Shay fox and billy glide get the babysitter to fuck hayden winters

Shay fox and billy glide get the babysitter to fuck hayden winters
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My name is Victor. My cousin Hannah was just about to turn 18 years old. I have watched grow into this gorgeous blonde, with blue eyes, cute little ass, and beautiful perky tits. Well one day I went to our grandparents house and spent a few days(we all pretty much come and go from the grandparents house) before my cousin Hannahs 18th birthday.

Well her birthday came, first thing in the morning I woke her up and slapped her firm little ass. Then she went to take a shower. Well the grandparents house has two bathrooms. One is theres And the other is for everyone else.

I had to use the bathroom, so I knocked on the bathroom door and told Hannah I had to piss. She said come in. As I pulled my dick out to piss I herd her gasp. I looked over and she acted like nothing was the matter. So I finished and left out the bathroom. About 45 minutes later Hannah come strolloing out brushing her hair humming as she walked to her bed room. When she came out she sat on my lap, I asked her what her plans were for her bday? She said she didn't know her boyfriend had something planned for her.I said well that's good.

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I told her if her bday wasn't goin the way she wanted to hit me up( in my family I'm known to be the wild child ). She said ok and dipped out. It was around 12:00 in the morning Hannah came home drunk as hell. I was outside sittin on our trampolene smokin a cigarette.

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She saw me and stumbled over to me and asked for a smoke? I gave her one and asked how her bday went? She flew off the handle telling me about her boyfriend being an asshole and how he told her that he had whole day planned out for her, and all they did was sit at his parents house and didn't do shit, except get drunk and fuck and then that only lasted a couple minutes. Then she mumbled, " lil dick mother fucker ".

She said if it werent for his dad we wouldn't have got drunk. I asked why didn't you give me a call? You know I can start a party. She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, "I have a confession".

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She adds I know I can tell you cause you always saying judging is not your job. I nodded and asked what her confession was? She says, "I spied on you while I was in the shower and you were pissing." I said I know. I caught you. She asked how do women take something so big?

None of my boyfriends have been any bigger than 5 inches. Then she asked how big is it exactly? I only saw it soft. Then she says you know its my bday.

You haven't got me anything yet. I said oh yeah, well tell me what it is you want. She walks over to me and gets right up on me and grabs me by my penis. I want this I want you to fuck me. I tell her she's drunk and that she should make a decision like that on a sober mind. She replies, "fuck that!!" I jumped in my car to take off( hopeing she would follow ). She jumped in the passenger side of my car and said so where's the party at? We took off, I drove to my friends dads house, I parked my car and we got out.

Hannah come over to me and grabbed my penis again, then whispered in my ear, " I want you to tear my lil pussy open with that big dick of yours". I walked into my friends dads house. I looked around too see if anyone was there, and there wasn't.


So I called Hannah to come inside. As she walked through the door she pushed me back onto the couch and started to tear my shorts off. She gotmy shorts off and just stopped and stared. She says, "OH MY GOD!" Its huge.

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I replied, ya ain't having second thoughts are ya? She says, there's no way it will fit. I laughed as I stood up and pushed her back on the couch my penis just swaying back and forth, I pushed her skirt up and moved he panties out of the way as I started to eat her young, sweet, tight pussy.

She laid back and shreeked and moaned arched her back, and then started to shake, I could feel her pussy start pulsating under my tongue. She came loud banging and thrashing, she had a puddle right under where I was knelt licking and sucking on her pussy. She said all out of breathe, "I love you!" Then she slid onto the floor where I was just knelt, and I took her place on the couch.

Hannah took both hands and wrapped them around my penis and started to work them up and down. Then she spit on my penis and her hands and continued to work my massive organ. She then began to lick, suck, and continued jerking my huge dick. A good 20 or 30 minutes passed my dick grew longer, wider, and harder, as my young inexperienced cousin looked at him standin tall and proud.

She looks at me all innocent, and says "I'm ready". We switch places again on the couch.

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She lay flat on her back with legs spread wide. Her young pussy even being spread like that, didn't hardly open. I lookes down at her and knew I was about to have a blast working this little pussy over.

I got into possition took my huge penis in my hand, put the head of it against the tiny opening of her little pussy and began to work it in.

When she felt the pressure of my my swollon organ her eyes got real wide and drew in a deep breathe. After about 20 minutes of working my errect penis, I finally got the head to pop in. She came alive then, as I got half way in she started trying to push me out and said uhhh your going too deep!

I pulled almost all the way out, then pushed back in to about the same spot just a little more, she started pushing on me again. I interlocked our hands and I held them over the back of the couch and started to kiss and lick my way down her face, neck, and then suck a nipple in my mouth and at the same time I'm still working my dick in and out, going in further and further with every stroke.

I started long dicking her but everytime I went in. I banged our pelvis' together and she started screaming and tried to push me out, but I held her tight, sucked on her nipples as I thrust with a bang all the way to my balls then all the way back out then bang all the way to my balls again. Hannah's eyes and head were rolled back she was having back to back to back orgasms, when I stopped for a second I crammed all my dick inside her tight little pussy and held it there, deep and throbing.

She let out one hell of a scream and started jerking all over the place eyes rolled inthe back of her head. I pulled all the way out as she squirted all over the place. I waited for her to finish and catch her breathe and even ate her pussy some more so I could taste her juices. Then I bent her over lined back up and drove every inch of my penis into her hot, wet, tight pussy all at once. She made a loud UHHHHH!!!!

Then I started to pound the pussy like I had some sort of grudge against it. We stopped she flipped over I resumed the punishment I was dishing out. I could feel the build up I told her I was gonna nutt. Right when I was about to pull out she wrapped her legs around me and wouldn't let me go, I tried to get loose, there was no chance so I went up to my balls in tight pussy and blasted her pussy walls deep with my nutt.

As she just lay there I'm still nuttin deep in my cousin's young tight pussy.


That was four years ago. She has a boyfriend and I have a fiancé, but we fuck everyday and she didn't get was a suprise to me too.she's gonna get on her and give y'all her version what was going through her head.