Cogida pollera y una vagina peluda

Cogida pollera y una vagina peluda
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I didn't do well in high school. I was the girl that studied a bit too much, didn't drink or blow guys in the bathroom, wasn't a cheerleader or hell, even go to the football games.

I liked hanging out with my parents. I loved reading good old volumes of American poetry. Rather that work out for a good show at the beach, I went swimming with dad, played tennis with my brother, and generally took my body for what it was meant to be, something to transport me from here to there.

I didn't get stylish haircuts or the new clothes mostly because my family didn't have the money, but also because I didn't see the point in it. I wore sweats to play tennis in. I didn't have sexy bras because they generally didn't make sexy bras in my size. I wore a one piece to swim for the same reason and generally it just made more sense. The last week of school seems more annoying that most any other of the entire year.

The guys were more full of themselves, more drunk, and the girls more whorish. I walked into the bathroom on Wednesday and witnessed a girl in my calculus class sucking some guy off against the wall. The school was slowly sliding into a cesspool. I skipped the last few days, my first cuts my entire school year, and got ready for graduation. I had been accepted to Yale and as the validictorian of the class, I would give the address. It wouldn't be something from Say Anything.

It wasn't.

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I got through it, but I saw the eyes rolling. I couldn't find my parents to see their smiles. I could have cared less about my classmates. I missed seeing my proud father. It didn't take long. After everything was over, my father found me, gave me a big hug, and telling I wanted to leave, told me it was time to go celebrate.

I got drunk for the first time in my life. It didn't take long. Dad opened a bottle of wine and didn't let me get an empty glass. "As long as you aren't driving young lady, drink up." Heard that a few times, at least until I couldn't really hear or see much.

I drank with my dad and mom, my aunt and cousins, and even my older brother than had arrived late from school. I woke up on my bed facing the foot. I didn't have my pants on and had a tee shirt on inside out.

My head hurt like nothing I had ever felt. I struggled to get out of bed. I was sweating bad and had to pee something fierce. I wiped the sweat from my face and under my breasts and made my way to the bathroom.

David was already in there. I could hear the shower going. We shared a bathroom between our rooms, popularly called a Jack and Jill bathroom, but the only Jill around was the girl David lost his virginity too, and she was a total cheer whore. "I'm coming in so stay in there. I gotta pee and I cant wait till your done in there." I sat down and the relief began almost immediately. "So excited to go to the beach?" "What are you talking about?" I was finishing up.

Mid wipe I paused at his response. "Well little Miss Lush, dad got us a beach house for the week. Just you and me." "Your shitting me." I pulled my panties up, and began to remember, only slightly something about the beach the night before.

"Yup, and dad's giving us a thousand dollars to have a good time with. Says hes been saving up all year for it. Excited?" The shower was off now. The towel pulled from the curtain rod.

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"Yeah, but you know im not the beach type, but I can bring some good books." "You'll do more than that." He pulled the curtain back. I was pooping a zit in the mirror. I turned around as he first looked at me. I was in my panties. He was in his towel.

The conversation tailed off. "We gotta get you laid." I just left. I was embarrassed. Not that I was sexually attractive to my brother or anything, but I had my granny panties on and didn't exactly like anyone seeing my boobs without a bra on, even though they were hidden. They weren't exactly hard to notice.

I sat on the bed and tried to get my headache to go away. When I opened my eyes, David was standing in the doorway. "But before we go, we gotta go shopping.


You obviously need some new undies and girl, you gotta hold those things up." He laughed and turned around to leave. I didn't have the chance or the energy to make a fuss. I just laid back and got under the covers. The three weeks passed by pretty fast. Mom took me shopping and insisted on buying me two new bathing suites. I didn't think they fit. Mom said that's what a two piece was suppose to look like.

We went to an upscale place in the mall and I got refitted for my bras. I was depressed at the size, but never felt better when I tried the first one on.

My boobs actually stayed up and my back felt so much better. At lunch we talked about out 800 dollar bill and how amazing it was that we both had the wrong size. Mom went from a 38dd to a 36f. I went from a 38e to a 34g. We spent more money at Macy's, mom "bringing me into womanhood" through her own private makeover. All I could think about was the money she was spending and how angry dad would be, but when we got home, dad merely said, "lets have a fashion show Miss Yale." The ride to the beach took two and a half hours.

It was late June and already hot. By the time we got there I was sweating like a whore in church. We unpacked and David went to the store. The house was hot as hell, and since mom did my packing (I think it was a conspiracy), I had little choice what to wear.

I put on the black bathing suite mom had picked out, but put on a jean skirt she said was cute and went to the back deck overlooking the water.

