Lorena Sanchez Hot Babes Double Penetration And A cock On Her Mouth

Lorena Sanchez Hot Babes Double Penetration And A cock On Her Mouth
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His View It was shaping out as a normal soccer training session. It was cold and the girls were doing a cool down jog.

I started to pick up the markers as the head coach brought the team in to the sheds for a talk about the weekend game. As everyone started to depart, I had a talk to the coach about the keepers I had been training and gave him my thoughts of who should have the job. Jeff had to leave in a hurry as he had to pick up his kids from the babysitters.

I told him to go and I will lockup everything. I looked around and noticed everyone had left in a hurry. It was a freezing winters Friday night. I started mumbling to myself about how deserted the soccer grounds were.

You could hear a pin drop in grass. I continued to pack the equipment in the gear store. I walk around to the first change room and made sure it was empty and as I turned around to turn the lights off, I heard a noise coming from the other change room. I slowly crept in not knowing who it could be. As I slowly climbed a create next to the door, I was able to peer over the wall to get a look to se if it was an intruder.

As I lifted my head I was shocked to see what I saw. There standing in the dressing room with only a towel wrapped around her was Kelly Hawker. Now this is a girl who has had a 'come fuck me please' body since she was 14. Kelly is one of the dream girls in the team. Strong slender long legs, small perky firm arse, flat tanned stomach, small firm B cup breasts, long brown hair.

She was always wearing tight Lycra shorts for training that gave any guy a deep fantasy about what lays beneath. Now I had to think fast. I knew the grounds were deserted. I casually without thinking walked into the change room and acted fully surprised as I turned the corner and by now Kelly was standing there in only a pink thong. My cock suddenly strained against my tracksuit pants. I looked at her and she let out a yelp and covered herself partially with her towel. "Shit, sorry Chris, I did not realise how long I took in the shower.

Oh my god. Sorry" I looked at her and said "no need to be sorry, I enjoyed the sight very much." Just as I imagined, a cute firm tanned B cup breasts looked me straight in the eyes.

Her cheeks changed to a light red. "I'm sure you did you dirty perve". "Yep. Of course I did. Look at what you have got me with now. A raging stiff cock." Kelly looked down at my cock straining to be free. "Well at least I turn somebody on" she smiled. "My boyfriend would rather go spend a weekend motor bike ridding than alone with me". I sat down on the massage table looking down at her. "Now why the fuck would he do that. Must be gay". Kelly was sitting on the bench with the towel covering her tits.

Kelly looked at me and said, "Now you're going to watch me get dressed I assume". I looked at her straight into her big brown eyes and said "I am hoping you don't get dressed" "Oh and you would like that right" Kelly said looking down at the floor.

"No actually I would completely enjoy it" I jumped down and went to the gate and locked it. I returned to Kelly and stood her up. Her towel fell to the floor as I planted a kiss on her lips. She did not resist so I parted her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth.

My cock was doing sliding motions against her clit. This made Kelly let out a moan that vibrated into my mouth. I ran my left hand up her back as my right gripped her tight arse. My hand moved across to feel her young tit. I was able to take most of it in my hand as I gave a gentle squeeze. Kelly's hips began to rotate with my cock faster, so I knew this was turning her on.

I could not believe what was happening. I had my dream 16 year old teenager rubbing her pussy against my shaft. I squeezed her breasts a couple of times then I slipped her erect nipple between my fingers and rubbed. This sent Kelly wild. My other hand had reached around her arse and started to rub her pussy lips. Her panties were soaking. The moment I touched her panties my fingers could feel how turned on she was. Kelly reached down and started to rub my shaft.

"I want to suck you off. Please, I love giving head." Kelly slipped her fingers around my pants and in one motion had my tracksuit pants and briefs off.

Suddenly my 9 inches of man cock was free and sprung to life. Kelly was kneeling in front of me with a shock look. "I have sucked off 3 guys before but, wow, not this hard, or damm big. How big is it? It is definitely bigger than my boyfriends that's for sure and I thought his was a decent size". "I heard your suppose to be a bed jumper" "It's all bullshit" as she grabbed my fully extended love pole. "Chris, I'm still a virgin.

