Carla Novães die Art wie sie nimmt einen Schwanz ist perfekt

Carla Novães die Art  wie sie nimmt einen Schwanz ist perfekt
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The store clerk watches the woman as she peruses the t-shirts, her larger curvy body moving sensuously as she wanders between the clothing racks, she seemed frustrated as the young man followed her with his eyes, stacking items up on shelves and making sure he didn't bump into anyone as he moved to keep track of her, she was gorgeous, a nice ass and tits to match, he liked his gals bigger, more to hold onto and play with, he'd seen a few bigger ladies come in but for some reason this one caught his attention more than the others.

She frowned yet again as she looked at the tag on the shirt she held. He decided the time for just watching was through and he walked up to her, "Pardon me ma'am, but do you need some help?". He smiled gently at her as she turned at the sound of his voice, the shirt lowered but still in her hands.

"Oh, why um hello there, um, yes, well, I'm trying to find something nice in my size, um, maybe you could help?". He smiles inside at the sound of her voice, lovely to his ears. "Why yes ma'am, I'd be glad to help, you're about oh a 2, maybe a 3x for the smaller styled?" he smiles and searches, finding a few nice shirts very quickly "here we go, how about you try them on?

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I'll take you to the dressing rooms" He leads her to the rooms at the back of the clothing section, opening the door and setting the selected shirts down on the bench inside. The clerk sits outside as she enters, thanking him, finally after a moment he hears her call. "Um pardon me sir but could you maybe, um, well come tell me how this one looks?" The clerk stands and comes to the door.

"Sure ma'am" she opens it up and she stands there in one of the shirts he picked, a lovely purple piece. It isn't too loose but doesn't cling to her too tight, fittng just in the right way. He stares a moment before responding "Wow, um, may I say that you look gorgeous ma'am, any man woudl be lucky to have such a gorgeous woman like you" she blushes a bit and looks down "Really?

You think I'm gorgeous?" "Yes, yes you are ma'am" he gulps and decides to plunge forward, "If it isn't too personal um, are you married ma'am? Or do you have a boyfriend?" she looks at him, at first feeling a little apprehensive but the young man has been nothing but nice so far so she decides to answer. "No, I'm not actually, why do you ask?" his eyes light up and he smiles a little. "Oh? Um, well um, I was wondering if um, well I think you're really pretty and I'd well I wondered if you would um maybe go on a date with me " he blushes a little and rubs his head nervously.

He doesn't hear her for a bit and figures she is gonna reject him. Worth a shot he says to himself as he is about to apologize to her. Before he can though she says," Yes, I'll go out with you, tonight alright?" "Um, wha I I mean whwhy yes, tonight would be fine, um where do you live and what time you want me to pick you up?

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" "Around 7 should be fine hun and I live here" she gets a piece of paper and writes down her address and hands it to the clerk along with a kiss on the cheek "Thanks for helping me hun, look forward to seeing you later" she heads off to go pay for the shirts as the clerk stands there, his cheeks bright red, a smile on his face.

He can't believe his luck, every time he's tried to ask a girl like that out before most of em think he's joking or think he may be some kind of creep and reject him. The rest of the day seems like a blur, his mind focused on the imminent date with the lovely woman, going through the rest of his work on automatic, finally five o'clock rolls around and with a little whoop he clocks out and heads for home. (Two hours later). Finally he arrives at her address, pulling up in his car he parks it and gets out, walkign up to her house and rining the doorbell.

He can hear footsteps and then the door opens and there she is, standing in a lovely evening dress, it's a dark purple and has some sequins on it, he feels so underdressed despite wearing his best suit.

"Mmm you look ravishing, um, by the way, I never got your name, Mine's Ray by the way, what's yours?" She smiles at the young man. "It's Misty hun, so, where you taking me hmm?" he smiles "Oh, I thought I'd leave that a surprise" he offers his hand and when she takes it leads her to his car. It's a 69 Chevy Malibu, the paint job is black with blue flames.

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"Ooh, I'd have thought you'd be in some new economy car or such, this is gorgeous hun" Ray smiles and opens the passenger door for her "Well I wanted to make a good impression, this is my pride and joy right here, restored her myself, glad you like her, a gorgeous lady deserves a gorgeous ride" he closes her door and gets into the driver seat. He heads out into the city, her place having been a little ways outside the main part of it. They make idle chat, talking about their lives.

Finally they arrive at what appears to be a little Italian restaraunt. Ray parks and gets out, comign around to open Misty's door.

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"So, um I know it may not look like it's that great but Sergio's is the best italian around and it's quite amazing inside, come on, I've got reservations so we won't have to wait" as he lets her hook her arm through his he heads towards the door, slowly the muffled sound of Italian folk music can be heard, unmuffling and becoming louder once he opens the door.

