Two british blokes sixtynine before ass fucking

Two british blokes sixtynine before ass fucking
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"A Journey in the Amazon" Part 1 By: Dinomagick ([email protected]) Codes: [MF, M/F, wife, jungle, tribe, captive, cuckold, bd, nc, reluc, mc, intr, rom, preg+++] Description: "After winning the lottery on their wedding day, a newly-wed husband and wife decide to go to the Amazon to learn what it is like to live as the native tribes do. What they thought would be an epic adventure of discovery, turns into something much different than either of them could have possibly imagine." Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional adult fantasy story meant for entertainment purposes only and does not reflect the views or opinions of the author.

Any connection with real people and events is purely coincidence. (As well as being somewhat disturbing). There are sexual acts in the story which are very graphic and not meant for young readers please keep adult content from under-aged persons. "Luckiest day of our lives" The luckiest day of our lives happened when my beautiful new wife, Amanda, and I won the lottery from tickets that were given to us as a wedding present.

After we had given some of the winnings to our faithful friends and loving families, we bought a nice ranch deep in the desert of Arizona, away from everyone and then furnished it with all the wealth and goodness we had grown up with. There was still a lot of money left over, so we took the rest of the winnings and invested it. I figured my wife and I could live off the interest from the investments alone and never have to work meaningless jobs ever again.

Even after all of that, there was still a lot of money left over. So Amanda and I tried to come up with something unique and challenging to do before we started our new lives together. What we decided on would change our lives forever. Beyond the jokes we made and after giving it a lot of thought along with more laughter and goofing around we suddenly became serious when we both absolutely agreed on the idea of going to the Amazon Jungle to live with one of the indigenous tribes for several years.

We also swore to each other that the only way we were going to do it was to go all the way or not at all, in order to appreciate the hardships the tribal natives endured before we fully indulged ourselves in our new found wealth. My wife and I met when were in school. She was a soccer player and I ran track. One day, while I was training for a race, a soccer ball rolled in to my running lane and I stopped to get it. Just as I was about to toss it off the track, this tall, beautiful girl came over and asked me for the ball.

I took one look at her and fell hopelessly in love. Amanda said that I froze when she came up to me and thought it was funny, but when she looked in to my eyes, she knew I was the one for her. Her hair was long and almost a golden-brown, with subtle highlights that framed her face and much darker at the ends.

Because she was quite tall, just a shy over six-foot, she had the longest legs of any girl at school, which was probably why she played soccer. The sexiest part of Amanda's tall frame was of course her tight, well-rounded, heart-shaped ass. Not to say that her modest, but lusciously perky breasts weren't just as wonderful, but I'm a 'butt-man' so obviously they took a very close second place. Firm and round, her breasts were the size of grapefruits and you couldn't help but notice how they bounced when she jogged.

However, when she was running at full speed, the only thing you would notice was a blur because the woman could move. I, on the other hand, ran a lot of long-distance and cross-country, so I didn't have the speed that Amanda did. I'm right at six-foot three, around a hundred-ninety pounds with a toned and well-muscled core. Though she always inferred that I had the best butt of any guy she knew, I had to take her word for it.

Throughout high school, much to the chagrin of the other boys, she and I were totally inseparable. Amanda was the hottest girl I, or those other boys had ever seen and she had chosen me over them. The best part of being with her was that there were no 'ups and downs' in our relationship, only 'ups'. Oh, we had our disagreements, just like any other couple, but the fact that we talked about them instead of storming off in disgruntled anger, made us closer and able to come up with compromises that we both agreed on.

Everyone knew that one day we were going to get married. And sure enough, a year after she graduated, we tied the knot. Amanda was just a few months shy of her twentieth birthday and I had just turned twenty one. We had both come from fairly well-off families and neither of us ever had to want for anything. We had a grand wedding, with a beautiful church, lots of friends and family and the dress Amanda wore, was by far the most beautiful wedding dress on the most beautiful woman.

The lottery tickets were more of a incidental gift than any of the other more traditional and aesthetically pleasing ones that we were given during the reception, so it was a few days after the wedding that we found out we had actually won over one-hundred and sixty million dollars!!

Now we were considering the exciting idea of learning how to live without comfort and luxury. We both wanted to prove that not only could we live on our own, without falling to our wealth to support us, but that we could also survive without the comforts of modern life and at the same time show everyone how strong we really were. In order to prepare for such an enormous change in our lives, we first took care of all the legal work at home to insure that all of our new investments were secure and that if anything happened to us on our great adventure, both our families would be well taken care of.

Amanda's mom, Janice, was really the only one that honestly was excited for us, she gave us a lot of encouragement and support while everyone else, MY family included, thought we were nuts.

Since Janice was divorced from Amanda's dad and was supporting our plan, we asked her to move into our big new house and to take care of it while Amanda and I explored the jungles of South America.

We were both young and confident, but we were also very much in love, and the life we had been living didn't seem to fit our unique personalities. Even with all the wealth, we couldn't think of anything we wanted anymore. To put it simply, we were already bored with our current lives.

Now, we were rich and very bored. We weren't looking for some guided tour through a well-travelled jungle trail somewhere in South America; No, we wanted to become totally immersed in the life of one of the Amazonian tribes and we wanted it to be just us alone with them. The first thing we did was make a promise to follow whatever culture or custom the tribe we ended up choosing was, no matter what.

With some of the leftover money from our lottery winnings, we purchased all the minor equipment that we needed to get us to where we were going. Food that wouldn't go bad in the humid, jungle environment, some medical gear in case we got bit or injured and some clothing that was designed for the jungle that we would be living in for several years.

Just the bare necessities that people not accustomed to the harsh jungle conditions needed until we became acclimatized and our bodies would be able to handle things better. Thanks to my mother-in-law, Janice, she made us realize that Amanda and I could possibly be bringing germs and illnesses that the tribe had never come in contact with, so we made sure we got all of our shots and brought lots of antibiotics and stuff with us, just in case.

It was outside of our envisioned plan of being totally independent of our modern world lives, but it would be our responsibility if the natives got sick and died from contact with us. After that had been taken care of, we trained hard and got our bodies in the best physical condition either of us had ever been in. My wife and I then started our research using the internet at first then headed to the libraries and bookstores.

We were extremely excited with the idea of going away to some remote part of the world for a few years and wanted to make sure that it was going to be the most epic journey of our lives. Once Amanda and I thought we'd done enough background research, we read books on Brazil, Bolivia and Peru to learn more about the various indigenous tribes in those regions and tried to learn at least some of the basics of the varied languages and cultures that existed.

We honestly had no idea there were so many of those tribes and how many of them still had only limited to no contact with the modern world. After all of the learning, the weeks of research and many long hours of studying the geography of several areas, Amanda and I found the tribe that we could discover things about that had never been documented before.

Essentially, we were going to be living our lives as amateur anthropologists, so we wanted to live like them in every way. Each tribe we researched had their own laws and Indigenous Territories that they lived in, which are much like Native American Indian Reservations, and had their own laws that governed them, outside the laws of the country in which they resided. Through all of the research we'd done, Amanda and I finally selected a practically undocumented tribe called the Attanawa, which were deep in the southwestern jungles of Brazil that bordered close to Peru.

The tribe had almost no contact with the 'outside' world we lived in and any information we'd found on them was sketchy at best. Only one other tribe, called the Akashi, even knew where the Attanawan tribe was located.

We also found out that the Attanawan's spoke a particular and hard to understand mixed dialect of Akashi and another tribe called the Nautita. All the research we had found on the Nautita, which wasn't much at all, said that tribe had been more like a neo-narcissistic autocracy with a godlike chieftain, but it had apparently disappeared or had been absorbed into many neighboring tribes four or five decades ago.

It took us about four months alone; just to come up with the possible basics of the Attanawan language before we felt ready to finally go find the tribe we hoped would allow us to stay with them for a few years.

Over all, it took us just over a year of planning, research, physical training and gathering of all the gear we were going to take with us before it finally came time to leave on our Amazon adventure.

Part 2 Our journey began when we arrived in Sau Paulo, Brazil. The arrangements we made were already in place and ready to go the moment we landed. We stayed in a motel the first night, to recuperate from the long flight, and the next day we met with a member of the Brazilian Forestry Service, who would take us westward through the Guyana Shield Region, the largest rainforest reserve in the country, and into the Amazon basin where he had already made contact with a native guide that would take us even further west and outside the boundary of the reserve.

It took my wife and me close to a month of hard travel through the jungle before we finally came upon a small river of the Juruá tributary off of the main Amazon River, deep in a semi-mountainous region near the borders of Brazil and Peru.

We were very thankful to the forest ranger for securing an Akashi guide to bring us through the vast reserve and to the river. Not many travelers, especially white people, went beyond the reserve. Once we got to the river, the guide told us that he was pretty sure that the lands on the other side of the small river belonged to the Attanawa, but that was all he knew of where the elusive tribe was. Other than seeing an Attanawan on the other side of the river a time or two, he didn't know of anyone who ventured across the river, or had seen any Attanawan's on this side, so he couldn't tell us much about them.

When we thanked him, the guide looked first at me and then at Amanda and shook his head. "I think you white people are crazy for going there. Very crazy." He mumbled in Akashi, whilst his gaze went from me, to my wife and then rested on the other side of the small river. I followed his gaze to the other side of the river, admiring the tall trees and the rocky shoreline but before I could turn around and ask him what he had meant by what he said, he had already disappeared back into the thick jungle.

I looked over to Amanda. "Where'd he go?" I asked her. She looked around and shrugged back at me. "I didn't even see him go. I have no idea." She gave another shrug "Ooooh Spooky." She said sarcastically.

The guide left the backpack he had been carrying for us, and Amanda and I took it and dropped the rest of our gear near a group of trees by the edge of the tree line and the rocky shoreline.

Excited about finally being here, my wife and I quickly made our camp under the small copse of trees and enjoyed the blissful quiet of the cool jungle afternoon. While we were traveling through the Akashi lands we noticed that the air there was thicker, warmer and more humid. By comparison, here by the little river, we were at a higher elevation and the air wasn't as dense and much cooler.

Because of the cooler and dryer temperature, we weren't assaulted by as many insects and the jungle sounds around us were quiet, almost serene. The water in the little river was crystal clear, refreshingly cool and not very deep. Snow melt from the mountains in the far distance was more than likely the source of the river's rushing water. The bottom of the river was covered with smooth rounded rocks and not like the muddy, murky streams and rivers we'd come across earlier in the denser parts of the jungle.

Amanda walked along the shore of the little river to admire the pristine water flowing in it. She was fascinated by all the different things we had come across on our journey and always had to stop and investigate something that interested her, which was also most of the reason it had taken so long to get here. Suddenly, she slipped and fell into the little river with a splash.

Before I could react to it, Amanda quickly stood up, dripping wet. "I'm okay! I'm okay!" She said reassuringly. "Shit! This fucking water's cold!" She gasped. As soon as I saw that she hadn't hurt herself I started to laugh out loud. Amanda looked up and saw me laughing, "Oh? You think that's funny, huh?" I smiled mischievously. "Oh yeah, As a matter of fact I do." I chuckled wholeheartedly.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" I said our customary challenge. She just grinned, stretched her sexy long legs and stood there staring at me with a sultry look. "I guess I'll just have to get out of these wet clothes." She answered alluringly. The look she gave me was very sensuous and lusty. It meant that my wife was very horny and she wanted to fuck right now and she wanted to fuck hard!

I didn't make a single move, but raised my eyebrows in anticipation, giving her my signature roguish grin indicating that I knew exactly what she wanted. Amanda stretched her arms above her head and began to slowly remove the blouse she was wearing, which also happened to be one of my short-sleeved, button-up shirts. She began undoing each button slowly and relaxing her stance as she stood in the crystal clear waters as it lapped gently just above her ankles.

No matter how many times I've watched my beautiful wife take her clothes off, she mesmerized me with each sexy motion and each agonizingly slow move she made. I had learned that the anticipation of having sex with her was just as great as the actual act itself, so I was determined to keep myself under control, or at least make an attempt to.

No matter what the result was, Amanda and I always made it worth every agonizing minute in the end. Slowly, she pulled the shirt down to her knees, letting the fabric of the wet shirt press against her already hard nipples. The building pressure in my pants was my hardening cock pressing against the zipper of my shorts. I unzipped them to allow the pleasure of watching Amanda strip, increase my arousal. The experience I had learned with watching my wife strip, kept me from ripping my clothes off, running over to her and fucking her brains out.

Amanda slowly pulled the shirt lower, which only barely covering her lower region. Then she slid her hands underneath the bottom edges of the shirt and began to undo her tight, water soaked khaki shorts. She bent her knees and lowered her body down so she could step out of the shorts and keep the wet shirt covering her nude body. Then she bundled up the shorts and her panties and tossed them onto the shore right next to her discarded backpack.

From where I sat, I could see the gleam of lust in her eyes as she looked me up and down with heady desire. Then, moving her hands up her body very slowly, she began to open the wet shirt, caressing her sexy body while revealing her luscious naked breasts to me.

At that moment, I fantasized that a gorgeous goddess had fallen from the sky and landed in the little river, just for me, but then again, I always thought of my wife as my own, personal sexy goddess.

Tall, trim and well-toned, Amanda had the most perfect body of any woman I knew, with strong long legs that she could easily wrap around my waist and hold me in place, completely under her control. Since our arrival in the Amazon, my wife and I had each developed a smooth, full bodied tan.

While we travelled, I would work hard in a few of the villages we came to and both of us spent many hours outdoors. During the times we got to be alone, we'd find some secluded part of the forest somewhere or a quiet little waterfall and lay out in the sun, naked without a care in the world. We took advantage of those times and had many hours of deliciously uninterrupted sex. I could eat her pussy for hours, tasting the delicious cream while making her come again and over again.

After I had made her almost completely breathless from having so many orgasms, I would lay back and enjoy the feel of her warm mouth she wrapped it around my manhood, licking and sucking on it until I was ready to explode.

Then I would gently pull my cock out of her mouth, lean her back and shoot my thick cream all over her sexy body. Not to mention the times I drove into her like a sex hungry beast, fucking her until I cried out and pumped my entire load of thick cum into her pussy and both of us would collapse in a heap of blissful satisfaction. But at that moment, Amanda stood, completely naked in the cool, crystal clear water with her hip cocked outward and her hands resting along her sides.

Slowly, she lowered herself down into the river and leaned back, letting the cool clear water gently glide over her nude sexy body. I looked her body over with pure lust, my eyes, hungrily going up and down, devouring every inch of her sexy body from her long smooth legs up to her bare tight pussy over her taut, trim stomach to her gently heaving chest where my eyes stopped, watching with complete lust as her luscious breasts rose and fell as her breathing became a little more rapid with the anticipation of what was to come.

I stood and began to slowly remove my own clothing, hoping I could last long enough to torture her as she had me, but that didn't happen. "God! Don't take your damn time, David… Hurry the fuck up!" She said in a demanding voice.

"Please. I can't wait to feel you inside me." I was about to force myself to make her wait, but the anticipation of fucking her was killing me. So I quickly stripped out of my clothes and rushed over to her, lifted her up from the cool rushing water and held her in my arms tightly. My strong hands gripped her firm gorgeous ass possessively while I mumbled about how much I was going to enjoy fucking her. Amanda pushed against my chest, sliding her wet body down and pressing her tight, sex hungry pussy against my raging manhood.

She turned her head and pointed toward a large boulder, just on the edge of the river. "There! Do me over there! Get me on that rock and fuck me to death, damn it!" She gasped with an almost feral need. She wrapped her sex long legs around me and I strode purposefully with Amanda gasping in my ear, nibbling at my neck and panting heavily, over to the big boulder so I could fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

When we got to the big rock she wanted me to fuck her on, Amanda reluctantly lowered her body down onto it and slow spreading those long sexy legs of hers. "Fuck me. Oh gods, David. fuck me&hellip. Now… now!" she panted hungrily.

