Alt haariger Mann fickt junge schöne blonde

Alt haariger Mann fickt junge schöne blonde
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Thank you readers who left all those wonderful comments. Quick reminder of where we left of : Bobby and Jessie spend all day holding each other and talking, interspersed with moments of passion filled lovemaking.

Tomorrow is the day Jessie has to go for the shooting and Bobby is to accompany her aslo she agreed to let him watch as her sister stars in the movie Heads up : This chapter is all about the build up, it does not have sex Chapter 4: At the studio The following morning we were both up early, after a quiet breakfast we headed into the city.

As Jessie drove us to the studio she kept glancing sideways at me, finally I turned to her. "What?" "Nothing" "Come on Jessie, something's bothering you, so what is it" "It's it's nothing Bobby" "If it's about us then just say it, if it's me then please tell me. Are you regretting what's happened between us? If you are then tell me, if you want me to leave then I guess I will, I don't want to hurt you Jessie. You've always been the only good thing in my life, I don't want to loose you" "Oh god Bobby it's not you, I love you, I love when you touch me and the feel of you inside me when we make love.

I guess I'm a little nervous and worried about how you'll feel about me tonight after seeing me fuck someone else" "I don't care about that Jessie, as you just said we make love, in the movies you fuck" I reached across and gentle squeezed Jessie's hand that rested on the gear stick. She glanced once more at me, but this time she smiled. "Just remember that when they're filming" "I will" I leant across and kissed her cheek. I was surprised when we arrived at the studio, the name above the gate was that of a well known production company.

"Are they filming here?" "Yes, Pandora is a subsidiary of the company.

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They use the name because they don't want the general public to know they make adult movies. If they found out then people might boycott the family films they produce. The problem for the studio is that they make good money on adult films and so don't want to loose that revenue" It was nine o'clock when we pulled up in front of studio 7, Jessie parked and we climbed out.

"I've gotta go in, why don't you have a wonder around, come here when you're ready, if you're not back before we are due to start filming then I'll phone you" "OK" Stepping towards each other we kissed deeply, I put all my love and desire into my kiss letting Jessie know that I was all right with her career. The studio complex was bussing with people, a number of big budget films were being filmed, it seemed strange walking around the large studio complex and seeing faces that I had seen so often gracing the silver screen.

I had only been wondering around for about twenty minutes when the mobile Jessie had given me rang. "Hello!" "Hi Bobby" "Jessie, is something wrong?" "Not really, could you come to the studio" "Sure I'll be right there" "I'll meet you at the door" When I arrived at studio 7 Jessie led me to a building of offices and stores that was built onto the side of the studio.


"Where are we going?" "To meet the director and one of the producers. Don't be nervous and don't freak out, just listen to what they say and answer them truthfully" "What's going on?" "Sssshhhh.

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we are here" Jessie knocked on the door and entered the office pulling me along with her. "Bobby, this is Paula West the director and Susan Law one of the producers" "Hello" "Hello Bobby, please sit down" I sat on a leather couch and looked at the three women looking at me, for a moment it felt like an interrogation, suddenly an image of a job interview flashed into my mind.

I didn't have to wait very long to find out what was wrong. "I'll get right to the point," said Paula "Jessie tells me you know the script for the film, that you know all the lines, is that correct?" "Uh yes, I read through it with her a couple of nights ago" "And you learnt it just like that," asked Susan in a sarcastic tone of voice.

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"Yeah, I have what is called a photographic memory, it means I can read something once and remember it" Susan looked from me to Paula and shrugged, "I'm not sure this is such a good idea" "We can always delay the film, but you know the problems that will cause and the cost to the company," said Paula. "I know, I know, but are we sure this is the only option?" "If Jessica's telling the truth, no one else knows the script as well as Bobby, and if we use one of the other cast members then we'll still be short an actor" "He's never acted before, we won't and can't pay him the same rates as Richard, but you're right we're working to a tight schedule with this film." Susan paused and looked from Jessie to me, "OK, it maybe worth a try" Susan sat in a chair facing me and smiled.

