Young gay trio fucking outdoors before dripping cum

Young gay trio fucking outdoors before dripping cum
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I woke up about 11am, got out of bed and went to take a piss. I came out of the bathroom and went to wake up Crystal and Natty. When I opened the door, Natty was between Crystal's legs with her little butt in the air and Crystal was moaning. I snuck up behind Natty and gave her little pink pussy a lick.

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"Ow" Natty jumped. "Good Morning" I said. "Don't stop" demanded Crystal. Natty went back eating Crystal's pussy and I continued licking her pussy. She tasted very sweet as I slid my tongue in her tight hole. I flicked her clit with my tongue.

"Mmm Jack" Natty moaned. I got off the bed and removed my clothes. I then stood up on my knees behind Natty and slowly slid the head of my cock into her wet pussy.

"Ow Jack.hurts a little" I grabbed her hips then slid my cock halfway into her. "Mmm slower pussy is sore from the other night" "Sorry hun" "Mmm Natty eat me" said Crystal. I went back sliding my cock in her till I was fully in her.

"Mmm Natty you are so tight" I slid about an inch out then thrusted hard back in. "Ow Jackkkk." I thrusted again. "Dddon't" And again. "Hhhhurts" I slowly slid my cock in and out. "Mmm yes slowly" moaned Natty. "Natty lick, I'm close" moaned Crystal. My sister's moans got real loud. "Yes yes yes eat me" yelled Crystal. My sister's moans was having an effect on me. I started to thrust into Natty. My sister grabbed Natty's hair and locked her head between her legs.

"I'mmmm cumminggggg" As her moaning stopped I could hear Natty crying. I stopped thrusting. "Natty I'm two are driving me crazy" I said. She got up on her hands. "Fuck me Jack" she demanded.

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I went back thrusting hard into her and she kept crying and moaning loud. "Fuck me Jack, fuck my pussy" she yelled. Crystal sat up and kissed Natty. I continued to slam my cock into her. The tightness, the hotness of her was amazing and her crying, wanting me to fuck her was more than I could handle.

"I'm cummingggg" I moaned. I slammed my cock into her and shot my cum deep into her.

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"Oooooh I'mmmm cumming Jack" she yelled. Her pussy pulsate all around my cock as she slammed back and forth on my cock. We were both drained of energy as we fell onto the bed. I woke up some time later with Natty in my arms and a full bladder. I moved her off me and ran to the bathroom.

The shower was on so I took off down to my mom's bathroom. "Ahh much better.umm why didn't I just go in while she took a shower.doh" I decided to take a shower there, I turned on the water, stepped in and let the hot water rejuvenate me. It hit me as I was leaning against the wall. "No blood.hope Natty is ok tho, I did get rough" I got out of the shower and noticed there was no towels and my clothes was still in Crystal's room. As I walked into my mom's room I was startled.

There I was, butt naked right in front of my mom. "Hi Jack" "Hey mom" I could see her fighting to keep her eyes on mine but they kept looking down at my dick. I really don't know why I didn't cover myself up, but I just stood there. It could've been that it was a turn on watching her look at my dick.

"Where's your clothes" "Oh, I forgot em" I felt my dick begin to grow and so did her eyes. My dick became rock hard, she licked her lips and my cock then jumped. As I walked over, her eyes never left my swaying cock until I was about a foot away. "Mom" "Yeah Jack" "You're in the doorway" "Oh sorry hun" She turned sideways and I had to also. When I scooted past her my cock slid across her upper right thigh and the back of her left hand that was placed on her left thigh.

"Cya later mom" "Ok Jack" As I walked down the hall, I could feel her eyes watching my butt. When I turned the corner I ran upstairs, my sister was in her doorway. "Mom is home" she said. "I know" I said as I ran to my room. I put on shorts and a t-shirt and sat down on my bed. "I don't believe that just happened" "Jack are you dressed" asked Crystal.

"Yeah you can come in" She walked in and sat beside me. "What happened" "Well.I had to pee bad, you was in the shower so I used mom's bathroom and also took a shower. I forgot my clothes.she had no towels in there. So when I entered her room, she was there" "Oh my god" she laughed. "'s the good part.she was staring at my dick as it got hard.I didn't turn away nor covered myself.I just stood there letting her look" "She say or do anything" she asked excitedly.

