Busty tgirl in stockings fucks gorgeous babe

Busty tgirl in stockings fucks gorgeous babe
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Bahamas Vacation (7) (Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee's, Debby's, death. We had planned to be here, the Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, in Nassau when I checked in. We spent several days and nights together. Now I have moved on to my cousin, LeAnn's, house in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Yesterday I spent the day with Crystal, my cousin's daughter, and Nancy her friend on the beach.

I had sex with both of them.) LeAnn, my cousin, had taken Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off work. We, LeAnn, Crystal, and I, spent most of Tuesday walking around Freeport.

Ronnie, LeAnn's son had to work. I enjoyed seeing the town and looking through the various shoppes. I bought a number of souvenirs for a number people. I avoided anything that would have been questionable to bring back into the U.S. LeAnn cooked a wonderful dinner while Crystal and I played cards. On Wednesday, joined by Nancy, Crystal's friend, we went to a couple of tourist sites that were easy to get to. We started with the Garden of the Groves.

I enjoyed the paths, the greenery, the birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. We ate at the café there. After that we went to Lucayan National Park. We walked trails and saw what we could of the caves. None of us were divers so we could not explore the underwater caves. At the end of the day we returned to LeAnn's house and she prepared another wonderful meal. Thursday, we went back to the cove where Crystal, Nancy, and I had gone on Monday. This time Ronnie and LeAnn joined us.

We had a very enjoyable day swimming, snorkeling, and talking. No sexual antics today. Crystal and Nancy kept looking my way with sly smiles. Mid-afternoon Ronnie pointed to the opening of the cove. There was something swimming into the cove. We saw a grayish object and then we saw a dorsal fin quickly followed by a second one. Everyone in the water quickly got up on the beach.

We watched as the fins came closer and then started circling the boat. The fins disappeared and 2 light gray heads with long noses bobbed up in the water. "They're dolphins!" Ronnie exclaimed. They sure were. "I'm going to see if they are friendly," Ronnie said. LeAnn and I weren't too sure that was a good idea. "Just be careful," LeAnn relented. Ronnie put on a snorkeling mask and moved into the water.

When he was waist deep he went down and put his head under water. The dolphins had stopped moving and appeared to be watching Ronnie. After a few minutes the larger of the two slowly began moving toward Ronnie. It moved to within 3 feet and stopped. Ronnie stood up and appeared to be nervous.

The dolphin poked it's head out of the water and looked at Ronnie.

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Ronnie reached out his hand and the dolphin moved under it. The dolphin acted like it wanted to be touched. Ronnie lowered his hand and lightly rubbed it's head with his fingers.

Soon he was moving farther down it's back. The dolphin stayed in the same spot. The second dolphin moved toward Ronnie. It behaved the same way as the first, soon Ronnie was rubbing both of them. I went into the water and stood next to Ronnie and rubbed the first dolphin.

It didn't show any aggression or fear. Soon Crystal, Nancy, and LeAnn joined us the dolphins moved around us giving all of us a chance to touch them. They only seemed to mind our touch if we got too near the tail. Ronnie swam out to the opening of the cove.

The larger dolphin swam out with him. When Ronnie went underwater the dolphin went with him. When Ronnie surfaced the dolphin surfaced. Ronnie swam back to the group of us.

Again the dolphin followed him. The dolphins stayed around for about an hour before swimming off. We went back up on the beach. Nancy said, "I have something. To show you." She took my hand and led me up past the high water mark and into the vegetation. When we were out of sight of the others she turned and put my hand on her breast. I put my other hand on her other breast.

I massaged them through her bikini top. She put her hand on the front of my trunks and rubbed until I started coming to life. "We can't do anything here," she whispered. "Maybe tomorrow." We walked back to where the others were. We spent some more time in the water before it was time to leave. We packed the boat and headed back.


Nancy stayed for supper. All during supper both Crystal and Nancy kept looking at me and smiling. We played card games until bed time. Nancy left for her house.

