Ella se graba mientras le doy por el culo

Ella se graba mientras le doy por el culo
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Obeying Katie It all started one day at the laser hair removal salon. I never had much body hair and so when I was very young, 14 or so, I started trimming or shaving my abdomen, pubis, genitals, perineum and perianus. I just thought I didn't look normal when I let my hair grow out naturally. It was so sparse and thin I just didn't like it. I had done this on and off for 25 years. My ex-wife even prodded me to go the salon years before we got divorced.

She loved me smooth but I couldn't get up the nerve to expose myself to a total stranger.

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Finally at 40 years old I was just so tired of the shaving regimen and the stubble that I decided to go for it and get a full Brazilian or "boyzilian" which removes all the aforementioned hair with a laser. I left a little patch above my penis just so I didn't look like a 10-year-old boy. Katie was the nurse that performed the procedure. 5' 5", probably 35 or 36 I guessed (38 I found out later). Small perky breasts, slim waist with a slightly larger than normal but beautifully round ass.

Just like I like them. She had blond hair and an olive complexion with a sweet smile. She was so sweet and fun that my first nervousness was soon gone and we were actually laughing and talking like we were old friends on a lunch date instead of like a nurse manipulating my penis, scrotum and butt cheeks in one hand while shooting them with a laser in her other hand.

After the 5th session, she didn't even bother to leave the room when I undressed and no longer provided the thin paper cover that was for my modesty. She would say "get naked mister" and smile at me while I undressed. And, she began to inspect me before I got on the table to see if there was any areas she needed to concentrate on.

She would move my penis around and lift my scrotum to study my hair growth. Then would tell me to turn around and bend over with a cute little wink so she could check my perianus and perineum.

I always got hard and embarrassed but she would just say "oh God Mike, get over it," she said "I've seen plenty of penises before yours, I'm a nurse and lots of guys get hard during this procedure." We had become very comfortable with each other so I thought nothing of it when the conversation turned to our love lives. I told her I divorced 5 years ago and really hadn't had any real relationship in all that time.

She admitted that she just couldn't find what she was looking for in a man either.

Then she asked me what kind woman I was looking for&hellip. That was where it began. I told her over the past few years I believe the kind of relationship I might like is not really mainstream. I told her that more and more I have thought about a woman who would like to take charge and tell me what she wants. "I hope you don't think I'm weird", I said. "I've never really had that type of female led relationship before but I have been extremely curious by what I've read." "Not at all", she said.

"In fact it's quite a coincidence. You could say I left my last boyfriend for that exact reason. He wouldn't let me take control so I think I understand just fine it's just that what you think you may want and what your woman may want may be 2 very different things.

For instance, would you let your woman command you and do whatever she asked of you during your play sessions?" "Yes I believe I would love that, Katie." "Call me Ma'am or Miss Katie for the rest of the treatment.

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That will help me decide if you really are ready to be dominated. Some men aren't." She asked me a series of questions next that I thought nothing of because I had scoured BDSM web sites and knew most of what occurred between the Dom and Sub.


"Would you dress in the clothes chosen for you?" "Yes ma'am" I said "Would you wear a cock cage if asked?" "Yes ma'am" I said "Have you ever had a butt plug or anything else in your rectum?" "Yes ma'am" I said "Explain", she said I went on to tell her I had a myriad of toys and even a harness and several double-dildos for a woman to use on me if I could ever find the right woman. I felt like a fool telling her this but I had noticed that while I was face down on the table getting my perineum and perianal area lasered she was kind of stroking the inside of my butt cheek softly with her free hand landing a finger or 2 on my sweet spot more than once.

I was hard as a rock and she seemed very into the whole conversation. "Have you ever given yourself an enema?" "Yes before I play with any plugs or toys I always give myself a quick rinse. It's so much cleaner." WHACK, her hand came down on my left butt cheek "That's good sweetie" she said "but you forgot to address me as Ma'am or Miss Katie" "Sorry Miss Katie", I said "You really have to improve if you expect a Lady like me to put up with you." She finished treating my bottom with the laser and told me that she was finished but I was not to move until she got back.

She said she was leaving the door open and I was not to cover up or move. I said "Yes Ma'am" and she said "good boy. What comes next will go a long way towards getting you in my good graces" And then she left. I looked at my watch and we still had 15 minutes left in the session. The laser treatment room was always booked for 30 minutes for my sessions but it never took Katie longer than 10 or 15 minutes to treat me. As I said, I have very little body hair. She said it took longer on people with low pain thresholds and really coarse hair.

Someone walked by in the hall and I heard a giggle but it really didn't bother me. These girls had seen it all in that salon, male and female. Besides, I was in great shape with a firm round ass. Girls were always staring at it fully clothed.

Katie returned in just 2 or 3 minutes with a purse or handbag that I'm guessing was hers.

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She said… "Now I'm going to see if you've been lying to me about your butt toy experience. If you have I'll know it immediately and I'll be done with you. Raise up your ass, NOW!" "Yes Ma'am" I raised up my ass and she placed 3 small, cheap hospital type pillows under me. She grabbed my erection and pulled it back between my legs so it was sticking straight down then she said "perfect".

