Fanny y su hermosa riata

Fanny y su hermosa riata
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Fbailey story number 527 Sexy Little Thing Well there she was walking away from me. Her ass looked great in her tight blue jeans and it twitched magically, hypnotizing me with every step. I could not have looked away even if I had wanted too.

I was hardly aware that she had turned around to make sure that I had been watching her. When our eyes finally met she smiled and kept walking. I uttered the phrase, "Sexy little thing." My daughter slapped my arm and said, "Dad, she's in my class." Honestly I had no control of my speech when I said, "Bring her home.

I'd like to have her for dinner." My daughter slapped my arm again and said, "Dad you're disgusting." After a short pause she continued, "You really expect me to bring her home just so you can eat her pussy?" Not realizing what she was talking about I said, "Huh." She wasn't paying any attention to me at all and just kept talking, "She plays with herself in class.

I've seen her masturbate right in English class and then she sucked her wet fingers afterwards." Just to be a wise ass I asked, "Do you suck your wet fingers after you masturbate?" Without missing a beat she replied, "Sure I do, but not in my English class." Apparently she got her ears and her mouth to work together and said, "Oh Dad, you're disgusting." So I laughed and said, "I'm disgusting?

All I asked you to do was to invite her over for dinner sometime. You are the one that brought up me eating her pussy and you sucking your fingers after you masturbate, but not in your English class." Embarrassed that she had over reacted and had confessed to masturbating she said, "Oh, okay I'll invite her to come home with me tomorrow." Once I had her on the defensive I asked, "Can I suck your fingers after you masturbate?" She looked at me sternly.

I expected to get slapped again but instead she said, "Maybe, but you have to stop talking about masturbating in public." It was too good to pass up, "You masturbate in public?" That got me the slap that I expected earlier.

She then took my elbow and pulled me into a shop as if she were my mother. She took me back into a few racks of clothes, turned me around, and said, "Shut up and just stand there, looking bored." That was pretty easy for me to do in a woman's clothing store.

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About three minutes later she turned me back around to face her and put her hand up to my face saying, "Start sucking." I smiled as I grabbed a hold of her wrist and sucked each of her fingers into my mouth, one at a time. When I finished with those fingers she thrust the other hand at me too. When I had sucked all of her fingers clean she asked, "So what do you think?" I knew what she wanted to hear but instead I said, "I think you do masturbate in public." Again with the slap.

However, that time it came with a smile and she whispered, "Would you like to eat my pussy for dinner?" I whispered back, "Yes, I would." Surprisingly my own daughter was the 'sexy little thing' that I had been looking for all along. We rushed home and I followed her right into her bedroom. Her panties were removed and she was on her back waiting for me. I didn't disappoint her. I leaned in and my wet tongue licked up her wet slit giving me a fresh taste of her juices.

It was sweet and very tasty but I knew that she had been masturbating for the entire fifteen-minute drive home. It should have taken longer but I was speeding a little and I caught almost all of the traffic lights on green. I was thoroughly enjoying her pussy when she had a very powerful orgasm then pushed me away saying, "That's enough. I'll let you do it again when I go to bed. Now go find Mom and stick your dick in her." I had completely forgotten that I even had a wife.

I found my wife in the kitchen starting dinner. I walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck as I held both of her breasts in my hands and pressed my hard-on into her ass crack. My wife didn't even flinch she asked, "Can this wait until I've started dinner?" I replied, "No" and lifted her skirt, dropped her panties, and leaned her into the kitchen counter. She bent over and pushed her butt back at me as I slipped my hard-on into her.

She was already wet and I slid right in. Why was she wet? Had she been thinking about me while I was gone? Did someone else fuck her before I got home? Had she been masturbating with the cucumber that she was washing off for the salad? Did I really care? Hell no! My cock was in her and it was a very good feeling. I pounded into her hard and pretended that she was my daughter.

She was forcing her ass back at me just as hard. Soon we were cumming together like a well-oiled machine. When I finished I pulled up her panties, lowered her skirt, and put my cock away.

As I turned around, my daughter was standing in the doorway giving her approval in the way of a thumbs up. We smiled and she asked, "What's for dinner, Mom?" My wife asked, "How long have you been standing there?" My daughter asked, "Why? What were you two up too?" It was a Mexican standoff. Neither of them was going to reveal any more than was necessary.

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+++++ At bedtime my daughter asked, "Mom can I borrow your pink dildo? I'll wash it off afterwards. I promise. You have Dad. You don't need three of them anyway." My wife asked, "Why?" Hell, even I knew the answer to that one.


Why else would a teenage girl ask to borrow her mother's dildo if it wasn't to use it? My daughter replied, "Because that cucumber you cut up for dinner was too big.

I couldn't get it in. I'm sure that didn't stop you though." Maybe my wife had used that cucumber just before I had entered the kitchen and was washing it off.

That would explain the excess fluids in her pussy. My wife blushed a bright red and that was certainly unusual for her. Then she calmly said, "Okay. If you stop suggesting that I masturbate with vegetables you may have my pink dildo. It's yours to do with as you wish and you don't have to wash it off or hide it either if you don't want too." My daughter said, "Cool.


I'd like to leave it out where my friends can see it. By the way I'm going to invite Daisy to come home with me tomorrow." My daughter took the dildo out of her mother's lower dresser drawer and headed to her bedroom with it. My wife went into our bathroom to take a bubble bath, which meant that she could be in there for a good hour.

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I headed toward my daughter's bedroom. She had made me a promise and I was going to collect.

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When I got there and opened her door she was already naked and on her bed and just about to push that dildo into her pussy. I had eaten that pussy earlier but I had not seen her breasts. They were larger than I had thought.


They were the size of her mother's breasts but much more firm. Her nipples were smaller and very pale pink in color. I whispered, "You said that I could eat your pussy again at bedtime." She whispered, "If you fuck me I won't have to use this dildo as often." I looked at her and whispered, "You are one sexy little thing." Then I got between her legs, slipped my cock in, and then proceeded to fuck my teenage daughter. I didn't ask her if she was a virgin, I figured if she wanted me to know that she would tell me.

Her pussy was considerably tighter than her mother's pussy was. I had much more feeling than I had in her mother. Then when I finally came in her it was more intense and I had more quantity than with her mother too. All in all it was the best climax of my life. +++++ The next day when I came home from work my daughter gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "Get rid of Mom and we can have a three-way with Daisy.

She has already agreed to do it." I looked over at Daisy smiling at me, I looked at my wife, and I could not for the life of me figure out how to get rid of her.

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