Dildo riding you know the name

Dildo riding you know the name
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Michael had developed a rather twisted view on women, largely due to the events of his childhood. His parents had a loving marriage at first but eventually his father was led astray. Michael's mother eventually found out that her husband had been having an affair with a young twenty year old. Naturally, Michaels parents divorced. This was a tough time for him, but he still loved his parents very much and assumed that his father had found someone else he loved, so he gave him his support.

Soon after the divorce Michaels mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and due to the added stress of a divorce and a custody battle she was soon hospitalized.


At age 13, and with his mother in such a state, Michael's father was given custody, and he went to live with his father and his new girlfriend, Tina. Michael was nervous about living with someone he didn't know, but was glad that he was able to stay in the house he grew up in.

Tina was 26 and a total knockout, with wavy blond hair, a meaty, yet firm ass, and what Michael would find out accidentally was a D cup bust. Even though she was largely at fault for ruining his parents marriage, Michael showed Tina compassion and was warm to her. It was at this age that Michael began to notice women, specifically Tina. She walked around the house in the skimpiest of outfits, and Michael couldn't help but look. He had even saw her naked a few times on accident, which didn't seem to bother Tina in the slightest.

About a year and a half after he moved in with his father, Michaels mother's condition turned fatal, and her cancer claimed her life.

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Losing custody made her lose the will to fight. Michael was distraught, but was able to keep his spirits up thanks to his friends and family. However, these positive feelings wouldn't last long. His father was out for the week, the night it happened. He was in his room when he heard a knock, it was Tina.

He told her to come in, which she did, dressed simply in a satin red pair of bra and panties.

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Michael couldn't help but look, and was instantly turned on by the sight of her. "I know you've been through a lot", she began, "and I know your at an age where you are very. stressed. I also know I don't help you too much in that regard". Michael was a bit embarrassed as he got the hint, Tina continued, "I know you look at me Michael", she said with a devious smile, "I know I constantly tease your little prick.

I know your horny". Michael didn't know what to say, so he just sat silently. "Don't you want me", she seductively asked while doing a little spin for him. Again, he was silent. "All I'm suggesting is that we help each other", she continue, "I could really use some dick right now". Michael couldn't help but get hard at hearing and seeing all of this, Tina instantly took notice, "I can see it, your hard cock, did I make it that way", she asked.

Michael simply nodded, his face bright red. "Do you want to see these", she asked holding her hands up to her breasts. Michael paused awhile before nodding. In what seemed to Michael to be a flash, her bare breasts were out.

Before he knew it Tina had approached him, "Give me your hand", she said. He obeyed, and held it out for her. She took his hand and put it on her firm breast, "Your hands feels good", she told him, "go ahead and rub them". Without knowing what to do, Michael began rubbing her breasts softly. "That feels good Michael, do you like my breasts".

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"Y-yes", Michael whispered through his embarrassment. "I'm gonna give you your first blowjob Michael, do you want me to suck you?". Tina didn't wait for an answer this time, she immediately dropped to her knees. She began to rub Michael's erect cock through his shorts, "It's big for someone so young", Tina said in amazement, "I really want it too".

Tina slid the young teens cock from his shorts and began to stroke it. Michael could barely handle the amazing sensation that he was feeling, but the guilt worked it's way through his mind. "But what about my Dad, aren't you two in love", he asked in between moans. Tina laughed as she continued to stroke his cock, "It isn't like that kid, your dad puts a roof over my head, feeds me, and gives me dick when I need it. It's mutualism, not love".

Michael couldn't understand this, the woman his father had left his mother for didn't even love him, and beyond that, she was a total slut. "How many times has she done this", Michael asked himself, "how many times has she cheated, how many times has she ruined a real relationship".

He could feel the anger swell up in himself as Tina took his cock into her mouth, and began to suck firmly on his head, "This fucking whore killed my mom!", was all he could think. At that point, something in Michael snapped, the cute, innocent boy disappeared. Michael slowly reached down and grabbed a clump of Tina's hair and with no warning, he tugged hard.


Tina moaned loudly through Michaels cock, "You like that don't you", Michael said, his voice entirely different, as though he had been possessed, "you like being treated like the whore that you are".

Tina looked into Michael's eyes for a moment, and then moaned, "Mhmm", into his cock. In that moment, Michael and Tina instantly changed roles. Michael, with his hand still full of hair, pushed Tina down onto his cock, as far as her mouth physically allowed him to.

"Your such a filthy slut", he told her as he began to slowly fuck her mouth, "look at you, your enjoying this".

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Tina had entirely lost control of the situation, she had expected to play with the cute little kid she lived with, but the kid had suddenly become totally dominant.

Though she acted overtly sexual and was usually the aggressor in the bedroom, Tina secretly wished to be controlled, and she found herself becoming more and more submissive to the young teenager as he used her mouth to pleasure himself. She had never been so aroused before, she had literally soaked her panties, just from what Michael was saying to her.

Every part of her was just screaming to have Michaels cock, she had an insatiable hunger, or perhaps in this case a thirst for his cock, and for his cum. Almost on cue with these thoughts, Michael pulled her throat off his cock, and just held the back of her head, "No, why did you stop", she pleaded, "I need it in my throat, please".

