Bondage gay sex between guys and suck own cock xxx Jerked And Drained

Bondage gay sex between guys and suck own cock xxx Jerked And Drained
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Ok in the last story something happened to the story where the question marks where at the end )and beginning of every sentence. Im sorry about that, I don't know what happened. But anyway for everybody who has decided to stick to this story,thank you. Like I said before this is my first series,and if you haven't read Chapter 1 yet, I suggest you read it before this one.

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Now, continuing from Chapter 1,All comments are appreciated,hope you guys like this one * * * I just woke up in the middle of the night, I thought I heard somebody knock at my door. I was too tired to get up, but no matter how much I tried I couldn't get back to sleep. So I just lied there on my back, looking up at the ceiling.

I remember what I was dreaming about, and that wouldn't surprise its the reason why I have a hard on right now.

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After my little sister said she had feelings for me then all of sudden gave me a blowjob, I just sat there for a few seconds in shock. Then I got up,went to my room and shot off my load two more times.

What really shocked me though, was that I didn't stop her. Then I started wondering what got into her? Why all of sudden she went from my caring sister to top-notch blowjob artist? And then I remembered what she told me earlier right before she blowed me, she had feelings for me.

And its true that when your feelings are strong enough for somebody,you would do anything for them,but still she didn't even hesitate to giving me a blowjob like most girls would. That led me to thinking of the idea I've been trying to avoid. Maybe she also blows other guys at school. But for some reason it hurt my heart deeply to think that. Am I. . in love with my sister?

My thoughts stopped when I started to look around the room and noticed at the front of my door,lied a letter. This got me curious enough to where I had the strength to get up and walk to the door. I picked it up and open~ To,Sean I am sorry about earlier today :(. The truth is that im deeply in love with you, a lot more then a sister should.

Ive tried tp push away the feelings I have for you but they only get stronger and stronger over the years. I dont know when they started,all I know is that I got jealous when you go on a date or happy if didn't turn out so well. And today I just couldn't resist you any longer, and wanted to take care of you.

I am so sorry please forgive me :( I know I risked everything today and things will probably never be the same, after I went back to my room I started hating my self and started to cry because I knew I screwed up big time.

If the words seemed blurred its because I'm crying while writing this ;( Bye brother and im sorry you have such a messed up and twisted sister. From Rosey I read the letter over again twice,and just stare in space.

My little sister DOES have feelings for me?questions started to suddenly pop in my head. How long? When? Has she ever gave me hints that I didn't notice? How am I going to react to this?And. . .do I have feelings for her as well? The last one was surprisingly the hardest.

I decided to respond on the back of the letter. I usually don't really do the whole 'To you' 'From me' thing. Hey I don't hate you and I'm not mad,i was just shocked earlier. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I think about everything. And I got a idea.

What about we just go out tomorrow? Ice cream and maybe a movie? Just to help put all this behind us and so there wont be any awkwardness between us. What you say? I refolded the piece of paper,gently opened the door and sneaked down the hall way trying not to make a sound.

Then when I came to Rose's room I slipped the note under her door and knocked softly once,and quietly (more or less) slipped back into my room and closed the door and waited for her reply. which came about 5 minutes later. Before I picked it up I wondered, why isn't she just texting me? I picked up the letter and it said: can I have all the toppings I want?

I smiled. She likes ice cream. I mean REALLY likes ice cream,she likes to go overboard all the time with toppings and flavors. Yes,anything you want is on me :) I passed the note under her door,went back to my room and waited for her reply. Which came a lot sooner then last time. YAY!! I laughed a little at that. No matter what she did today,she was still my little sister. I went to sleep before setting my alarm for the morning.

*** I woke up at 8 in the morning to the sound of my alarm. I got up went to the kitchen and fixed me some breakfeast. 2 hours later rose woke up,and was cheerful like nothing happened yesterday.

Which was good since I didn't want a awkward morning. She came down the stairs,into the kitchen,and gave me a kiss on the cheek like she normally does every time she sees me. But this time it didn't feel the same as before,it felt.

.wrong. After we finished breakfest, I grabbed my keys and we headed to Berrys.

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It was a local ice cream shop,and I actually wish I could come by here more often. The ice cream here is amazing,but the owner of the shop ("Mr. Martin"or as me and my Rose just call him,Berry) doesn't want to spread his shop, Even though I should have been focusing on the road, I couldn't help but notice what she was wearing.

A black tank top,which was showing some pretty nice cleavage with some tight jean-shorts, wrapped around her inner thigh. And they both showed her body off in the most wonde- well a way that would definitely attract attention. I start to realize I'm staring,so I take my eyes off her and on the road before she catches me,and before I accidentally wreck us.

