Curvy ladyboy shows her ass and jerks off

Curvy ladyboy shows her ass and jerks off
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Frank's wife part 5 Jim's trip Back to the Sex Shop story by: SindyxSin Jim takes Kathy back to the sex shop. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a continuing sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. It's not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used to degrade a person it not for everyone. If this turns you on I'm happy but please don't try any of this on unwilling partners.

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Stories that precede this one are; Franks wife, 1,2,3,4. With the help of Frank and his wife Sue I had come up with a plan to get my wife into a compromising position so I could get a divorce.

Little did I realize that my wife Kathy, had come up with her own plan to show me how wrong I was about her. With Frank and Sue's help she had actually set me up not only proving to me she loved me but was more than happy to be more than a sex toy like Sue was to Frank. Kathy wanted much more than to be just a sex toy she actually wanted to become my sex slave. She wanted me to help her fulfill all her wild fantasies she had written in a fantasy Journal. Now that we both understood what was going on in our marriage things were about to become different.

Last night was the beginning of a whole new experience for both of us. Watching her suck and fuck strangers had really turned me on more than I ever thought it would. I was a bit surprised at how I felt about watching my wife get fucked by a stranger the site of seeing her sucking and fucking strangers had really turned me on.

After seeing that I understood why Frank always bragged about his sex toy wife, Sue. Now I would have my own stories to tell the guys if I wanted to which I wasn't sure I would share yet.

Kathy was still asleep when I got up in the morning and I promptly went to the den and began reading her fantasy journal. Everyone thought she was a nice sweet girl but reading her desires it was obvious she didn't want to be a nice girl. She felt her body was made to please men and she was willing to do whatever she was told to do. Her desires seem to range from normal to extremely humiliating and even in some cases painful.

Not willing to go out and do it on her own she wanted to be controlled and basically forced to do these things. I'm not a prude when it comes to sex but some of things she wrote about seemed too disgusting and humiliating for me to want to do to my sweet wife. I wasn't done reading her journal when Kathy walked up behind me and rubbed my neck. "I was hoping you would reread my journal, then maybe all of my fantasies can come true," she sweetly told me.

After a quick kiss I asked her why she had written some of the things in her Journal as they seemed awfully strange. "I used to read my brother's X-rated magazines growing up, most of them had some really wild story. I began to fantasize about the things I read and always wondered what would it be like doing them. Do you ever speak to old people, I do and the one thing they all have in common is they tell me their biggest regret is not doing something they wanted to.

I don't want to be like them when I'm older, I don't want to say I wish I did, I want to be say I did all the things I wanted to. Is it so hard to understand, do you think that's wrong?" she asked. Her logic made sense to me but I still questioned some of things she had written, some were strange and in some cases sounded very painful. "I agree some of the things are very strange, and frighten me a little but I think doing them at least once wouldn't hurt.

Like some of those older people tell me, you're only young once make it count.

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So no matter how stranger or painful they may sound I would never know if they are good or bad unless I try them. If you love me, you'll make me do all those things," she told me. I glanced at her giving her a skeptical look. "Don't forget my promise to obey you, I'll do whatever you want and obey your every command. Do you want to find some more men to fuck me, maybe even make some my journal come true, tonight? "she softly said.

Wanting to please her and myself at the same time I realized I might need a little help learning exactly what to do with a sex slave. Thinking back to the guy in the sex store who had offered to help train her I decided that would be a good place to start.

Pulling her onto my lap I hugged her tightly kissed her and said, "I love you and I guess I can see what in your journal I can turn from fantasy into reality.

I am just worried some of this stuff might not be what you really want or can handle." Kathy looked thrilled, "Sue did tell me I should have a word that would mean I wanted to stop if it was more then I could take, would that make you feel any better?" I didn't need to think about that before I answered, "That sounds good, pick a word and if I hear you say it everything will stop. Tonight you will get the opportunity to change some of your journal from fantasy to fact at the sex store." She looked thrilled, thanked me said she really loved me and told me her safe word.

Confident that now with a safe word things wouldn't go too far I was excited about the thought of watching her perform some more tonight. Before getting off my lap she rubbed my crotch and suggested I use some of the cream on her so she couldn't climax while she had sex with other men. She thought that being my sex slave it only seamed right that only I should give her a climax but only when I thought she deserved one. She would fake climaxing if it was required tonight and hoped I enjoyed watching her so much I would give her one tonight when we got home.

