Teen cute ass gay sex Nineteen yr old Scott Alexander is our freshest

Teen cute ass gay sex Nineteen yr old Scott Alexander is our freshest
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First story guys, be kind! Constructive criticism welcome! Kaylas Night Out Kayla stood 5'3, weighed 60 kilos sopping wet and was an exceptionally bright girl. She was extremely proud of her 34B breasts, topped with long bright pink nipples that hardened when she was aroused.

Kayla was also blessed with the most delectable little booty you could ever wish to see! Round but not fat, with just the perfect amount of intact baby fat. Long blondey/brown hair reached the small of her back. Her little sex covered with a sparse amount of peach fuzz.

Normally a respectful. well behaved girl Kayla had tonight, for the first time lied to her parents as to where she was going! Instead of staying at her best friend Ruby's house Kayla would be going out to a public park in the city and drinking with a few older girls from school she'd befriended! Having just stepped out of the shower Kayla admired herself in her bedroom mirror, her boobs where a perfect handful, her nipples puffy, bright pink and very sensitive.

Trailing her hand down her trim stomach she felt the sparse covering of hair above her young hole.

Stopping before her lips it looked adorable! Arching and turning she stared at her ass, clearly her best assets, sticking out just the right amount, a perfect handful and a half! Getting dressed, Kayla slipped on an old pair of blue boyshort panties. They where old and far to tight but she loved the way they hugged her little slit, putting a delicious amount of pressure on the immature little hole. Pulling again a very tight pair of yoga pants over her panties, she completed her outfit with a pink hoodie and white sneakers.

Several hours (and vodka shots) later Kayla was laughing and joking with the older girls, playfully arching her back as they slapped her delicious ass! Rather more drunk than she intended Kayla was actively enjoying everyone of the girls copping a feel of her ass, her little panties were already showing signs of dampness! This went on for an hour or so before Kayla had to go to the bathroom, unfortunately it was at the opposite end of the park, and there was noway she was going in the bushes!

After 10 mins of walking she arrived at the dimly lit bathroom, hearing some.odd sounds from inside Kayla nervously made her way in. An older woman, mid 30s to early 40s was on her knees sucking the cock of a man around her age. Watching in awe Kayla slowly snuck her way into a stall and watched, a hand snaking into her panties and rubbing her little slit over her panties. The woman pulled her large boobs out of her top and her partner stuck his fat cock in between the, the both of them moaning loudly.

Standing, the man grabbed the woman and roughly turner her around, revealing her drooling hole and the fact she wore no panties! Grasping his cock he impaled her, the both of them letting lose long, drawn out moans. Starting slow at first he picked up the pace and started really pounding into her.


It was at this moment the woman saw Kayla in the mirror, her hand furiously rubbing at her pantie clad slit. Kayla was mesmerized, her need to pee totally forgotten as she rubbed her hole over her panties, doing her best to suppress her moans.

When the woman caught sight of her, she winked at Kayla!

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Her heart almost leaped from her chest. Thinking she was busted she stopped.But the woman mouth "Keep going" and so she did, slipping a hand inside her panties and slowly, slowly inching a finger inside herself, followed by a second. Pumping two fingers in and out of her cunny Kayla still kept her moans quiet as the man was clearly nearing his own orgasm, his grunts louder as he pounded the woman harder and harder!

With a howl he began cum in her cunt as Kayla watched, wide eyed and horny. She'd never seen anything like this! Although a virgin she regualy masturbated, putting anything vaguely dick shaped in tiny, tight little hole! The man pulled his pants up and left, the woman still bent over the basin, cum oozing out of her well used hole.

" You can come out now sweety, he's gone. " The woman smiled warmly at Kayla through the mirror. Kayla, pulling her soaked fingers out of her panties half stumbled half shuffled (the vodka was really hitting her now) her way out of the stall. "S.So.Sorry Miss. I didn't mean to watch you and that man.I just wanted to use the bathroom.And well.you guys looked like you were having loads of fun!

I.I'm sorry. I gotta go now" Putting a hand to stop her, the woman smiled at Kayla. " I'm Mel.Don't be in such a rush sweety.finish what you started." It was then that Kayla notice the woman still had her very large boobs out of her top, unable to move, unable to tear her eyes away Kayla gulped and stood stock still infront of Mel.

" I.my names Kayla.""Well Kayla, did you like my little show? What am I thinking, of course you did! I can smell your little hole from here! These bathrooms are a well known.Hookup site, if you catch my drift. Why are you out here?" Smoothing the front of her skirt down, but leaving her boobs out Mel slowly walked to the door to the bathrooms and locked them, then turned and made her way back to Kayla.

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Distracted by the swaying boobs and huge, thick brown nipples wobbling towards her Kayla stammered out her answer as Mel got within an arms reach of her. " I snuck out and was hanging out with some girls at Stonemack Park.We were drinking and stuff. " Kayla watched as if in slow motion as Mels hand slowly reached out and run up her outer thigh.