I grabbed my wife's sexy hips with enthusiasm and drove my raging hard cock, deep into her wonderfully tight pussy. Amanda grunted heavily at my powerful thrust. "Ungh! Oh yes! YES! Like that! Hard! Fuck! ME!! Fuck me HARD!!!" She cried demandingly.

I viciously pulled my cock out and then slammed back into her with everything I had. Her tight pussy clenched and unclenched against my hard shaft, already trying to milk me. Her sweet delicious juices were already coating my glistening cock with each thrust of my hips.

I gave my beautiful wife another punishing thrust, making her grunt hard and gasp with heady need as I continued hammering into her like some sex crazed maniac.

Amanda grunted and softly moaned, and then her body began to tense as her first orgasm began trembling through her sexy body. She licked her lips and softly gasped as I kept hammering my cock in and out of her tight pussy, gripping her hips and giving her more. She whimpered softly and with each trembling breath, begged me not to stop. "Ungh… Ungh…" she grunted. "Oh. Yes. God Yes… don't stop, David. Don't stop!" I fucked her hard, yanking her body into each of my demanding thrusts until she fell silent and unmoving.

She was about to have one of her classic, massive orgasms. Her breathing went from gasping hard grunts to quick, soft breathless pants, which was the tell-tale signs of a buildup to her body going stiff and then shaking as she was about to come hard and cream all over my gloriously, sex hungry cock. Normally, I can hold myself back and have glorious sex with my wife for a very long time, but as soon as she is about to have one of her massive 'O's", it drives me totally over the edge and I can't hold myself back anymore.

When it was obvious that Amanda was about to have one of her 'signature' big orgasms, I gripped her waist firmly and plunged my cock into her tightness as deep and as hard as I possibly could.

Her orgasm thundered through her body and I growled with unrestrained need, letting my own release stream out of me like a flood, spraying the first of many loads of my thick cum into her gorgeous body. It felt deliciously wonderful as Amanda screamed out my name and she came hard, again and again, while I continued pistoning in and out of her like a rutting animal, shooting more and more of my seed deep inside my beautiful wife. The bliss that came over me was overwhelming.

I closed my eyes and felt each tremor of her body and the absolute pleasure of her pussy gripping my hard shaft, milking me for every last drop. "Oh David! Yes! Yes!! Give it to me, make me feel every pulse, baby. Ooooh, yes!" She moaned and writhed beneath me. "Damn, you fuck me so good!" By the time we had finished having several glorious, almost never ending climaxes together, I had pulled her off the large boulder and down into the cool water, my still hard cock firmly entrenched inside her tight pussy.

I closed my eyes and gently caressed her sexy body, groping her firm luscious breasts, massaging her neck, her stomach and rubbing her pussy while my still hard cock throbbed within her wonderful depths. Amanda laid there in the cool gently flowing waters, snuggling against my bare chest, cooing softly. "Oh. David. You have no idea how badly I needed that, babe." She whispered sensuously.

"I could feel every single shot of your cum inside me." I smiled and gently continued groping her sexy body. "Oh, baby. I needed it badly and man did your pussy grip my cock tight. I couldn't have pulled out even if I had tried." Amanda chuckled softly. "No kidding! I wanted to keep every glorious inch of your cock inside me so I could feel all of your seed shooting into me." She then brought my hands down, pressing them to her throbbing sex, which was still impaled on my hard shaft.

"Please tell me you're going to fuck me some more." She begged huskily. I laughed. "Of course, but I need time to recover from that one, babe." She pouted and kissed me deeply. "Recover quickly, because I'm still horny, baby." Which I couldn't help but tease her about. "Sex fiend." I said with a chuckle. "Damn right." She answered softly and napped against me while my hands held lovingly to her gorgeous ass. It took me a good twenty minutes or more before I had recovered enough to give Amanda another good hard fucking and it took a couple of those before she was finally sated to the point of total exhaustion.

Part 3 "Unluckiest Day of our Lives" The next day, however, proved to be very different than either of us could have possibly imagined. Everything happened so fast and the only thing I could remember were confusing bits and pieces.

We had planned on getting up early the next morning, making breakfast and packing up our camp so we could go across the little river and look for the elusive Attanawa tribe. Instead, we woke up to several dark skinned men who were surrounding us. Each of them was decorated with feathers of various types and had red tribal symbols painted on parts of their bodies.

Before either of us could react, I heard Amanda cry "OW! What the fuck?" and shortly after I felt a sting on my neck. When I reached up to see what it was, I pulled a small dart sticking out of my neck and within a few short moments I realized that it was getting hard to concentrate.

Quickly after that sensation began, everything started to get dim and my thoughts became confused and foggy. Finally the world around me began spinning and I fell into gentle darkness.

When I finally came to, everything was a jumble of sounds, images and colors. It was hard to focus on anything, but as my vision cleared a little, I saw several of the native men I'd seen earlier were now holding my semi-conscious wife, trying to take her clothes off while she meekly struggled against them.

There was another, older looking native with a few more feather decorations and tribal paint on his body, saying something to them about his "to'nah", which I would later learn meant [white slave].

My foggy mind began to clear a little more and I realized from the markings on their bodies that my wife and I may have just found the tribe we were looking for. Or, to be more accurate, it was the Attanawan's that had found us! I looked around cautiously, just to make sure it was the right tribe and realized they had already brought us to their village.

Huts made of straw and sticks sat around a semi-circle with the remnants of a large fire in the middle. One hut was quite a bit larger than the rest and it was where the native men had been stripping Amanda in front of.

Several other village natives had taken a curious interest in what was going on and milled about just outside of the large hut, watching from a distance. I wasn't able to move too much either or stop what they were doing to my wife. I kept very still, not just because I was still recovering from being drugged, but mainly because one of the tribesmen had a deadly looking spear pointed at my chest, his eyes warning me not to move.

The older one with more of the paint and decorations on him was obviously the chieftain of the Attanawa. He stood back from the rest of the native men and watched lustfully as the other men continued to slowly take my wife's clothing off. All she could do was mumble and moan incoherently, and if it wasn't for the men holding her up, she probably would have collapsed to the ground.

One held her by the arms, while the other effortlessly batted away her meager attempts to prevent him from removing her shorts. I kept trying to blink the misty feeling from my eyes and tried to focus my sight on what was happening to Amanda. The one holding her lifted her up off the ground a little while the other pulled her shorts down her legs, grabbing her thin panties with them, lifting one long leg after the other until he wadded them up and tossed them aside.

Even though he was not as tall as my wife or me, the chieftain and the other tribesmen were also not as short as other natives from the tribes we'd encountered during our journey to the river. The chieftain stared at my quietly whimpering wife with lust blazing in his eyes like a fiery volcano. He and the other two men took a particular interest that my wife's sex was totally hairless. After a few brief comments, obviously appreciating Amanda's sexy bare pussy, they ripped open her shirt and released her bare breasts to be open displayed for everyone to admire.

Amanda was oblivious to what was going on, but I wasn't. I shouted for them to leave her alone, in what I thought was their language, but either because I was still recovering from the poisoned dart or because I got the wording wrong, they just looked at me and continued stripping my wife naked. The chieftain turned his gaze to where I sat; my hands tied securely behind my back, and said something to the native men that were nearest tom me. The other native men finished stripping my frightened, semi-conscious wife naked and were gently putting her hands in front of her, binding her wrists together with leather lashings.

They were carefully holding her upright so her drugged body wouldn't collapse. The native men that were guarding me brought me over to the chieftain and gestured to the ground and firmly pushed me to my knees so I didn't tower over their leader. From what I could understand, it sounded like the chieftain told them to take it easy with me and gave me a casual calculating look. I must have learned enough of the Attanawan dialect that I at least knew it was quite different than what my wife and I had learned; I listened carefully and still barely understood what he was saying.

"I claim mai as to'nah." He said with finality. I shook my head, not understanding what he meant, and he repeated it by pointing at my wife as he said "mai" then pointed to me, and then he repeated "to'nah" and pointed at my wife again. My mind still wasn't working right, nothing made a whole lot of sense, and whatever drug or poison they had used on those darts, made me see double and it was beginning to get hard to focus my vision.

Whatever that stuff was, it was pretty potent, and I am sure that Amanda was probably feeling the same way as I was. The chieftain gestured again and said the same words but he gave up after I involuntarily slumped forward feeling like I was about to pass out. Without making another attempt to get me to understand, he strode over to the hut where the other tribesmen had taken Amanda. I sat there and watched helplessly as two of the tribesmen dragged my now completely naked wife into the hut and after one last look in my direction, the chieftain followed them inside.

A few moments later, I heard my wife's mumbled protests coming from the hut. But they slowly became less protesting and more reluctant. "No. Stop. P-lease d-don't!" I heard, but Amanda still sounded groggy and confused. Soon, the sounds of her mumbled protests turned into soft gasping grunts that gradually became louder. "Ungh! Ungh!!" she grunted, "P-please&hellip. D-don't&hellip.S-s-stop!" I heard her mumbling gasp again. Then, from the obvious sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and along with Amanda's gasping grunts and slurred protests, I knew that she was being fucked against her will.

I quickly took notice that the men who had brought her inside the hut, were now standing passively outside, so I knew it was their leader, the chieftain, who was inside fucking my wife at that very moment. Anger built up my courage and pushed some of the fogginess from my mind. I got up fast, lunging angrily at the nearest tribesman. But before I could even reach him, I got the blunt end of a spear in my chest and was shoved back onto the ground while another tribesman wrestled me down, pinning my shoulders to the ground and prevented any more struggles from me.

I tried to kick, curse and protest against the assault, but they silenced me by putting a gag in my mouth. Then they pulled me to my feet and took me over to a large pole right in front of the very hut my wife was in, and tied me to it with lengths of straps made of braided leather lashings.

Still too weak from being drugged, I struggled fruitlessly against the bonds and growled slurred curses under my breath. The sounds of my wife being fucked hard by the chieftain got my attention again and from where I was being kept now, I could see right into the chieftain's hut. Amanda was lying on her back on a large thick woven mat; her hands were over her head and tied to a single large wooden stake.

I could see my wife's long legs were spread apart and slightly bent at the knees with the tribe's chieftain lying in-between them. Her ankles were bound to stakes at either side and held there by thick leather lashings. His hands held onto her narrow waist and his hips were thrusting into her with a steady rhythm. My wife's body rocked back and forth from the chieftain's thrusts and her breasts bounced in time with it as he continued to lustfully pound his cock into her while I shamelessly watched.

After several long heartbreaking moments of watching the chieftain fucking my wife like that, he slowly increased his speed until he was hammering into her with fast, long and hard thrusts, causing her to grunt even louder. He moved his hands slowly up her tight torso and began amorously groping her luscious tits. Amanda raised her head up from the mat a little ways and stared angrily at the chieftain. Her mouth was slightly parted and she was making soft gasping pants as he continued to amorously fondle her perky breasts.

She gently sucked on her lower lip when he said something to her and then went back to the soft panting as he started to fuck her even harder. She grunted loudly and her eyelashes fluttered for a moment and then she gradually laid her head back down on the mat. It seemed as if she had given up her resistance and was reluctantly letting the tribe's chieftain fuck the hell out of her. He ground his cock against the sensitive nub of her clit a few times and then went in and out rapidly a bunch more times.

My wife began rolling her head back and forth, licking her lips and moaning softly. Then, with a sudden jolt of force, the chieftain gripped Amanda's hips; lunged deeply into her with everything he had and threw his head back, letting loose a gasping groan. With a look of pure carnal lust on his face, the chieftain leaned over my wife, collapsing on top of her gasping for breath. From the disgusted look on her face, I determined that he was releasing his orgasm inside of her.

Despite her meager struggles beneath him, the chieftain kept rutting into her and she grimaced each time she felt him pump more and more of his seed into her trembling body. Once the chieftain had finally finished his orgasm and had emptied his balls into my wife's pussy, he gently fondled her luscious, perky breasts again, sliding his hands caressingly up and down her sweaty body to her bare pussy while reluctantly pulling his semi-limp cock out of her.

Amanda groaned softly, licking her lips and glared angrily at the chieftain. She took a deep breath and let out a shuddering sigh, and then closed her eyes and slowly turned her head away from him. When he got back on his feet I heard him call out to his people and told them to take his to'nah [white slave] to the river and bathe her. Shortly, some of the female villagers came around and one by one, they entered the chieftain's hut.

They slowly untied Amanda from the stakes and once they got my exhausted and still groggy wife to her feet, they carefully guided her from the hut and over to the little river. I can't remember exactly how long the group was gone, but to hazard a guess it was twenty minutes or so when the group of women returned with my wife. Amanda was still dripping wet from the bath she had been given and her naked body glistened in the mid-morning sunlight.

Her long dark hair hung down in wet strands that stuck against her bare skin. She looked so beautiful that I could not bear thinking about what had just been done to her inside that hut.

The group paused a moment in front of one tribesman who carefully re-tied Amanda's bonds then with a firm, but gentle hand, he ushered her back toward the chieftain's hut. At that moment, I was able to make eye contact with Amanda. Her legs still looked a little wobbly from whatever poison they used on those darts and her steps were unsteady.

Even so, I could tell that she was still holding strong. Her back was straight and she kept her head up. Amanda's eyes looked watery when she saw my own predicament, but I gave her a reassuring nod, letting her know that I was okay. She returned it with a half-hearted smile and a nod of reassurance as well. It seemed to be enough for her to know that I was all right, because when the chieftain called from inside the hut to have his [to'nah] white slave brought to him, she only made a meager attempt to struggle against her captors.

The exasperation that flickered for a moment on her face when she rolled her eyes and looked to me was something that I would never forget. In my current situation, there wasn't anything I could do about it and she knew it, but that look she gave me meant that she also knew she was about to be fucked again, and though she didn't look pleased, she let them force her inside.

A few moments later, after Amanda had reluctantly went into the hut; I heard her refusing complaints and watched the chieftain carefully tying my wife's wrists to the large wooden stake again. She took a shuddering breath in preparation of what was going to happen, knowing the already aroused chieftain was about to fuck her again.

I told myself that I wasn't going to watch it this time, but I couldn't help it and I shamelessly looked into the hut anyway. The chieftain leaned over my wife's naked body and gently fondled her luscious breasts with lustful patience while saying something to her that I couldn't hear. I tried not to look, but the interest in what was happening to Amanda had my eyes glued to the impending action. I just watched in shameful silence as the chieftain slowly spread my wife's long sexy legs open and lowered himself down in-between them.

Amanda closed her eyes and let out a soft shuddering groan of reluctance the moment he entered her tight pussy. He pulled back a little bit to reposition her hips and then slowly pushed back into her. Once he'd gone in and out of my wife a few times, he gripped her narrow waist and started fucking her harder and harder.

Her grunts got louder as he forcefully pounded into her pussy again and again. I couldn't believe I was actually watching this without any sense of revulsion. I should have been raging in anger at him for fucking my wife against her will, but the image of the tribe's chieftain fucking her was actually starting to turn me on. Despite the shame I thought I should have felt, my arousal built as the chieftain kept ramming into my sexy wife with steady, measured thrusts.

Her body rocked back and forth in response to each of his thrusts, her pert breasts bounced up and down her chest in rhythm with it. The thrusts of his hips started to get faster as he drove into my wife deeper and more rapidly. Amanda grunted hard and squeezed her eyes shut, letting a soft moan escape her lips. The chieftain lifted her waist up a little so he could put his hands underneath her gorgeous ass and grip it tightly while he fucked her even harder, deeper and faster.

Amanda cried out distressingly and grunted loudly each time he penetrated her deeply. Then, with a massive lunge that made her scream "NO! FUCK-NO!!" and open her eyes wide in shock, he held almost perfectly still, clutching her ass tightly. He leaned his head back and let out a blissful groan of pleasure and I knew he was pumping his cum into my wife like he had before.