We arrive at Berrys Ice Cream and walk inside. " well well,long time no see you two." Berry says with a joyful smile,coming from behind the counter as we walk through the door. "Hey Mr. Martin!" Rose exclaims as she returns the runs up and gives Berry a big hug.

Let me explain something here,to most people Berry is a local ice cream man.

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To the actual locals he's the worlds BEST ice cream man. Nobody makes ice cream like he does,and hes always so creative with new ideas. But to us,he's a member of the family. We were one of his first customers when we were little and our mom didn't work all the time. Usually my little sister helps give him ideas for his ice cream,which shes done since the first day she walked in his shop.

"What about adding waffles to the ice cream" she asked that day. We all laughed and chuckled,thinking it was just a childish idea and nothing more. But berry actually thought about it that day,and thought why not. The next,Berry added pieces of chocolate chip waffles to the Toppings menu and it ended up being a huge hit. It turns out Roses childish ideas wasis perfect for the shop,and that's when berry noticed he has what most ice cream shop owners don't.

A child's touch. After that,berry accepts the thought of any suggestions from Rose. And anytime we needed advise or help with school work, Berry was happy to help us. He always try his best to not let us down. He was always so nice and generous to us. He became family. "Oh,hey don't put me in the hospital now!" Berry asked with a sweet smile as Rose almost tackled Mr. Martin to the ground. " What would happen to the shop?" he said that,but we all know if anything happened to him he would give it to Rose in a heart beat.

" I would take over. Duhhhhh." " How do you know that? I could give it to a relative." he said that,but we all know if anything happened to him he would give it to Rose in a heart beat. "So,let me guess, a regular two scoop vanilla and strawberry ice cream with caramel topping in a bowl for Sean" I nod in agreement. "And what for you Rose? Whats your next crazy creation?" Rosey smiled as she thought and thought.

" Well, Sean said he was paying and I could get anything I wanted. ." Berry looked at me like I just signed with the devil himself. "How about a 6 scoop; Cookie dough,strawberry,birthday cake,cotton candy,cookies'n cream,and mountain road,with caramel,MnM's, marshmallows, jelly bears, chocolate syrup,and Waffle pieces?" you could definitely see the disappointment in my face.

Berry looked at me for approval,and I slowly nod. He smiles and gets started on our order. We sit down and wait a minute for our order. Or atleast mine was a minute. Hers took a couple more minutes,as expected from our little Rosie. We picked it up then berry got to work with other peoples orders. "How can you even taste ice cream with all that on top?" She just laughs and we start talking about school and movies we want to see, just chatting over our treats.

We were talking so much our ice cream was starting to melt, so we tried to hurry. Unfortunately, Rose was to fast. When she was bringing the spoon to her mouth, most of it accidentally dripped down her chin.

And I'm sorry, but when your sister randomly gives you a blowjob, you start to think most of what she does differently. Like how the cookies'n cream ice cream dripping down her chin reminds you how hot she can look, not saying she cant do that on her own.wait what? I've got to get my head together.


As she reaches to get it though, she's not fast enough as a couple drops drip and lands right on her cleavage, which made the erotic image even better! Though she notices me staring and blushes, and rushes to the restroom to wash up.

That gives me a few minutes to get my head straight, before she comes out, with a awkward-ish embarrassed smile. "All done!" I smile and realize shes talking about the icecream. I pay and we say bye to Berry. We didn't know which movie we were gonna see, so we just decided to see on when we get there and PRAY that the tickets aren't sold out.

I'm driving, and I start to stair at her breast again, this time noticing how perky they are, as if gravity refused to touch them. And that her nipples were clearly poking out.

I couldn't get a good look to really picture them without her noticing, I just think that she must be cold or something. Then I start thinking, what if she got turned on by me just staring at her breast earlier? Then I started to daydream, I'm laying on my bed, naked with my proud 9 inch member sticking up, with my sister topless, nothing but black silk panties.

She reaches for my cock, and starts to pump it. As she gets a rhythm going, shes about to cover my cock-head with her mou-"SEAN!!!!" I wake up out of my daydream but not quick enough as we run straight into a SUV on the other side of the road.


*** I vaguely wake up. I was asleep? When did I go to bed? OW!HELL why does my body ache!? I look at my surroundings, at the hospital bed, in hospital clothes, in this hospital room, and yea you guessed it, IN A HOSPITAL. Shortly after I wake, my mom looks through the window at the door, seeming to have expected me to be awake by the wide eyes as she and Rose bursts in the door, along with a doctor and a nurse.

