Cute brunette rides a young and hard cock

Cute brunette rides a young and hard cock
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I woke up on a Saturday morning to the sound of my parents shutting the door when I realized that my parents were gone for the next two days, I was super happy because my girlfriend, April, had been alone in the house for the last week because her parents left for two weeks. After getting out of bed I took a shower and made myself a breakfast.

I sent a text to April because she normally slept in a good bit. We had been planning for this weekend for weeks. I check if I had enough lube, and found that I was running low. I got a text. April: Goodmorning Handsome Me: Goodmorning Gorgeous, how are you? April: Good, you? Me: I'm good, I have to get some lube so I will pick you up after I pick it up.

See you later. April: See you I got into my car and drove over to the closest pharmacy to pick up some lube and so junk food. After paying for those I drove the local toy store to pick up a small stuff animal for her. After I go in my car I sent her a quick text to tell her I was on my way.

When I came up to her house she told me to come in. I turned off the engine and went through the back door.

The house was pitch black so I went upstairs and went in to her room to find her in an extremely sexy bra was jean shorts on.


She saw me and ran up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. "Are you ready to go?" I said. She put a tank top on that worked well with her breasts.

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"Now I am." We walk downstairs and locked the doors and drove off. After about a ten minute drive we got to my house and I parked in the garage just to make sure nobody saw that she had come over. I had closed most of the blinds in the house for the same reason and so we could walk around naked with no one seeing. After we both got in the house I showed her the stuff that I got her.

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Instead of jumping right into the sexual things we decided to watch Pirate of the Caribbean 1. Throughout the movie we ate our snacks and talked. We also slowly undressed ourselves. By the end of the movie we were sitting on the coach naked. It was close to lunch time by the movie was over so we went downstairs to make ourselves some sandwiches. Once we finish eating we went up in to my room and turn on some music. We were dancing around and having a lot of fun.

When "Work It" came on April pushed me on to my work chair and started to give me a lap dances. Since we were both naked my dick would slowly get wet from her pussy.

This was driving me crazy. After about a minute of this I couldn't handle it anymore so I picked her up and brought her down on my bed. I looked into her eyes and said, "I Love You" I closed my eyes and brought my lips closer to her's.

I could feel her warm breath on my lip as they touched. We started to have an extremely romantic kiss. I felt her slightly open her lip and used that invitation to slowly enter my tongue into her.


I could feel her nipples become hard on my chest and I knew she was getting horny. That was when I felt her tongue touched my and we started to twirl our tongues together.

Things started to get in intense, then we started to roll around in bed. The moment got ruined when I fell off the bed.

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I just layed there laughing because it was so random. April was laughing too but on the bed. After we finished finished laughing I snuck up to her from the side of the bed.

Her legs were spread so I slowly crept my fingers up the bed and right up to her pussy. She hadn't noticed me yet so I ran middle through her slit and I felt her shudder. I slowly crawled up the bed and while fingering her, I started kissing her body at her toes. I slowly kiss her body from head to toe.

After going up her legs I gave her clit a small little kiss and went upward to her belly.

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I could hear her moaning from my finger being inside of her. She says, "Don't stop." I knew I was hitting the right spot then. As I kissed up her belly I reached her breast. Took my other hand and started to fondle her left breast while I started to lick right nipple. I could feel my dick pulsing, I started to suck on her nipple my hand started to become tired so instead of rubbing her g-spot, I went in and out.

I switch nipples but took my finger out of her and rubbed my dick some bit. I slowly brought my lips to her's when she flipped me over and sat on my chest. She took her finger and drew a line from my lips to my chest. Then licked her finger and touch the tip of my dick and watched it twitch. She slowly slide down my body, I felt my dick become wet from her pussy.

She stop sliding down when her mouth was right above my tip, I could feel her hot breath travel down my shaft. I flex my dick to hit her lips with my dick; she gave me a smirk and put her lips around my shaft. She started slowly sucking my dick; she can do this thing with her tongue that feels amazing. After giving me a blow job she sat up and slid up so that her pussy was on my dick. She started to tease me by sliding up and down my dick; I could feel the heat reminiscing from her pussy.

My shaft was getting wet and she was dripping wet. When she slid off the tip I flexed my dick so when she slid back down the tip of my dick split her lips and went in. I shifted my hips up to put my whole dick inside of her.

At that moment I flipped her on her back and started to thrust in and out. I slowly took it out but she locked her legs around my ass. As I continued to fuck her when she yells out, "Fuck me." I took her off me and turned her around and slowly put myself in to fuck her doggie style.

I thrusting in and out, when she says, "Don't stop, I'm going to cum" in about a minute of saying that I felt body shudder and her pussy clench down to make her tighter.

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I continue to fuck her for another good ten more minutes, until I was going to cum. Just before cumming I took my dick out and came all over her back.


We both fell on the bed exhausted. To be continued…