"Your a disgusting bitch", Michael told her, "begging for my cock like a fiend, I suppose you want my come also".

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Tina nodded fiercely, "Yes, please, give it to me", she begged with her mouth held open. Michael couldn't believe it, he knew that Tina was a slut, but he figured even she wouldn't want to be used like this, "Is this how women really are", he asked himself, in his anger he immediately answered himself, "Yes".

He pushed her mouth back onto his cock, and began working it over his cock, moving faster and faster. Tina, who thought she no longer had a gag reflex, could not withstand this assault and occasionally gagged as Michaels cock slammed into the back of her throat. She was enjoying herself immensely, she felt so used, and so pathetic, all of which secretly turned her on.

Michael kept working her mouth onto his cock, and could feel himself nearing orgasm. He gave no warning as he was about to cum, he simply pushed her head all the way down onto his cock and began exploding hard down her throat. The young teens semen was thick and caused her to gag repeatedly. As he came Michael pinched her nose, cutting off her oxygen supply completely. From sheer arousal, and the sensation of being asphyxiated, Tina came quite hard, especially considering that she had no direct physical stimulation.

"Did sucking my cock really get you off that much", Michael asked rhetorically, "your such a dirty whore".

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Michael finally pulled her mouth of his cock, and let go of her hair, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor. As she lay on the floor catching her breath and recovering from her orgasm Michael looked down to the wet spot that had formed on the ground, "You stained my floor you bitch", he said to her as he got up. "I'm sorry Michael, I can clean it up later, please fuck me first", she moaned. "Turn over", he told her, "I don't want to look at you".

Tina removed her panties then turned over and stuck her ass up in the air like a dog in heat, "Hurry, please put it in", she said as she spread her lips apart revealing a sopping wet pussy. "You play the role of the dog very well", he told her as he held his cock outside her pussy. He teased her a bit and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her moist slit. Tina began moving backwards, backing into Michael's cock, "Put it in, please".

"Shut up", Michael yelled, he guided her over a bit and repositioned her before pushing her head down onto the carpet, pushing her face right into the wet spot she had made. With that Michael finally slid into her warm, moist cunt. She was tighter than he figured she would be, as far as he knew, girls that fucked a lot were loose, but this was hardly the case for Tina. "Oh my God it feels so good", she moaned as Michael began to pump into her, quickly gaining speed. Before she knew it she was being fucked so hard she was sliding forward on the carpet.


Michael reached down and grabbed onto the side of her hips, digging his fingers into her meaty ass, not to stop her from sliding forward, but to pull her into his thrusts.

Tina had never been fucked so hard before, it hurt a little, but this only made it feel even better. She couldn't believe that the young, shy boy that she lived with was fucking her so raw, he seemed totally different from the sweet little boy who she loved to tease. Those thoughts were quickly pushed out of her head though, all she was wishing for at that moment was to be fucked. She was getting her wish. Michael continued working his cock through her wet cunt while simultaneously pulling her into his thrusts, getting harder with each thrust.

Without warning Michael felt something happen to his cock, it seemed to him like Tina's pussy was convulsing on it, she was coming. "Did I tell you it was time to come", he asked her, "your such a selfish bitch".

Michael couldn't deny that the feeling of her coming on his cock felt amazing, as a result his own orgasm was approaching. Michael pushed as hard as he could into her as he began to paint her cervix with his seed.

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The sensation of semen flooding into her was more than Tina could take as she came for the third time, slumping down onto the carpet after she did so. Michael got up and looked at her on the floor, "If you don't want me to tell my Dad about this I advise that you move out before he comes back", he told her, "I'll make up an excuse for you". Tina sat in a ball on the floor, in sheer bliss, though she did he what he was telling her. "I'm sorry, for everything", she wanted to say, but it wouldn't have been true, and he wouldn't have believed her anyways.

Michael went to stay with his neighbor, and childhood best friend Leah that night, and when he came back the next day Tina had in fact moved out. Leah was a year younger than him, and naturally a grade below him, their parents had knew each other long before either of them were born.

They had played together since childhood. Leah and her parents had been a great source of comfort for him after his mother had died. Leah answered the door and saw Michael standing there, with a blank expression on his face. He asked her if he could spend the night and was told yes before the young teen even consulted her parents, Michael was essentially family.

She didn't know what had happened, but she sensed something different in Michael that night and beyond, all she knew was that something was wrong with him. She was right after all, grief that had been pent up for a long time had been released on the same night he lost his virginity to the person who triggered this grief in the first place.

That night he slept in Leah's bed with her. She held him, and told him it was going to be alright. At that moment, he really believed her, at that moment, he felt his mother's embrace through Leah.

Michael was changed after that incident. Although he went back to acting how he normally did, he was much more withdrawn and less outgoing, it was really an act. The Michael that Tina witnessed was at work at this point.

He began working out his twisted philosophy. He looked down on women as a whole and considered them to be hypocrites.

To him, they were just as promiscuous as men, yet they lied about it, and hid it. What he considered Tina to be was what he considered all women to be, it was purely a coping mechanism, yet to Michael it was reality.

And this would be his reality over the next few years.