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Diese verführerische exgirlfriend Web Cam Mädchen
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Rosie wasn't quite herself. For a few weeks now she'd been moping around the house. She felt like there was something missing. Steve was working from home, he told Rosie that his part of the project was over, which it was, but he just couldn't concentrate at work.

After witnessing Rosie cheating without his consent last month, he still didn't know what to do about it. He was naturally laid back, which annoyed Rosie sometimes, but he'd gone through so many emotions in the past month that he'd told himself he'd just have to accept it.

His anger and jealousy had subsided. They'd both had sex with other people during their marriage, but both of them had been in the room and both of them had participated. He supposed that others would have called them Swingers, but it happened so rarely and only ever with the same couple. His daughter Beatrice was the result of their first fling.

Steve thought he knew what the problem was. She was pining for another big cock. Steve's wasn't small, and she came several times when he made love to her, two or three times during foreplay and twice when he fucked her, but she wanted it harder and harder each time, wanting to be filled completely. He reached into his desk drawer and took out a memory stick. He'd thought about copying the contents onto his hard drive but, after removing the video he'd shot of Rosie and Bobby from the camera's memory card, he thought it safer to keep it on a removable drive, just in case Rosie saw it on his computer.

He opened the file and his lounge filled the screen. In the middle, on the couch, his wife was astride her lover, sliding herself down an erect penis that looked like it should have been attached to a donkey. He watched as her face contorted as the massive tool invaded her, panting as it stretched her pussy, mouth open as she hit bottom and throwing her head back as she came.

After watching the video through, he rewound it, pausing at the point where she was bent over to receive Bobby's cock from behind. He mentally made a note of her lover's size and, closing the video, found a website and ordered a dildo off the internet. It was larger than her vibrator and, from what he'd seen on screen, about the same size as Bobby's wife fucking cock. It was delivered the next day while she was out shopping again, so, unwrapping it and feeling its weight, he tied a ribbon into a bow and placed it on her pillow.

She returned twenty minutes later, Steve thought she looked sad and went over to give her a hug, she returned it and sighed. "Retail therapy not working babe?" He asked jovially, "I'm just not in the mood for it." she said, "It's been one of those times where nothing seems to suit me and none of the shoes fit." Steve was unsure if that was a Freudian slip.

"Go upstairs and I'll give you a back rub." he said, "I might even rub your feet too!" She smiled at him, a genuinely sunny smile, he thought of those adulterous lips wrapped around her lover's penis.As she reached the bed she called out quizzically, "Steve?

What's this?" He walked into the bedroom behind her. "I've been doing a little retail therapy of my own!" He replied, "You like?" "I'm not sure?" she said, "It's huge!" She thought of Bobby, her pussy was wet. Steve moved close behind her, lifted the back of her skirt and felt her crotch with his finger.

Letting him rub her lips for a few seconds through the lacy material, Rosie turned to Steve and kissed him deeply. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, Steve's fingers pulled her panties aside and parted her labia, stroking her clit.

One hand on her bottom, two fingers pressed against her g-spot, her arms around his neck, she came as Steve lifted her onto the bed.

He pushed her skirt up, she raised her hips so he could pull off her soaked panties as he lowered his tongue to her eagerly waiting pussy. He ran his tongue from the bottom of her shaved pussy, to the top, flicking her clitoris and pushing his tongue into her folds, where three of his fingers were exciting her, with his little finger extended to tease her starfish.

She came as he pressed his tongue to her clit, squirting around his fingers and dripping off his chin. She reached across to her new toy, tearing off the ribbon.

Steve went to her bedside drawer and took out the tube of KY but Rosie had already tried to start without him. Legs spread wide, holding her lips open with one hand and forcing in the hard rubber with her other, Rosie was hungry with lust, unable to wait for the lube.

