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Femi Benussi  Gabriella Lepori Mala  amore e morte
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After our locker room sex train, I didn't see Blake, Collin, or Mike for about two weeks. We kept contact by texting and calling each other, but our schedules never fit well enough to meet again. Finally, on a Wednesday, we worked it out so each of us would stay after school and have a good group fuck. Since we were already at school, we decided to fuck somewhere on campus. Mike really wanted to fuck somewhere outside, but we other three decided it was too risky.

Finally we all settled on a certain bathroom which had a spacious stall enclosed on three sides by solid walls and then a door which extended all the way from roof to floor.

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With the door locked, we wouldn't have to worry about any interruptions. When the final bell rang, I was shaking with excitement.

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Knowing we were going to fuck soon, I hadn't jacked off in a week and a half. With cock hardening in my pants, I was glad I'd worn briefs which kept the beast in its cage so to speak. I entered the bathroom to find the stall door locked. As we had agreed, I knocked with two quick raps then a pause then two more quick raps. I heard the door unlock then saw it swing open, exposing Mike already inside. We had each brought some beach towels from home to lay out on the floor, to cover up the dirtiness that is a high school bathroom floor, and I laid out the two I had brought.

Soon enough, Collin and Blake arrived together and laid out their towels as well, giving us a clean carpet to fuck on. Knowing full well we would need them, I had brought a giant box of condoms, which I dumped out in one corner. Now that we were fully prepared, we all paused and looked at each other. All three looked as good as I remembered, and I couldn't wait any longer. Mike was closest to me, and I turned to him and kissed him passionately, with all the lust which had been pent up during our two week seperation.

Mike was an exceptionally talented kisser, and his talented tongue quickly had me on another planet. Our moist lips brushed each other in a heavenly pattern, while our tongues flicked in and out of each other's mouths. Too soon, Mike and I broke the kiss and looked over at the two jocks, Blake and Collin.

Noticing our attention, they broke their kiss and looked at us. "God I've missed you guys," said Blake. We all grinned, knowing we each felt the same way. "How about we get out of these clothes?" I suggested. Simultaneously, all four of us peeled off our shirts and dropped our pants, then surveyed each other before removing our underwear.

I was clad in my white briefs which I had worn just for Mike, as he had a major briefs fetish. Blake had obviously been working out heavily in the past two weeks, as he now sported a well defined 8 pack which he flexed proudly. Collin, looking as good as ever, again wore his black Calvin Klein briefs which showed off his deep tan and impressive bulge. Mike wore a dark blue jockstrap which flaunted his adorable bubble butt for all to see.

Since last time I had fucked with Collin and Mike but not with Blake, I walked over to him and kissed his masculine mouth. The kiss didn't last long since I was eager to get my mouth onto those rock hard abs and pecs. I kissed down his firm neckline, then dropped all the way down to his beautiful abs. As I licked and sucked his abs and belly button, I rubbed his pecs and pinched his nipples. This attention to his hairless chest made Blake moan with pleasure. Seeing his cock straining at his underwear, I slowly pulled it down and exposed his cock.

I was shocked. Either he had grown a phenomenal amount in the past two weeks or I had misjudged him last time, since his cock was now a little more than 8 inches long. I looked up at him and he grinned back at me, obviously proud of his shaved length.

I put my lips to the head of his beautiful cock and gently kissed the head. Then, I began to bob up and down, slowly and luxuriously inching my way down his shaft. Soon enough his cock was pressed down my throat, and his balls rubbing against my chin.

Still deepthroating his cock, I made swallowing motions over and over, rubbing my mouth and throat all over his cock. Blake let out a deep, masculine moan of pleasure which turned me on even more. Slowly I pulled back off of his cock until only the tip was in my mouth, and then I bobbed back down again.

Up and down his shaft I went, rubbing and twisting my tongue over every inch of his cock. Occasionally I dipped down and sucked or licked his huge balls as they hung in his hairless sack. As I sucked on his cock, I felt Blake's head swell and saw his legs tense. Knowing he was about to cum, I deepthroated his cock and began to suck furiously. He exploded in my mouth, pumping buckets of cum in long spurts which I gulped to swallow. Despite my best efforts to swallow, cum still leaked down my chin.

Finally the flow of sweet cum stopped, and I pulled off Blake's cock and stood up. We exchanged a brief kiss before turning to look at Mike and Collin. Mike was on his hands and knees, his perfect ass stuck out, as Collin licked and sucked his asshole. Mike moaned in pleasure as Collin's long tongue reached deep into Mike's hole. Collin, bent over to rim Mike's ass, put his ass into a tantalizing position.