Tell you the truth, I was going to fuck my boyfriend tonight but he chose the wrong option. I have only ever given 3 other guys head before. Kelly then slipped the tip of my cock between her lips. Swirling her tongue around licking up my pre cum. This was driving me crazy. Kelly started to nibble, kiss and lick my tip. Suddenly she wrapped her hand around my shaft and took in as much as her mouth would allow. I felt the warm wetness on her tongue licking my veins as she sucked hard as her mouth slid up my cock.

"Shit, it is so damm thick. I won't be taking it all" as she nibbled my tip again. Again she plunged her mouth downwards taking even more in. Her other hand began to wank my base as she quickened the pace with her sucking. Her spare hand cupped my balls. The sucking sounds filling the room. Kelly came up for a breather with her saliva sticking from her lips to my tip. Again she dived in sucking even harder, I gripped the back of her head as I could feel my legs tighten.

I knew I was about to shoot a load of cum down Kelly's teenage throat. Kelly began to rub her pussy. I could feel her moaning down my shaft and that was all I could take. I gripped her head tightly as my cock shuddered continual loads of cum into Kelly's mouth. Kelly tried to suck harder to totally drain me.

She swallowed every bit that came out. My legs felt weak as Kelly continued to clean me after I had finished. This 16 year old was not done yet I thought.

I lifted her up and said into her eyes "My turn." Kelly looked stunned as I lifted her onto the massage table with her legs over the side. I gave Kelly a deep kiss.

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Tasting my cum in her mouth seemed to spurn me on. I kissed her from her ears to neck. Squeezing her breast along the way. Kelly had leaned back and was moaning softly. I eventually reached her tits with my mouth. I kissed around them slowly and sucking softly. I reached up and took a nipple in my mouth. Kelly shrieked and squeezed my face in harder. Her breathing was short and fast.

"Oh god yeah. Suck my nipple you dirty man. Suck my teem tits." Kelly arched back as I sucked a large amount of tit into my mouth and flicked her nipple with my tongue. I could sense she was totally out of control. This girl was one horny teen.

Kelly squeezed my head harder as she had her first orgasm by a guy. Her body shook as she moaned out loud, "Oh My, Yeeeesss".

As soon as she regained composure, I reached down and started to rub her panties. This caused Kelly to squirm. Spreading her legs further to give me more, this caused her thong to slip between her lips and suddenly I was rubbing her soaking swollen lips. I slipped a finger under her thong and forced them down. They suddenly lay on the floor.


I kissed down her flat stomach enjoying the firmness. My fingers had worked over her soaking pussy lips. I slid 1 finger in and realised how tight she was. "So you are a virgin I feel" "I told you so and nobody has ever given me head before. My god this feels great". I continued downwards.

I was looking at my dream pussy. Tight, virgin, completely bald and extremely horny. I lowered my head towards heaven. I flicked my tongue from the bottom to the top, ignoring her clit. I wanted this girl to explode on my face and I knew how to do it.

Kelly let out a loud "oh Shit" as I slipped my tongue between her lips and into her never explored region. "Fuck, fuck fuck. Wow" as Kelly gripped my head, opened her legs wider and shoved her pussy harder against my mouth.

I sucked and licked all over her virgin lips and drank her juices. Kelly was panting heavily, "Oh god, I'm going to cum" On that note I reached up and took her clit between my lips and sucked. Kelly let out a gasp of air as she withered her pussy into my face.

I slid a finger inside her as I sucked again. This sent Kelly to another planet. My finger was gripped by her throbbing muscles as she covered my face with her young sex juices. Kelly was leaning back cupping her tits and with her legs wrapped around my head.

She screamed out as her body continually shook. "Fuck, I have never cum like that, holy crap. "Gasping for air, her head coming back to reality. I looked her in the eyes as she reached out and started to kiss me. Licking her cum of my face and sucking on my lips and tongue.

She reached out and grabbed my now stiff cock. She Smiled and said "I guess we aren't finished yet".

"Only if you don't wanna go further" I replied in a seductive tone. "Well show me how much further I can go and I will decide after". "You sure you want this" "Well if my boyfriend does not want to fuck me, I may as well fuck someone who does. I'm horny and ready to be filled and stretched by a nice hard dick. Especially having one as big as yours. It is going to hurt, but heck yeah".

Kelly jumped of the table pushed me back onto the bench and grabbed my cock. She bent over and swallowed my shaft. If I was not fully hard, I was now. She worked her mouth over my stiff man hood for all she could.