Steve squeezed a line of jelly up its length, stroked it down the shaft and softly around its head, coating her lips, she released it and, with Steve's help, they fed it slowly into her. Lying next to her on the bed, Steve sucked on Rosie's hard nipples as he took control of the dildo and fucked her. She came, screaming for Steve to fuck her harder, her hips raised and legs taught as he rammed it into her.

She turned over onto her front and raised her arse, dildo still sticking out of her as she begged for more, pleading for Steve to fuck her harder. Steve had also picked up her slim vibrator and, covering it with lube and switching it on, he pushed it into her anus. She grabbed at the duvet and screaming into it, came hard as the vibrations sent her over the edge. She was still missing something though. She remembered the feeling of Bobby's cock, pulsing as it filled her, his cum splashing against her cervix as his penis throbbed inside of her, stretching her.

The dildo filled her, but it didn't really satisfy her. Steve had removed the dildo, but the vibrator was still in her bum as he mounted her. She could only just feel him, so she faked an orgasm as Steve unloaded into her. Lay next to her, out of breath, Steve asked "So what do you think of your new friend then?" "It was fantastic!" She answered, "What made you buy such a big one though?

My pussy's still sore!" "Just thought, with all the hard fucking you wanted me to do to you recently, that you fancied something a little, I don't know.

Bigger!" He half lied. She was in deep thought and, as she drifted off to sleep, only one thing was on her mind. She hadn't seen him in over a month, despite numerous visits to the supermarket where they'd met. She couldn't stay as long now though, with Steve at home so much he'd start to wonder why she spent so much time shopping without actually buying anything.

She wasn't far wrong! For three weeks after her affair, Steve had borrowed the company pool car on occasions, saying he had to pick something up or visit a customer. He would drive past his house and, if their car was on the drive, he'd park up the road and watch the comings and goings of the street. More often than not, nothing would happen, Rosie would sometimes come out and tidy the front garden or take rubbish to the bin, but that was it.

Other times she would drive to the supermarket, Steve following discreetly behind, and she'd wander around the vast shop aimlessly. Satisfied that this must have been a one-time fling and her lover had disappeared, Steve had let it lie and got on with things. Rosie couldn't get Bobby out of her head though, or, more specifically, Bobby's cock.

She awoke, horny! Steve couldn't perform in the mornings and he'd be getting up for work soon, so she reached into her bedside drawer for her vibrator. The first thing she touched though was the new dildo. She picked it up, running a finger up its length as she imagined it throbbing in her hand. Her pussy yearned for it to be real, to be attached to an actual, warm, thrusting, sweating, grunting man, desperate to fill her womb with his seed.

She came as her fingers massaged her clit, holding her breath and moaning quietly as her husband slept. Steve was out of bed.

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He had to go in to the office this morning and was out of the house by 7:30 to catch his train. Rosie was up with him to make breakfast and was in the shower after he left.

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Drying off, she knew what she had to do. Dressing in stockings and a tight fitting skirt, she chose a blouse that showed off her breasts, got in the car and drove to the supermarket. She'd had time with her thoughts on the journey there, so thinking she was acting like a silly schoolgirl with a massive crush, she drove through the car park and back on to the road.

She did need to buy something for dinner though, so she drove to the next supermarket up the road. She parked up and entered the unfamiliar shop.

She'd been here before, but didn't think the quality of the goods were as good as her usual shop. Absently wondering what to get Steve for dinner, Rosie heard a familiar voice, followed by a girlish laugh from the next aisle.

Interest piqued, she walked around the shelves and saw the back of him. Bobby was walking down the aisle, hand in hand with a girl, long auburn hair in a ponytail, about Rosie's height and a cute, pert bum in tight shiny black leggings. Rosie was about to retreat, but Bobby turned as if he'd forgotten something and spied her. "Rosie?" He said, "What are you doing here?" "Just getting something for dinner." she replied, shell-shocked. They'd been standing motionless and speechless for about ten seconds, but it felt like hours.