I sat down with a book under the awning and laid back and started to read. It was heaven. I cooled off quickly with the breeze and soon my book was on the table and before long I was asleep.

"Cold I see." I opened my eyes to the strange voice and before me stood a guy about 6 foot with a body that must have been chisled from stone. He was heaven just to look at. "What." I was half groggy, half starring at him. "Kinda hard to hide it." He pointed at my chest, and all I can say was that this was more embarrassing than being in the bathroom with my brother. My nipples were hard as a rock, and he was right. It was very hard to hide it. On my back my boobs pancaked out, something I thought was soooo not sexy, but something I guess guys didn't mind, because as much as I was starring at him, he was starring at my chest.

I had never had guys really look at me. I guess from what I wore guys kinda thought I was fat rather than just had big boobs. Some part of me wanted the guys to like me, I wanted to see what it was like to have sex with them, but my defenses went up and I chose to hate them rather than try to be in their group.

The risks were too much, but now they wonderful man was checking me out in all the ways I fantasized about. "I'm so sorry." I had no idea what to say in front of guys. "They kinda have a mind all their own." I could have died when I said that. "Well they are big enough to have a mind. Damn girl you are smokin'." Ok so I should have been offended.

But I wasn't. I have no idea why. He reached in close and offered me his hand. "I'm John. Im staying with some friends next door and lost the bet to come say hey. We have been admiring the show for a little while. Gotta say, I could have stayed and watched all day, and now I have ruined it." I took his large hand in mine. Mine sweaty from nerves and shook it. His was large and engulfed mine. When I did, my chest swayed first up and then to the side.

He didn't fail to notice. He tightened his grip and moved my arm more vigorous and to the side. I moved more. "Those things are the real McCoy huh." OK so I should have definitely been offended. But I was soaking wet. It was nuts. It was like a bad porno, and all I could do was utter "yup" and stare at this crotch. "Gotta a name?" "Kim." "Well Kim…" David had returned from the store and came out on the deck in his bathing suit. "Oh shit man, I'm sorry.

Am I moving in on your old lady?" "Nah, its cool. Its my little sis." "Cools. Name is John." "Im David." "Well David, I was just about to tell Kim here that shes invited to a party we are having tonight. Your welcome too, but it seems cat's got her tongue." I didn't hesistate and interrupted them. "We'll be there." And that was that. He turned to me as he was walking down the stairs and said, "its beach attire, so make sure to bring that sexy black suit." I didn't have a chance to say anything.

He was already gone. "Damn girl, your just letting those puppies out for a walk, and attracting all the guys on the beach up to the back door." "Shut up." I passed him on the way in the door. I smiled as soon as I passed him. "I mean really Kim." I turned to face him.

" You look sexy as hell, and I'm your brother. You've been hiding for too long. Let your hair down and have a good time this week. Whatever happens here stays here. Don't worry about what I think or what I would say. I'm not your brother this week, I'm your friend." I didn't say anything. Just reached out and hit his arm and then went in to take a shower. I got back into my suite and made a sandwich. David was gone but when he got back about an hour later, with him was a blond with no fat on her and about as smart as our golden retriever back home.

She looked at me with a scowl and looked at David. "That's my sis, calm." "Oh." She smiled again. It obviously took her time to figure it out. "I'm Stacy. People call me Stac." I just said hey and passed her on the way to my bedroom.

I stayed in there for about ten minutes, hoping she would be gone when I got out. When I came back out I didn't see her, but did see David's leaning against the kitchen counter. I sat on the bar stool. "So where did she…" Then I saw her, or that is to say, I saw a little bit of her. David turned toward me and motioned me with his finger to be quiet. Her bathing suit top was on the counter and she had her head in his crotch moving up and down.

I might be naive, but I wasn't stupid, but what shocked me most wasn't that she was sucking him, but that I couldn't look away. I couldn't see his dick. I found myself leaning over to see more. David looked at me and just smiled. She went faster, and finally, I guess because he was getting ready to orgasm, he leaned back so much that his head was almost beside mine. I retracted, but in trying to catch himself he reached back on the bar and put his hand directly on my left boob.

Then he screamed. She didn't stop for another minute, looked up at him (I couldn't see her from my place on the stool), and she said "quiet now, your sis will hear ya." "Too late" was all he said. His hand had left my chest, but I could tell that was the source of tension.

Not the fact that he had gotten blown right in front of me. I didn't say anything. Just looked at her as she whipped her mouth and said it was about time we got next door.

