Hot slut with natural tits want to be fucked

Hot slut with natural tits want to be fucked
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well this is some of the wonderful times of Jo's and his wife Jo is 27 tall about 6' around 185 and short blond hair, Sam ( short for Samantha ) tall also 5'10" 160 long brown hair to just above her nice round ass she is 26 awesome shape big tits and man what a round ass I so love her ass she has a neck that just screams to be kissed and a super sexy belly just love to lay on it!

She look like a teenager and get looks all the time from younger and older men thinking she is much younger! well one night Sam and Jo got to talking about sex and things they like and some how the talking got in to what if's and then threesomes. Jo said there is no way he can get another girl to join in even if he wanted to. ( he has no game hell most the girls his wife tells him they like him he never seen any signs to that but he is kind of blind to flirting ) but anyway.

they had a great talked and laughed about it for hours on what they talked about. A few days later they got a new sex story book Sam like them to get turned on so they read some of the articles and always had great sex after reading a few. well one day Jo was reading some new ones and Sam was cooking. He read a great story about a guy and his wife and how he always shaved his wife and one day she brought over one of her friends for his b-day for him to shave her also and the great time that followed!

So Jo thought it was a awesome story and re-read it to Sam as she cooked and she thought it was awesome also. Well they talked about it and then somehow there friend Melissa got brought up and that she may go for it??? Sam ask So Jo do you want her? Scared of how to answer it with out sounding like a horny perv he finely got out " it could be fun?" Sam just laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

Well a few days went by and the topic keep getting brought up now and then so they looked it up on the internet on how to do it right ( Sam said every time she did it all the way gone it hurt from razor burn when she shaved it all off bald ) well they went to the store and got the best razor and shaving cream they could get.

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And the made plans to invited Melissa over for dinner. Well while cooking they left the book out accidently on purpose (oops Lol) and Melissa seen it and giggled at it.

Jo said hey what? There is some great stories in there! Here let me show you and turned to a seaming random page ( but it was planned to find that shaving story and said read it ! there awesome! Melissa embarrassed said no and pushed it away and Sam said no you ought to read it there all great story's and that one is really good one!

So she finely did read it and you can see her start to get in to it because she was look around a lot at first like am I going to get caught like a little kid lol and then she started to ignore what is going on around her as she got further in to the story Sam smiled and winked at JO who was in the living room playing stupid like he didn't know what they were doing. And when she got done reading it Sam asked her what she thought???

With a smile! she said WOW it was good! Sam asked her so you want to try it? Melissa shocked as hell said WHAT?? Jo was in the other room and acted like he could not here them but his paints were all ready getting tight!! Trying not to act like he could hear them but there was nothing but total concentration on what they were saying and doing! Driving him nuts just thinking about it happing WOW ! Well Sam and Melissa talked for a few minutes about it and then out of the blue Melisa said the only way she could even do anything like that that she would have to be drunk!

and with out missing a beat Sam went O really well here is a beer! And handed her one! and they both laughed and Melissa said are you serious Sam said sure why not have some fun! they made plans to go out to the bar for a bit first and let her think about it or drink about it lol and we will see she said! Well dinner was fast not much for eye contact and talking after dinner the girls got dressed to go out Sam told me what all Melissa said when she was in the bathroom and that it look like it may be on!!

So finger crossed well the got dressed looking hot as hell and they left for the bar. Jo stayed home and cleaned up some around the house and took a long shower and washed everything really good almost too good since the thought of what to come has kept him hard as hell since before they ate! But he restrained and got out the supplies and was ready for them when they got home!

he tried to watch TV but his stomach was up in his throat hoping things go well tonight. He has never had to many girls, one other besides his wife and it was only a quickie so he was really nervous. he has only shaved his wife down there one time and that was just a week ago for practice and wasn't hard since she kept it trimmed up most of the time for him!


Anyway she did most of it and he just watched ( and drooled). Any way the car drove up in to the drive way and he almost got sick with anticipation. Well the girls came in giggling and got another beer and Melissa could barley look at Jo but he came in to the kitchen with them and Sam asked Melissa SO??

And she just grinned with Embarrassment well Sam then stepped up and said OK fine your doing it! And pointed and said go to the couch and take your pants off!

With a smile! and she grabbed her hand and led her to the couch Melissa was about as red as her hair was! By the way Melissa is short about 5'4" red as can be hair. Supper skinny and small she probably weighed about 100# soaking wet. Small boobs but she would were shirts and didn't ware bras much and seen them from time to time or just through the shirts.

also from all the times she been at the house in shorts and sitting with legs open and bending over and all she don't ware panty's much either.