Kelly looked at me in the eyes and said "If you want to fuck a teenage virgin, well here is your chance". I stood up and lifted Kelly back onto the table. My cock was dripping with her saliva knowing it is about to fuck a wet teenage snatch. Spreading her legs, I stepped between them. I rubbed my cock up and down her lips and over her clit. This made Kelly whimper. "'You ready for your very first cock. You ready to fuck girl". Oh god yeah, please, please, fuck me. I slipped the tip of my cock between her lips.

Her lips gripped and wanted to force my dick in. I could feel her hole. It was tight and extremely wet. Kelly had leaned back and bitting her lip. I had to push a little hard to squeeze in. This caused Kelly to squirm and let out a loud moan.

I slid inside her slowly and carefully. I could feel her 'virgin band'. I pumped her for a few strokes trying to calm her down. Eventually, with one push, it broke. Kelly let out a scream. I held my position till the pain reduced. I could feel her tight walls grip my shaft. When her breathing calmed down, I pushed harder and found myself hitting the back of her cunt.

This was by far the tightest and wettest pussy that had taken me. Kelly was breathing shorter and started to squirm. I looked at her and said, "How does it fell to have a cock inside you?" "Oh god Chris, I Can fell it all, my god, I sure know I have it in me".

Kelly tilted her head back as I slid my cock out then I slowly slid it back in, feeling her stretch again as I pushed deep it into her. As I slid inside her a few times, this was all Kelly needed. Her muscles gripped me as Kelly's body shook into anther orgasm.

Her pussy gripping tighter as I slid back out and even deeper into her again. Kelly fell into a deep heavy convulsing orgasm. I continued to fuck her, getting quicker as she went from one orgasm to another. Her cum was all over my cock and balls and was running down my leg. This girl just exploded. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and started to pick up my pace. Her pussy fighting to keep my cock in as I withdrew. After a good 5 minutes Kelly finally came around.

"My god. That was so intense. I just lost control." You just stretch me and fill me. I could feel every bit of you inside".

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I reached up and picked Kelly up. I walked with my cock inside her and sat on the bench. Kelly was now on top and rotating her hips. We embraced in a deep kiss. Her pussy squeezing me as she slides along my shaft. I want you to cum inside me. You fuck me so damm good." Kelly begins to bounce on my cock.

I start to suck her tits as she starts moaning again. My mouth moving from tit to tit, nipple to nipple, her teen fuck hole pounding my soaking cock, her clit grinding into my pubes was enough to give Kelly anther orgasm.

Her cum was all over my hips and lap. This girl knows how to orgasm. Right my turn to fill this horny pussy of yours. I lift her up and turn her around. I bend her over the table and slid my cock inside her from behind. I could feel her tightness even more as I started to fuck her faster and harder. Kelly was crying out for me to fuck her hard. I rammed this 16 year old teen like I have never fucked before. Stretching her open I felt my balls tighten and legs shake as I sent load after load of hot cum deep deep inside Kelly's stomach.

Kelly was sent into another head blowing, eye popping orgasm. Her muscles tightened around my milking shaft trying to get as much cum inside her as possible. I collapsed on top of her, my cock going soft inside her cum filled pot hole. Kelly was regaining her composure. The room was full of the smell of sex.

"Wow that was more than I could have dreamed of. I never knew I would cum so much. I was so fucking horny. And you with that great cock. I never thought I would have my first sex like that.

Never". We both showered and after another blow job, we headed out to grab some Pizza on the way to my house. Her parents had gone away for the weekend to watch her brother play in a Ten Pin Comp. We spent the next 2 days either eating, sleeping or screwing. I have never cum so much in one weekend. Kelly had finally lost her girlie cherry that's for certain. We fucked in every room and Kelly must have cum in every position I put her in.

To this day I still think and try to understand about how my dreams came true and what has started a secrete sex romp with a tight horny school teen. Her View I had just had an enjoyable freezing training session.

The coach had brought us into the change room and gave us a quick talking to about the game a head and then left. Playing in the girls under 16 A grade was a dig deal. Some of us hit the showers whilst others just grabbed their gear and left. I was last into the shower. Relieved that there was hot water. The feeling of the water pressure and temperature was perfect.

I gave myself a good wash and just stood under the water in a pissed off mod. My boyfriend had decided to go riding his trail bike with his friends this weekend and I wanted us to be together and finally alone at my house.