They cried and cried on my shoulder, and to be honest, I shed a few tears as well. I survived. Barely. The doctor told me I will have to be in a wheel chair for a little bit, seeing that my legs were the main parts of my body that were damaged.

But how is Rose not hurt? Then she told me in the sweetest, yet regretful voice, it was cause of me. When I saw the SUV my reaction, was to shield Rose. She got a bruise or two, but definitely a lot better then me. They said I had to stay in a week or two, before I could leave.

I understood. It wasn't much, after that. The doctors came and went, asking how I was feeling, examining me,etc. After the weeks passed, Rosie led me into the house, home. Our mom sadly couldn't stay as long as we were hoping, I might be on crutchesbut that doesn't mean somebody else is gonna work for food on the table. So since she told Rose to take care of me. We got home late so we just ate some burgers for dinner, which was fine with me compared to that hospital food I had to eat for the pass weeks.

We didn't talk as much though, I could tell rosie blamed herself for what happened to me, though I know it was my fault for not paying attention to the road. We ate dinner, then went to bed. But Rosie said she wanted to sleep in my room so incase I needed her. She went into the bathroom that was connected to my room, getting into her pjs and getting ready for bed.

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Or I thought it was gonna be pjs. It was a regular t-shirt with it ending at the bottom of her cotton soon as I laid my eyes on her walking out, her boobs jiggling with each motion, I immediately started to get hard. And I had to pee. Perfect. She helped me on my crutches, and I went inside and was able to shut the door. Luckily my cock went back to its soften state I tried to pull it out through my briefs, but couldn't without slipping onto the floor.

Rose comes in "Are you ok?" She asks with worry and confusion, when she sees what happened. She gets a motherly look on her face, mixed with a little of.lust? "Let me help you" "NO!" " Your not going to be able to get it out with out slipping again, and even if you do your not-t going to be able to-to ai-im itt." as she stutters the last words, I realize in defeat shes right.

She helps me back up, and then kneels infront of me. She reaches into the opening in my briefs, and pulls out my already re-harding cock. She looks at it, as if examining it for the first time. Unlike her, I already see the next problem here.

"Were not gonna be able to do this." "Why" She ask with a bit of a child-like whiny tone. " Guys can't.go when there hard" "Oh.

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I guess we'll have to fix that little. I mean big problem" As I start to realize what shes saying, she starts to slowly stroke my cock. "Does this help big brother?" she says with that obvious innocent voice which turns me on. I just nod as she smiles and starts to pump a little faster. " Does big brother like it when I stroke his long thick cock?" I start to groan a little in answer, encouraging her to take it further.

She starts to bite her lip as an idea comes to mind, which she acts on.she slowly brings her mouth to my dick, breathing hot air onto my shaft, then her tongue snakes out of her mouth as she licks my shaft, obviously with no expert direction, but it still feels amazing.

As she starts to lick up the underside to the mushroom size head, she starts to pump again, experimenting, my moans a sign as success. Then she inserts my cock head into her mouth,sucking it with force. Then she slowly goes down on my cock, taking me in as much as she can, and is left with 2 inches, but I can feel her throat working effortlessly to swallow my cock.

It felt so good to have her mouth on my cock like that! She was a beginner but learning fast. It was erotic to look at her bobbling up and down my shaft, rapidly picking up speed, as she takes her hand off my cock and starts to findle my balls, I just can't hold it anymore, and before I can warn her I blow my load in her mouth. She gags a little, but tries to swallow it with almost complete success, as it dribbles down her chin, drops on her breast.

It was the most erotic scene ive ever seen! And just a few weeks ago, I had this same image when we were at Berrys. She closes her eyes and moans as her mouth is still on my cock, cleaning any leftover cum she can find. She she looks up at me, smiling with that cum filled mouth"Mmmmm I love the taste of your juices." I smile back, definitely have forgotten about why I had to come in here in the first place for.

" Did I fix Big brothers problems?" "Oh yes, oh yes you did" "good, I'm always here for you if you need me to take care of you" she said with emphasis on take care. I gave her a devilish smilethen I walked back to my room, and helped lay me on the bed, as she went back to the bathroom as she still had my cum on her face.

She came back without saying a word, which was fine with me cause I didn't know what to say. She laid right next to me, spooning her cotton pantie ass against my crotch, and rubbed it a a couple times trying to get comfortable.

Oh yes, this might work out a lot better then I hoped. Why didn't we do this sooner? ** thanks guys for sticking through this, I wanted to put a little more story into this one so sorry for lack of sexual activities in this one, I'll probably be able to do more in the next one.

And I promise it wont take as long for me to post as this one did