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Well they got to the couch and Sam help undo her buttons and unzipped her paints and helped pulled down her paints and wow shocker NOT but no underwear again awesome! Just love that by the way. but it first time I got a real shot of her total mound she was super hairy with red pubic hair as red as her head I only got a peak as they pulled down her paints and then she set down real quick and covered up with a towel !

I left on the couch for them. still embarrassed but going with it and she was as red as can be. So cute and sam taking charge like she was. Sam started to wake away and Melissa grabbed her and said OOO No way you have to sit here with me! And pulled her back ! So she sit down next to her. Jo was still in the kitchen watching and making a bowl of hot water they read that warm water and heating up the skin make it not razor burn as bad.

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He took it to the couch and laid it down on the floor by Melissa feet and then he set down on the floor in front of her legs and super nerves he reached up and pulled the towel to the floor and laid all the tools he needed to get the job done next to him.

He had a wash rag and placed it in the hot water and he had a razor, scissor, shaving cream, some after shave gel.

Well he looked up and her legs were closed and he touched her knees and she shivered and was so embarrassed!

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But he giggled thinking she was nerves he said so how do you think I feel! Lol he said it will be ok. it will be fun! and Sam said ya it will be you will love it!! Melissa said well don't shave it all off just leave a little patch ok! Jo said like a landing strip ?


he was like ok but was thinking shit wish I could shave it all but a little will be better than not doing this at all!

Well he tried to open her legs again now with Sam's help Sam said ok now he can't shave with them closed ! laughing. Well with a little pulling and pushing laughing they finely got them apart and we saw the tick red hair! Jo look for a sec and thought dam that's a lot of hair! his wife even when she don't shave don't have anywhere that much hair at all!

Think it's the Indian in her I think but love it and hers kind of stop at the top of her clit awesome for eating out at anytime. but Melissa was very thick supper thick red hair he pulled her butt close to the edge of the couch so her ass and pussy was hanging right over the edge. Her hair was so thick you could barley even see her pussy lips and her asshole they were so covered with hair he couldn't believe how much.

But he tried to be professional(lol) ( as he could be for doing this one other time and it was way different!!) So he started and took the scissor and started toward her pussy mound and she closed her legs again scared of someone else with very shape interments near privets parts we laughed and she relaxed after some coaching and a few more sips of her beer she spread her legs again and Jo began cutting her hair off getting it shorter and shorter to shave the more he cuts he can see the pussy lips start to shine through the hair and now he could see the star of her little asshole started to show.

Well that didn't take to long at all so he took the warm wash cloth and washed her off he read that getting warm water makes it easer to shave and less problems with burns so he warmed her up good he got her pussy hot and wet. lol to get ready for shaving cream he sprayed some on her pussy mound and rubbed it in covering it all in the white foam and started shaving up high from belly going down to the pussy working down to each side of her lips. just doing a rough shave first not to close then down to her ass and then started over doing a better cut and close nice and smooth and now its starting to like his wifes does but just with red hair he then did it again starting at the top and now taking his time and getting closer and closer to her pussy lips.

He is now having to start touching her a lot more to push and pull her to stretch the skin the right way to shave close to her pussy lips. her lips were tight up against her nice and tight it was nice since they were out of the way but as he moved them touching her lips to move them they got looser and he noticed something he was not expecting at all!

Melissa was getting wetter the lower he went on her lips the wetter they got the wetter and slick with her juices. Jo just had to keep touching her pussy and he had to slip a finger in a bit like he was tying to get ahold of a lip to move it to the side and like had to do it lol. He then started to notice that she then started to move in to him when he did that. Jo keep shaving down to her ass and shaved it real good and boy did that turn him on so much since he is a assman he just loves ass and her was now clean shaven and getting wet from her pussy dripping down on to it!!

And he was touching it all so softly to get it nice and clean shaven man he was in heaven just getting to look in awe at a pussy and a ass that was not his wife's and inches in front of him! Well he washed her again and finished shaving the last few red hairs he missed noticed her lips getting puffer and starting to drop down some as she was getting turned on he finished up and then Melissa looked down at Jo down between her spread legs and noticed he left a patch of hair like she said but it was supper small !!