"Hi" said a voice from beside Bobby. Rosie looked across towards the voice, saw the piercing blue eyes and the bright smile with natural, thin lips. Rosie wanted to be angry with her, but the girl's smile extended through her eyes and completely disarmed her. "S. Sorry" Bobby stammered, "Rosie, this is Georgina, my girlfriend" "Georgie" she corrected, offering her hand to Rosie, "Only my mum calls me Georgina, Bobbles!" Rosie took Georgie's hand and shook it, her annoyance and embarrassment evaporating.

She remained jealous though, wondering what Bobbles was doing with this slip of a girl, no matter how cute she was. Bobby introduced Rosie as a college friend to Georgie, "A lecturer?" She enquired. "More of a mature student" Rosie answered, hating the vision she had of herself sitting at the back of a classroom, the old woman amidst a sea of young kids.

"How's the job going?" She asked Bobby, "It's going well." he said, "I've had the day off today so we can move in to our own place." His arm was around Georgie's shoulders and he pulled her tighter to his side, her arm tightened around his waist as she looked up and smiled at him. Rosie was saddened by this, but her face didn't show it.

"We've just bought a new kettle." Georgie said "Would you like to christen it with us. You and Bobby could catch up over a cup of coffee." Before Bobby could object, Rosie had agreed, thoughts of knocking Georgina out and hog tying her, while Rosie rode her boyfriend's wonderful cock in front of her unconscious form, ran through her head. At their house, Georgie sat with Bobby, Rosie sat on an armchair across from them.

Bobby thought this was a bad idea. He'd changed supermarkets because he knew Rosie was hoping to bump into him.

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When she'd dropped him back at the supermarket that afternoon, he was hopeful that he might see Rosie again. All that changed in the next ten minutes though. Georgie told her the story. Bobby had gone into the shop to buy some mints, took them to the checkout and saw Georgie.

His heart stopped. He fumbled for his change and felt a spark as his fingers brushed her palm, dropping the coins into her opened hand. His mouth was dry as he asked her what time she finished and would she like to go for a drink after. Georgie had spotted him around the store and thought he was cute. She went on her break, but when she got back to her till he'd gone. When he returned to the store her heart fluttered and she hoped against hope that he'd come to her till. When he asked the question she'd blurted "Yes!" Immediately.

He waited outside until her shift was finished and they'd been inseparable since. They were both twenty one but, against their parent's advice, they'd saved up for a deposit on a flat and had moved in yesterday.

The furniture was second hand, but Georgie preferred to call it pre-loved, it didn't matter to her.


Bobby got up to use the bathroom, he neglected to shut the door and both Rosie and Georgie could see his reflection in the full length mirror in the hallway. "Wow!" Rosie exclaimed theatrically, "How do you handle that thing?" Georgie looked shocked, but replied, whispering, "We have to use a lot of lube, and I'm still sore for days after. He got it all in once, but it was so painful, I'm hoping I'll get used to it but sometimes it's too big to enjoy." Rosie fondly remembered the initial pain and the pleasure afterwards.

After they'd chatted a while, Rosie made her excuses and left. Georgie gave Rosie their home phone number, should she ever want to catch up again, it had been lovely meeting her. Bobby felt a lot better about Rosie now, and she was getting on well with Georgie.

Rosie got in her car and drove home, waving to the couple as she left. As she opened her front door, Steve had his back to her on the couch. He had his headphones on and was watching something on his laptop.

She closed the front door quietly, crept up to surprise him and, over his shoulder, saw the image on the screen; it was her, bent over, head back, screaming as Bobby pushed his mammoth cock into her stretched pussy. Her knees went weak and she feinted to the floor. Steve heard a thump and thought it was the door closing. Shutting his laptop quickly, he turned around guiltily, to see, nothing.