I didn't wait for them. I just walked out and went across the way. When I got up on their dick, John was waiting at the door. "Wheres the bro?" "He just got blown by some bimbo in the kitchen so I think he'll be a few minutes." "Damn, blow jobs just all over the place over there huh? Sister like brother?" "I don't have a dick to get blown." I looked him straight in the eyes.

"Well I don't blow, so we have that in common.

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I'll settle for the sis blowing k? Lets get you a drink." Again I should have been offended. But if he would have asked I would have done it right there. He took my hand and guided me into the kitchen. There weren't many people around. I met his friends Rob and Steve that were staying at the house with him and a few other guys that had to be in their mid twenties. I found out from John that they were all in graduate school from Johns Hopkins. He fixed me a drink that was purple and tasted like Kool-Aid, and then another, and then on the third drink he told me I should probably take it easy.

"It will sneak up on ya." He smiled at me. "I don't want to be taking care of you." "I thought you wanted me drunk?" "A good time, but not shitfaced." "Well if im drunk then you might get that blow job." "You only give blow jobs when your drunk?" He was studying me. I could feel it. I was getting drunk. "I've never given a blow job before." Yeah I was drunk. I was saying blow job way too much. "Bull shit." "No really.

Never. I've never kissed a guy before." That's when he just reached in and kissed me. Mid kiss he took my drink from my hand and pulled me close to him. His hand slid down my back and cupped my ass and lifted up. I lost my breathe for a minute, and when he released me, I was dazed. "One down, one to go." I smiled at him. I wanted to kiss him again, wanted him to take me in his arms so I could feel his chest against mine, feel my breasts flatten against his rock solid body.

"Where is your bedroom?" He didn't bat an eye. He took my hand and started pulling me into the next room. "but my drink?" is all I could say. He didn't respond. We entered his room, a tiny room with barely enough room for the double bed in it, and he closed the door.

He turned to me and brought me close again and started kissing me. Our tongues danced together. He sucked on mine and moved his into my mouth and then kissed the side of my face. He brought his hands up my sides and then down my back. On his way up, he brushed the sides of my breasts and my legs went weak.

My bathing suit bottoms were soaked. He turned me around and kissed the back of my neck. Chill bumps exploded on my skin. His hands went down my arms, now to my side, and then grabbed my stomach and then finally worked up to my chest.

My shoulder straps went loose as he cupped them and the overflow from his hands made the fabric displace and the shoulder straps fall down my arms. When he released my breasts came out of the semi cup and hung in the mirror in front of us. I didn't notice it until that moment, my bare chest being shown to a man for the first time. With his right hand resting just above my vagina, he pulled me against him while the other hand cupped my left breast.

He brought my nipple between his fingers, but the weight of my tit made it drop out of his hand. I could feel his hardness against the small of my back. He turned me and kissed me again, this time with my hard nipples pressing against his chest. We kissed again for what seemed like an eternity.

We turned while we kissed and he pushed against me and I fell back on the bed, seated. He looked down at me and I leaned to him and kissed his stomach. His hard abs didn't move at all. It was like kissing a soft wall. I was just above his swim shorts and I could see the head of his dick pressing the nylon straight up. I touched it with one hand while I looked up at him kissing his stomach. I reached around his shorts and tried to pull them down, but all that happened was that I popped the elastic.

"Let me help you with that." In one swift move, his shorts came down and his dick cam flying back up and hit me square in the chin. He smiled at me and I grabbed it with my hand. All I could do was look. I had never seen a dick before, definitely never held one. He saw me looking.

He smiled. "Explore if you want. We don't have anywhere to be." I was too embarrassed to do anything. I just jumped at him. I kissed the top of his dick and already there was a salty residue.

I put him my mouth and did what I thought you did when you sucked a dick. I put it far back in my mouth and the put my lips around him. It felt enormous in my mouth, but when I pulled off him I had not even taken half of his size. I had no idea if he had a big dick or a small one, but it was far more difficult than I thought it would be. "Just put your lips around it and move up and down, don't worry about taking all of it." I followed his command.

I didn't worry about taking all of it. I squeezed my lips around him and moved up and down on him, going back down when my lips reached the head of his cock and then back up when I felt his head getting close to the back of my throat. I was slightly leaning over to suck him with my tits moving back and forth with each change of motion.

I could feel him swelling in my mouth and he started moving back and forth toward me. After a few minutes, he reached around me and took each tit in his hand and squeezed them. I released him from my mouth and gasped. The pressure on my chest sent waves down my body. I dove back on his cock.