"Nope.I walked over to her, she turned to let me pass and my hardon slid across her leg and hand" "Yeah she wants you" she giggled. "I'm starting to think you're right" "What.I was just joking" "Well, when she saw my hardon, she licked her lips" "Hm could be nothing Jack" "I might've agreed but something happened the night I gave her a massage" "Tell me tell me" "As I massaged her, I got a hardon.and.well the hardon in my boxers was between her legs, pressed against her pussy." "Over her clothes, right" she asked.

"Nope, my hardon slipped through her leg opening.and she was moving her hips up and down" "Did she have an orgasm" "I don't think so, I got up after a minute or I heard her masturbating in her room when I went to head up to your room" "Was she screaming your name" she joked.

I just stared at her. "Now you're f'ing with me Jack" "She did say my name or it was for dad" "Jack if you ever fuck mom, you better tell me" "I doubt that I will but if so I'll tell ya" "You should Jack, I would if I was you.shit I would now" "You and mom.that be hot" We then kissed till mom interrupted us. "Jack your friend is here" I went to hangout with my friends for a while. I came back home for dinner and sat down at the kitchen table. "Where's Crystal and Natty" I asked.

"Your aunt picked her up already and your sister is staying at her friends for a sleepover" "Ah peaceful night then" "Yep" she laughed. We just chit chat back and forth while we ate our dinner. I was about to get up when my mom stopped me.

"Jack, I'm sorry about earlier.I shouldn't have starred" "It's ok mom" "It's're my son and you're young.I shouldn't is all" "Ok mom.I'mma go play a video game" After I played for about two hours, I changed into my boxers and went down to the t.v. room. I sat on the couch and turned the t.v. on. Mom came walking in wearing her short shorts and t-top. I noticed she was rubbing her lower. "Mom you ok" "My back is bothering me" "Want me to massage it" "It is tightening up so yeah" She laid on her tummy, her ass and legs were so beautiful.

"Where's it hurt again" She slid her shorts down a little. "This area" I got down off the couch, straddled her legs and sat down. I began to work my hands around her lower back. The memories of the other night came upon me and I was well aware what could happen again. But this time I wanted to go even further. I scooted up closer to her butt as I unbuttoned the crotch of my boxers but I noticed that her shorts wasn't opened like before.

I had to figure away to get it open. I worked my hands lower to the top of her shorts. "If I could get em lower or even twist em, it may work then" I thought. I continued to massage her and as I did I went lower. When I did, I slid my thumbs under the waistband of her shorts and slowly inched the shorts down. Suddenly, I heard my mom snort, I leaned over to see her face and she had her eyes closed.


" awake" I got no answer. I was going to take my chance now so I took hold of her shorts and twisted them. Now I could see the bottom of her ass but her legs were closed. I got up on my knees, I continued to massage her with one hand and the other hand I reached behind me. I put my hand on her inner knee and then pushed it to spread her legs apart. I sat back down but now I sat between her legs. I moved the shorts aside. Her pussy was beautiful, just like Crystal's. I took my cock out of the boxers and held it.


It was nice and hard and dripping with precum. I lifted up off the floor and moved closer till I felt the heat from her pussy. I took a deep breath in and out.

"It's now or never" I thought. When I moved up more, I felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips. It sent shivers up my spine. I slid my cock up and down her lips and as they parted I scooted closer.

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The feeling of her warmth on the head of my cock felt great. She was starting to get wet as I continued to slide my cock up and down between her pussy lips. "Mmm" moaned mom. I froze for a second, she was still asleep. I went closer and as I slid my cock up and down, I felt her pussy hole.

I held my cock at her hole and slowly inched my knees forward. My cock slid in, inch by inch it went, she was so hot and wet but not as tight as my sis and especially my cousin. I stopped moving my knees forward when my cock was about halfway in her.

"Mmm" moaned mom. God she felt amazing. I started to slowly move my hips, sliding my cock in and out. As I slid in, I was only able to get five inches of it in her because of the position. "Mmm Jack.what are you doing" mom mumbled. I continued sliding in and out of her but not fast at all. I didn't want to cum quick so I went nice and slow. I wanted her to cum all over my cock before I came in her. "Jack.please stop.we can''re my son" her voice trembled. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"I know mom" She could've easily got out from beneath me but she didn't. In fact she moved her hips up and down as I slid in and out.