The door was where it always had been. He looked down and saw Rosie crumpled on the floor. He ripped off the headphones and dashed round the couch to his wife. As he picked her up and laid her on the couch she came around. "Wha! Where? Who?" She muttered. Steve got her a glass of water from the kitchen. She sipped it slowly and came to her senses. She was angry at first, wanting to know who took the video, where they'd got it from and how they'd done it, but Steve calmed her down and told her his side of the story, how hearing her cum on that massive cock had turned him on so much it had fogged his thinking, "You looked so fucking hot!" He exclaimed, "I just reached for the video camera and started filming you.

I wanted to be angry, I wanted to go in there and rip his nuts off, but my cock was so fucking hard hearing you cum like that, I just couldn't think straight." She started to cry and hugged him tightly.

He kissed the top of her head and waited until her sobbing had quietened. She straightened up, her shoulders heaving as she tried to control her sobs. "I saw him again today." Anger flashed in Steve's eyes, "No. Not like that!" She said quickly, "He was out with his girlfriend, they met that day. I think he's been avoiding me since, you know. She's lovely though". "And?" Steve said, "And I think it would be nice if we invited them around for dinner." She suggested.

"I take it there's an ulterior motive then? You want to ride him while I entertain the girlfriend?" Steve guessed correctly, Rosie tried her best innocent look, fluttering her eyelashes. She phoned Georgie the next day, who happily accepted the invitation, Bobby was apprehensive.

The night of the dinner arrived; Beatrice was sleeping at a friend's house. Rosie had put on her little black dress and black stockings. Steve was in jeans and a shirt.

Bobby arrived with Georgie. He was also in jeans and shirt, Georgie, in a grey figure hugging sweater that stopped halfway down her bum, and black leggings.

Steve was in the kitchen when their guests arrived and he greeted them as they sat on the couch. He offered them a glass of wine, Bobby declined as he was driving, but said he'd have something fizzy, if that was okay?

Steve brought him a Coke and handed Georgie a glass of wine. Rosie was right, Steve thought, Georgie was lovely. Her breasts, covered by the tight sweater, although not big, looked firm and luscious, there was little bounce as she sat on the sofa. Her legs, encased in lycra, were shapely and not too thin. Steve imagined himself between those legs, his lips kissing her thighs through the smooth fabric all the way to her pussy.

Rosie called Steve from the kitchen. He excused himself from his guests, eyes lingering on Georgie's legs a second, then joined Rosie in the kitchen. She was using a pestle and mortar, his Viagra were in the box next to her, and she was grinding one of the tablets to a fine powder. "Stir that sauce for me love." she asked, handing him the mortar, "I've put three in there, do you think that will be enough?" "Is it safe for Georgie to be taking this?" he asked, "Should be." Rosie said, "I got really turned on last time I took it.

She'll be putty in your hands, and her clit will be super sensitive for that tongue of yours!" she nudged him, he poured the sauce over the chicken and she took the plates out to the table.


Steve sat opposite Georgie, during desert he could see her getting flustered, Bobby was also shifting in his seat, no doubt discreetly trying to get his penis into a more comfortable position.

Rosie was enjoying the show, touching herself when she thought nobody was looking and rubbing her pussy when she was in the kitchen. Steve suggested that they retire to the lounge.

Rosie led, followed by Georgie and Steve. Bobby waited until they had passed him before he stood up, his cock uncomfortably hard, the bulge visible in his jeans. Steve asked if anybody wanted a drink and he went into the kitchen to fetch three glasses of wine and a coke. Returning to the lounge he found Rosie sitting in between their guests on the couch, she was kissing Georgie, a hand on her leg, Georgie's hand was on Rosie's breast and Rosie's other hand reached out to stroke Bobby's bulge.

Bobby looked like he was in pain, So Steve took over with Georgie, kneeling in front of her, running his hands up her thighs and leaning in to kiss her. Rosie left Georgie with Steve, to concentrate on seducing Bobby. She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, his cock sprang out from the waistband of his boxers and she kissed and sucked it, licking his pre-cum and swirling her tongue around the head.

