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Menina Dando pro seu sogro
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Lana couldn't believe the number of messages in her inbox. Within two hours of her initial post, she had 147 of them. She began randomly opening some and tried to make quick decisions by putting them into one of three categories: "Yes," "Maybe," and "No." She tried to be selective since there were so many to choose from.

After about 20 minutes, Lana had four in the "Yes" category, ten in the "Maybe" and the rest in the "No" bucket. Of the four she was sure she wanted to contact, three looked like the guys she typically dated. They looked like athletes, over six feet tall and muscular. There was one guy, however, that really got her attention.

It wasn't his looks (although he wasn't hideous by any means), but rather something about his note that made Lana excited. The first line read, "I want to be the 6th guy." Most of Lana's guy friends wouldn't get with a girl if they knew she had been with another guy earlier that day…let alone five other guys. They made jokes about "sloppy seconds" and "going where many men have gone before." So why did this guy want to be the 6th.

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Lana read on. "You'll be exhausted by the time I get to you. With the other guys, you'll be in control. You are obviously a 'take charge' kind of girl.

But by the time I get to you, I'll be the one in control." "Damn!" Lana thought. "He's right." As Lana was trying to decide on the last two guys, messages kept pouring in.

It was difficult for her to stay focused. But, she finally made her last two choices and deciding to start sending messages back to the six lucky guys.

She started with the guy who said he wanted to be last. Lana's note to him read, "If you're serious, I'll be at the Hilton downtown. Come by at 11:45pm Monday (tomorrow) night. Call me from a lobby phone. I'll be staying under the name Katy Smith." Over the next few minutes, Lana crafted similar messages to the other guys. She set a time for each of them starting with Noon.

Within an hour, five of the six confirmed they would meet her at the hotel. Lana couldn't believe how nervous she was getting. "This is actually going to happen," she thought. She crawled into bed, but it was difficult for her fall asleep. Her mind was going in 100 different directions. "What will I wear?" "Will these guys be any good?" "I should buy condoms." "Will the final guy confirm?" Lana tossed and turned, but finally got her mind to slow down enough to fall asleep.

At 7:00am, Lana woke up. She had set her alarm for 8:00, but there was no way she was going to back to sleep. She logged on to the website and noticed the final guy (Guy #5) had confirmed by sending a quick note to say he would see her at 9:00pm.

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Relieved, she had breakfast, checked Facebook and took a long, hot shower. She took extra care to shave her legs and intimate areas.

When she was finished, she had smooth outer lips and soft triangle pointing down toward her clit. Then she began packing her bag for the evening. She decided to wear something different for each guy. Lana packed 10 different panties.

Some were her best lingerie. Others were simple white cotton. She packed some yoga pants, jeans, and a sun dress. She decided to check into the hotel wearing a green business suit with a white blouse. "I'll look like I'm at the hotel for an important meeting," she thought smiling. While getting dressed, she put on a black thong and put her hair up. She really did look like an important, young business woman.

Lana grabbed her bag and walked to the drug store at the end of her block. She confidently bought a box of a dozen condoms and went out to hail a cab. Arriving at the hotel at 11:00am, Lana strolled up to the front desk to check in. After she was given her keys, she asked the girl behind the desk for a favor. Quietly, Lana said, "I have an ex-boyfriend and I don't want him to know I'm here. Is it possible to have my room listed under Katy Smith?" "Absolutely, ma'am!" the desk agent said in her normal voice as if Lana was asking for something as simple as a newspaper.

"Ok. Thanks," Lana stated. "That was easy," she thought to herself. Lana looked at the key packet. Her room number was 2105. She made her way toward the elevator and up to the room that was going to be the location for fantasy fulfillment.

When Lana entered the room, it seemed bigger than she thought it would be. There was a whirlpool tub next to the king bed. "Oh that could come in handy," Lana thought. She slid off her shoes and walked around to check things out. The room was newly remodeled. The bathroom was done in granite and chrome and there was a gorgeous walk-in shower.

Lana looked at her phone. 11:17. She had about 45 minutes until guy #1 arrived. He claimed his name was Adam, but Lana doubted that was true. She was getting nervous and excited all at the same time. She began to think about how she wanted this guy. What position? Where in the room? Lana pulled the box of condoms out of her bag and put them on the working desk. As she sat them down, she decided that she would bend over the desk and let guy #1 take her from behind.

More butterflies in her stomach as the "this is real" feeling kept getting stronger. Even though she was nervous, Lana was incredibly turned on. She felt herself getting a little wet.

"Maybe I should just start the foreplay now," she thought to herself. Lana reached under her skirt and slid off her black thong. She unzipped her skirt in the back and rolled it up over her hips and around her waist. She stood in front of the mirror and dipped the middle finger on her right hand into her waiting pussy. She played with herself for a few minutes, but then stopped.

Lana wanted to cum with guy #1 and she was now nearing the point of no return. "You're about to get fucked for the entire day," she told herself. "Calm the fuck down, you little slut." Lana looked at the clock. It read 11:48.

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She rolled the skirt back down over hips but let her thong on the bed. "What's the point of putting it back on?" She thought. The minutes seemed to go by so slowly. Lana tried to keep her mind occupied with something else, but it wasn't working. Twitter? She could only scroll a minute or two before she gave that up. Staring blankly at her phone Lana had an idea. She was doing this whole six-guys-in-a-day thing for two reasons.

The first was she REALLY wanted to get laid. But the second was to get back at Dave. Lana decided she was going to have these guys cum on her and she would take pictures.

She'd send them to Dave one by one and let him know she was doing "just fine" without him. As Lana was thinking about the expression on Dave's face when he saw the pics the phone rang. It startled Lana and she jumped up. This was it. It was really happening. She stared at the phone as it rang a second and third time. Finally she picked it up.