He rammed into her a bunch more times, sending spurt after spurt, deep into her core. The disgust that showed in Amanda's eyes and her softly gasping "No-No-No" was evidence that she could feel his sperm shooting into her, but the chieftain didn't acknowledge her reactions and just kept fucking her and fucking her until he finally collapsed in blissful exhaustion on top of her, completely spent.

I heard Amanda groan in displeasure from his use of her and she turned her head to one side, her eyes locking onto mine. A single tear fell down her cheek, but she gave me a subtle nod letting me know that she was okay. I let out a sigh of relief and returned her nod.

The chieftain released his grip on her ass and slowly moved out from between her legs, pulling his now limp, but still long cock out of her pussy. He generously spread her legs, and even from where I was sitting, I could see the copious amounts of his cum, leaking from my wife's heavily fucked pussy. Amanda gave a brief shudder of revulsion and forced her legs closed while the chieftain grabbed a cloth and carefully wiped her sweaty body off before rolling her over onto her side and settling himself down behind her, with his hands on her hips.

He didn't call for anyone to take Amanda to the river for a bath this time and after what I guessed was half an hour, maybe more, he rolled my wife back over and gently roused her awake so he could fuck her some more. Throughout the rest of that first day and long into the cool jungle night, I sat there bound to the pole, alone. When I was finally no longer foggy minded, I watched in shameless arousal as the chieftain of the Attanawa fucked my wife lustfully again and again.

It was surprisingly amazing at how quickly that old guy recovered and how many times he was able to fuck Amanda. During the few lulls when I didn't hear any of her cries or grunts or the sounds of flesh against flesh, I looked inside the hut just to see if she was okay. There was a soft orange glow coming from a small fire inside the hut. I could see my wife's chest slowly rising and falling. Her naked body glistened with the sweat from all the fucking she'd been forced to endure at the chieftain's hands.

I was close enough that I could also smell the musky scent of heavy sex coming from inside, but thankfully, Amanda's eyes were closed and she seemed to be sleeping now. From the way she was laying, the chieftain had untied her hands and loosened the lashing from the large stake so she could rest more comfortably. I hung my head down as tears of shame began to well up into my eyes. I could do nothing to help my wife and, not only that, I had been aroused at seeing her getting banged by another man.

This was not what I had imagined our first contact with the Attanawan tribe would be like, and definitely not something either of us would have thought a primitive tribe like this would do. I considered myself lucky, though. At the very least we were both still alive. I had heard stories that in some of the other tribes that actually had a bit more contact with white people, their response would be much more violent and more often than not, deadly.

Between Amanda being fucked by the chieftain all day and all the myriad of other things I had felt and witnessed, had drained my exhausted mind and somehow I ended up falling fitfully to sleep. Part 4 "Just the beginning" By the next morning when I finally woke up, I was ravenously hungry. My stomach growled like some starving animal was about to leap from my abdomen and swallow everything in sight.

Thankfully, a woman from the tribe noticed that I was awake and removed the gag from my mouth. Either out of compassion or because she had been instructed to, I didn't care. I was just glad to get that cloth out of my mouth. When she brought a small bowl of water to my lips, my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head.

It felt like complete bliss as the cool water past my lips and eased the ache of thirst in my parched throat. I nearly pulled my shoulders out of their sockets to take some more water as she began to move the small bowl away.

"Slowly." she said, her soft voice gentle and compassionate. "Not e'yo [good] if drink fast." As I had learned earlier, there were many words in their dialect that weren't ones what I knew. However, I understood enough of what she was saying that I could interpret what the words I didn't know meant. The villager speaking to me was a bit older than I was, possibly in her upper twenties to mid-thirties. Considering my poor ability at guessing someone's age, I probably was off target more than I thought.

All I could say for certain was that she looked a lot younger than most of the village women I had seen, and a whole lot prettier than them too. I thanked her profusely for her kindness and hoped that I was using the right words, but more than anything, I wanted to ask her about Amanda and get some reassurance that my wife was okay, but the woman gently placed a hand on my mouth. "Do not think about to'nah [white slave]." She said her voice soft.

"Sieta [slave] now belong to chieftain, you now belong to tribe." The way the woman said it made me feel as if she was trying to be compassionate and understanding. There was sadness in her eyes and she turned to look over her shoulder at the hut and made a gesture of some kind.

"I am Kauya." She told me. But her voice sounded different, and from her looks I figured out that she was not originally from this tribe. She was a little taller and thinner than most of the women I had seen already, her skin was not as dark as theirs and her eyes were blue, like mine. She also seemed to have an accent that the others did not. "You're not Attanawan, are you?" I asked hoarsely in Akashi, guessing she was from that tribe based on what she looked like and the slight 'accent' in her voice.

Kauya looked around to make sure no one could hear or if anyone else was paying too close attention to us. "You speak Akashi?" her eyes lit up in recognition the moment I said the words.

"No, I am not from this tribe. I am Akashi." She said in hushed excitement, saying her tribe's name with pride. The Akashi were one of the tribes that Amanda and I had learned quite a lot about and had also spent a long time with while learning about the surrounding jungle.

Even the guide that had brought us to the little river had also been Akashi. "How long have you been here?" I whispered softly, trying not to get the attention of the tribesmen that were standing nearby.

"I have spent many gao [years] as a sieta [slave]." She answered with sadness. "But I am now part of the tribe, no longer a sieta [slave]." Despite my interest in Kauya's story, I wanted to know more about how my wife was doing, "Please, Kauya." I begged quietly. "My wife is scared, at least let her know that I am okay." "I cannot stay, I must go now." She said suddenly, not answering my question when one of the tribesmen watching us took more than a polite interest in what we were saying.

He gave Kauya a warning glare, and then she gave me another drink of water and placed a pealed fruit that was like a sweet lemon, in my mouth. "I will tell your woman." She said reassuringly, then gave me a nod of affirmation, stood up and moved away.

Sitting there by myself, I thought about what we had learned from all of our research and a theory popped into my mind as to why Amanda and I had been taken captive. It seemed possible, that while we were at the river some of the Attanawan's had probably observed our arrival in the area. They also likely watched saw us having sex as well. The chieftain probably had been informed about what the tribesmen had seen at the river and he told them to bring the white people to him.

It sounded like plausible theory to me. I had learned that many tribes viewed white people with awe and thought we possessed some sort of 'magic'. Even though this tribe might not have had much contact with the outside world, I am sure over the years they had come into contact or had at least seen some white people before.

I chewed on the fruit Kauya had given me reflecting on what she had said and tried to come up with some more theories about our current situation. Then I heard my wife's groans of displeasure coming from the chieftain's hut again. I quickly turned to see that Amanda was still on her back, bound and tied to the large stake. As I watched, the chieftain casually approached her prone form and slowly reached down underneath my wife's back, carefully turning her over onto her stomach.

He then guided her up onto her hands and knees, steadying her and telling her not to move. Surprisingly, Amanda reluctantly obeyed him and she leaned forward and raised her ass up in the air. Once she was in the position he wanted, he caressed her sexy body, spreading some kind of oily substance on her body, groping her ass with both of his hands and then moved them to her sexy hips, guiding his erect tool up to her tight pussy and pressing it slowly in.

Amanda turned her head in my direction and saw that I was looking at her. She slowly shook her head, indicating that she didn't want me to watch. I nodded in response, giving her my roguish grin and mouth the words "I'm okay." She just rolled her eyes at me and placed her head back down, waiting for the chieftain to begin fucking her. As soon as Amanda felt the invasion of her sex again, she closed her eyes and her body gently rocked forward as the chieftain shoved his cock into her.

Once he was deep inside my wife, he began to thrust into her a little harder and faster. The oil he had coated her with, dripped down her sides and her legs, making slick, wet, slapping sounds as he fucked her. Amanda began to grunt a little harder as the chieftain drove into her tight sexy body more and more.

She tensed up after he gave her several long hard thrusts in a row then resumed fucking her at a steady pace. She moaned and went ridged for a short moment and I saw the elation show up in his eyes that he had managed to make her have a small orgasm. I could see sweat beading on my wife's body, but he didn't stop pounding into her for a long hard while.

It looked like Amanda was at the point of collapse when he let out an exultant groan and rammed all the way into her with a powerful thrust causing her eyes to go wide and let out a loud "Unghf!". The chieftain held himself completely still with his cock buried deep inside my wife's pussy. He groaned some more as he pumped his thick cum into her sexy body. But, like I had observed before, he wasn't done with her. Again and again, he rammed his cock in and out of Amanda, releasing more of his sperm inside her.

Amanda closed her eyes and quietly sobbed, laying there with her head down on the mat.


The chieftain leaned over my wife's back and moved his hands up her torso so he could fondle her luscious breasts. "My sieta [slave]. The gods have blessed me with a beautiful to'nah [white slave]", he grunted. I thought he was done this time, but the chieftain reluctantly pulled out of Amanda and rolled her onto her back, he then lifted her legs, pressing her knees to her chest and leaned over her.

With Amanda bent like that, she must have known what he was about to do. She used her fingers to spread her pussy open and I watched in awe as the old man grabbed his cock and gently let his cum drip like globs of thick honey right into my wife's open pussy. My own cock was rigidly hard in my pants and I couldn't stop the explosion that happened. Finally, when the last drops of his cum had dripped into my wife's sex hole, he held her hips tightly and looked at her cum filled pussy with happy admiration.

He held her like that for quite some time, making sure that none of his seed spilled out of her. I could barely hear my wife whispering "Oh, god… no… no… no…" and that was when I knew that the tribe's chieftain would not stop fucking my wife until he had impregnated her. Part 5 "New day, old way" The next day, Kauya came to me and I was finally untied from the pole outside the chieftain's hut.

My legs felt like they were burning and were basically useless after sitting for over a day tied to a pole, I smelled horrible, like a walking sewer, having urinated twice to relieve my bladder.

She called to a few of the tribesmen to help her get me to the river. They were gentle with me, offering their shoulders and guiding me along the narrow path. Once at the river, I practically dove into the cool water, but they eased my body down into the river and let me relax in its cool embrace. After I had regained some motion in my stiff limbs, I carefully stripped out of my clothes and began to wash the stench out of them. The men turned back toward the village after a brief discussion with Kauya, and then left us alone.

After cleaning my sore aching body and drinking a few mouthfuls of the clean fresh water, I picked up my wet clothes and laid them on a big rock. Kauya didn't seem to be afraid of me and watched me with curiosity as I stretched the kinks out of my back and arms, flexed my legs from time to time and continued to douse my head with more of the cool water from the river.

Kauya didn't say anything, just stood there waiting patiently for me to wash myself. She also didn't seem to be phased by my being naked. I was hairless between my legs, having gone through that laser hair removal process like my wife had done. We'd decided to do that because it made personal hygiene in the jungle much easier. Since we had planned on being in that environment for a long time, we had thought it best for both of us to do it. Kauya started pacing up and down the shoreline after a while, picking up a few sticks here and there and I could tell she was growing bored.

I had to admit, having a beautiful native woman watching over me was a good deal better than having one of the men do it. I stayed there for a while longer, resting my aching body on the sun warmed rocks while my clothes dried.

My face was itchy and I was overdue for a shave. I noticed none of the natives had hair on their face, either they shaved or were like Native American Indians, who very rarely grew hair on their faces. Eventually my clothes dried enough for me to put them back on. With Kauya's help, I walked stiffly back to the village. Instead of bringing me over to the pole, she took me over to hut, right next to the chieftain's, and ushered me to go inside.

Once inside, she gave me some food to eat and water to drink. My body ached from sitting so long and being bound to that pole, plus the walk to and from the river that I was pretty tired by the time I'd finished eating a little, so it wasn't surprising that I fell asleep within a few moments.

Because of how close this hut was to the chieftain's, I didn't get to sleep too long before I heard the sounds of the chieftain fucking my wife again.

I was too tired to get up and even attempt to watch his use of her, so I just laid my head back and tried to get some sleep. Part 6 "Days of wonder, a moment of despair" Later the next morning I woke up to Amanda's reluctant protests and after a few tense moments I heard the sounds of that old guy fucking her yet again. I wasn't sure what my feelings were about that anymore, so I just sat in the hut and listened, waiting for the chieftain to finish his use of my wife.

When he finally was done, I was able to get a good look at Amanda when he called for the women to come and take her for a bath. The old man had been fucking Amanda a lot and she looked totally exhausted as she walked unsteadily out of the chieftain's hut with her head down. But, once she was outside, she brought her head up to look over at the pole that I had been tied to the past few days. After seeing that I was no longer there, she began looking around for me with an expression of concern on her face.

Before Amanda could wondered where I had gone, I quickly called out to her, just to let her know that I was all right. She looked over to the hut I was in and I saw the look of relief etched on her face just as one of the natives told me to be quiet.

While I sat there waiting for their return, I began contemplating everything that had happened over the past few days. I wish I knew what my wife was feeling, having to endure being fucked by the tribe's chieftain. She acted reluctant at first, but since I had been watching, she seemed to let him use her with less resistance than she had at first. We weren't in Kansas anymore, so whatever the law was in the Attanawan Tribe, like it or not, we were subject to it now. Part 7 "Another day and some revelations" I knew that we were in another world now, much different than the one we were used to.

That was something we had both expected. We were subject to the same rules, customs and laws as the rest of the tribe. Thinking about that helped me get my mind off of what my wife was going through, which was not something either of us had expected. Another thing about them that was different than the other indigenous jungle tribes we'd come across, was that they bathed frequently in the river and kept themselves clean and healthy.

It was easy to notice that none of the villagers showed signs of serious illnesses or had the severe stench of unwashed bodies, because in some of the other villages we'd gone through earlier in our journey, we could smell most people before they were near us. The men, here, wore their hair short and straight, and from time to time I saw them combing it with stiff branches to keep the insects out of it.

The women also kept their hair neat and clean, but instead of it being short like the men, theirs was long and most of the women had it braided down their backs. The few children I saw also looked fairly tidy and clean, but stayed close to their parents so I didn't see many of them.

It seemed to me that the men took care of the children just as much as the women did and I made a mental note to pay attention more to that. This to me seemed strange in comparison to what I had read about other primitive tribes where the women mostly raised the children.

Along with some combination of feather decorations and other jewelry made of colorful stones, they all wore some sort of clothing, either hides or leathers from animals they killed or woven skirts made of soft, subtle reeds and vines. For a 'primitive' tribe, they were at least more advanced in personal hygiene than other tribes I had met. They even used a type of stiffened root that was frayed out and dried to brush their teeth with. I had already noticed that after a hard day's work, a villager would wash in the river and afterwards they would sit around the large fire in the middle of the village, eating their evening meal together.

In contrast to everyone else wearing clothing of some fashion, my wife, Amanda, was being kept totally nude. When she left the hut to be bathed, some of the men would stop and stare at her naked beauty. A few times a native woman or two would verbally admonish the men, making them go back to what they were doing if they spent too long gawking at my naked wife.

Despite the situation, I got a chuckle from it, but I soon sobered to the fact that my wife was still being used for the sexual pleasure of the tribe's chieftain.

Kauya, I learned, had been captured long ago by the Attanawa and that the chieftain had also claimed her as he had claimed my wife. As she related her story, I was conscious of the fact that I actually could imagine what she had gone through, because I had already seen it first hand with what the chieftain was doing to Amanda. The story Kauya told me, started when she had gotten upset with her father, who was trying to marry her off to one of the elders of the Akashi tribe. She didn't want to marry an old man and so she ran off.

She ran far from the borders of the Akashi lands and reached the river where there were some Attanawan hunters who captured her and brought her to their village. I had at first hoped that Kauya knew where we were and how to get back to Akashi lands, but as she continued her story, I knew she was just as lost as my wife and I were.

Kauya didn't have a clue either. Just like what the chieftain was doing to Amanda now, Kauya was forced to let the old guy fuck her. But something that I was just starting to realize was that not only did she have to submit to being his personal sex slave, but that she had also been forced to bear his children.