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When I got into bed all I could think about was Nancy saying "Maybe tomorrow." In the morning we had breakfast. LeAnn and Ronnie went off to work. Today would be my last full day in Freeport, I was flying out tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning. Crystal and I washed the dishes and cleaned things up. About 10:00 the phone rang. Crystal answered. "Sure we will be over shortly," Crystal said looking at me and smiling before hanging up.

"We're going over to Nancy's house. Her mother's sister is in labor. Her mom left for Marsh Harbour for a week to help out." Crystal and I walked over to Nancy's house. It wasn't very far. Nancy was waiting at the front door when we arrived. "Come on in," Nancy said. The house was one of the larger houses in Freeport. I found out that Nancy's father was one of the doctors in Freeport. We went through the house and out the back door. The back yard was closed in by either wall or fence and was very private.

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Up near the house was a separately fenced in area with a locked gate. Nancy brought out a pitcher of limeade and three glasses. We sat at a patio table and drank the limeade. We just talked about general things, nothing in particular. "What do you want to do?" Crystal asked Nancy. "Do you want to go somewhere for lunch?" Nancy asked.

"Mom's gone and she usually makes lunch." Crystal replied, "Sounds good to me. But I don't have any money." "I don't have any money either," Nancy said looking my way. I knew all too well what game was being played. "I'll buy lunch," I said. We walked to a family style restaurant not too far away. We had lunch. The waitress came to the table and inquired about dessert. "I have something for dessert back at the house," Nancy said smiling at Crystal.

I paid the bill and we walked back to the house. Crystal and I sat down at the patio table. Nancy was in the house for a short time, then came out with a key in her hand.

"Do you want to see what's in here?" Nancy asked as she walked over to the locked gate. She unlocked the gate and opened it. Inside was a large hot tub. Nancy flipped a switch a light came on and the motor for the hot tub started humming.

"It will take a little while for the water to heat up," Nancy said. "I can go and get my swimsuit," I said. Crystal looked at Nancy and smiled.

"You won't need a swimsuit," Nancy said. Both girls giggled. "Same agreement as at the beach!" Crystal insisted. I nodded agreement. A couple of days ago they had basically blackmailed me to have sex with them or else they would say I forced myself on them. Crystal and I walked past Nancy and into the hot tub enclosure. She stepped in and shut the gate behind her. They quickly removed their clothing and then they removed mine.

Nancy put her hand in the water. "It's still warming up," she said. "But it's warm enough to get in." I watched as these two beautiful, naked women got into the hot tub. I followed them in. I sat down in a corner. Crystal and Nancy sat on each side of me. I put my arms around their shoulders and reached down to cup their breasts.

They were soft, warm, and pliable in my fingers. I soon felt two hands competing for my penis and balls. One of the hands was moving up and down my shaft. While the other was gently squeezing my testicles and lightly scratching my scrotum. I enjoyed the tender touching. I became erect quickly. After a bit I moved my arms off their shoulders and put my hands on each of their pussies. They opened their legs granting me better access. I began by running my fingers the length of their vaginal lips.

I was getting hot both on the outside and the inside. So were the two ladies. I felt their warmth as I pressed my fingers between their pussy lips and onto their clits. They pushed back against my fingers wishing more pressure. I circled around and over their clits as they squirmed with delight. They moaned and cooed. Nancy began panting. "Crystal, I'm going first," Nancy said breathlessly. Nancy go up and sat on my lap facing me. She took my penis and guided it into her.

She pressed down taking me into her hot, tight love hole. She paused a couple of times to become accustomed to the object entering her. I continued to play with Crystal's pussy who had withdrawn her hand from me when Nancy mounted me. Crystal had laid her head back on the top of the hot tub.

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Her eyes were closed and she had a expression of pleasure on her face. Nancy's breasts were mouth high and I took one of her nipples into my mouth. She moaned again at the touch of my lips and tongue, just before she took the rest of me into her love hole.

Nancy paused. She put her arms around my head and pulled it firmly against her breast. I nibbled on her nipple and pushed my tongue against it.

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Nancy let out a yip and an "ooo". She began moving up and down on my rod bringing me back to full erection inside her. She puffed out a small breath each time she went down. I could tell she was close to her climax and did all I could to hold off. I looked over at Crystal. She was watching with a combination of interest, impatience, and desire. She licked her lips and was playing with her pussy to keep her excitement up since my hand had slipped from her.