Unable to resist, I crouched down behind Collin and began to lick his tight hole. When my tongue first touched Collin's hole, he jumped, but he soon relaxed and began to enjoy me rimming him as he rimmed Mike. I licked, sucked, and probed deep into that divine ass while Collin moaned in pleasure.

When his hole became sufficiently wet, I began to finger him. First one, then two, then three of my fingers slipped into his hole. The sensation of finger fucking the hottest jock on campus made me hornier than I've ever been. Blake, still hard after my blowjob, took it upon himself to get us all ready for fucking.

Picking up four condoms, he put one on himself and then used his talented mouth to roll a condom onto everyone but Mike, because he is a total bottom. Having a condom rolled down my cock by Blake's mouth was the most unique, arousing sensation I have ever felt.

Since fuck trains were SO last week for us, we decided instead to pair up and focus all of our efforts on one other person. I immediately claimed Collin, not wanting to miss out on that rock hard body and massive cock. Collin and I shared a brief, passionate kiss before getting down to business. Seeing Collin as a macho jock type, I expected him to want to top me, but to my surprise he wanted me to fuck him!

I was astonished that the manliest guy I knew was offering his ass to me.


Fumbling for words, I stood there shocked, and so Collin decided to take control. He pushed me down onto the floor so that I was lying on my back, my hard 7 inch cock sticking straight up and waiting for Collin's tight ass. Straddling me, Collin crouched until his tight hole was poised right above my waiting erection.

This position was perfect for me, because I could lie still and enjoy a perfect view of his chiseled pecs and abs, as well as being able to watch his face and cock. Slowly Collin began to lower himself down onto me. As the head of my cock slowly pushed into him, Collin paused and looked at me. I let out a deep moan and threw my head back, awash in the pleasure of feeling my cock inside him.

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As his discomfort subsided, he began to let himself down farther. As he took more and more of my cock into him, a heavenly warmth flooded my entire body.

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In no time at all Collin had my whole seven inches buried in his ass. While Mike's ass had been delicate and ridiculously tight, Collin's was less tight because of his bigger size but still pleasantly warm and smooth. I fit into it perfectly. It seemed to me as if my cock had been my for his ass, and all along we had been destined to fuck each other.

Collin now began to bounce up and down on my cock. A truly amazing fuck, Collin twisted and turned his pelvis on each thrust. As a result, his perfect hole contracted and swirled around every inch of my cock.

Instead of just up and down thrusting motions, Collin expertly incorporated a wide range of motions, all of which felt amazing. Unale to control myself, I let out deep moans and grunts of pleasure as Collin fucked me. I propped up my head so that I could watch his heavenly chest move. With each motion, his chest rippled as his perfectly defined muscles flexed.


As he bottomed out each time, his abs would flex with deep definition of his 6 pack. Then as he pulled himself back up, his massive pecs and biceps would bulge with raw, sexual, manly power.

Momentarily tearing my eyes away from the sex god riding my cock, I focused my gaze on Mike and Blake. They too were almost perfectly suited to pleasure each other. Mike, always willing to "be the bitch" as Blake so thoughtfully put it, was content to focus on pleasuring Blake; Blake was more than happy to use his muscular sexuality to dominate Mike.

Mike, still clad in his jockstrap, was on his hands and knees taking Blake's massive 8 incher doggie style. Blake was slamming Mike's tight hole at a furious speed, his chiseled body having plenty of muscular stamina to keep up the pace. Mike's boyish frame shook each time Blake bottomed out, but from Mike's soft moaning it was very clear he was enjoying taking Blake's cock up his ass.

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Watching this live porn while having a sexual pro riding my cock was simply to much for me too handle. My whole body tensed as I neared what I knew would be a powerful orgasm, and Blake could tell from my body that I was about to cum.

Collin began to bounce up and down faster and harder than ever. My pleasure built and built rapidly until I finally came explosively. I writhed as waves of intense pleasure flooded my body, and I pumped out a week and a halfs worth of hot cum. All throughout my thirty second hot climax Collin rode my cock, only slowing down when my orgasm slowly ended.

As if I'd started a chain reaction, soon after me everyone else came as well. After I'd slipped out of his ass, I jerked Collin fast and hard while licking the head of his cock until he shot roped and ropes of thick cum into my mouth, some of which I swallowed but a lot of which dripped down my chin.

Then we turned and watched as Blake tensed, his 8 pack flexing, and grunted as he came hard in Mike's ass. This immediately pushed Mike over the edge, and he actually screamed a little as he shot his load into his jockstrap, staining the dark material.

Totally exhausted, we all cleaned up, packed up, and left. On the walk out Collin invited me over to his house that weekend, and he told me had another friend to introduce me to. But that's a story for another time.