I was completely astounded to learn that in just under eight years, Kauya had given birth to nine children, and all of them had been boys. However, shortly after the ninth baby was born, Kauya had come down with a strange illness.

After she'd recovered from it, she found that she could not get pregnant again. Though the chieftain kept trying, Kauya never became pregnant again.

Since she apparently was barren, and could no longer have any more children, he released her from being a slave and made her a member of the tribe. Though the tribe fully accepted her, none of the other men wanted a female that couldn't bear offspring, do she remained the only single woman left in the tribe.

Kauya smiled when she told me that, because it was more of a blessing to her than the other way around. The chieftain no longer wanted her for sex since she couldn't bear him anymore children, so she didn't have to be a sex slave to him any longer. She must have noticed my reaction to her story and gave me a gentle smile. She relaxed her shoulders a bit and told me that she had learned to accept that it was his right, as leader of the tribe, to use her and make her have his offspring.

Kauya went on to insure me that she had never been beaten or treated poorly, and even though she was no longer able to have children anymore, she'd still been accepted into the tribe. I wanted to know more about the children she'd had. I hadn't seen her walking around with any kids, and nine boys would be hard to hide. So I asked her where her kids were. Kauya gave me a sad smile then told me that once she'd given birth to them, she never saw her children again.

I was appalled but let her explain. She knew they had been given to other families in the tribe, ones that didn't have any kids. As she got around the tribe more, she had noticed some of her own likeness in a few of the boys, but knew that they weren't hers anymore.

Kauya took my hand and turned her head. She pointed over to a woman sitting with a young boy. "Do you see the dark haired boy, sitting next to his mother?" She pointed out quietly. I looked over and saw a boy, probably ten years old, helping his mother make baskets.

"Yes. I see him, is that one of your sons?" Kauya nodded. "I am sure he was the first one I had for the chieftain." She said with a soft sigh.

"Look at how happy he is, how happy his mother is. When I gave birth to him, I could not raise him and at the time and I did not want him." The little boy did look happy and so did his mother. "I see what you mean, Kauya" I replied softly with understanding. She nodded. "Many of the Attanawan women have…" she paused for a second to think about the right word to use. "Problems?. Having babies." From my estimate of what I had seen of the village, there were about two hundred or more people in the tribe.

But most of them were men. The few women I had seen were getting out of child bearing years, and from what Kauya had just told me, the ones that could bear children had problems doing so.

Even if the few women that I saw who could probably still have children didn't have those kinds of problems, it still didn't leave a lot of biological diversity. Not to mention that I was amazed that a primitive tribe realized what this kind of problem was. It started to make sense to me, and why the chieftain would take any opportunity to bring new blood into his tribe.

Though forcing my wife to do that, still didn't sit well with me, I sort of understood it. After our nice talk, I asked Kauya to speak to the chieftain on my behalf about letting me see Amanda and that I wanted to learn more about the tribe. She did speak with the chieftain, and the old man actually thought about it for a long time before making his decision.

He said I could start working in the village and help tend to the near constant repair of the primitively made huts everyone lived in. He also said he wanted Kauya to teach me their language better, because he wanted his people to be able to communicate with me as well as he wanted to know more about [white women], meaning he wanted to know more about my wife, Amanda. I narrowed my gaze at the mention of my wife, but I kept my anger in check.

He was letting me out of my hut, and that was a good start. Thankfully, he also agreed to let me talk to Amanda, but only in his presence and with Kauya as an interpreter. I didn't want to ruin any possibility that he would possibly let me talk to my wife. I agreed with the chieftain's decision and said I would not only repair the huts but I would use my [o'hnua] white man knowledge to improve the structures and help make life in the village a little easier. He liked that idea and took me to his hut to see my wife.

Amanda was still loosely bound to the large stake, but she could walk around the small diameter within the hut. When I entered, she was standing by the wall near the doorway.

Her hair was wet and her body still glistened with sweat from the chieftain having recently fucked her brains out again. "Oh David!." She said when I entered the hut.

"Oh my god. Are you all right?" she exclaimed. "Oh baby!." I answered, and went to her quickly. "I should be asking you that!" She grabbed me in a huge embrace and cried in my arms. Amanda took a deep breath and let out a soft audible sigh. "I-I'm okay." She stammered with a little ire in her voice, glaring angrily at the chieftain who was standing just inside the doorway. "I guess I'm not allowed to be alone with you." "No." I answered somberly.

"We aren't in 'Kansas' anymore, baby." She just nodded and looked at Kauya. "I heard you talking with someone, is that her?" "Yeah. Her names, Kauya, she's an Akashi." I said gesturing toward Kauya in introduction. "I know, I heard what she told you." Amanda had also learned a good bit of the Akashi language. "So, since it is his right as the leader of the tribe to fuck me, you okay with that?" "No!" I said forcefully, "Of course I'm not okay with it." The chieftain shuffled a little, but with one look from Kauya he stopped.

"We said that we were going to be a part of the tribe, right?" Amanda reminded me. "Well, yeah, we did&hellip. But&hellip." She didn't let me finish and continued. "So. That applies to their customs and other stuff as well." She stated matter-of-factly. "Amanda! You're my wife; I love you, but this&hellip. This&hellip. Is just&hellip.I don't think I can accept it." I stammered, trying to avoid the fact that the chieftain was using my wife as an object for sex, and most likely intended on getting her pregnant.

"Baby&hellip." She said, tears beginning to form in her eyes as her hands cupped my face. "I love you too. I don't want to do this either, but we swore we wouldn't back down. Remember?" My wife was correct. We had made a promise that no matter what, we would follow whatever rules, customs or laws the tribe had. But neither of us could have possibly imagined anything like this would happen. I had to argue that point, "Hon. We didn't know it was going to be like this, though." "If we had known, we wouldn't be here.

I agree. But we are here, and we agreed to follow their customs." She said, her hand brushing away a tear before I could. "Even if that custom, allows their chieftain to use you like he is?" I tried a meager counter. Amanda looked at the chieftain and sighed hesitantly. "Well that is pretty much a moot point, David.

Since he already has used me." I thought about when she basically let him pour his seed into her, holding herself open and accepting it. "Did you enjoy it?" I asked, sullenly. Her eyes snapped onto mine and narrowed. "Not as much as you did, apparently. I saw the expression on your face when you watched him fuck the hell out of me." "You held yourself open so he could pour his come into you, Amanda!" I said accusingly.

She huffed and I could tell what I said hurt her. But she wasn't standing down. "I did that because I saw the look on your face, the interest and orgasmic elation you seemed to get out of watching it. You're fucking zipper looked like it was about to rip open!!!" I couldn't deny that the spectacle of watching the chieftain fucking Amanda had really turned me on.

"Okay, I admit, it turned me on. You're a goddess, baby. I couldn't help it." She smiled a little, "You are a hunk, you know. But you're a dense one sometimes." "You're all right then? Letting the chieftain fuck you?" I brought us back onto the original topic. "As long as he doesn't try and hurt me&hellip." She said, absently. "Which reminds me&hellip. When you and… Kauya," she paused, remembering Kauya's name, "talked earlier, she said something about having babies???" She had&hellip.

"Yeah. That is something we need to consider&hellip. What if he&hellip. Uh&hellip. Gets you pregnant?" "Then it looks like I'm going to have his baby, doesn't it?" She said softly, her watery eyes looking into mine. "Yeah." I said, placing a soft kiss on her head. "I guess so." We had both agreed that when it came to the laws, rules or customs of the tribe, we would follow them as if we were any other member of the tribe. The chieftain didn't make any move to stop me and Amanda, but he did send a warning to Kauya for her to relay.

"Sorry, but he say you are his now." Kauya said, speaking to Amanda. "He say enough talk, time to meet the people." She directed that last part at me. "I love you, David.

No matter what happens, I love you." Amanda said and let out a small sob. I gave her a hearty hug and smiled. "I know, baby. I love you too and no matter what, that won't change." She gave me a brief kiss on the lips and reluctantly let me go.

I released me hold on her and turned with one more look. Amanda smiled and twiddled her fingers at me as I left the hut. Part 8 For the rest of the day, Chieftain Akuyen, I had learned what his name was, and Kauya took me around the village and introduced me to more of the tribe.

I was greeted with politeness and a lot of curiosity. These people had not seen White people before, so I was very alien to them.

We came to a small hut, where the roof was being repaired. A large hole had been made by a fallen tree branch and part of the wall had collapsed. I looked at the wall and the roof and noticed there was nothing supporting the top of the walls and the roof.

It all stayed up by weight and tension from the opposite wall it was lashed to. It wasn't a bad design, but the available materials limited how much tension could be used to support the structure. It gave me an idea. I stayed there and helped them rebuild the hut their way so I could learn how the Attanawan's did it.

Then I came up with some ideas on how to improve their design. The roofs were basically thatch and branches, braced together with crude lashings of vines or reeds. After a few days, I made a small 'demo' hut using small branches, interlocking in a mesh, covered with a woven reed mat in one direction, and layered with another mat in the opposite direction. Tough, sturdy and mostly water proof. I burned the ends of larger branches and made hard points that I used to score and tie to the top of the walls to support the new roof.

With other branches of the same size, or close to it, I used as support beams and made windows and doors and other amenities. The hut was too small to live in, but with Kauya's help, I explained that it was just an example that the rest of the villagers could come and look at so they could do it themselves.

The tribe loved the improvements I made and were adapting quickly to the changes I made in their day to day life. I wasn't an architect by any means, but I knew enough about structures to improve their huts and make them stronger. I also learned how they made clay pots and dried gourds as containers, improving the strength and showing them how to make hotter fires to temper their pots more as well as certain types of wood. The few times I caught sight of Amanda when she was going to bathe; she'd roll her eyes with exasperation and continue on to the river.

Since the chieftain had been reluctantly letting my wife and I speak together, he had become a little more possessive of her and didn't allow me to see her as often as I would have liked, so Kauya offered to spend a few moments each day, talking to Amanda and helping her with learning the Attanawan language and keep me informed as to how she was doing and also gave my wife updates as to what I was up to.

The weeks went by pretty quickly and while the chieftain was happily fucking the hell out of my wife several times a day, I kept myself busy with learning their language and working on the improvements to the huts until one day, Kauya came up and told me that Amanda was pretty sure she was pregnant.

Part 9 "Dealing with the news" I stood in shock after hearing the news that my wife was pregnant. It didn't strike me with grief like I thought it would, or should have, but that was more due to logic than any personal feelings that I had. Chieftain Akuyan was screwing the hell out of Amanda so much, that if he hadn't already knocked her up, he would soon at the current rate he was banging her.

So, grudgingly, I accepted the fact that if Amanda thought she was pregnant I had to learn to deal with that fact. By the fourth month since we'd been captured by the Attanawa, my beautiful wife's once flat and well-toned stomach began to show the obvious signs of a 'baby bump'. Now, when she left the hut to go bathe in the river, she'd rub her belly and shrug toward me in annoyance.

"Yeah&hellip. This sucks&hellip." The remaining months went by slowly and I continued to work hard in the village, upgrading the huts and building other useful structures, like a place to dry large leaves they used to make the sleeping mats from. Amanda's belly grew bigger and bigger as the months went by but I could tell that she was healthy and being treated well. Her belly always glistened with oil or something, which got me curious.

When I asked Kauya about it, she said that it was to allow a female's belly to stretch without causing discomfort. After further conversation I learned that the ointment was also used during birth to help with the delivery and that also helped increase the healing after the baby was born. I had quite a laugh one day when the chieftain wanted to fuck Amanda but she told him "No!", quite loudly. My wife was ready to 'pop' any day now, and she had developed quite the attitude about him wanting to fuck her so much.

Suddenly, after hearing her shout at the chieftain, I witnessed as my wife physically shoved him out of his own hut, yelling profanity's that she'd learned at him. He mumbled some complaints and went to go find somewhere else to spend the night. I had to laugh when he came over to my newly re-built hut, looking like a scolded puppy, but his reaction sobered me up pretty quickly and I apologized once he was standing at my door.

At first, I didn't say anything. Other than the forced sex, he had never physically abused my wife and though I was tied up on the first day, I had not been treated cruelly either. This was their custom and culture, developed over the centuries without the influences of the outside world. Over these past several months, I had shown them a great many things and ways of the o'hnua [white man] that they seemed to be adapting to fairly well. I had earned their respect and even learned many of their ways and customs.

The chieftain told me that he respected what I had done for his tribe. He began our conversation, telling me how much he has helped his people by bringing o'hnua [white man] and to'nah [white slave] to the tribe and how much he thanked me for being good to his people.

I almost said he could be thankful by releasing my wife and me, but I had learned from Kauya, not to speak to the chieftain unless he asked me a question that required a response. SO there I was, sitting with the chieftain in my hut, waiting for him to speak to me. He looked at me and took a deep breath and releasing it with an audible sigh. "I still do not know the oht [white] way." He began, then poked a finger at his chest and continued. "I lead the tribe. I keep tribe safe and honor the gods." I listened without looking directly at the chieftain.

"The [white woman] is a gift from gods to the tribe's chieftain." He stated plainly. "I honor the gods to keep tribe safe and I take [white woman] and pray she gives tribe new blood." I had already accepted the fact that even as much research that Amanda and I had done on the native peoples in the region were, because of our blind ambition we had completely missed how the Attanawan's were.

The chieftain sighed again. He sat up straight with concern on his face. "You do great things for tribe. I make [wife] of [white man] my sieta [slave]." "Yes, chieftain." I answered politely, accepting what he said.

"Why is she so vicious now?" he asked suddenly. I couldn't help it, and I chuckled giving him a semi-compassionate smile. "She is with child, Chieftain. [White women] become very aggressive when they get big like that." I said. After considering what I said, he nodded solemnly. Then he brought up his head. "But I am chieftain. She cannot deny me!" he exclaimed demandingly. I smiled and just shook my head. "She can and she will." I said. "My wife is quite strong." He nodded. "Yes. Much stronger than women in tribe." "She'll become fiercer." I said.

That caught his attention and he whipped his head up in surprise and scoffed angrily at my remark. "Women do not fight!" He said with determination. "In [white man] world, they fight and they are very fierce." I stated with all seriousness, I gave him the look of raw fear when I said it.

"Just don't make her mad, chieftain." Out of curiosity I asked him a question without waiting for him to speak. "What do the gods tell you now, about her?" He stared angrily at me for a moment, that I dared ask him a question, but his gaze softened quickly.

"I must leave her alone; she will have the baby soon." I nodded. "Yeah. that's pretty hard isn't it?" I mumbled in English. When he looked at me perplexed, I returned to the native tongue. "It is difficult, no?" He nodded in agreement. "I enjoy the feeling of her; she is a gift of the gods and mine now." "Will you let us go after the baby comes?" I asked without thinking. He looked up at me in shock.

"No. Not yet." he stated simply, and without another word, he stood up and left the hut. Part 10 "First Birth" Early one morning, about four days after my brief talk with the chieftain, Amanda went into labor. I wanted to be by her side, letting her know I was there with her. But, again, custom dictated that only the women of the tribe and one they called the "Elder Mother" were the only ones permitted in the hut when a woman was giving birth.

The old man was quite excited about the first child from his [white slave] and had the whole tribe saying prayers to the gods, thanking them for the gift of the child that was about to come. Over the course of several long hours, I heard Amanda scream a few times from the contractions and her pain induced comments about wanting to kill the chieftain for making her pregnant.

I told the chieftain that it was just the [white] woman's way of dealing with the pain, because he seriously thought she was going to kill him.

I'd laugh later. Right now, my only concern was for my wife. Since the men were not allowed in the hut, not even the chieftain, we all milled around outside while the women of the tribe tended to Amanda. I had given Kauya instructions of what to do with white women and how they gave birth to babies. She had once told me about the root of a type of fern plant, which grew in the jungle that when crushed, boiled in water and then drank, helped with giving birth.