"Bobby, do you mind if I call you Bobby or would you prefer Robert or Mr West" "No one calls me Mr West, my parents call me Robert, Jessie and my friends call me Bobby or Bob, I prefer Bobby" "Well I hope we can be friends, OK let me tell you about our problem.

Jessie says you are aware we make adult movies" I sat back down and just nodded. "Well as you are aware we are meant to start filming today, the crew are here, the cast is here, with one exception. One of the main male characters was meant to be played by an actor called Richard Headson unfortunately Richard has decided to do something else. We can probably sue him for breach of contract, but that's not much help to me, I have a crew and cast to pay and a deadline for the movie to be finished.

Do you understand?" I nodded, wondering where the hell she was going. "Good, well the problem is that if we get one of the other actors to play Richard's part, we will then have to fill his role.


He would need to learn Richard's part and the new actor would have to learn his. The problem is that would mean a delay of at least three or four days, and as the saying goes, time is money. Jessica says you already know the part, so how do you feel about making a movie" "What! You've gotta be kidding, right?" "No I'm not, I know it's a bit unusual but to put it bluntly you could save the film and us a lot of money" "But I don't have a work permit and wouldn't I need to be in some kind of union to work" "That's no problem, when you're a big company you have contacts.

If you say yes the necessary permits and membership will be sorted out by this evening and back dated" "Fuck, hmmm I'm not sure" "I realise it probably seems a bit weird and I realise the part we want you to play is meant to make love to Jessie.

We maybe able to rewrite the script, I'm not sure though as it's a key to the whole film" Jessie looked form me to Paula and Susan, and smiled, "I wouldn't alter the script, after all that would only delay the shooting, well little brother, do you fancy fucking your big sister" I looked at her, a big grin spreading over my face, "I guess I could force myself" She punched me lightly on the arm.

"Well then little bro, strip" "What?" "Paula and Susan need to make sure you've got the tackle to please a lady" Feeling very self-conscious I undressed, I stood naked in front of the three women my cock hanging soft between my legs.

"Well I must say he's got a nice body Jessie, but how's his cock look hard," asked Paula as she surveyed me from head to foot. "Let's see" Jessie seemed to shrug and the dress she was wearing slid to the floor leaving her naked. Still smiling she stepped towards me and we kissed deeply our tongues entwining and slipping from mouth to mouth. One of her hands stroked my cock, while the other took one of my hands and guided to pussy. She moaned into my mouth as I pushed a finger between her wet folds and into her pussy, my thumb gently teasing her clitoris from its hood.

From the first touch of her body against mine the other people in the room seemed to fade and Jessica filled my senses.

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I lowered my head to suckle at one of her breasts she moaned slightly and pushed me away. By this time my cock was throbbing at its full eight inches of hard meat, Jessie stepped away from me, my fingers slipping from her wet cunt. Looking at her I raised them up and licked them clean, before turning to look at Paula and Susan.

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Susan stepped towards me and ran her fingers over my chest and stomach before gently squeezing my erection. "He's perfect for the part, a lot better than even that fool Dick would have been and I can see why you aren't bothered about the script being changed.

Well Bobby yes or no?" I smiled "Yes" "Good" Susan surprised me by leaning forward and kissing me, stepping back she turned to Jessie and my cock throbbed in pleasure as they also kissed, Susan's hands pulling Jessie against her and squeezing her arse.

"I leave them with you Paula" With that Susan walked from the room.

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"Well you seem to have charmed Susan, I hope to god you can act and that you know how to use this" As she spoke Paula squeezed my cock and rubbed the precum that was leaking from it over the swollen head. "OK, pick up your clothes and go with Jessie.

By the way the only rule I have is no fucking off set while we're making the film and that includes masturbation. Go, both of you, I want you on set in twenty minutes" Jessie didn't give me time to dress, still naked and with a throbbing erection she led me via an inner door down to the studio and into her dressing room.

More to come. As always keep the comments cumming ;) Next Chapter : The movie