Its all I wanted in the world. I went harder and faster on his cock. I wanted him to cum. I craved it. I wanted to see what it was like. I had been told that sucking a dick was nasty, gross, but that was so far from the truth. The feel of his dick in my mouth, so hard but soft and velvety against my tongue and lips was pure heaven. "Im close." That's all he said.

I guess he was warning me? But it just made me go faster. "Im going to cum." He was touching my head, almost asking me to stop. I simply reached around him and grabbed his ass. The force brought me off the bed and onto my knees. He backed up pulling his dick out of my mouth, but only for a moment.

As soon as the head of his dick was in my mouth he exploded. I didn't feel it shooting, but I felt my mouth fill with his cum. It kept coming. It was bland with a salty taste, thick and seemed to grip to my teeth, coating them.

I swallowed as I kept moving and tried to swallow again. I couldn't keep up. I felt it drip out the side of my mouth and onto my chest. I didn't want to stop moving. Eventually he started getting soft, and I let him out of my mouth. I was out of breathe. "Missed a little." He put his finger on my nipple below where his cum had stuck. I pulled my tit to my mouth and licked his cum off of me.

"Dear lord. That was your first time? I take it you liked it." "Oh my god that was amazing. Can I do it again?" "Not right now, dear god, im spent." I sat back on the bed and laid back.

My tits bounced around with the movement but I didn't even notice. I just laid there in heaven. He collapsed beside me and started massaging my chest.

I closed my eyes and felt the room spin. I could still taste him on the back on my mouth and the film of his cum on my teeth. I concentrated on the feel of my teeth, the slippery feeling of my tongue.

It was amazing how turned on I was. It was like I had tunnel vision with my feelings. All I could do was feel one thing at a time. Then I felt him. His mouth was tit sucking my nipple.

When I centered my attention on my boob heat filled my body. I felt myself slowly moving my hips. On my back he circled my left nipple with his tongue, kissed around my full breast and reached around and grabbed my right tit in his hand.

He squeezed hard and I bucked a little. A moan escaped. "You like that don't you?" I didn't respond. He propped himself up and started to kiss my right tit, then squeezing them together so my nipples were together, he licked my nipples at the same time. My tits were on fire. He kept them together and started kissing my stomach. "I'm going to take your skirt off now." I didn't respond.

I just arched my back. When I did he took that as an approval and released my heavy chest. They pancaked out and fell to my sides. Even the weight of my own breasts made a heat wave go through my body. Then it happened. He put his face on top of my vagina and kissed me through my bathing suit. I gasped. Then he did it. He pulled my bathing suit to the side and put his mouth at the top of my opening.

My ass rose off the bed and I moaned louder than before. I felt his tongue flick at me and a wave of pleasure went through me.

Again and again he moved his tongue. I didn't have time to feel self conscious. He moved his tongue up and down my opening and then thrust his tongue inside me. My body was on fire and a frustrated feeling began to build in my torso.

He pressed his face against me and worked his tongue and at the same time reached up and grabbed my tits.

When he squeezed my tits it came all of a sudden. A wave of heat and pleasure and a release of the frustration happened all at once.

I lost all control. My hips surged up, My back arched to the point where it cracked and then I screamed. He didn't stop. I fell back and then I felt it rising again. I came almost immediately again. He still didn't stop. He pulled back from me and for the first time I looked down at him.

His face was wet and glistening with my juices. "I cant take anymore." "Sure you can." He went back down but this time thrust his middle finger in me and pulled back against the top of my vaginal wall. When he put his mouth back on me the feeling was more intense and then without my control I released the biggest orgasm.


I felt a surge of pee shoot out of me and splash against his face. "Oh my god im so sorr&hellip." But I couldn't talk it happened again and more waves of pleasure. It felt like his almost put his entire hand in my pussy.

The pleasure stopped all of a sudden and a huge wave of pain made me scream.

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I slammed my legs shut around his hand and face and rolled over on my side, discarding him. "That was amazing." He was standing now looking at me. His dick was hard, but the pain was still radiating through my body. I couldn't talk, but I uttered something. "Don't worry. Just lay there. I take it you have never had sex either." "no.

It hurts bad. What happened." "I think I took your cherry with my finger." "Is that what sex feels like? Because that hurt like hell. And oh my god Im so sorry. I totally peed all over your face." "That wasn't pee. You know how I cum, that's what happened when a woman cums. Not all women, but some." "God that was crazy. Im so drunk. Can I just lay here?" "Sure. Get dressed and just crawl under the covers. Im going to check on the crowd.

I'll lock the door so no one bothers you." I didn't respond at all.

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I just crawled under the sheet and lay there. The last thing I remembered was thinking about was his hard dick pressing against my arm as he kissed me and pulled the comforter over me.