After she had told me about that, I made it my own personal task to make sure a lot of that was made so that there was plenty to give to Amanda. From my best guess, it was at least seven hours before my wife's screams ended and the sounds of a crying baby could be heard coming from the chieftain's hut. The elder mother brought the baby out within a few minutes and handed it to chieftain Akuyan The chieftain held the infant in his arms showing his new son, from the white woman, to the tribe.

It looked more like my wife than the chieftain, but from the face and the dark eyes, it was obvious the child was his. Kauya came out of the hut and after seeing the concern on my face, she placed a gentle hand on my arm. "She is doing fine, but she must rest before you can see her." "Come." She said and pulled gently on my arm when I refused to move.

When I still refused to move, she tugged on my arm again and then faced me. "Come." She insisted. "We eat and talk." Reluctantly, I let Kauya pull me away from the chieftain's hut and where my wife had just given birth to his baby. We sat by the central fire, eating some food but I couldn't take my eyes off the chieftain's hut. Amanda needed me, I needed her, I thought to myself.

That was all that I could think about. Kauya broke my repetitive thinking with a light smack on my arm to get my attention. "What was that for?" I asked in surprise. "You're not listening to me." She said with a note of anger in her voice. "You're only thinking of you, not of your wife." She continued.

"Amanda must rest, she must heal. If you are there, she will not rest, she will not heal." I didn't want to listen to her at first, but she sure was persistent and wouldn't let up until I agreed with her. My emotions were conflicted, but Kauya was right, with me being there would only cause Amanda stress and what my wife needed the most now, was to rest and recuperate. I acquiesced to Kauya's logic and let my muscles relax. I hadn't realized I was so tensed up until I finally lowered my head and placed some food in my mouth.

I chewed slowly and chuckled to myself. My beautiful wife had a baby. Though I knew it wasn't mine, it didn't bother me like I thought it should have. A smile came to my face and I looked at Kauya. "How is she? Did she do okay?" I asked softly. Kauya returned my smile, seeing that I had accepted what she had said. "Yes. Your wife is fine. She did very good and fell to sleep right after baby was born." The baby!

'What was going to happen to the baby?' I thought to myself. "Chieftain has a son again." I stated the obvious. "Another son. He now has ten sons and no daughters, how funny is that." I chuckled to myself. "Did they give the boy a name?" Kauya smiled. "Yes. Chieftain's new son is named 'Hei'tu' and O'pne will be his new mother." She said indicating to a village woman who was already holding the new born child and standing next to the proud father, Chieftain Akuyen.

"Does Amanda know she won't be able to be with the baby?" I asked, remembering what Kauya had told me about when she'd been the chieftain's slave.

"Yes. I told her, she knows." Kauya answered. "She just wanted baby out of her and said she didn't care." Amanda had carried that child in her womb for nine months, so I was sure she had grown at least a little attached to it.

Maybe her motherly instinct would take over at some point. But all I had really wanted to know was if my wife was okay. I could wait until she'd rest and recover, then talk with her about it later. Kauya and I sat quietly in my hut for the rest of the night and eventually fell asleep. When I entered the chieftain's hut the next morning to see Amanda, she was laying on some furs covered with a small leather blanket.

She still looked tired, but her eyes lit up when she saw me. "David." She said softly with a gentle tired looking smile. I rushed to her side, gripping her hand and holding her tight. "Oh god, Amanda!

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I-i…" All I could do was stammer and stutter. Tears of joy coming from my eyes. "David." She whispered hoarsely. "I'm okay, now. I'm okay." I felt elated beyond words. "I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so sorry… I . I couldn't be here for you. I ." she placed a finger to my lips. "Shh… I know, David. We got ourselves into this mess but I understand." "How is the baby?" She asked, her voice still sounded weak.

I looked at her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "He's fine, hon. Healthy and strong." "A boy?" she said with laughter in her eyes. "Another boy for the old guy, huh?" I joined her with a little chuckle of my own.

"Yeah. He he he. You gave him another son." "He wanted a daughter, you know." She stated plainly. "Damn. Poor SOB." We laughed at the irony that the chieftain had another son. Apparently, he had told Amanda that he had wanted a daughter. We laughed some more and I told her about the baby's name and it's new mother. "Well, that is good. The child needs to be loved and honestly, I don't think I could have given him that." Her voice was honest, but still caring.

Then, Amanda and I continued to talk about our situation. Though she hated it, she knew that we were in a very different world now and were subject to the laws of the Attanawans. The chieftain entered after a while, but only acknowledged that I was with my wife, then turned and left again.

"What was that about?" Amanda asked looking at me and where the chieftain had just left. I shrugged. "He's just checking up on you and to make sure I am the only man in here." Amanda looked away and whispered softly. "You're my husband." She said with a possessive tone and emphasized it even more by holding her hand up showing me the wedding band I had put there less than three years ago. I brought my hand with my band on it in solidarity. "And you are my wife." "Good.

Now don't forget it, no matter what." She said with an air of determination. "Honey. We said we'd live like primitives, and here we are. Though, of course this is not at all what either of us expected, is it?" She said with a light laugh. I gave her a somber expression and said what was on my mind.

"You know&hellip. After you recover&hellip. Chieftain Akuyan is going to&hellip." She lowered her head a little, but kept her eyes on me. "Yeah, I know. I imagine we'll be going through this again." I shook my head.

"Maybe we should just leave. I mean, I know we can find a way out of here, Amanda." "We chose to be here, but if we can leave, we can't forget about Kauya, David." She said. "Kauya? What about her?" I replied quizzically. "She must come with us, David. If we leave, we're taking her with us." She began to get agitated because of my reluctance, so I calmed her by agreeing with her and promised her that I would include Kauya in our goal for freedom.

When she had relaxed somewhat, it calmed me down as well, but I still wasn't sure why she was so adamant about Kauya coming with us. The chieftain came back after a while and told me nicely that it was time for me to leave. Amanda gave me a reassuring nod and reluctantly released my hand. As I looked back at her, I saw the tears in her eyes but she motioned for me to go. "I love you, hon. I love you so much." I said and she let out a sob and hid her face. The chieftain softly told Amanda that she should rest some more, and then followed me out of the hut.

He spoke to me almost cordially, telling me that he would let me visit with my wife more, he saw that she looked better now that I was allowed to be with her, but he also made sure that I knew that she belonged to him now.

I knew better than to argue with the chieftain, he could lay claim to Amanda's body, but heart and soul, we still belonged to each other. I nodded in fake agreement with him and then absently asked him about getting her some clothes. He actually thought about it for a moment while we walked over to my hut, but by the time we got there, he'd made his decision.

"No. I enjoy her beauty, she will stay un-clothed." He said after a while. I just sighed knowing it was useless to argue with Chieftain Ayuken. I was still wearing some of the clothing from when we were first captured, though I had added a few tribal garments that Kauya had made me, it was getting to the point I needed to repair some of my original clothing. The rest of our gear was foreign artifacts that the Attanawan's didn't want and I have no clue what they did with it.

Part 11 Over these long months, I hadn't seen any sign of the packs we'd brought or any of the other gear we'd had at the camp by the river. None of the villagers had claimed anything of our old gear. Kauya was approaching us and the chieftain motioned for me to go meet up with her.

As she got closer, I absently looked her up and down and truly realized how attractive she really was. It was so amazing that Kauya had given the chieftain nine children and I couldn't help but notice that her lovely breasts still looked perky and firm underneath the thin leather shift she wore.

A blush quickly came to my face as I couldn't help but imagining her naked, and when she asked me about my 'red face' I just smiled and said I was glad to see her. I saw the way Kauya was looking at me and I couldn't help but give her a roguish grin when I walked back over to my hut and tried to lie down and relax. Late that night, after most of the village was asleep in their huts, Kauya came over to mine.

She sat down by my sleeping mat dressed only in her thin shift. Again, I couldn't help myself but admire her beauty. She looked at me, slowly reached up to her shoulders and drew the top of the thin shift down, revealing what I had already determined.

Her breasts weren't overly large, but they were definitely firm and perky still. I wanted to reach out and touch them, but I kept my hands to myself. "You do not want me?" She asked sensing my hesitation. I couldn't lie to Kauya, but tried to keep the luciferase thoughts of making love to her out of my mind. "I do, Kauya" I admitted honestly. "But I am bound to Amanda. I would dishonor my wife if I did so." "You love your woman." Kauya said quietly but with pride.

"I do not know what that is like." I placed a hand on her knee and patted it gently. "Here is how I feel it." I said and took her hand and placed it on my heart.

"Do you feel how my heart beats?" She nodded. "Now imagine that same feeling, but harder, like your heart is about to leap from your chest." I explained. She looked up, towards the chieftain's hut.

"She is lucky a woman to have you." She said. I shook my head. "No. I am the lucky one." I followed her gaze over to the other hut. "I just wish she didn't have to be a slave to the Chieftain." Kauya smiled, placed her shift back over her chest and lowered herself down beside me. "Can I lay with you?" she asked softly.

I smiled and placed my hands on her sides as I pulled myself up behind her. That is when I got a really good look at how awesome her ass was. It was well rounded, heart shaped and firm. I couldn't keep my mind from wondering how good it would feel to have my hands gripping that wonderful ass of hers. It caused my arousal to suddenly grow, so I made sure to prevent it from pressing against her. "Sure, Kauya" I whispered softly, trying to hold back my sudden proximity to such a sexy woman, "You have been a good friend and I welcome your company." Not long after she'd lain down, I felt her breathing slow and my body relaxed even more.

It didn't take long and I fell asleep. It was the soundest sleep I had since becoming a slave to the Attanawa. Part 12 "Rinse and repeat, the next chapter of captivity" It was a little over three weeks since Amanda had the baby. So it was no surprise when the old man began fucking her again. I watched him each time as he relentlessly pounded into my wife for hours. With our huts being near to each other, I could also hear as he proudly told my wife how much he enjoyed fucking her.

Amanda never responded and just simply let him fuck her again and again. When we spoke, Amanda informed me as to how much she was beginning to enjoy some of the times the chieftain fucked her. I knew my wife could get horny at the drop of a hat, but to hear her talk about sex with another man, made me wonder if our situation was as bad as we'd thought. The only one not getting any sex was me.

Somehow, I needed to find my own release, though I didn't want to. Frustrated, I made up some excuse about having to go help some villager fix his roof, and after a firm, loving embrace, I kissed my wife and told her I loved her and left on my false errand. Kauya was gone for most of the next day and it wasn't until after the evening meal that I saw her again. I had been curious that day, why I hadn't heard much from her since she left that morning, nor the regular sounds of the chieftain fucking my wife's brains out.

When I came back from the river after taking a bath, I saw Kauya coming out of the chieftain's hut, which answered my curiosity at where she was. She pretty much got to talk with my wife whenever she wanted, and the two of them were becoming fast friends.

The look on her face when she saw me sitting down by the fire to eat, told me that something else was going on. She made a bee line straight toward me. The villager that I was sitting next to saw her coming and took one look at her, then at me and moved to find another place to eat.

Kauya took the spot he recently vacated and with frustration evident in her demeanor, she grabbed some of the food that I had been given. "I am angry with her now." She said between mouthfuls of food and gesturing wildly.

"What happened?" I asked. Kauya chewed her food and grunted angrily. "Are all [White women] as strange as your wife?" I smiled for a moment then her look became serious. Kauya huffed angrily toward the chieftain's hut. "Wife says I am to be with you." "What?!" I said a little too loudly, because some of the villagers stopped eating and glared at me.

"Yes. She said that I am to give myself to you as trade for chieftain to have her!" I shook my head, wondering how Amanda could possibly think that.

"What makes her think that??" I asked, my attention totally on Kauya. "Kauya?" "What else did Amanda say, Kauya?" I was desperate to hear more.

Kauya said she had spent nearly all day in the hut with my wife, so there had to be more. "She told me that you and she have big life planned in [white man] world." "Yeah, we do…" I somberly remembered, "If we ever get out of here, Kauya." "She say that she love you and that she wants you to know that. I tell her that you love her too, that you talk to me about her." Kauya made a strange face.

My wife knew me and knew what I liked in women, and just like her, Kauya had many of the same traits. "But she say that I have been with you, that I am yours. That is not true. You love wife, you love her. I tell her that, she knows it, but says I am yours now." 'Why would Amanda think that I slept with Kauya?' I thought to myself. "I tell her that you are good man, you stay true to bond with her. I say that she is wrong, that I am not with you, that I help you because I was once like her." "Really?

What did she say after that?" I asked curiously. Kauya looked back over to the chieftain's hut as he was about to go inside to his "white slave". "I tell her about me, when I was like her. It upset her, but then she ask why I still here." I nodded for Kauya to go on.

"And what did you tell her?" "I tell her, where else do I go? I've been here so long, where else is there?" She paused for a moment.

"But I tell her that you are here and I tell her what you tell me of heart, beating hard. It made her smile." I shrugged, knowing what Amanda was feeling, she was relieved to know that I loved her and wasn't going to leave her, but there was something in what Kauya was telling me that made me think that Amanda was trying to protect herself from being hurt. Kauya and I talked, long after everyone else had finished their meal and gone back to their own huts.

I learned more and more, not only about how my wife was doing, but also that my wife wanted Kauya to be by me and keep me from doing anything rash or stupid. Then Kauya looked into my eyes and told me something else my wife had told her. "She say." Kauya began nervously, but paused. "Wife say that if you wish and I am&hellip." She paused again, ".and I like to, and I do, David, I do like to." She was beginning to confuse me, so I put my arms on her shoulders and with a smile, asked her to just say what she wanted to.

"If you want me… Wife say it okay, that she understand, she say that it is really good." I thought about what Kauya was trying to say then it hit me.

"She said it was okay if you and I." and I made the hand sign that meant 'sex'. Kauya nodded. "Yes. She said that I am to say 'yes' if you desire to&hellip." Then she repeated the same hand sign.

Okay, that was a shocker. My wife had basically given me permission to have sex with Kauya. I looked at Kauya and her eyes were expectantly sparkling. Damn&hellip. My wife must have known what I was feeling. My shorts had shrunk some during these long months here and now with my cock getting hard, just thinking about having sex with Kauya, it got very uncomfortable, very fast.

"Are you going to take me to hut now?" Kauya said with more than a hint of anxiousness. She obviously noticed the bulge in my crotch. "I.I. Don't know." I stammered. "I can't. I shouldn't". Kauya sighed. "Amanda said that you would say that, and that I must tell her when we talk next." "What?

Amanda said what?" I asked. Kauya giggled. "She say that you would be nurvoose? and that you would make funny face." I understood that Kauya meant 'nervous', but didn't correct her. "That little&hellip." I began to say bitch, but caught myself. "What else did she say about that?" Kauya thought for a moment.

"Kauya?" I asked again impatiently. "I try to say it the way your wife say it. She say 'Wah-teecha goona too, boo dit?' That what she say" Kauya responded. "What does that mean, David?" Had Amanda just challenged me? Before I did or said anything more I wanted to be sure that I was thinking with my head and not my cock. "So, after she said it was okay for you to be with me, did she tell you anything else?" "No.

I was upset that she think you trade her for me. I convince her not true, but it make me mad too, so I left." Kauya said worriedly. "Did I do wrong?" "No, you did right.

It's okay." I said and gave her my roguish grin again. "I think we go to hut now." Part 13 I placed my hands on Kauya's waist and her eyes lit up in understanding and nodded her ascent. I helped her to her feet and took her quickly to my hut. As soon as we entered, I could already hear the grunts of my wife getting fucked, coming from the chieftain's hut.

With a quick glance over there, I saw my wife on her hands and knees with the old chieftain ramming into her with everything he had. I turned my attention back to Kauya and with a quick jerk, pulled her shift down her body to reveal those lovely, gorgeous tits of hers.