I must have fallen into a daydream as the water began to get cold. I started to think of having a weekend alone as my friends had gone to a music festival I was not interested in. I grabbed my towel and dried off. I moved to my clothes and organised them.

I put the towel down and put my panties on. Just as I was reaching for my pants, Chris the goalkeeping coach came around the corner. I stood up in shock and then reached for my towel, covering what I could. I kept apologising for taking too long a shower. I was shocked and embarrassed Chris had caught me in this situation. I was so nervous but curious at what might happen. I felt a twinge in my pussy and started to get wet. Chris was standing there looking straight at my near naked body.

I started to wonder what his cock looked and tasted like. Although I have not had a guy enter me, I have given a few blowjobs and love it. Chris is not a 6 pack man but has a nice fit body and has a great arse. The girls would often chat wondering what he looked like naked and how big his dick is. We all enjoyed trying to get his attention. Although he was in his 40's, he did have a cute face and a nice body. Chris looked at me and told me not to be sorry and he enjoyed my body very much.

I replied, "I bet you do, you dirty old man" wondering why I said it and what he would say. He replied, "of course I did, and you gave me a hard on".

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I caught a glimpse of his dick poking into his pants. I was beginning to get real turned on. I could feel a shiver run from my neck to my pussy. I know I must be soaking down there.

It must be true. His bulge looks massive. I decided to push the envelope and responded, "at least I can turn someone on". I gave a cheeky grin. My young pussy had never felt like this before. Here I have an older guy who has a massive cock getting horny over my teenage body. I know I am fit but feel average to some other girls. I keep in great shape with soccer and running.

"My boyfriend would rather go spend a weekend motor bike ridding than alone with me". Chris moved around and sat on the table. I sat back on the bench. Chris commented that Scott (my boyfriend) must be gay and up himself. I sat there and looked at the bulge in his pants. I was so turned on.

I asked him if he is going to watch me dress. He replied "I hope you don't get dressed" "I bet you would like that hey? A teen naked in front of you". I looked away waiting for a response. Chris chirped with "I would actually love it". He then jumped down and locked the gate. My head started to spin. My girlie hole that had never been entered was giving me tingles I had never felt before. I was totally turned on. All I wanted was to see how big his cock actually is. Chris returned and grabbed me up.

I felt my legs go weak as he planted a kiss on my lips. The towel had fallen and I was standing there only dressed in a pink thong being tongue kissed by an older man. I was so out of control, I just let him do what ever he pleased. He can take my virgin pussy and put that cock deep inside me and deflower me. I was under his control now. My pussy was flowing with my juices. My nipples erect and wanting his mouth. I could feel his rigid cock rubbing against my wetness and clit.

I wanted to feel him in my mouth. This was driving me crazy. He had moved his hand to my breast. Nobody has ever touched my young tits before. The feeling was so overwhelming. I suddenly felt his other hand massage my pussy. I was flowing with sex. I wanted to taste his cock so badly. His fingers pinching my nipple and his other hand rubbing me made my pussy convulse and twinge. I started to loose my breathe.

I reached down to feel his man hood. I wanted to have it. I panted, "I want to suck your cock, and please let me have you in my mouth. I want to taste you". I was so desperate to see his cock, I managed to pull his pants and undies down in one go.

To my horror, out sprung the biggest cock I have ever thought. This was by far bigger and thicker than Scots. It was huge. I looked at its hugeness and just said 'I have sucked off cocks before but none this big, my god you're perfect. He then said he had heard I slept around.

I reassured him that it was all a lie and I had only sucked off 3 guys and was still a virgin. I wanted to feel his stiffness in my hand. I then replied "I was going to fuck Scott for the first time tonight. He chose the dirt bike, so he misses out" I was looking at the biggest cock I could imagine. Was I going to loose my cherry to such an enormous piece of meat.

I was certainly hoping I will be. I took his shaft and put his head into my mouth. I started to swirl my tongue around tasting the saltiness of his pre cum. This is what I love to do. Suck cock. Suck lots of cock and I know there is plenty here tonight. I knew this was driving Chris wild. I sucked his head and then I sucked as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could.

I could feel it going down my throat. Making me gargle. I sucked as hard and as long as I could.

