And with that he hung up the phone. I set it down on the cradle and laid back in my bed thinking could I really do this. I felt disgusting and nasty and I wanted nothing more in the world then a hot shower but the guy who just told me he loved me has asked me not to wash for almost 36 hours.

Not to wash his pee off me from him peeing on me. I decided not to make a decision at that moment but instead take it one hour at a time.

I told myself I had lasted that long and I could last a little longer. I turned on my favorite radio station and listened to music for a while. As each hour passed I resisted the desire to go take a shower and I also made a point to stay away from Mom and Sherri, dad was at work so that wasn't a worry.

I ate lunch quickly and got away from the table as fast as I could. The day seemed to drag on till that afternoon my sister came to my room after a phone call she received. "Were you at the mall with Scott yesterday," she asked looking at me like it couldn't be possible. "Uh huh," I answered nodding that I had been. "Did mom give you permission to go," she asked? To which I had no choice but to answer the truth as if I lied she would check anyway, "No." "How did you get there," she asked looking at me surprised.

"He drove," I replied deciding its easier to tell the truth then to start making up lies. "Scott the varsity quarterback drove you to the mall in his car and went shopping with you," she asked looking at me with disbelief? To which this time I did not give a verbal reply and just nodded. "Unbelievable," she stated angrily, walking away from my room. As miserable and dirty and disgusting and humiliated I felt, my sister had just raised my mood up ten levels.

The gossip network had informed her that her little brat sister was walking around the mall with the varsity quarterback from her school. And I was able to even tell the complete truth that I had ridden there in his car. She must be feeling devastated. Maybe her devastation, was enough to outweigh my dirty disgusting and humiliating feeling. I actually felt myself smile. Oh my God the say seemed to take so long to pass.

After the last few days of Scott filling my time and my heart with himself. I was a little tense wondering if she was going to rat me out, but as the hours went by my mother never came to yell at me so she had kept the information about me riding with Scott to herself. At dinner time to my surprise she actually invited me to go see a movie with her that night. Its not too often that we would go do things together but I guess the knowledge that her little sister was hanging with popular people made her want to hang with me.

I have to admit that this was the most tempted I had become to take a shower and I really didn't want to go to a movie with Scott's dried pee on me. But I avoided temptation and decided it was okay to put a little perfume on and off to the movies we went. We bought our tickets and were in line at the concession when my world came crashing down around my feet. Into the theater came Scott with a pretty girl hand in hand.

I stared with my mouth open and soon Sherri's eyes followed my gaze and she must have noticed me turning whiter then I already was. "You didn't know he had a girl friend. That's Sara, they have been dating for over a year I think she's a varsity cheerleader and in eleventh grade," she said matter of factly. I stared stunned at the two of them, and I felt my chin quiver, and my eyes wanted to fill with tears, but I kept telling myself, "You cant cry here, you cant cry here." Its not too often that my sister and I seemed to care very much about each other and did something nice for each other but I think Sheri read the pain in my eyes.

"You didn't know," she asked again, looking at me concerned. And I felt like I was going to faint. "Come on, we can rent a movie at the video store," she said softly. Just then Scott's eyes found me. He must have realized he had been busted as he suddenly pulled his hand from hers. But on that note I gave my sister a one word reply, "Okay," and we turned and left the theater.

She had enough sense to skip the video store stop and just drove us home. As we were pulling in the driveway she said something very nice to me that surprised me a little bit, "I'm sorry you didn't know." Then she stopped the car turned it off and we both went into the house. I went straight to my room, then straight into the bathroom and turned the water on as hot as I thought I could without it burning my skin off. I got into the shower and washed as quickly as I could and then sank down onto the shower floor and cried for a while.

"I love you," I heard his voice say in my mind. Then I pictured him there with Sara the varsity cheer slut and I felt myself throw up. It took the hot water running out to get me out of the shower. I turned off the water and headed back to my room, changing into one of my old granny type night gowns.

I cried myself to sleep that night. Continued in Chapter 2 *****************