Without a second thought, I placed my lips on her breasts and nibbled on her. She groaned and nearly collapsed in my arms. My hand automatically went down the front of her body and over her surprisingly smooth and bare pussy. Kauya was already moist between her legs and her hips bucked against my probing hand, demanding more. "Yes, David. Yes. She say you can, she tell me you are best." She said rapidly, gasping with each breath.

I pulled Kauya into my arms, holding her naked body against mine. She placed her hands on my chest, sighing as her head rested under my chin. Without thinking, I stroked her long dark hair and whispered softly to her.

"You are a lovely woman, Kauya. You've shown me much kindness and have helped me. " I said softly while continuing to stroke her soft long hair. I could feel her fingers caressing my chest, her breathing softened and her body relaxed against mine. "Please me David. Please me as your wife has told me you do." Her voice was trancelike, almost sleepily. My hand instinctively went lower down her body, past her waist and over her firm buttocks. She sucked in a light breath between her teeth as I gripped her ass and gently squeezed it.

For being a woman who'd already given the chieftain nine children, her body was perfect. Kauya was just a few inches shorter than Amanda, but as bodies go, they were both strong and tight.

With Kauya in my arms, her sexy nude body pressed against mine, it felt right that we were there, at that moment, about to join together in pleasure. More grunts came from my wife and from the sounds she made, I could tell she was about to come. I glanced over my shoulder and saw my wife had turned around, facing toward my hut on her hands and knees.

Her eyes bore into mine with a smile of appreciation. She gritted her teeth and gave an exaggerated nod in my direction, then closed her eyes and lowered her head back down to the straw mat and let the old man fuck her brains out.

The chieftain suddenly rammed into her with one hard lunge, leaned back with a groan and a smile of satisfaction as he began pumping his cum into my wife. I closed my lustful eyes to hold onto the image of what I had just seen and moved deeper into my hut, gently lowering Kauya down onto my sleeping mat and bring my head down between her legs. "W-what?" she asked. "Do you do?" I brought my head up and smiled at Kauya's shocked expression. "I will please you now, Kauya.

Lay back and enjoy it." She did as I bade and softly moaned as my lips lightly brushed against her hairless pussy. She giggled as I moved my tongue to spread her soft flesh. Her juices were sweet and smelled of honey. My tongue probed a little deeper, the tip of it teasing the hard nub of her clit. She arched her back, moaning softly. "It feel. Good. Great. Yes, David, yes…" she said in hushed gasps. Her body bucked again, her body trembled and then tensed.

I pulled from her tasty pussy and let her orgasm consume her. Kauya cried out quietly, "Unngghh. Unnggh…" she groaned as she climaxed.

I raised my head and slowly moved up, between her legs and over her body. She'd come fast and I hadn't even worked on her for more than five minutes.

I figured it must have been a long time since anyone had paid attention to her sexually, so she was already about to explode by the time I began eating her sweet, delicious pussy out. Now my raging cock was hungry and it was harder than I have ever felt it before. I pressed the sensitive tip of my overloaded cock against her desiring tightness, slowly pushing it in. Again, I was amazed that she was so tight considering she had given birth to nine babies.

Her pussy was hot and very wet from her orgasm, and my cock slid inside that tight wetness. Kauya laid her head back and I brought my hands up to her firm breasts. Man, I wanted to fuck her bad, but I wanted to give this woman the best sex she'd ever had in her life. I wanted her to feel what it really meant to be in the arms of a man, willing and able to pleasure her and how it was supposed to be, not like the mindless fucking she'd endured with the chieftain, and what my wife was currently being forced to endure.

I slowly pushed deeper and deeper, Kauya bucked back against me each time I pushed, demanding more, but I just kept caressing her lovely breasts and letting her amazing tightness get used to having a cock inside again. She moaned and groaned, quietly, keeping her desiring emotions low key. Her body was trembling with need and it was hard to keep my own need in check so I could make this last for as long as possible. As I pulled out a little so I could get into a better position to really drive into her hard, she grabbed me panting heavily.

"No. No, David. Do not leave me. Do not stop. It feels so good!" She begged. I just smiled and pushed my hardness back into her slowly. I kept doing that, in and out, slowly for quite a while.

It was torture for both of us and I could feel her body definitely getting hotter, her breath faster. I stopped my groping of her firm perky tits, ran my hands down her thin sides and gripped her nicely curved hips. "Look at me." I said softly, my breath demanding. When Kauya opened her eyes, I saw how much the lust gleamed deep in them.

I held myself all the way inside her. "I am going to do it harder now, are you ready?" I said. Kauya nodded with excitement "Yes. YES! Hard. Yes!" and then she closed her eyes.

I gently pulled out and held still for a brief, agonizing moment, then drove into her with everything I had. Kauya grunted hard and her eyes flew open in surprise with that first thrust and then she grunted again and again as I slowly built up speed, fucking her harder and harder. She pushed on my chest, but just asked for more. Her body tensed and she came hard, her legs wrapping around me, urging me to go deeper, but I didn't stop and just kept fucking her.

My orgasm built to a crescendo rapidly after she had come. I grabbed Kauya's waist and rammed into her, letting my orgasm explode out of me and deep inside of her. From having to listen and watch the chieftain fucking Amanda for so long, I had so much pent up desire within me that when I let loose into Kauya, her eyes open wide with shock. "David!" she cried, "I feel it! I feel it!" It felt to me like an endless flood, shooting from my throbbing cock and deep into her.

Kauya felt the force of each blast of my come and I astonished not only her, but myself as I pumped more and more into her. Finally, having just experienced the most glorious orgasm in a long fucking time, I collapsed on top of her; my hard throbbing cock was still buried all the way inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, rolled us over and just laid on my chest, both of us gasping for breath. I put both hands on her firm ass and held her in place, letting her milk every last drop with her clenching pussy.

Kauya smiled and let out a deep, blissful sigh. Her limp body relaxed more and more with each passing breath. She was fast asleep, but I kept my cock inside her for as long as I could with her gorgeous ass in my very happy hands. As I laid there with Kauya sleeping soundly on my chest, I heard Amanda's all too familiar groan of annoyance as the chieftain made his desire to claim her and a few moments later, heard her familiar grunts and moans as he started fucking her again.

I didn't want to wake up Kauya to go see it for myself, so I just listened to the sounds of flesh against flesh, my wife's grunts and groans and the gasp of bliss from the chieftain as he shot his seed into her core. After a while of listening to him fucking my wife again and again, my cock began to grow hard in response. My cock had never completely slipped out of Kauya's tight pussy, so I let it grow and once it was fully erect again, I pushed it gently all the way back inside her tight pussy.

She stirred a little bit, but I gently cooed her into going back to sleep. I didn't want to wake her, just so I could fuck her again; I wanted her to rest now. Besides, it was obvious that I had satisfied her very well, so I was sure that Kauya would let me fuck her whenever I wanted, now.

Closing my eyes, feeling Kauya lying on top of me, made me feel so contented that I was asleep within moments. Not even the sounds of the chieftain's continued fucking of my wife woke me from my enjoyable slumber. Part 14 When I woke up early the next morning, Kauya was straddling my waist, my cock firmly and deeply inside of her.

The look of total bliss on her face was intoxicating. Her eyes were closed and her hips moved gently and slowly up and down my hardness. I could feel her tight pussy gripping my thick shaft and heard her soft moans of pleasure as she coaxed herself down onto my cock, deeper and deeper. I brought my hands up her body to fondle her breasts and then back down again to rest them on her waist, guiding her movements.

Kauya's eyes opened lazily, resting her gaze below her waist, totally focused on watching her pussy go up and down on my cock. She moaned softly and leaned forward, propping herself up by placing her hands on my chest. "It feels best when you hold me like this." Kauya whispered sensuously. "I like it." With a quick thrust I made her gasp. "Oh, David. Do that again." She cooed softly. So I did. And again and again.

Each time, Kauya gasped and lowered her head, covering me with her long dark hair. I gripped her ass and rolled on top of her.

She wrapped her legs around me and yanked me into her deeply, and then I started fucking her really hard. Kauya never screamed or cried out loudly, keeping her emotions down to low grunts and moans. Her body tensed and she came hard around my thrusting cock, then I growled in response, hammering her for all I was worth. Again, I watched Kauya open her eyes wide with astonishment as the first load sprayed into her.

Then her eyes fluttered with each consecutive thrust as I pumped even more into her. I flipped her back on top of me and grinned happily as her sweaty, sexy body collapsed over mine. Kauya was moaning and writhing in my grasp. "So great, David. So great!" she gasped as her body went limp onto mine. I kept my hands on her firm ass, gripping it so I could keep her on top of me. "Yes, Kauya. So great and so wonderful." I smiled, squeezing her awesome ass and kissing her lovely face.

Together we laid there in blissful silence, listening as the rest of the morning world outside of the hut began to wake up too. She hugged me tightly and only opened her eyes when we both heard noises coming from the chieftain's hut as he roused my reluctant wife to let him fuck her again. As expected I heard Amanda's groans of displeasure and then she grunted harder as the chieftain began fucking her harder and harder. After he'd hammered my wife's brains out, Kauya and I heard his happy moan of pure satisfaction when he released his seed into Amanda as he had done every time when he finished fucking her.

Kauya held me tighter and I coaxed my hands down to her backside so I could squeeze and molest her gorgeous ass. I pressed her body onto mine so her tight pussy rubbed against my raging hard cock.

A blissful sigh escaped from her lips as she returned my gentle affections by grinding her hips against me. "Do you like me?" she whispered sensuously with her mouth on my neck.

I couldn't deny my growing feelings. "Yes, Kauya. I do like you. A lot." I answered honestly. "Will your wife like me?" her question surprised me. Since Amanda had essentially given permission for Kauya and me to have sex, I wasn't sure if my wife had thought about possibly including another woman in our life. That is, if we ever got to have a life again. "I think she already likes you, Kauya.

She wouldn't have said for you and I to be together, if she didn't like you." I still couldn't completely understand why Amanda had said that, either. We'd always been open about our feelings, but those were for each other, not anyone else.

Kauya rolled off of me and gathered up her clothing. "We go. To river, bathe and I go talk to Amanda." She said hurriedly. Kauya waited for me as I put my clothes on to I followed her out to the river to wash off the remnants of a terrific night. She got naked and sat on the rocks, as I watched her slowly get into the water.

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She looked so beautiful; I could only think of the fun I was going to have with Kauya later. I bathed and cleaned up, watching her get slowly into the cool water and swimming around. When we returned to the village after a fun morning alone at the river, Kauya walked straight over to the entrance to the chieftain's hut and waited out front, she hadn't gotten redressed in her flimsy shift and just stood outside naked.

Kauya saw that I was watching and posed for me. Her being naked, in the open, signified that she was claimed as a slave again&hellip. Technically, according to tribal customs and much to my surprise, she was now MY slave.

I directed my roguish smile at her, letting her know that I wanted her. Everyone knew that Kauya was mine now, so it didn't matter if she walked around the entire village naked or not, no one would dispute my claim of her. From my own little hut I could hear that the old man was fucking my wife again, which answered why Kauya was waiting out front.

I guessed it was a good fifteen minutes or so when I heard my wife's sob of frustrated despair and then the old chieftain's familiar moan of satisfaction as he released into her. After a few more minutes of rutting into my wife, he left the hut and after admiring the beautiful woman naked before him, he briefly spoke to Kauya.

Probably still high from fucking my sexy wife, he simply agreed to whatever Kauya had said to him and stepped to the side as she entered the hut. He looked in my direction and gave me a mischievous smile and polite nod but walked away before I could respond. Looking around, I saw that some of the villagers were already waiting for my return, things to repair, stories to tell, it was a never ending task.

I sighed and went back to work. Kauya would talk to Amanda and later, she'd tell me how it went. I was used to waiting and doing something other than just sitting around made it go faster.

Part 15 I fixed and reinforced three huts, made a new roof for another and worked on my constant endeavor to create better, stronger clay pots. I had worked pretty hard and was just settling down at my hut when Kauya strolled in. She had a whimsical smile on her face. "So? How is Amanda?" I asked quickly, even before Kauya had a chance to sit down. "David. We talk long, she is doing good." She said with a mouthful of food.

I smiled, resisting the urge to want everything at once. "Please. Eat, Kauya. We talk when you are done." "I no want to eat more, I tell you about wife, now." She smiled as she swallowed and drank some water to help the food down.

"Okay. What is it?" I asked, mirroring her excitement. "Wife say she is pregnant" Kauya said bluntly. "W-what? Pregnant?? Again? Is she okay?" I asked. "Oh, Yes, she is good, but not pleased with being with child again. She wants to talk to you, but chieftain say not now, tomorrow.

I tell her I talk to you now and that made her happy." "Did you tell her that we were, Um, together?" I asked cautiously and made the hand-sign for sex. Kauya blushed and looked down. "I did not tell her." I sighed in frustration, but then she continued, "But wife know that we&hellip." And Kauya made the same hand-sign. I leaned back, interested in what Kauya said next. "Amanda says she knows and that she is good with knowing, that I am good woman for her man." I sighed in relief, but let Kauya continue.

Kauya had talked with Amanda for quite a while and there was a lot she wanted me to know. Amanda told her she was happy that I had Kauya to have trust in.

She went on to say that the chieftain was happy Amanda was pregnant again and he hoped that my wife would give him a baby girl this time. I had already learned from Kauya, that each of the children she'd given the chieftain had all been boys. Amanda had already given him one boy, so the old chieftain was hoping she'd finally give him a daughter this time.

Kauya finished her food and her reassurance that Amanda was doing okay. She reached up and dropped her shift, slowly moving over to me and giggled as I wrapped my strong arms around her waist, leaning back so she could crush me in a warm embrace.

"You accept me?" She whispered sexually. "I accept you." I answered her by putting both hands on her gorgeous ass, gripping it firmly. "Then&hellip. I." she paused for a moment. "I am . your. Woman now?" "Yes, Kauya. You and Amanda are both mine." "But wife belong to chieftain now." She said. "For now." I replied. "But she is still bound to me, and now, you are too." I couldn't wait any more, so before Kauya could respond, I put her on her back, then I proceeded to fuck her brains out for the rest of the evening and several more times into the night.

While Kauya and I were having incredible sex, I couldn't help but listen as the old guy fucked my wife again and again. From what Kauya had told me, the horny chieftain had already knocked Amanda up again, but knowing how he was about my sexy wife, he was going to fuck her senseless until she kicked his ass out of his own hut again. Kauya even began using the word 'fuck' in English, as I used it, to liven up our already great time having sex.

"Fuck, me. Fuck, me. Fuck, me." She would say. And I liked to make sure she used that word a lot. Part 16 "Happy times ahead." The months went by and just like before, my beautiful wife's belly swelled proudly with the chieftain's growing baby inside.

By this time, Kauya had moved permanently into my hut and we fucked as much as we wanted. She talked to Amanda every day now and the two women were practically the best of friends. Amanda wanted to hear every sordid detail of Kauya's and my sex life, which I had trouble talking to her about, so I let Kauya do all the talking when it came to that subject. I already knew about Amanda's sex life, because I got to hear and see it on a regular basis.

The chieftain wasn't modest about fucking my wife, so I got a damn good show several times a day. Before the baby came, I asked the chieftain if I could spend a longer time with my wife. He didn't even really think about it but said yes immediately. She seemed happy and was glad the chieftain let me come and visit with her. Her belly was already large by this time, probably a week or more and she'd have the baby. "Well? What do you think, David?" She asked me, rubbing her swollen belly.

I looked at how round her naked body was and shrugged like it was normal. "Number two, huh?" "Yep. Number two." She smiled, caressing her belly. "I already know that the chieftain is going to give the baby to another family to raise." Her voice sounded sad.

"He's said as much, and I feel a little reluctant to let him. Is that wrong?" "You want to keep the baby?" I asked, surprised. "You know that other women have a hard time having babies, this is why he gave all the other children that Kauya had to the tribe." She sighed. "I know. But really, if he had to raise his own&hellip." I gave her a hard look and she stopped before continuing. "You're right. I know." "Okay.