Inside the restaraunt is quite different, fancy chandoliers hang from the ceiling, candles burning on each table, emitting a soft light. They come up to the podium at the entrance, Ray speaking to the Maitre'D, a waiter soon coming and seating them at a table near the back left.

"Mmm been a while since I last was here, nice to be able to come, especially in such company too" he smiles at Misty and she smiles back. After a bit they order and fall into making conversation while waiting for their food. "So um, Misty, I was wondering, why did you say yes, usually all I ever get is a no from pretty girls like you" "Oh, well Ray, at first I thought of saying no but you seemed like such a nice guy, you liked how I look and helped me out so I thought I'd give it a try.

Honestly I hadn't expected this, at least not to this level. I knew you'd treat me to something nice or else I would have dressed far more casual." she takes a sip of the wine she ordered" So far you have exceeded expectations though" Ray smiles and they talk about the more mundane things in their lives till finally their food arrives and the conversation lessens a bit.

After a bit they've finished and Don orders some Tiramisu for dessert to share. They talk and joke some more, taking bites of the dessert inbetween.

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Eventually they notice they've consumed the whole thing and laugh at how the time had gone by. Ray orders the check, paying for the meal and leading Misty back out ot the car.

"So, I hope you had a wonderful dinenr tonight Misty, I know I certainly enjoyed your company" Misty smiles and giggles a little, havign had a bit of wine she's a ltitle tipsy but not overly "Oh I had a wonderful time hun, no one's treated me to a dinner like that in a long time, thank you hun" She stops and turns, gently but firmly grabbing Ray and planting a soft warm kiss on his lips, making Don blush as he holds her.

She breaks the kiss after a second or two and tugs on his arm, heading to the car again. They head home, Don driving back to her place. He helps her out and walks her up to the door where they stand a bit, smiling. "Thank you for saying yes Misty, I'd almsot forgotten what it could be like to share time with someone" she smiles "I'm glad hun" she reaches out and stroke his cheek, admiring his young handsome face.

"Would you maybe like to come on in for a drink hun?" Don thinks a moment, torn between his desire to kep this night goign as long as possible and wanting to mayeb take it a ltitle slower. Sometimes rushign can ruin what coudl be a good relationship.

Finally though the former wins out and he says yes, following Misty into her house. After shutting her door he takes a look around. Her house isn't too big and seems rather modest inside, a few decorative things here and there.

She leads him over to a couch in the front room. "So hun, what can I get you to drink?" "Oh, well surprise me" she smiles and heads to her kitchen, coming back with a couple of glasses of wine.

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"Here ya go hun" he accepts it with a smile and takes a sip, watching her as she sits down across from him. "You know, I probably really shouldn't drink too much, since I do have to drive back home" she makes a small laugh and sets her glass down " Not if you don't go back home tonight hun" the glass he was bringing to his lips stops for a moment as he processes what she said "Well, um, I guess so but I well" he blushes a bit at the prospect of spending the night with her.

Suddenly she sets her glass back down and comes over, getting onto the couch and coming up close against him, a soft sexy smile on her face as she presses up against him, her large pillowy breasts pressing against his side. She reaches out to stroke his face like she did earlier outside her door, her hand caressing him, sending a shiver through his body.

He gulps softly and gazes at the beauty before him. He tentatively reaches to touch her hair, stroking it slowly. She smiles and starts to rub more of his body> "Mmmm these clothes are in the way cutie, why don't we go to my bedroom and get these out of the way" *he grins and stands up with her, following her to her bedroom, they enter and she turns towards him as he shuts the door.


Slowly she strips, taking off her dress and revealing her bra and panties. He follows suit, removing his clothes with a little less finesse as she. He comes close to her and removes her bra, cupping her now exposed breasts. He caresses them slowly, lowering his head and kissing the left one, his lips caressing her hardening nipple, his hand massaging her ample tit as he takes the hardened nipple and sucks on it.

She moans a little at the attention, her hand caressing her other breast as he plays with the other, he switches to the other, nursing on her swollen nipple softly. He rises and gently nudges her to sit on the bed edge as he kneels in front of her, bringing her head down to kiss passionately, their tongues mingling. He eventually he breaks it, smiling as he concentrates on her lower half now. She smiles and rubs his hair as he tugs on her panties, he removes them and sniffs them deeply.

Sighing he sets them aside before he goes to the source, keeping her legs spread as he places his face at her treasure, breathing in her lovely scent. Slowly he brings his face closer, giving a soft kiss to the moist lips before him, his tongue sliding forth to caress her soft folds. He closes his eyes as he slides his tongue between her pussy lips, caressign the sensitive flesh with his organ.

Slowly he sldies it up and down in them, savoring her female taste, finally his appendage locates her love button beneath it's protective hood.

He smiles and opens his eyes to gaze up at her as his tongue caresses her clit, his lips locking onto it as he sucks at the hard nub.