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I sucked along his shaft as I withdrew. I looked up at him and said "I have never had a stiff dick go so far in my mouth. You're bloody huge. I'll take what I can so enjoy". I then dived in and sucked, licked, kissed and sucked this monster for all I could. I could feel the heat of my throbbing pussy. I was ready to explode. I sucked and wanked his meat. I was in such a lust to suck this pole. Suddenly I felt his cock tighten in my mouth. I held it as deep as I could and sucked.

Out came his love liquid down my throat. He just kept pumping loads of salty cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. I continued to suck his deflating tool so I could get every drop of his sperm. I wanted more. Chris lifted me up onto the table and said "my turn". I was nervous as I did not know what was to come. I was still wet and throbbing. I wanted to climax.

I wanted to cum so badly. We fell into a deep kiss. I sucked hard on his tongue. He started to kiss my neck and shoulder. I was getting wetter by the second. I had never gone this far with a guy and it was making my body tingle and pussy throb. My breathing became shallow as he started to suck on my young breasts.

A feeling I have never felt. He sucked all over going from one breast to the other, sucking hard on my nipples. I was in heaven. I yelled out "suck my tits you dirty old man" as I felt my body start to tighten. Suddenly he sucked a whole tit into his mouth. I leaned back and felt an explosion I thought would tear my head apart. My pussy tightened, my body shivered as I had my first orgasm by a guy. I had lost every bit of control I thought I had as I climaxed.

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I felt my juices down my leg. All I could manage was a loud "Oh YEEESSSS" I had not fully regained my thoughts when I felt his hand rubbing my pulsing pussy. I was lost in a world of 'I Want Cock' He kissed down my body whilst giving my virgin pussy a little attention with his hand. I spread my legs wider and suddenly felt his fingers playing with my lips. I was in heaven. Suddenly he had pulled down my panties. I was sitting there with my shaved teenage pussy looking straight into his face.

I wanted him to eat me. I had never been given head before and I wanted him to drink my juices. Suck my wetness. His fingers played with my pussy as he kissed his way down. Out of the blue, I felt his finger press hard against my entrance.

I could feel it slide in. I was nervous but totally wanting it. He then said. "I can feel you're a virgin. You are so damm tight". I said, "Please eat me, nobody has done this to me. I have always wanted to get head. Please eat me this feels so damm fantastic. Your finger feels huge." Chris lowered himself. I laid back not knowing what to expect.

I could feel his breath on my lips. Suddenly I felt his tongue slide from the bottom to the top of my virgin hole. I shuddered as the feeling engulfed me. He worked his tongue and lips all over. I grabbed his head and forced his face harder into my wetness. I could feel my pussy grip his tongue every time he slid it in.

I was starting to squirm. I could feel my body tense up. I yelled "I am going to cum". Just then, Chris moved his mouth to my clit and sucked. This was all I needed. I started to loose my mind as he stuck a finger inside me as he sucked and flicked my clit. I just leaned back, squeezed his face harder into my pulsing cum flowing orgasm and felt an electrical pulse from my head to my toes.

My pussy gripped his finger as it went into a mind of its own. My whole body shook as I screamed out. My cunt was flowing with cum. Chris must have drowned in my orgasm. "Wow, I never cum like that, that was awesome. Wow". I had to regather my breathing and thoughts. My pussy was dripping and still hot. I kissed Chris deep as I licked my own sex juices of his face. I reached down and felt his cock had regained its full usefulness.

I smiled and asked Chris, "I guess we have not finished yet"? He replied "only if you want to go further. It's up to you". I just smiled and replied, "How bout you show me how much further I could go and I will let you know". "You sure you want this'? "Well if my boyfriend does not want to fuck my virgin pussy, I may as well fuck someone who does.

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I'm so horny and ready to be filled by a nice hard dick. Especially having one as big as yours. It is going to hurt, but fuck me". I jumped up and pushed him onto the bench. I wanted to show him how much I wanted to be fucked. How much I wanted this enormous cock forced deep into me. I bent over and took his man rod into my mouth and sucked like I was going to suck his balls up his shaft.

I looked up at him in the eyes and said "If you want to fuck a teenage virgin, well here is your chance".

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He lifted me up back onto the table. Chris looked into my eyes and said "You ready for your very first cock. You ready to fuck girl". "Oh god yeah, please, please, fuck me" I moaned. I just wanted him to push that huge log into my virgin pussy and take my cherry away. I was desperate for that huge cock. I could feel his cock rubbing up and down my pussy.