I looked back toward Nancy. Her face showed concentration and determination. I reached the point of no return, grunted and thrust my hips up. I lifted Nancy partially out of the water as I came into her. Her orgasm kicked in squeezing my cum out of me and into her. After I finished I relaxed back down onto the seat. Nancy took a few minutes to regain her normal breathing pattern. She slid off my lap and into the seat beside me putting her head on my shoulder.

Crystal wasted no time and put her hand around my softening penis. She began to work to get it hard again. Nancy kissed me on the neck. I turned my head and our lips met. We kissed for several minutes before she put her head back on my shoulder. Crystal had brought life back to my penis and it was firming up again. She got off her seat and knelt in the middle of the hot tub.

Her head, shoulders, and the tops of her breasts were just above the swirling water. She smiled at me with an extremely sexy smile. She still had my manhood in her hand as her head went beneath the water. Her lips and mouth enveloped the head of my penis. She took more of me into her mouth, but suddenly her head popped up out of the water. She was choking and coughing.

"I (cough) swallowed some (cough) water," she explained. In a minute or maybe more her head went below the water again.

I felt the wonderful feeling of her lips, mouth, and tongue around my member. I put my head back and closed my eyes. Her head came back out of the water. She took several deep breaths before She went back down again and soon I was enjoying that wonderful feeling again. Her tongue explored the underside of my rod. Soon her head came up again and she caught her breath. "Enough of that," she said.

"I can't stay down long enough." She smiled at me and then came up to kiss me. Nancy continued to lay on my shoulder without moving. Crystal's breasts pushed into my chest. Her erect nipples pressed hard against me. Her tongue pushed between my lips and explored my mouth. She lowered herself and guided me into her love hole. Crystal was so very warm and tight.

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I pushed up into her. She grunted and winced. "Please hold still for a bit," Crystal said. "I need to get used to you being so deep inside me. You seem bigger today." We were still for awhile. I could feel my penis pulsing inside her with each heartbeat. She kissed me again, before starting to move up and down on my rod. Her breasts were grinding into my chest.


I reached between our bodies and found her clitoris. It was already hard and sensitive to my touch. She writhed as I touched her.

It became easier for her to move up and down. Her pace quickened. She became warmer inside her vagina. I began thrusting in coordination with her movements. We banged together hard and furious for several minutes. Crystal's vaginal muscles clenched me as her orgasm took hold. Soon she moaning and trembling, but didn't skip a beat. I exploded into her with stream after stream of my fluid.

Crystal kept pumping until she experienced a second orgasm. Again she contracted and relaxed around me several times, before she collapsed limp on top of me.

A few minutes later her breathing returned to normal and she sat up on my lap. She looked into my eyes and said, "Thank you! That was wonderful!" She gave me a huge, passionate kiss. Nancy had been resting silently on my shoulder while Crystal and I had sex. Nancy put her hand on my chin and moved my face toward her and gave me an equally passionate kiss. "Thank you for making love to me!" Nancy said. "I've got to clean up the hot tub.

Who knows what we've left in here." Crystal got down on the other side of me. We all relaxed there for another 15, 20 minutes. We then got out of the hot tub and dried each other off. I enjoyed feeling their bodies through the towel. I spent a good amount of time on their rear ends. We got dressed. Nancy removed the drain plug and the tub quickly drained. We all used our towels to wipe down the interior of the tub.

Nancy then replaced the filter and replaced the drain plug. We refilled the tub and Nancy measured chemicals and mixed them into the water. She ran the tub for about a half hour while we had some more if the limeade.

"I'm sorry you have to leave tomorrow," said Crystal. "We will really miss you." Crystal and I got back to her house just before mom got home. We had a quiet dinner and then I packed my things and went to bed. The next morning I said goodbye to Ronnie and Crystal. Crystal gave me an extra long hug.

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LeAnn took me to the airport. We said our goodbyes. I thanked her for letting me stay at her house. My plane took off. As I flew home I was thinking how lucky I had been on this trip.