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I even thrusted in her a few times, bringing her to say my name with each thrust. Suddenly, she lifted herself off the floor, causing me to lift with her and placed my legs between her legs till we were in doggy position. She began to slam back onto my cock which was now able to fully enter her. "Mmm Jack.your cock feels so good" I grabbed her hips and started to thrust into her, keeping pace with her movements.

"Mom your pussy feels amazing" As she and I fucked, she kept moaning, and as time went by she gradually got louder. "Jack fuck me.fuck your mother's pussy" she grunted.

I took ahold of her ponytail and I tightly pulled back as I thrusted. "Yes Jack thats it" she moaned. After a minute or so of fucking each other, she asked me a loaded question. "Jack.who taught" she grunted. At first I didn't know what to say so I didn't answer. "Jack answer me" "Well.we taught each other" "Who's been fucking your beautiful cock, Jack" After a few thrust, I said f it and told her.

"Your daughter" She stopped her movements. "What" she yelled. " and Crystal been sleeping together" My cock slid out of her as she swung herself around, pushed me over backwards and stood up. A minute or so went by. "Jack, take off your clothes" she demanded. I removed my boxers and shirt. She stood there studying my body then started to remove her clothes.

First she lifted off her shirt. My god her tits were perfection, nice and firm and her nipples were hard. Then came off her shorts, her strip of pubic hair was very erotic to see. She walked over to me and placed a foot on each side of my hips. The view of her reddish pussy, from the glistening of her wetness to her swollen lips was beautiful. Our eyes locked onto to each others then she came down and straddled me. She put one hand on the carpet near my head, the other grabbed my cock and guided it into her hot pussy.

She eased herself all the way down, her eyes never leaving mine. "Mmm.feels so good" she moaned. "Mom." She placed a finger over my mouth. "Shh Jack.let mother fuck you" She started to slide up and down my cock.

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"I guess I'll find out later if sis and I are in trouble" I thought. She leaned in and gave me a sweet passionate kiss. "Mmm I see you don't need to be taught how to kiss either" She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. "Massage my tits Jack.pinch my nipples" Her hands went onto my chest as she began to pick up speed.

She added force with every time she came down on my cock. Her moaning became loud again and she dug her nails into my chest. "Mmm mom" The sound of her moans and the sound of our body's meeting was intense. "Oh Jack" she kept repeating. Her movements became faster and after a minute or two she came so hard. "Oh Jack.fuck meeeeee, I'm cumming" she yelled. She slammed down on me, held her breath, her body tensed up, nails dug even more, and her pussy gave my cock a bear hug.

Her pussy muscles were so much stronger than my sis and Natty's. A couple seconds later her pussy started to pulsate. "Cum in me, Jack.cum in me" she moaned.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her a bit. As she stayed there, I then began to thrust up into her. "Yes Jack" she moaned.

As I thrusted in her hard and fast, the pressure started to build in my nuts. "Mom, I'm gonna cum" After a few more thrust, I slammed her down on me. "Mmmom I'm cumminggg" Squirt after squirt, I shot my cum into her. "Mmmm baby, your cum is so hot.I'm cumming againnnn" She collapsed onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. Her pussy continued to milk my cock of all it's cum. "I love you, mom" "I love you too, Jack" As we laid there, my cock shrunk out of her and our juices came pouring out of her all over my cock and nuts.

She sat up and looked right in my eyes. "Mom, you're beautiful" "You're so handsome, Jack.but we can't do this again" I just nodded, but I knew we would again, I won't let this be the last time. "I'mma go take a shower then bed.I'll have a talk with you and Crystal when she gets home tomorrow" "Ok mom, good night" "Good night, Jack" I watched her gorgeous body pick up her clothes and as she walked to her hallway till she disappeared.

I got up and collected my clothes. I took a shower then went to sleep. I don't know how long I slept for but when I woke up the clock read 3am and I couldn't get back to sleep.

My mind was on everything that has happened this past few days, especially what happened that night. I was getting aroused so I decided to give my mom a visit.