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Other than that, how are you doing?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Fine. They keep this oily shit on me, because it helps with the stretching. Look." She showed me that there were no stretch marks forming and the last time she'd been pregnant they used the same ointment. I remember because it was not long after she'd given birth to the first baby that her body had mostly returned to its normal size.

Her tummy had resumed its toned and flat appearance, at least for a few months before her belly swelled again with the child she was currently carrying. We sat and talked, laughed and joked for the rest of the day. She'd completely accepted her role as the chieftain's fuck toy and the fact that she had to let him breed her.

My courageous and astounding wife. She kissed me hard before I could react. If the chieftain came in and saw us, I am sure he wouldn't let me see her again. But, I didn't care. I returned my wife's kiss. "I love you David, I love you. I love you, I love you&hellip." She said kissing me all over my face. I responded in kind, kissing her again and again. "God, I miss you so much." My heart hammered in my chest. "I want you back, I want you back." I repeated softly in her ear.

"Same here&hellip. But, we accepted this, so we have to see it through." She said hesitantly. She smiled and gave me another kiss. "Keep working on Kauya and I'll&hellip." She drew in a deep breath and sighed. I finished her sentence for her, "Yeah, I know… you'll keep letting the chieftain fuck you." She squeezed my hand and shooed me out of the hut.

"Go. Go find Kauya and fuck her brains out for me, okay?" I smiled and of course turned red with embarrassment, which made Amanda laugh. I could still hear her giggling as I walked back to my own hut, my aroused cock anticipating a good plunge into Kauya's tight sexy body.

The day eventually came and Amanda gave birth to another baby boy. It was obvious that the chieftain was a bit disappointed, but happy to have yet another healthy son with his slave. I got to be with my wife immediately after she'd had the baby, which was good for Amanda. All she could talk about was hearing about Kauya and I, how things were going between us and how good the sex was going to be once we were free of this place.

She didn't want to talk about the baby at all, denial or whatever it was. Sometimes Kauya would come with me and we all would speak completely in English, just so we could converse without anyone else knowing what we were talking about.

Kauya and I would get all worked up during those visits, because Amanda kept making sexual innuendos toward us. We'd leave, go to the river and after swimming in the cool water, we'd fuck hard before finishing our bath and heading back to the village to eat and eventually go back to our hut to fuck some more.

Part 17 Not surprisingly, after a couple of weeks had gone by, the chieftain resumed his use of my wife, fucking her whenever he wanted and as much as he wanted. Kauya informed me that the chieftain had mentioned to her that he was going to fuck my wife until she gave him a daughter. So, the next time I got to take Amanda to the river for a bath, I told her what Kauya had informed me of. With a resolute look on her face, she rolled her eyes and with a hesitant sigh accepted the fact that she would have to put up with the old man fucking her until she gave him more babies.

She told me what I had already known, that the old man couldn't keep his hands off her, not that I could blame him. My wife, even after having been forced to give the chieftain two sons, still looked like a hot sexy goddess. Her body was still trim and fit, her beautifully luscious breasts were a bit larger than before, but they still looked firm and perky. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but the chieftain was always near, watching. The most I could do was watch her swim and jump out of the water like a graceful dolphin.

After she'd swam and washed herself off, she exited the water dripping wet, purposely making her hips sway seductively so I would notice, not that there was any way I could NOT notice. Amanda smiled when she saw the tight bulge in my pants and would tease me by saying things like; "You might not be able to have me like that, but it sure looks like Kauya's not going to be able to walk for a while, huh?" then she would giggle. It was great to see my wife's awesome smile again and hear her sexy laugh when she got my face to turn red with embarrassment.

She told me it was cute that I still got embarrassed about that, because she thought it was her idea for me to have sex with Kauya.

Though, to be honest, I admit it would have taken me longer to have taken the pretty Akashi woman into my bed had it not been for Amanda and her giving me permission.

Sadly, the bathing was cut short when the chieftain called out that he wanted his [white slave] back in his hut. With another sigh and groan of disappointment, Amanda stepped out of the river and I reluctantly guided her back to the chieftain's hut.

I went back to my own hut and was greeted by Kauya, anxiously waiting for my return. The look on her face meant Kauya wanted to have sex right now, so while I happily pleasured the beautiful woman, making her come many times, I listened to Amanda being fucked again and again by the chieftain. First came my wife's usual groans of displeasure and after some long hard fucking came the chieftain's sighs of ecstasy when he started pumping his cum into her.

For some reason I liked to fuck Kauya so she that would grunt at the same time as my wife did. I had to admit, even though the chieftain was much older than I was, he could definitely fuck longer than me and had a shorter recovery time before he was able to fuck some more.

From my visits with Amanda, she explained to me that the oily ointment they used, not only kept a woman's belly from stretching out of place, but also, used as a sexual lubricant, allowed her vagina to stay tight and aroused the chieftain's cock, which was why he was able to fuck her so much. I asked Kauya about the oily ointment and she remembered the chieftain using it with her, so she got some for us the next time we had sex.

When she put it on my cock and let me slide it into her tight pussy, it felt so wonderful. I hammered her like an animal, fucked her like a beast and she creamed me so much that once we'd got done fucking each other's brains out four or five times, we collapsed into a fully sated pile of flesh and bones.

"I will have to&hellip. thank Amanda for reminding me&hellip. about the oils." Said Kauya, breathlessly. "What a wonderful&hellip. Idea…" And with that… we were out for the count. Part 18 "Keeping the baby" One day, I heard the chieftain and my wife arguing.

Amanda gave him a 'piece of her mind' from time to time, but this argument was a bit more vocal and louder. I listened to their argument carefully, though our huts were so close it wasn't hard to hear even when they spoke in normal tones. She was mad about him giving the babies to others in the tribe. He tried to explain, but she cut him off each time he opened his mouth. Amanda knew why he gave the babies to other families in the tribe, but she stomped her foot on the floor and said that if he wanted anymore children from her, he'd better start being responsible for raising them.

He tried to argue that the chieftain didn't raise children, but before he could continue, she must have smacked him hard. I knew he hadn't hit Amanda, because she said that if he got back up, he better be ready to hit the ground again unless he accepted what she had told him. I listened intently, waiting on the chieftain's response. There was a long silence and then I heard him mumble something, which my wife demanded he say again, but louder.

He accepted her demands and she made him promise, that if she gave him any more children that he would have to raise them. He agreed. Amanda had already been forced to give the chieftain two healthy sons, which he had given to be raised by villagers that didn't have any children. At first, my wife didn't care, because she never wanted to have his babies to begin with, but the last time we got to talk, she was determined that if he had actually had to raise the children, he wouldn't be so quick to make her, or any other woman for that matter, pregnant.

Obviously, she had brought that subject up this morning. I chuckled and grinned wide. Kauya was awake and lifted her head, her eyes meeting mine. She too was smiling. "Your wife is a great woman." She said. "She has changed the chieftain much." I put my hand under her chin, leaned forward and kissed Kauya deeply. "She's changed me too, Kauya. And so have you." Kauya smiled and scooted up on top of me and I felt my raging cock rub against her bare sex. She lowered herself down onto my stiff manhood.

She didn't fuck me, but draped her body over mine. My hands instinctively went to her gorgeous ass and gripped it tightly. "Hmmm." She cooed. "We stay and sleep like this, then, later you fuck me." I grunted in much agreement and closed my eyes. It was raining hard outside that day, everyone stayed inside.

There were no leaky roofs anymore and the sturdier huts I had shown them to make handled the weather much better. So, with nothing more to do other than wait out the rain showers, Kauya and I fucked for most of the day. And so did the chieftain. Amanda let him fuck her quite a lot and after brief breaks so she could rest, he fucked her some more.

I now knew the trick of the old man's staying power, but considering his primary focus had been the breeding of my wife, not to mention her goddess like beauty, I guess I couldn't blame him. The rain ended and life in the village went back to normal again.

Being captives of the tribe for almost two years now, we'd grown accustomed to the cool weather and the rainy season. It usually lasted for a few weeks, then it would slowly taper off and the weather would go back to intermittent showers. Part 19 Those few weeks went by fast. I picked Amanda up at the chieftain's hut to take her to the river for a bath and I could tell she wasn't in a good mood. She waited until we got to the river before she said anything.

"I'm pregnant&hellip.Again&hellip." She stated bluntly once she'd gotten into the river and began to wash. "That old mother fucker knocked me up again." This time it was more a growl. He was standing on the river bank, walking up and down, but the rushing water was louder after the rains, so he couldn't hear us. Not that it mattered, because when my wife and I were together, we spoke English. I just shrugged. "I'm sorry, babe." And as the words left my mouth, I knew it wasn't the right thing to say right then.

Amanda scowled at me. "But this time, I told him he had to raise the baby." She said a little angrily with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"This old bastard won't keep his hands off me! He fucks me like some kind of animal and all I can think about is wishing I was Kauya!" I didn't know how to console her. She was right, I was lucky to have Kauya. But thinking about what she said allowed me to come up with a good response. "Baby. I wish you were Kauya too, honestly." I said, and gave her my roguish grin.

Amanda's eyes began to water. "How many will he make me have?" She began, choking back a sob. "I'm only twenty three, David, and I'm about to have my third baby!!" I wanted to cry, seeing her becoming depressed just tore me up inside.

"We'll get through this, Amanda. I promise. Somehow, some way, we'll get out of this and …" I stopped when she looked up at me. "And then what?" She asked. "Will you want me after all this… This… Nightmare is over?" "I love you, baby, I love you and I love you for loving me." I said.

"After all this, I will love you and no matter how many babies he makes with you, and even if you don't wish to have any more after we get out of here, I will still love you." I said with complete conviction. My heart, pounded in my chest like a jack hammer. She let out a giggling sob.

"I know hon. I know." She said, and then looked over at the shore where the chieftain paced impatiently. "What about Kauya? Do you love her too?" She stood up and continued. "And just so you know, you'd better love her, David. That's all I have to say." I didn't even question my feelings for Kauya, I nodded emphatically.

"Yes, yes I do love her and from what she has told me about it, you love her too." I said, giving her a wink.

Amanda sighed in mock frustration. "I love her for taking care of you, babe, and… If… No. WHEN, we get out of here, I'll look into the kind of 'l o v e' that you two are having without me." The chieftain commanded that we finish our bath. Amanda told him to 'fuck off' and wait. With a reluctant shrug, she swatted my back to get my attention. "Just be sure you fuck her like you mean it, David. I wouldn't put up with my husband treating me that way, so you'd better be doing her good." I gave her a half-hearted shrug.

"I mean it David!" she growled. "Promise me." I laughed as I guided her out of the river to the shore and the impatiently waiting old man. "I promise you and if you doubt it, tomorrow, you can ask Kauya." "Where is she?" Amanda asked quickly as the chieftain retook possession of his [white slave].

"It's the gathering season; she's out with the other women gathering roots and stuff that are harder to get to during the dryer seasons." "Ah." Amanda replied.

"Well, make sure you tell her I said 'Hi' and don't forget what I said." I chuckled again and nodded. "I will babe. I love you, and keep hanging in there." The chieftain took my wife by the arm and headed over to his hut with her.

Before she let him drag her inside, she turned around and said.

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"I love you too." Part 20 I watched her go inside and went to my hut to wait for Kauya to return. It didn't take long for the horny chieftain to start fucking Amanda. Throughout the morning and on into the late afternoon, I heard her grunts and groans as he fucked her again and again. With almost everyone else out in the jungle gathering herbs, roots and other things, I had plenty of time to listen to what was going on in the other hut.

By the time Kauya with the other villagers returned, I was already worked up into a sexual frenzy. Thanking my discipline I had learned with Amanda, I could hold myself back. After she had bathed in the river, Kauya entered the hut and after one look at my sexual state, she knew I was ravenously turned on. "What is wrong. David?" She asked as my eyes bore into her with feral sexual desire.

I told her what my wife had said and that made Kauya's eyes sparkle with excitement. "I am your woman." She gasped then repeated it again. "Yes, I am your woman." Kauya was already naked, as her status as my slave dictated, so I had my raging hard cock rammed into her tight pussy in an instant and proceeded to pound it into her tight depths the moment I had her in my arms.

We fucked like animals until it was time to eat. We bathed, ate our meal and went back to our hut and fucked until we eventually passed out. Watching Amanda's belly swell over the next few months was a lot different than the first time I saw her pregnant with the chieftain's baby.

Now, she was caressing it more and rubbing it with her hands to show it off. Though I knew she wasn't crazy about being knocked up again, she'd come to terms with it and had learned to accept it.

Just for kicks, when she knew I was watching, she would pose with her hip out, her hands rubbing her round belly. Then she'd just walk on to the river and take a bath without even batting an eye, purposely swaying her hips back and forth and showing off that gorgeous ass of hers. Things were going good in my life again, I had Kauya to keep me sane and Amanda to tease the shit out of me so much, that I couldn't keep my own hands off of Kauya. Not that either of them complained.

I found out that Amanda teased me more and more so I would fuck Kauya harder and harder. After several months of watching my wife's belly get bigger and bigger, she gave Chieftain Ayuken another baby boy. At this point, the old man thought he was cursed and was only going to have boys.

Despite his disappointment, he held to the promise he had made to Amanda, and kept the infant boy for them to raise. Amanda named him 'Joshua' and explained to the chieftain that the name had significant importance in the white man world. When she showed baby Joshua to me, I noticed the baby's skin was lighter and he had my wife's beautiful blue eyes. Joshua was a good strong name, and the baby was pretty big. The weeks went casually by with Kauya and I now having to get used to the waking cries of an infant next door instead of the morning 'fuck-fest' the chieftain normally had with Amanda.

That didn't hinder the virile old man from his desire to fuck my beautiful wife, and we soon heard her frustrated groans of reluctance as he began fucking her regularly again.

Sometimes, Kauya and I would 'babysit' when the chieftain was especially horny and wanted to repeatedly fuck Amanda throughout the day. The only thing that did change in their routine was that Amanda would no longer let him screw her at night anymore.


She had to breast feed the baby so it would sleep through the night and not keep everyone awake. Regardless, the chieftain still fucked her brains out as much as he could and a month later she told Kauya that she was pregnant yet again. We'd been with the Attanawa tribe for just under three years and my wife had already given birth to three babies and was now pregnant with the fourth.

I still couldn't believe it. I remembered when we'd gotten married, Amanda had just turned nineteen and I was already twenty two. After that it was almost two years before we began this journey and now she'd be given birth to her fourth baby, probably not more than a few months before she turned twenty-five and I wasn't the father of any of them.

I growled in frustration at those thoughts, my beautiful wife was about to have another baby for the chieftain. Four babies&hellip. All his&hellip. I realized my fists were clenched so tightly, my knuckles were white with strain. Never before in all the time we had been here, had I felt so ashamed of myself nor as angry with the whole plan.

Why did I let this happen? So what if that was the tribe's custom, letting the chieftain have any woman he wanted. It wasn't our custom, we were married!!! So what if we had both promised to accept the tribe's customs and be a part of the culture? Damn it all! How many more babies would he make my wife have for him?

Damn my cowardice! Part 21 Thankfully, Kauya wasn't around at the time or she'd feel guilty if I told her why I was upset. Anything she asked, I told her, and this was something I didn't want to put on her mind. I had always wanted to have children with Amanda, but now, even if we could get out of this place, I wasn't sure if she'd be willing to have any more.

And then I thought about my poor Kauya. She was young enough to still have kids, but damn it all, she'd already given that horny bastard nine boys! Even if we got back to the modern world and they could somehow fix whatever the problem was with Kauya, would she even want to have any more children? I know if I was stuck in both their situations, I wouldn't want any more babies. Hell, one would be enough for me. But now, I wasn't going to have any children.

The depression I was feeling felt like a warm blanket, the self-pity and the irrational thoughts were my pillow. I hated the helpless feeling. Amanda had accepted her place as the chieftain's 'slave', damn it, fuck it, damn it again. I needed to maintain my grasp, I was slipping hard into that bottomless pit. I needed Kauya&hellip.