Bobby pushed his jeans down and Rosie greedily gobbled up his length. Steve was still locked in a passionate kiss with Georgie, he'd pulled her towards the edge of the cushion, her legs spread around his chest, and he was massaging her puffy labia through the stretched fabric of her leggings. He broke the kiss and pulled her long sweater over her head, revealing a firm pair of breasts and a belly button ring.

He cupped her left breast and sucked on the hard nipple, she groaned and ran her hands through his hair as he continued to tease her pussy. Rosie had pulled Bobby to the floor, he was on his back with Rosie on top. She was still sucking on his cock and moaning.

Bobby's tongue was exploring Rosie's engorged clit as he slipped his fingers into her vagina. His cock muffled her cries as she came. Steve had removed Georgie's leggings and was kissing her inner thighs gently, his lips lightly brushing her sensitive skin. Kissing her pussy, then parting her lips with his tongue and finding her clitoris, he licked it gently, causing a wave of pleasure to course through her. She ground her pussy into his face and his tongue delved deeper.

Rosie meanwhile, was ready to be fucked. Her pussy was poised over Bobby's massive cock and she lowered herself on to it.

"Fuck!" She cried as he penetrated her, invading and stretching her.

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She'd been using her dildo and getting used to its girth, but Bobby's swollen member was pushing her to her limits. She rode through the pain and was soon feeling his hard cock filling her completely. On the verge of cumming, she moved her hips, enjoying the sensation of his cock pressing against her cervix. Rosie had started to cum. Her moans affected Georgie as Steve's fingers brought her to orgasm, she looked down at her boyfriend, Rosie impaled and cumming on his massive cock, she felt jealous and angry, and she wanted to be fucked.

Steve's cock was nowhere near as big as Bobby's, but it was by no means small. Georgie stood; taking Steve's hand she guided him on to the couch, and then sat astride him. His cock glided effortlessly in and she was relieved that it didn't stretch her. She hadn't been with many men, but she couldn't remember enjoying sex, Steve's cock however, felt different, like they fit.

Steve was relieved that Bobby's monster hadn't stretched Georgie's pussy, she was still tight and she was so damn sexy. He suckled on her breasts as she rode him. Rosie was cumming again, now on her knees as Bobby rammed her from behind, begging him to fuck her, cum in her, fill her up, harder, knock her up!

This sent Steve over the edge.

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With his penis still inside Georgie, he lifted her up and laid her on the carpet, her legs wrapped around him as he thrust into her. They both came together, her pussy milking him for every last drop of sperm as they lay, exhausted, on the floor. Bobby had cum too; he'd pulled out and covered Rosie's back, bum and hair in semen. She was still on her knees, her pussy a gaping maw. "I needed to get that out of my system!" She said, turning around to face us on her hands and knees, she got up slowly, stretched and shuffled towards the couch.

"It was so good, but I'm so sore!" she said, also disappointed that Bobby had pulled out, she'd wanted to feel that monster pulsing inside of her, releasing his load deep into her cunt, keeping him inside of her until his beast of a cock softened and slid out.

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Georgie was laid on her back with a satisfied smile on her face and cum oozing out of her pussy. Normally, Bobby's foreplay was just to get her wet enough so he could ease his cock into her tight pussy. He always pulled out before he came now, because his final thrusts hurt her too much, she'd cried the first time he did it. With Steve though, it was like he'd made love to her, and she'd welcomed his release into her womb, pulling him tighter as they came together.

She looked across at Steve, sat on the floor with his back against the couch, limp cock dripping on the carpet, and she smiled at him as Rosie crawled to him and kissed his lips. "I think I'll be okay now." Rosie said wearily, "I've done what I needed to do!" Her pussy throbbed as she lay on her side, head in Steve's lap, she didn't want to be opened that wide again. Steve stroked Rosie's hair and looked across at Georgie.

