Tricky old teacher perv teacher sticks his cock into young chicks pussy

Tricky old teacher perv teacher sticks his cock into young chicks pussy
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Anna was five when her mother sold her to me. Struggling with money, Denise Bradshaw had just lost her husband to the women next door, and heavily pregnant with his latest child, she was suffering. I met her in the supermarket on a rainy afternoon as she was buying nappies for her daughter. Anna was a skinny blonde child, malnurished and dirty.

At five years old she should have been at school, but, as unbelievable as it sounds, Denise had never registered her birth, and technically Anna wasn't even born. Denise was, quite simply, a bad mother. You may think stuff like that doesn't happen in America today, but I can assure you as a man in my line of work, it does.

I dated her for a while, saw how she treated Anna, and dropped some hints about a friend I knew who worked in adoption. She was only to quick to think it through, and the next time I saw her, she bought it up. 'I'm finding her incredibly hard to deal with.' she said, Anna colouring at the table.

I nodded, although I didn't believe a word of it as she went on about Anna's temper tantrums and refusal to eat anything. It was more the fact she didn't feed Anna anything. And what I'd seen of Anna, she was well behaved and shy, big eyes and a sweet- but rare- smile.

'I could. no.


No, sorry.' I said, smiling to myself. 'What Jase? Could you.?' she asked, leaning in. 'If you can't manage her money wise, I know this man who can get her adopted on the black market.' She nodded, a cigarette sticking out her mouth. 'It's not that I don't love her.' she started, and I nodded sympathetically. 'It's the new baby. At least that man will give me money for it, and I can claim benifits.

But Anna doesn't exist.' Anna looked up and her mother scowled. I smiled at the girl and she looked at me unsurely, before going back to her picture, tongue sticking out in concentration. I felt an erection just thinking about her tight little pussy, but I fought off the thought. I had to get Denise to agree to this first. 'I know Denise. I could. I could take her today.' She looked down, wringing her fingers.

I had know this women for two months, and it only took her that long to show me that Anna was something in her life she didn't want. Most women, even if they didn't want it in the first place, end up loving their babies, and by the time they were Anna's age couldn't imagine life without them. Denise was the other way around. Denise looked up, her eyes cold. 'Do it. Take her now. Send me a letter telling me she's alright. And don't come back.' And I peeled four fifties out of my wallet, gave them to Denise with equally cold eyes, waited for her to pack some stuff, and with a quiet word to Anna, she shut the door on me, and on her daughter.

At five, I don't know how much Anna understood about her new life. I took her out of Manhattan completely, driving through America until I got to Texas. I had a flat there, and I planned to by a house as soon as possible. She didn't cry. She didn't bat an eyelid.One night, when we were staying in a skanky B&B, I took her into the bathroom to see her cute naked body for the first time.

I peeled off her clothing tenderly, gaining her trust, and ran the water until it was just the right temparature. She giggled as I flicked her face with the wather, and stood for me to watch her over. When I reached her pussy, I waited for her to flinch but she just stood still. I told her to stand with her legs apart, and at this she looked puzzled. 'Mommy never did that Uncle Jase.' She said, as I pretended to look shocked.

'Never?' I said disbelievingly as she shook her head, panicked. 'My word. I better see to Mr Puss extra well then.' 'Yes Uncle Jase. Clean Mr Puss extra well.' And with that trust only a five year old has, she opened her legs as wide as she could, and I rubbed her tight pussy with the flannel, my erection hidden by a towel. She wriggled when I rubbed her clitoris, her little hips making me pant. She got out and when she lifted up her towel, there was no way I could hide my erection. 'What's that Uncle Jase?' she said, pointing.

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'This, Oh, it's nothing sweetpea. When a man sees something he likes, he gets this. I better see to it actually. Otherwise I may explode.' I added, looking down at her.

'Explode?' God, she was hot. 'Yes. Didn't your daddy ever show you? I asked, knowing full well the answer.

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'I never knew my daddy. You are my new daddy Uncle Jase, Mommy said.' I nodded sincerely, and zipped down my fly, rubbing my cock. Anna watched in awe. I bent down. 'You can help me then Anna, if you are my daughter.' And I gently opened her mouth and motioned licked. Her sweet little body writhed as she tasted my cock, and her tongue darted to my mouth. I pretended to be hurt, and slowly she stuck her tongue out and carried on licked.

I went to bed a happy man that night, and the day later we arrived at my new flat. It was small, but big enough for the two of us. Anyway, Anna wouldn't be walking around it too much.

I let her sleep in my bed for the first night, and on the second I broke the news. We were eating tea, my in my boxers and Anna in her little snow white undies and a nappy.

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I had been shocked when I found out the nappies were for Anna when Denise was buying them, but now it just made me horny. She had a concentrated look on her face, and soon after a smell spread through the room.

I looked at her sternly, knowing that even Denise wouldn't let her shit all over the house.