Kayla was insanely horny. The girls at the park had already got her turned on, with all there grabbing and smacking of her ass, and watching Mel and playing with her sex had driven her to a state of pure lust. The vodka helped as well!

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"And how did you end up here, in this bathroom watching me get fucked, little one?" With that Mels hand softly cupped Kaylas ass, giving it a gentle squeeze as she moved behind the young girl. Gasping, letting out a little whimper Kayla nervously admitted how the girls were grabbing and smacking her ass and how she needed to use the bathroom. " And then I saw you.And it turned me on so much!


Why.why are you grabbing my butt?" One hand on Kaylas hip, the other groping and kneading the young girls ass Mell lent down and slowly kissed from the young teens shoulder to below her ear, sending shivers up the girls spine. "You liked watching me get fucked didn't you? Have you ever been fucked? Why am I rubbing your ass? Because, Kayla your clearly out of your mind horny.And I'm gonna help you!" Nodding her head, taking a depth breath and letting loose another little moan Kayla lent back into Mels arms as the woman pushed her hands into the young girls yoga pants, cupping her ass cheeks through the tight, now sopping wet boy short panties.

Mell couldn't believe her luck, this little girl, god she didn't even know how old she was! Was now completely within her power. She could do anything and everything to this girl. Slipping a hand inside the young girls panties, Mel felt her ass without any obstruction for the first time. Moaning with excitement she could still feel that random guys cum dripping from her cunt. Mels free hand slowly inched it's way up Kaylas trim, toned stomach, under her hoodir and gently cupped her braless boobs.

Her other hand slipped inside the teens panties and slowly stroked over her dripping wet sex, from clit to rosebud. "I'm going to use you Kayla, I'm going to use your little holes, your mouth, tongue and your fingers. I'm going to treat you like a little whore and fuck you in this dirty bathroom. Nows your chance to leave, tell me to stop, pull my hand from your panties. If you wan't this, pull down your pants. But leave your panties on!" Terrified, drunk, nervous and insanely horny Kayla was incredibly conflicted.

She couldn;t ignore the fact her pussy had soaked her panties an her clits throbbing. But she was scared, this was a woman she'd just met, just watched get fucked for gods sake! Her hornyness, and the fact she was drunk overrode her common sense and so, with trembling fingers she pulled down her yoga pants, her light blue yoga pants soaked through, pulled tight against her little pussy, outlining it perfectly. "Mmmm thata girl!

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Now, you do everything I say and this'll be the best, most pleasure filled night of your life!" Her hand moving from Kayals ass to the front of her panties, Mel slowly.lightly stroked up and down the outlined slit, pressing harder and harder till she eas eventually pushing the front of Kaylas panties into her little teen pussy! Slipping her hand inside, Mel cupped Kaylas little slit before slipping a finger inside rthe warm, wet hole.

Letting out a loud moan as the first fingers other than her own entered her hole Kayla pushed down, pulling more of Mels finger in her slit. "Ohhhhhhh gossshh" Kayla moaned as Mel began pumping, slipping a second finger inside the teen slut. Pumping away, Mel reached forward and starting twisting and pulling Kaylas nipples. The response from the girl was huge! Having been on the brink of orgasm for ages now as soon as Kaylas sensitive nipples were touched it threw her over the edge.

Letting out a half scream, half moan the young girls legs buckled as she came, squirt after squirt coating the older womans hand and her panties.


Slumping to the floor Kayla looked up to see Mels drooling, cum leaking pussy right infront of her face. Without any prompting she lunged forward and started sucking the cum from the older sluts pussy, surprising the both of them! " Thats it you littlle bitch, eat my hole! Suck the cum from my cunt!

Oh fuck that feels goooood!" Her hands gripping the older womans ass, Kayla kept pulling Mels pussy into her face, driving the both of them wild!

Soon there was no cum left on Mels recently fucked hole. Motioning for the older woman to turn around Kayla decided to do something she'd seen in pornos!

Leaning forward she took a tenative swipe of Mels ass before again lunging forward and licking the older woman from clit to asshole before focusing on Mels rosebud. "Oh fuck thats good!

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Eat my ass you little whore, fucking eat it!" Furiously rubbing her clit Mel started cumming, wave after wave of orgasmic juices flowing from her hole, coating the floor and Kaylas face. Pulling away from the young girl she stood panting. "You up for some fun little one?

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I know the perfect place to go.Lots of cock and cunt to share." Sure that this'd scare of the young girl, Mel was shocked when Kayal bolted upright, eagerly nodding her head. "I've never sucked cock before.I.I wanna try it.Let's go" And with that, both woman and young girl gave themselves a quick was and rinse in the basins and left, both eager for what awaited. The end. (Part 2?)