Like a miracle, Kauya returned like magic and I quickly tucked those depressing thoughts away. I was sitting with my back against the post, staring out the door of our hut. She climbed into my lap and brushed her hands over my chest. I kissed her head and moved my hand down to her backside.

"You want to fuck me?" she said demurely. Hell yeah I did. And one of my errant thoughts came out of my mouth before I could stop it. "Kauya, if [white man] magic can fix you, would you ever want to have another baby?" She looked up at me in surprise at first, but her gaze softened into a gentle smile. "If your world can fix what is broken in me, I would give you as many children as you desire.

I love you, David." She said it all in English, and very well too. Nothing more needed to be said after that and I pulled Kauya tightly to my chest, kissing her with deep passion.

I made love to her again and again. I had to find some way to get MY women out of here and back home. Shortly before Amanda's twenty-fifth birthday, she gave birth to another baby boy she named Michael, again, explaining the strong name and due to the fact the child again had lighter skin and looked more like her than the chieftain. Exasperated and looking defeated, the chieftain left her alone for almost a month.

I found out that each day he went deep into the jungle, he begged the gods to give him a daughter. The village elders also prayed every night, to beg the gods to bless their chieftain with a daughter. The day he came to my hut, he looked haggard and older. I could see the despair in his eyes and the measured, almost humbled tone in his voice as he asked me if [white man] magic could get my wife to conceive him a daughter.

I never lied, it was something I was terrible at and it made me feel like crap. I closed my eyes and couldn't believe what I was about to say, but I told him the only way he would ever get a daughter was to keep trying.

"Why is it so important for you to have a daughter?" I asked him. "I thought sons were more important to pass the leadership to." It was something I had been curious about, but really didn't know how to broach the subject.

The chieftain looked at me, a hard deeply depressed expression on his face. "I am chieftain. I rule the tribe because my mother was chieftess." His words confused me. My eyebrows furrowed with ignorance. Tribal leadership was one thing I didn't know anything about. Even after almost four years with the Attanawa, I didn't know anything about the past chieftains and what happened back long ago.

"Your mother?" I asked curiously. "Your mother was leader of the tribe, before you?" "Yes." He said with pride. "She lead tribe, then I was first born, my sister is o'pne, she I give my first born to raise, she cannot have children." O'pne was the chieftain's sister! News to me. "So what happen to your father if your mother lead the tribe instead of him?" Chieftain Ayuken shifted into a more comfortable position and related his family's connection with the tribe.

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Nothing had happened to his father, his father died of old age and a happy man. His mother lead the tribe because it was a woman's place to rule the tribe. Then when it was time, she had to pass the tribe to her son, Ayuken to lead the tribe, because he was a boy, now he had to pass the tribe down to his daughter. The proverbial lightbulb went on in my head.

Every successor in the tribe, had to be of the opposite sex of the current leader. So in order for Ayuken to pass the tribe's leadership down, he had to bring a daughter into the tribe. "What happens if you die without having a daughter to lead the tribe?" I let my curiosity get the better of me. "The gods will forsake the tribe and all will perish." He said with much fear and reservation. "I am cursed to have sons, because I have somehow shamed the gods." I didn't really believe in superstitions.

"Why do you think you have shamed the gods? The tribe is strong and healthy." "I take Kauya as slave, she give me only sons. I take your woman as slave, she too only give me sons." He said and I could have sworn he was about to cry. Seeing him cry, despite my previous attitude about the whole fucked up culture and customs they followed, just didn't sit right with me.

"Chieftain. You did what you feel you must for the tribe, the gods will see that." "White woman give me sons. What do I do?" He said, his responses hard because he was choking back tears.

I closed my eyes and said what I had before. "You just have to keep trying. Amanda is young and strong, she will give you a child, just&hellip. Play with her more before you try making any more babies." Of course, I doubted the old man understood what I meant about 'Play with her more', so I ended up having to explain a few things about 'foreplay' with him. Actually, I ended up having to demonstrate by playing with Kauya for a good bit until he got the picture.

He accepted my council and within a few more days, he resumed fucking Amanda again. This time, she informed me that he was doing more foreplay and getting her more aroused before fucking her brains out for hours on end. Still, I had to tell her about what I said and how I felt about telling the old horny bastard to 'keep trying'. Part 22 Amazingly, Amanda just laughed. "You told him to keep fucking me?", she said in mock annoyance.

"Well. I mean, yeah. I did. Kinda." I stammered. She just laughed and shook her head. "Dumbass. Whether or not you said that doesn't matter. That old motherfucker is gonna fuck me forever, even if I keep giving him boys." Then I informed her that I taught him foreplay and she about jumped my bones to thank me for that, but, the chieftain was still quite possessive of my wife, so we broke it up before anything really happened.

Later that afternoon, he must have really gotten her worked up good, because I could hear her calling for him to fuck her brains out, which she had not done before. The chieftain continued to fuck her brains out and she fucked him like a rented mule. She happily let him get her pregnant this time, and for the first time, she actually had some problems during the pregnancy.

In the beginning, Amanda got sick and kept throwing up, losing a lot of weight. She'd had morning sickness before, during the other pregnancies, but this time was a lot worse.

I almost thought she wasn't going to make it, but, she got over the illness and as the months went by she regained some weight and her belly began to grow very large, larger than any other time. They kept the oil spread all over her body and the chieftain didn't fuck her at all anymore. Finally, the day came for Amanda to give the chieftain his fifth child with her. Her belly had swelled larger than it had with the first four and I was surprised she didn't explode. Because she was so large, Kauya and I expected a very long labor and delivery, but having already given birth to four babies, must have had some effect.

Less than two hours after her first contraction, Amanda had the baby. She had finally given the chieftain a daughter that the chieftain named this time. 'Tao-ya". The tribe went crazy and my exhausted wife was brought out for the first time and celebrated for finally bearing the chieftain a baby girl. She was dazed and confused, still trying to recover from the labor.

The chieftain was too busy with the huge celebration, that he must not have noticed that I was holding and kissing my beautiful wife. If he had noticed, he didn't say or do anything to stop us. No one did. Amanda, Kauya and I were left alone while the village celebrated. It was a very joyous occasion for the Attanawa. For the first time, the chieftain had a baby daughter, and could finally pass the leadership of the tribe to a rightful heir.

Once the festivities died down, he let my wife stay with me and Kauya for the night. He sat outside my hut to make sure I didn't try and screw Amanda, but she'd just given birth and all I wanted was to hold her in my arms again. Luckily, I got to hold both of them in my arms long into the late morning of the next day.

Then, Kauya and I reluctantly brought my wife back to the chieftain's hut. Afterwards, Kauya and I went to the river to bathe. It was getting late and she just wanted to sit in the water and relax. But one look at her and all I could think about was putting my cock, deep inside her tight sexy body and fucking her right then and there. The look on Kauya's face told me she had other, more serious thoughts in her mind.

"What's wrong, Kauya?" I asked her when the silence was only broken by the chirp of a few birds and the gurgling of the clear cool water of the river.

She looked up at me and smiled, brief. "You asked me about white magic, if it could fix me, would I want to have your babies." "Yes.

I did. That is if white magic can fix that." I answered. "I want to fix it, I want you to have children. Like me, your wife does too." She looked upset though she was talking about things that would make her happy. "So why the sad face?" I asked. "Because, we're not leaving here. There is no way the chieftain will let your wife go and me, what will I do when you get Amanda back?" "You are mine now, Kauya. Amanda is mine by our ways.

So you are both mine. And, I belong to both of you as well." I said. "When we go, you know you come with us." I grabbed her gorgeous butt with determination, picked her up and carried her in my arms all the way to our hut and for the rest of the night I let her screw my brains out as much as she wanted.

She loved being on top, and I loved watching her tits go up and down as her tight pussy gripped my cock. She could cum as much as she wanted and I just held myself back, letting my arousal build up inside me until I couldn't bear to hold back anymore.

Kauya had learned my sexual buildup by now and would reluctantly pull herself off my raging hard cock and get on all fours, wiggling her gorgeous tan ass at me enticingly. I was feral by that time and grabbed her sexy body and fucked her with everything I had. She had developed her own 'signature' big O and the normally quiet Kauya would scream as I filled her pussy with my seed, begging me to keep pumping more and more into her. And without any reservation, I made sure I filled her hot, sexy body up with every last drop.

Part 23 A few weeks after Amanda had given birth to the chieftain's first daughter, the chieftain woke her up and she let him fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Things had pretty much returned to what had become 'normal'. Though they had three children to raise, the old man still kept banging Amanda without reservation. Then, one day, Kauya came running to me after taking her morning bath in the river saying that she had something important to tell me.

Once we were alone, she told me that she had seen an Akashi tribesman on the other side of the river. Kauya whispered to me that without anyone seeing her go, she swam over to the other side, but by the time she got there, he was gone.

She left a sign on a tree, that if he ever returned, to come back and leave a message. I was so excited. After all this time, a plan formed in my head of how we were going to get out of this mess.

I woke up very early and stirred Kauya's sleeping form. The night before, we'd had a lot of terrific sex and she was still naked when my eyes roamed over her body. Without any thought about it, my arousal immediately grew and the happy smile when she noticed it prompted my desire to fuck her right then.

After eating her delicious pussy a few times and just before I plowed my cock into her tightness, we heard Amanda's all too familiar groan of reluctance. The chieftain was awake and up early as well. Normally, he would wake my wife just before sunrise to have his pleasure with her, but for some reason he'd woken up way early and wanted her right now.

As always, her groans became grunts as the old man fucked her harder and harder. And again, as all the times before, it was not long until I heard his satisfied gasps of pleasure as he released his cum into Amanda's core. Then I heard her groaning in displeasure at his continued thrusts as he filled her womb with every drop of his seed. Kauya and I tried to fuck at the same time as the chieftain was fucking my wife, playing our own little perverted game by trying to orgasm in sync with what was going on in the other hut.

The old chieftain was particularly vigorous that morning, fucking Amanda again and again, pumping his sperm into her and only resting a little while before he was ready to fuck the hell out of her some more. Kauya and I were having a very difficult, but fun, time trying to keep up and were becoming quite exhausted.

Somehow the old man managed to keep fucking Amanda over and over again. We finally gave up and lay together in a sweaty heap, listening as my wife's grunts and groans continued.


After several long hours of listening to him fucking Amanda, the sun, though it wasn't completely up yet, had already begun to shine light into the morning sky. The chieftain stepped from the hut and motioned for another man to come.

After a brief conversation, the tribesmen entered the hut and came out with my wife, limply in his arms. I moved to get to her, but Kauya placed a hand on me, shaking her head, her other hand covered my mouth.

"Wait, David." She whispered. "Wait." Amanda stirred a little and I let out my breath that I hadn't realized I was holding. The chieftain told the tribesman to carefully take my wife to the river and gently bathe her. Once the man was gone, the chieftain walked right over to Kauya and me. I wanted to kill him right then and there, but a warning look from Kauya made me back down.

She growled, for the first time since I had met her, Kauya literally growled when the chieftain came to our hut. He stopped the instant he heard it, just a few feet away. After several long hours of listening to him fucking Amanda, the sun, though it wasn't completely up yet, had already begun to shine light into the morning sky. Kauya spoke low, anger in her voice. "What have you done? What did you do to his wife?" He seemed to take offense at her demanding questions, but one look at her and then at me, reconsidered his thoughts.

"I am the chieftain; I do what I wish with my slaves. I only answer the gods, not you." He said. Kauya growled again, "The gods tell you wrong things, Ayuken." She stated plainly, unafraid. The chieftain huffed in annoyance. "The gods say [white slave] leave soon." He paused and stared daggers at me. "So I take her much, and make sure she is with child before she go." Before I could say anything, the chieftain looked at me and spoke.

"Juka take wife to river. You take Kauya, get wife at river and leave with Akashi man when he come for you." Kauya looked at me with shock. "He knows." She said in English so the chieftain wouldn't know. Chief Ayuken took a deep breath.

"I know about signs and I watch the river much." He said softly. "When I go to jungle, pray to gods to give me a daughter, I hear sounds from other side of the river. I see Akashi man, standing there." Something clicked in my mind, but I didn't interrupt the chief.

"Later, I find sign for Akashi to come back, I send Juka to Akashi." Now things were changing rapidly. He came right up to me. "Akashi send man, today, to take you and wife back to white man world." Then he looked at Kauya. "You belong to white man now, you must go too." Kauya didn't pause for a second and immediately ran out of the hut.

She was still naked and the chieftain gave her a very appreciative smile as he watched her go toward the river. I grabbed our clothes and followed Kauya. As I walked past the chieftain, he smiled. "Enjoy your two wives, David." He said to me with a laugh. I stopped and gave him a smile.

"I will chief. I will. Good luck. Thank You." And ran after Kauya. Part 24 After that, everything went by in a blur. We travelled long and hard to reach the Akashi, where we were greeted with friendly faces that remembered our short visit years ago. I couldn't describe the feelings I had as both Amanda and Kauya slept in my arms together, for the first time. A month later, we were back at our home resting comfortably. Kauya was with us and though our excited families wanted to hear about our adventures in the Amazon jungle, all we wanted was to be left alone for a while.

They didn't understand at first but kept their distance until we were ready. We didn't tell them anything about what Amanda had been through, by her request, and made up a story that she had taken ill just before we were leaving and wanted to wait until she was better before having a bunch of people over. When our families came to finally hear of our tales from the Amazon, we didn't even mention Amanda's ordeal.

We talked about all the other things we did and learned. We told them about the people, the food, the day to day hard work and all the wonderful things we encountered. A lot of it came from my personal experience; the rest came from what Kauya told Amanda what she had done. Kauya's story was simpler, we just said that we found a kindred spirit in her and how well she learned our language and things we did, we had to bring her with us.

Our families were amazed at how well Kauya spoke and understood everything, but I could tell from a few of their faces that they knew something more was going on between the three of us.

Janice, she knew right away, the moment we got to the house. But, she never said anything to us, just gave me a wink or two when it was 'bed time'. A lot of the stories Amanda and Kauya had come up with, just so we wouldn't have to tell about what had happened to both of them.

After a long day of catching up, telling stories, eating tons of modern food and after everyone helped clean up, we said our goodbyes and everyone left. After the reunion with our families and everyone had gone home, Amanda, Me and Kauya sat there alone, huddled together on our big couch.

I sat there with my back against the cushions with two of the most beautiful women in my life, laying their sleepy heads on my chest while they held each other's hands. We had already known that Amada was pregnant within that first month of our freedom.

Obviously from that one last fuck filled morning with Chieftain Ayuken. Thankfully, the baby girl she would give birth to months later, had more of my wife's genes and features than the chieftain's, so it was easy enough for me to claim the child as mine and fully accepted her as my daughter, whom we named Destiny.

Kauya, it turned out, could be fixed by modern medicine. A few months after we were home, the doctors determined that Kauya's ovaries had a lot of scar tissue formed around them but they were able to repair them. About that time, Amanda and Kauya had begun experimenting with having sex with each other, much to my great pleasure. I watched as they each pleasured each other for many long hours, leaving me to wait until I was barely able to control myself. Then, they would let me fuck their brains out until we all three passed out from pure, satisfied oblivion.

I never thought I'd ever be in a situation like this. Within a few months after having Destiny, Amanda became pregnant and days later, Kauya also informed us that she too was pregnant. Nine months later, my wife gave me a healthy, strong, baby boy that we named Mark and two weeks later, Kauya gave birth to twin baby girls, that we named Cindy and Jana. Along with Destiny, our family of four had suddenly and happily grown to seven. Janice stayed with us, learned of the secret we wanted to keep and happily helped us raise her wonderful grand-children.

What had begun as an epic journey-turned-nightmare was now a dream, and it didn't end there. (Not "The End") Look for "Return to a life in the Amazon"