She looked down at her plate, and muttered sorry. 'Anna. Take off your nappy.' I said sternly. She looked at me in surprise. 'NOW!' I yelled, banging the table. SHe stood up, and pulled down the nappy, shit spilling onto the floor.

She stood there quivering. I took her into the bathroom, ran a bath and washed her quickly before taking her back into the kitchen without saying a word. I looked at the crap all over the floor, knowing this was the day that Anna learnt who was boss. 'Eat it.' I said, pushing her onto the floor. 'When I come back in ten minutes, I want that floor to be spotless.' Her little face puckered up ready to cry but I had already gone, slamming the door to her cry. I lay on my bed rubbing myself as I listened to her weep.

It made me feel powerful. People say it's perverted and they are right. But man, I felt powerful. When I went back in the room after ten minutes, she was lying on the floor in the shit crying. I felt a pang of anger, and then I realised this is what I had wanted to happen. I picked her up, shit and all, dumped her in the bath again, and took her to my bedroom. 'Anna. You are going to learn what happens to naughty girls.' I said,unzipping my trousers.

'Did your mommy spank you?' I asked, pulling down my boxers, my dick springing up. She cowered. 'Only sometimes.' 'Did she spank you for doing poos in the kitchen?' I asked, and she nodded.

'Where are you supposed to poo?' 'In my nappy. But not in the same room as her, ever. Even by accident.' 'But you didn't do it by accident then did you?' And she shook her head, so I took her to the wooden chair, lay her over my lap, and started spanking.

I didn't want to hurt her, just scare her, but I guess I got carried away. She cried, she kicked and she screamed, and I was almost worried about the people in the flat next door when she went limp and just let me carry on.


When I was done, she sobbed as I pushed her off my lap and left her there, after kissing her on the head to make sure she still kind of trusted me afterwards. A week later I had bought a house, a cheap bungalow, and a week after that I had sorted a room out for Anna.

Nothing special. Nothing at all actually. I bought grey paint, stripped the carpet. Bought a big blind for the window, too heavy for a five year old child to lift. I bought a cheap little cot thing and masses of nappies were stored in what used to be an ensuite bathroom. Even that blank unloved life with Denise would have been better than a life with me where I loved her for all the wrong reasons. The day we moved in was the day that little Anna's life changed properly.

She cried for her mommy as though her mommy had been the Princess Diana, and as I flung her into her cot she wailed and screamed. Life went on. I spanked her occasiaonally, I carried on training her up, bathing her up and rubbing Mr Puss clean.

At six, I started fingering her too, lying her down on the single bed I had bought for such occasions. She struggled at first, but reacted in the perfect way. After the first few times, she assumed it was normal and would spread her legs wide as I made myself horny, and then sit up to lick my dick until I came all over her angelic face.

And then she'd clean my dick for me. I trained her well, actually. She kneel down in front of me and offer her services to me, and I would kneel infront of her, my dick by her mouth. With a deep breath, she would go down, only coming up for another breath. But this wasn't enough for me.

A life wanking yourself off to porn and sexual stories isn't a good life for me, I can't think that it would be a good life for anyone. So when Anna was eight she lost her virginity. I set her endless tasks, spanking her if she did a little thing wrong.

I didn't want to hurt her really, so I never had sex with her before, but when whe was eight she tried to go outside of the house, and I came down on her hard. She used to do chores for me, in this see through apron I bought for a couple of bucks.

When she bent down, her tight butt crack made me look away I was so desparate. Three years living with me had made her trust me and my perverted ways, and she didn't question this.

It was normal for her. One day, I left the empty milk bottle on the side rather than taking it to the porch to be collected as I normally would. Anna was under strict instructions never ever to leave the house, but she thought, as I knew she would, she'd be helpful. And so I took her to my bedroom, I took off her clothes and I made her stand in the corner as I got some rope from the garage.

After an hour in the corner hearing me clatter around, Anna was crying, and as I walked her to the bed she began to sob.

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I tied her hands to the rope and then tied to the rope to a bed post, so her hands were stretched out above her head. I did the same to her feet, and when I was finished, she was all tussled up like a starfish, sobbing her eyes out.

My dick was hard, and her pussy was inviting, so I stripped off and began to speak to her. 'You've been naughty, and upset me. I thought you were leaving. So now you are going to do something that will make me forgive you Anna. We are going to have sex.' She didn't know this word, because when I had taken her she had been an innocent five year old, and since then she hadn't left the house.

'Sex?' she asked. and I said yes, sex, as I put my dick up to her pussy and thrusted, again and again. She screamed, the pain obviously intense. I moved again and again, leaning in on her body, my body climaxing. I came all over her face and then left, leaving her tied to the bed sobbing in pain. Blood from her pussy was spready onto the bed, but I had one more way of making her suffer first.

I put my limp dick up to her mouth, and made her clean it. In between sobs she retched, and once she was done I slapped her and left to look at porn on the internet.


I reckoned Life with Anna was better than even I had expected.