"Hello," she managed say after holding the phone next to her cheek for a few seconds. "Hi. Katy?" asked a deep voice on the other end. "Ahh yes," Lana replied. "I'm Adam and I'm in the lobby," the man said. "Yes, yes," Lana said quickly as she focused her thoughts. "I'm in room 2105. Come on up. The door will be propped open.

Just come in and lock it behind you." "Ok," the man said and Lana hung up the phone. This was it.


A guy she had never met before was going to be fucking her in the next five minutes. Lana loved it. She was getting hot and wet already. "I wonder if he's hard on the elevator," Lana thought. She walked over to the desk and pushed the chair out of the way. She placed both her hands on the desk and was slightly bent at the waist. Lana heard two quick knocks on the door and when she turned to look "Adam" was already in the room. He closed the door and when he turned around he saw Lana in her already waiting position.

"I'm A A Adam," the roughly 27 year old, 6'2" 210 lb man said. "I don't give a shit who you are," Lana barked back. I just care that you have a hard cock and that you want to shove it inside of me. Adam just started at her. He couldn't move. He couldn't believe this tiny, amazingly hot woman was demanding that he fuck her. "Now!" Lana snapped at him. Lana watched as the man walked over to her.

He was wearing jeans and a half-zip light sweatshirt. As he came closer, Lana reached back to feel his cock. It was already hard. "Looks like you came prepared," she said. She pointed at the box of condoms next to her and said, "Let's get started." Adam unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor.

His blue boxer shorts followed. Lana reached back once more to feel his now bare cock. It was very warm to her touch. She estimated he was about 5"-6" in length and he was thick enough for her.

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Lana couldn't quite touch her thumb and index finger together as she wrapped her hand around him. As Adam got hold of a condom, Lana ran her fingernails lightly over his testicles. He moaned. "We'll have to empty those," Lana said with a smile turning away from him. She laid her chest on the desk and pulled her skirt up over her hips showing Adam that she wasn't wearing panties.

Lana slightly wiggled her tiny ass and said, "I'm all ready for you. Just slide your cock in." Adam completed the task of getting the condom on and he placed the tip of his cock underneath Lana.

She spread her legs slightly more so now they were wider than shoulder width apart. He slowly began to enter her and they were both in heaven.

This is what Lana wanted; a new cock to force her mind off Dave. Adam couldn't believe how wet at hot she was already. He felt like he was sticking his cock into a little furnace. Lana thrust back on him and she now had his entire cock inside her. "Oh fuck yeah," she moaned as she rocked back and forth. Adam couldn't believe this was happening. He saw this gorgeous girl in front of him. She still had her blouse on, but she was naked from the waist down with her skirt rolled up over her hips.

And she was loving this. He watched her tiny ass slam back into his body and the pull away again. Her pussy lips were wrapped tight around his cock with each thrust. It didn't take long before Adam felt his orgasm building. He groaned and Lana knew what was coming. "No wait!" she demanded as she pushed him back. "Pull out." Adam was a little confused. After all, he was wearing a condom. "I want to go first," Lana stated. She reached between her legs with her right hand and started wildly circling her clit.

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Adam stood behind her and watched the show with his cock in this hand. "Ahhhhhh," Lana moaned. "Listen to me," she demanded. "Are you listening?" "Yes. Yes," Adam replied. "When you stick your cock back inside me I'm going to cum," Lana instructed. "After than I want you to fuck me until you're ready to explode.


When that happens I want you to pull out, take that condom off and cum on my ass. Understand?" Lana asked. "Ok," Adam said flatly. Just like that Lana began to shake. Her legs were tense and Adam watched her and she began to orgasm.

"Now!" she said. "Put it back inside." Adam did has he was told and sank his cock into Lana. "Ahhhhhhh fuuuuck," she moaned. "Yes. Yes. Yes," she said quickly as Adam was now pounding her. She reached back and cupped his balls with her right hand. Adam tensed quickly and pulled his cock from her hot slit. He rolled the condom off and began to jerk his load onto Lana's left ass cheek.

"That's it," Lana said. "I want it all." After a short time Adam stepped back and admired the mess he made on Lana's ass. "I want a picture," Lana said. "What?" Adam asked. "You heard me. I want a picture," she repeated. She handed Adam her iPhone. "Place that semi hard cock on my ass next to your load and take a pic." Adam slowly did what he was told. He put his cock between Lana's cheeks and took a pick with white sauce next to hit.

After taking three pics he handed the phone back to Lana. "Thank you" she said. "Now, the bathroom is yours for five minutes. After that time I want you to get out and I never want to see or hear from you again." "Oh.

Ok," Adam stammered as he collected his boxers and jeans and headed toward the bathroom. Lana grabbed some tissues from the desk and reached back to wipe Adam's load off her ass. "That was a lot," she thought. Then she stood up and pushed her skirt back down. She could hear Adam in the bathroom quickly moving around. After about three minutes, he emerged and Lana pointed at the door. "Thank you Adam," she said like he had just given her a glass of water.

"Ok," Adam responded. "That was fun." And with that, he was gone. Lana could not control the growing smile on her face. She laid back on the bed and kicked her legs like an excited school girl. "That was fucking amazing," she said out loud. "Now…what time is it?" She looked at the clock and it read "12:34." Guy #2 wasn't scheduled until 2:00. "Excellent," Lana said as she grabbed her phone. She looked at the pics Adam had taken and she smiled again.

She never really got a good look at his cock when he was in the room, but the pic showed a fine specimen. Lana got set to send the pic to Dave. "Don't worry about me," she wrote and hit "send."