He smiles mroe at the moan that elicits from her lips, Misty leaning her head back and teasing her fingers into his hair, gripping Ray's head as he laps away, sucking her clit and then sliding his tongue around and into her dampenign pussy. He goes at it with a passion, workign to bring her closer to an orgasm, her juices flowing all over his face as she starts to grind against him. He licks harder, pushing his tongue up into her pussy as deep as it can go, licking around inside her lovebox.

He reaches to rub at her clit as he eats her out, rolling the hard flesh button between his thumb and forefinger as he works more and more, wanting her to cum for him. Finally she moans deeply and cries out, grinding hard against his face and holding his head tight as she cums hard, her pussy drenching his face as it clenches on his tongue like it's a cock.

He groans in pleasure as she rides out the intense orgasm on him. Slowly she comes down, releasing him, he rises up, breathing hard, smiling and stroking her thigh slowly.

"Mmm now it's my turn baby, lay down my big beautiful gal" He gently pushes her up furhter onto the bed and onto her back, his cock hard and aching in his boxers, slowly he tugs em off and exposes his member, showing it to Misty.

She makes a soft ooh at the sight, his tool a nice seven inches long and two thick, standing proudly before her, she reaches to caress it, wrapping her fingers around the rigid cock and stroking. He grutns softly and smiles, enjoying her touch, pre dribbles from the tip a little as she strokes his cock, getting her hand all slick.

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"Mmm yeah baby, work it" he grins and scoots up to her head. Misty licks her lips and takes his hot throbbing pole to her lips, kissing the large purple helmet before slurping the thick tool right into her warm wet mouth Ray groans softly and watches her suck on his cock, her lips wrapped tight on his meat as she moves them back and forth, her tongue caressing the aching flesh. He strokes her hair slowly as she works on his prick, pre drooling occasionally onto her tongue.

"Oh darling, you're tongue feels good, get me all nice and wet so I can fill that lovely pussy" she slurps and sucks over his tool more, finally she pulls off with a wet pop, licking the opening of his cock a little and giving it one last kiss. "Good job hun" Ray smiles and gets back lower on the bed, his cock aimed between her legs at her pussy, the slick head pulsing as he brings it to her entrance. Slowly he rubs it around, teasing her hole a bit before he stops and steadying his cock he thrusts forward, going slow as the head of his cock pushes into her hot tight snatch.

"Oh Misty, your pussy feels so good, fuck it's gripping my cock amazingly" she smiles and coos as he pushes into her, his cock slowly filling her. "Mmm yes baby, give it to me, fill me with that lovely tool, stuff me with your cock" she pants softly and caresses her breasts as he hilts into her sopping lovebox, his dick throbbing inside her.

He rests a bit, leaning in to kiss her passionately as he holds his cock still in her, letting her pussy flex agaisnt it before slowly he pulls back, half way out before thrusting back into her, repeating this, gazing into her eyes as he fucks her tight pussy over and over. He doesn't go too fast, wanting to enjoy this as long as he can and to make her feel pleasure again, he gyrates hsi hips a bit as he works his dick in and out, thrust and twist and thrust and twist, his soft pubic hair caressing her clit when he goes in fully.

"Mmmm so good, haven't enjoyed suc ha tight pussy in forever" she moans and caresses him as he fills her repeatedly, feeling a ltitle empty each time he pulls away, only to have her hole refilled not long after.


Her body is on fire with passion as they make love, sometimes kissing furiously, their tongues entwining as they grind against each other, maons and soft grunts emerging from them as the pace increases. Ray's hips work his cock faster inside her, gettign closer to climax, their bodies glistening with sweat. Her pussy begins to tighten, squeezing harder on his cock as she reaches another orgasm, comign just to the edge. "Oh oh Ray I'm so close, send me over baby, make me scream" He goes faster, his cock throbbing, pushing as deep as possible on each in thrust, he groans and caresses her tits, suckign at her nipples as he thrusts faster and faster, his orgasm immintent.

Finally with a loud moan she climaxes, her pussy clampign down hard on his cock, sending him over the edge as well. He cries out with her, their bodies feelign almsot as one as they orgasm together, his cum firing deep into her body as her pussy works to milk it from him They pant and sigh in pleasure as they ride out the glorious climax, their bodies tingling as they come down slowly, stroking each other lovingly as the high of orgasm fades.

They smile and pant softly, gazing into each other's eyes before kissing each other again, their eyes closed as they snuggle together, his slowly deflating cock left inside of her for the moment.

Eventually it slides free as it shrinks, cum leaking out from her sopping pussy as they lay together, still fondling and snuggling. "Mmmm that was wonderful Misty" Ray kisses her softly again and she smiles "Mmm you're welcome baby, I enjoyed it too" they cuddle and kiss some more till eventually they fall asleep in each other's arms, sighing softly in happiness as they sleep, not bothering to cover up, their body warmth enough on the summer night.