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, 2 on the left 2 on the right with a wooden ruler this time (clever girl). It hurt like hell. She spanked me for another minute or so and then said… "That's the color I like to see, nice and pink. Now… fingers first and then this" I turned around to see a butt plug about 6 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

I knew it would hurt but I also knew I had an experienced ass so it would only hurt for a short time. Next time, if there was a next time, I would be ready for her. She put on a surgical glove, opened the bottle of lube and drizzled it in my butt crack and started to stroke inside my anus. She said "Shit, you weren't lying you little whore… You opened up like a good little girl" I have to admit she worked me over good with her fingers until I opened up really well.

This girl knew how to do this. First one then 2 then 3 then something very strange happened. I heard a mechanical sounding female voice (that wasn't Katie) from behind me saying "OH MY GOD that is so hot, where are you?

Are you at work? OH MY GOD KATIE WHAT THE HELL?" I glanced over my shoulder to look but Katie pushed my face back forward and said "Turn around slut!" I found out later it was her sister Chloe. Katie had called her on her cell phone and turned the camera and speakerphone on. "You wanna see me shove this plug up his ass, Chloe?" (Giggle) Katie asked. "This may be our new toy, you like him?" "OH GOD YES, turn him over first and make him pull his knees up to his chest and spread his legs.

I wanna see all of him." "You heard the lady bitch, roll over and pull your legs up to your chest" I did as I was told and Chloe gasped, "Oh he's so cute. He's so hard his head is purple and he's hairless, well almost.

I love the little patch of hair over his penis. Is he as smooth as he looks little sister?" I'm a respectable 6 ½ inches just to clarify.


"His head is usually pink but it's a very pretty penis, don't you think (giggle). I think it will fit nicely in my ass" said Katie "and yes his skin is soooo smooth now that he's had 5 sessions… Mike, say hello to my big sister Chloe" as she pointed the phone right at my exposed body. "Hello Miss Chloe, I'm very pleased to meet you ma'am." I said while I was pulling my knees up to my chest and exposing myself completely to this total stranger Katie said "I think her name will be Missy and I think she'll enjoy being our toy.

So far she's been a good soldier but now the real test starts." Then she placed the plug at the opening of my rosebud and said "Are you ready honey?" I imagined all the times I had slid a plug, dildo, trailer hitch or prostate toy in my ass and just relaxed. It plopped in quickly and smoothly, no problem.

I was very proud. It was one of those egg-shaped plugs with a flared base. I had similar ones at home and it was very comfortable. "WHAT A GOOD GIRL" said Katie.

"OH GOD THAT WAS HOT" said Chloe. "When do we get to play with him", Said Chloe and Katie responded by saying "that all depends on this toy, here.

Do you want to be our toy Missy?" "Yes Ma'am, please" "Good girl, Missy" and she stroked my cheek "His dick is still hard, Katie, are you gonna take care of it?" said Chloe.

"No way, not now and call him her", at least while we play… She hasn't earned my touch yet but maybe tonight.

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Our time is almost up for this session so I'll have to talk to you later." said Katie. Chloe said "is he, she" gonna do what I need?" "It's too soon sis. Let's see if he can handle us, first" said Katie. I had a puzzled expression on my face but I let the exchange go on not wanting to ruin the moment.

"You're probably right, see you after work" said Chloe Katie then began rubbing aloe all over my genitals and then instructed me to turn over so she could do the same to inside of my ass cheeks (being very careful to purposefully tug and push the butt plug in an out of my ass while she did this.

I was moving up and down off the table with her movements. She just chuckled. The aloe treatment was usually something the patients took care of themselves after the laser treatment but I guess my new (maybe) mistress decided this was her responsibility (Smile). She slapped me hard again on my butt cheek.

"We have 5 minutes so roll over and listen up Missy". "Yes Ma'am" I rolled over with my prick totally hard. She handed me a piece of paper with an address on it and said "be here at 6pm.

Leave the plug in. Give yourself an enema before you come, put the plug back in and don't eat. I'll feed you later." And then she grabbed my chin and said "Me and my sister are going to fuck you first and then I may let you cum, understand?" "Yes." WHACK right across my prick and ball sack. "Yes what sissy?" "Yes Miss Katie." "If this works out tonight you will addressing me as Mistress Katie and my sister as Mistress Chloe. Would you like that?" "Yes ma'am." She continued… "You said you had toys?" "Yes ma'am." "Bring them all." "Do you have any frilly sissy clothes?" I blushed "Yes Miss Katie." "I knew it" she said "What do you have sissy?" I went to explain I had several "sissy pouch panties" and thigh high stockings.

She made me explain the panties.

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They were frilly, lacy women's panties with one exception, they had a pouch up front for the male genitalia. She was giddy with laughter. "OH GOD YOU MUST BRING THOSE." "Yes Ma'am" I was so embarrassed but I was so hot at the thought of being used by 2 sisters. If her sister Chloe was as cute as Katie I would be in heaven. "You're are such a find you sweet thing.


I'm going to fuck that tight little ass of yours until you are numb" she said and then she left the room and I started getting dressed hoping my erection would subside. That was so intense I just sat there for 2 or 3 minutes and was finally able to get dressed with the butt plug still firmly planted in my ass.

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