I could feel it was going to hurt. His dick was so thick. Chris kissed me gently as I felt the top of his dick push my pussy lips apart. The size instantly made my pussy muscles stretch. I could feel pain, but it was also enjoyable. I felt his head slide deeper. The wetness of my love hole made it easier for him to penetrate. Chris settled and slowly slid his cock in and out a few times.

Letting me ease to the pain. After I had regathered my breathe, Chris looked me in the eyes and pushed deep inside me, breaking my virginity. I felt his cock expand my pussy as it slid all the way deep inside. Chris stopped as I was in a little pain. After a minute, I began to relax and started to rotate my hips. All I could feel was Chris's huge cock stretching me open. I could feel every inch I was able to manage.

Chris looked at me and asked me how my first cock felt. I could feel my body shake. I was starting to squirm. I had the most wonderful feeling fucking my teenage mount.

I had a huge cock take my virginity. I could feel his cock slide against the walls of my pulsing cunt. Opening me wide. Fucking me deeper than I thought possible. I could not take any more Chris started to fuck me slowly. I could feel I was about to cum again. He pumped me quicker as my convulsing pussy gripped his rod and squeezes. My body trembled as I felt him fight my gip and fuck into me again.

I lost my cohesion as I exploded into a massive, climactic orgasm. My juices just flowed over his log. I must have had a 2 minute orgasm. My body continued to shudder and squirm.

I could hear myself scream as Chris continued to fuck my pussy faster as I came. I lost my breath as I shuddered from one orgasm to another.

Chris continued to pound my pulsing fuck hole. I wanted him to slam me so hard. I finally came round. My pussy was sore but still hot and wet. I was enjoying this cock and did not want it to end. Chris picked me up, still with his dick deep inside me, sat on the bench.

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I was now sitting on his lap ridding his shaft. I pushed down hard wanting to take all of him. I wanted Chris to open me up and fuck me deep. I was so horny and felt so dirty. "I was totally filled with this meat. I wanted him deeper so badly. I moaned in his ear "I want you to cum inside me.

Fill me up with your cum. Please cum inside me". I rode his pole. Getting it deeper each time I slid down. I quickened the pace. I would slide all the way up till I felt his head at my entrance, then crash down hard taking as much in till I felt his prick push the back of my sex passage.

I could feel my clit rubbing his pubes. Chris reached around, pulled me close and sucked on my tits. I was losing control again. I plunged down hard on his cock. My cunt squeezes as I leaned back falling into another earth shuddering orgasm. I had his fuck stick deep inside me. Ripping into my virginal walls. My cum covering his cock and balls. As fast as I blinked. Chris got me up, spun me around and shoved his tool deep inside me from behind. I never thought my pussy would be ripped open like this.

He went in hard and fast. His monster slammed ever so deep inside me. I did not know what to do. My cunt was being slammed from behind taking this thick long fuck pole ever so deep. I could feel his cock as it slid from my lips till it slammed deep inside me over and over again.

His balls hitting my clit. My moaning was getting louder. I could feel Chris was going to cum. His cock tightened as I grabbed is balls. I felt him expand as he shot a big load of warm cum deep inside my pussy. This was all I could take. The feeling of his cock pulsing and squirting his love syrup deep into me caused my cunt to convulse. I melted into the deepest orgasm yet. I could feel his love juices hit the back of my now cum filled orgasm fuelled vagina.

I could feel the warmth of his cum. I could feel him go limp but my pussy kept milking every last drop of his golden fluid it could. I collapsed forward on the bench. Breathing heavily, all sweaty from sex, the smell of our cum. I smiled and said "I never thought my first time would be such a fantastic fuck. What a way to lose my virginity.


I was expecting a quickie. But I landed gold with your huge fuck rod of a dick". We had a shower to clean up. I gave Chris another blow job and we left for his house. My parents were away for the weekend and I now had plans. Chris fucked me in so many ways that weekend. He fucked me in every room.

I never thought I could cum so much. His huge cock stretching me as we fucked, the great 69ers, me ridding him. We did it all that weekend. I was so sore at school on Monday. I have certainly lost my virginity and what a way to lose it. This is one cock I will be enjoying for a while. Older men seem to turn me on now.