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She was still smiling at him dreamily. Bobby had got up and was gathering his clothes, putting them on as he went. He looked at Georgie, who he hadn't seen look so satisfied after sex. Her head was on the carpet, gazing at the ceiling and smiling to herself, "Are you ready?" He asked his freshly fucked girlfriend.

Georgie got up off the carpet and Steve passed her leggings, she hadn't worn panties and the outline of her puffy lips showed through the thin fabric which darkened as Steve's cum flowed from her. Putting on her sweater, Steve got one last look of her pert breasts. Rosie sat on the couch, her legs stiff, her pussy still throbbing, Bobby kissed her goodbye, she kissed him back.

"Maybe I'll see you around then?" He said. "Maybe" she replied, but she knew she wouldn't. Georgie was kissing Steve, his hands on her bum cheeks, squeezing gently. As they parted, she whispered in his ear "Thanks. That was fun. I can't wait for next time!" Steve kissed her again and opened the door for them. As they backed out of the drive Georgie waved to him, he raised his hand to her as she blew him a kiss. Three weeks later, Steve received a frantic phone call from Georgie, her period was late.

After their frolic she'd taken the morning after pill and followed the instructions to the letter, but now she was late, she was never late, she was panicking, she couldn't tell Bobby, he'd go mental! Steve calmed her down and told her to meet him in town in half an hour. They met in a small park behind an office block, he could tell she'd been crying, her eyes were red and wet lines ran down her cheeks, he wiped them gently with his thumb and she smiled. He kissed her deeply and she pressed her body into his, feeling his warmth.

He'd been to a pharmacy on the way and picked up a pregnancy test, she took it, looked at Steve and burst into tears against his chest. They walked to a nearby toilet, she kept hold of his hand, wanting him to follow, but he let her go in on her own. In a loud whisper, Georgie said "Steve! There's no one in here. I can't do this alone, I need you!" He reluctantly entered, hoping nobody was watching. She was sat in the furthest stall, unwrapping the test as he entered and closed the door behind him.

She braced herself against the cistern so she could pee on the stick, and then they waited. Thirty seconds passed, then forty, fifty, the wait was agonising but the test finally showed up negative.

Steve exhaled. Georgie stood up and brushed past his erect penis. He hadn't noticed that it was hard, the tension of the wait and the fact he was alone with an attractive girl in the ladies toilet must have stirred him.

Pants still around her ankles, Georgie felt his hard cock through his trousers and kissed him. She unzipped his fly and slipped her hand in, gently rubbing his penis. She didn't know what had come over her, maybe it was the danger of being caught. Maybe it was the thrill of her near miss with pregnancy. Maybe it was because she wanted Steve to fuck her, there and then.

His hand stole to her pussy and his finger penetrated her, she came, her head in Steve's shoulder to muffle the cries. She turned around and bent over, ignoring the smells of disinfectant and dirty pussy as Steve entered her. She remembered the fit, she felt her pussy quiver as his head passed between her lips and rubbed her swollen labia, she reached under and played with her clit as he picked up speed, exploding into her womb as they both came together, panting.

Steve withdrew his penis and saw blood, she'd started. They were both relieved. Outside the toilet they kissed, Georgie's tongue darting into Steve's mouth as they embraced, her arms around his neck. "Hi you two!" Rosie shouted from across the park, she'd been walking through with their daughter, Beatrice. "Hi Rosie," Georgie answered sunnily, releasing him quickly, "Steve was just helping me out with something!" "I'll bet he was!" Rosie replied, "Always willing to help a damsel in distress is our Stevie Boy." Rosie patted his bum.

Georgie kissed Steve on the lips and Rosie on the cheek, then she left the park, pausing to wave back as they watched her go. Steve held Bea's hand as they walked out of the park towards Steve's office. Steve told Rosie what had happened when he returned home, she just smiled, a happy smile. "Well," she said, "I suppose it makes us even!" She reclined on the couch, swung her feet into Steve's lap and wiggled her toes at him.