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oops Jo just keep going and going and he said oo ya sorry got carried way sorry lol and grinned with a biggest shit eaten grin he could ! Well he cleaned her up again and said "all done!!" And smiled and Melissa looked and felt down to her pussy and her clean shaven smooth wet lips and done to her ass and said "nice job now you do Sam!!" Sams said he don't need to!

he all ready did mine! she she pouted and said like she don't believe her and said well let me see then! so she raised up ass some and lifted her Minnie skirt and pulled down her panties to her ankles and showed her the nice clean shaven pussy with a small landing strip.

Melissa said dam I didn't want to be the only one doing this. so Sam said well ok go ahead and shave off the rest Jo! He sprang up and got down between her legs and washed her real good and she was all ready supper wet down there I guess from watching me shaving Melissa turned her on!

Well he shave off the last of her hair and now Sam was totally bald as the day she was born! her soft pink pussy lips shinning from the wetness coming from her pussy. He sat back still hard as hell and loving what he just did!

And the view he had in front of him was awesome they both set there and looked at there now freshly shaven pussy and checked each other out. They talked about how it felt and how it looked and Melissa said so now what ? and Sam said jo you got to inspect your work and grabbed his head and crammed it in to her pussy and he started eating her out for a min and then set up and said pretty good and now yours and leaned over and stuck his head in Melissa pussy.

It was different tasting than his wife's still fucking awesome but just different.

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and as he ate her out she was grinding her pussy in to his face he reached over with his left hand and started playing with his wife pussy. About every few minutes he would change up and switch up eating pussy and playing with the other one.

He was in heaven! Then all of a sudden he felt Sam's hand grab his head and push it deep in to her for a few seconds and then she pulled him back and kept pushing him all the way to the floor and as he was laying down she was working her way up his body and just sat down on his face and he started eating her out this was by far his favorite thing to do eat her out while she is on top don't know why just much better then he felt someone grab his dick.

and sit down on it he could fell the hot wet pussy as he slid in to her and she started to grind in to his crotch pushing his dick as far up in to her as it would go and his wife was grinding her pussy in to his face and nose! The hole time Jo is going this is the best day of my life !!! this is the best day of my life!! this is so awesome! the felling the taste just in heaven. Then he felt Melissa start to grind in to him harder and faster then he herd her start to moan louder and louder and he could fell her grabbing and digging her nails in to his sides and his wife was doing about the same holding on to his head and playing with her clit and he ate her out then all of a sudden he heard Melissa grunt and start to twitch on his dick!

And she just stopped and sit there for a second I guess the sound got Sam hot also and I felt her do the same and really grind her sweet pussy in to his face. He then felt Melissa as she started to get up Jo could fell his supper wet dick start to get some air as she pulled him out of her and his dick just popped out and slapped on his belly.

His wife looks down at him and asked did you get off and he said no he was supper close when they got off so she slid down and slid his wet dick in to her pussy and leaned forward so jo could fell her tittys rubbing his chest and he would lean up and suck on her nipples and let them slap on his face. he was grabbing her ass and just pumping away in and out of her supper wet pussy it didn't take long hell he been rock hard for about 4 hours now waiting on them and hoping what would happen and boy all the thinking he did and planning out this was not in the plans but ooooo so much better!!!

He then gave a few hard deep thrust he started cumming in her! so deep and sooo much! he though it was going to blow her off him. he just fell back down supper wore out and Melissa was sitting over by the couch watching the show we just gave her she looked wore out also!

Sam rolled off Jo and laid down next to him and they all just laid there trying to catch there breath and then Jo piped up and said yap they passed the test they all good and they all just laughed. And they all got up cleaned up and because it was so late Melissa decided to just stay the night and we offered our bigger softer bed than the couch and we all went to bed Sam on one side and Melissa on the other and they all just snuggled up and went to sleep.

Soo nice to have 2 girls snuggle up to you just heaven! Then next mooning Jo was snuggled up to Melissa back spooning and Sam was up on jos back snuggled up to his back and jo woke up to a strange feeling of his normal morning wood but his this time he felt a ass moving slowly back and forth on it.

And then he reached back slowly and grabbed his wife hips and and woke her up with a little pat and let her know what was going on with his dick and what Melissa was doing. with out Melissa knowing she woke up Sam whispered in his ear go for it and well boy did he!

But that is another story. I hoped you liked one of my and ( jo) best nights ever and since then I have had many more awesome days with my wife she is so awesome and loving. I love her to death ! and the things we do now why did we wait so long!! Lol hope yall enjoyed this.