Kathy was cute, cute in the sense she didn't look her age even though she was twenty-one she could pass for sixteen if she really wanted too.

When it came to her tits, they weren't large by any means but they were nicely shaped and all natural. They did look bigger because of her thin waist and flat stomach.

One thing about her tits that were really nice was her nipples, not only were they supersensitive but when she was excited they really protruded out. Like they were at this moment as she slid off my lap. In order to exercise my new control I decided she was right I should control her climaxes. I went with her upstairs to our bedroom deciding I would also pick out what she should wear tonight.

Picking out a nice white blouse that was nearly see-through and one of her short white tennis skirts, minus a bra and panties I let her know that's what she was wearing tonight.

She was thrilled when he told her that when she quickly put them on I studied her, satisfied that her nipples were easy to see through the blouse and when she bent over it was easy to see her hairless pussy. I decided we were ready to leave for the sex store, Kathy reminded me I promised to apply the cream I had gotten from Sue. The cream simply made her pussy hot which she really didn't need but it was the side effect that would make the evening more enjoyable for both.

Kathy climaxed very easily and very often but tonight I would control that convinced she should only be allowed to climax when I wanted her too.

The side effect of the cream would fix that it simply blocked her from being able to climax. No matter how much sex she had she would be denied a climax until I applied the antidote cream which I purposely left at home.

Maybe it was because of the cream or just because Kathy was hot thinking about what was coming she asked if she could play with herself on the way to the sex store. Deciding to see just how well she obeyed I told her no, she pouted a little but refrain from touching herself. I had to park two blocks away from the sex shop this time which actually added a little more fun to the trip.

Being located in the older part of town this area was a bit worn down. Not only were the buildings old but it was an area where the homeless seem to gather. Getting out of the car Kathy almost bumped into a dirty old homeless man walking past yelling random words at nobody in particular. We walked just a few steps when a drunken men walked up behind us. "Hey whore do have time to party?" he asked and before I could do anything, he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his pants forcing her to touch him.

"Feel this, you want it don't you, whores like big cocks don't they? do you like to suck big cocks? Come on I know a place we can go, I have some money if you don't charge to much." "Maybe she'll have more time later and you can use her for free," I told him. That remark startled him so much he released her hand. She quickly took a few steps before stopping and turning, smiling at Kathy he licked his lips and said he would enjoy a blow job.

I asked Kathy what she thought about his remark "I guess I do look like a whore dressed like this. His pants felt strange that bulge didn't feel like a normal cock," she told me a little embarrassed. Thinking for a minute I said, "If he's still around when we are done in the store maybe you'll get to find out why it felt that way." Kathy gave me a real sweet smile and didn't say anything just suggested we continue to the store. The sex shop wasn't especially a clean place the smell was the first thing noticeable.

Like the first time there was about a half a dozen customers all men, none of the ones from the night before. They didn't look homeless but they looked dirty just like the rest of the store. Like last time once we entered all of them started staring at Kathy. It was what I expected seeing the way she was dressed.

That short white tennis skirt barely covered up her pussy and it wouldn't hide any if she bent over. The guys didn't have to imagine what her tits looked like, as there were very visible through the thin material.

Her nipples were extremely hard and pushing against the thin material. Making me realize she was really turned on, which happened after I told her she may find out how big that bums cock was later. The big fat hairy man sitting behind the counter saw us, gave me a big smile, "Nice to see her back so soon," He laughed. When we were here last night the counter guy had slapped her butt when she didn't follow his order to do something. He had told me he saw women like her in here before and offered to help train her, which was what I was going to talk to him about.

I told Kathy to go looking around and see if there were any movies that excited her and to double check the dildos maybe she could find a better one, more lifelike would be nice. She turned to go to the movie section but I had one more thing to tell her and called her back.

Whispering in her ear I told her I might make her available to all the customers later but for now she wasn't allowed to let them touch her, but she could give them a good show. Giving me her little pouty smile she nodded and whispered back, "please don't make me wait too long I'm really hot and horny." I smacked her butt and told her to go look at movies and walked over to the guy behind the counter.

The guy behind the counter wasn't just a clerk he actually was the owner of the store. His name was Harry, when I describe some of the things I was planning to have Kathy do he agreed he could help set some of them up. Kathy had sucked his cock last time we were here and other than wanting that again he had a few other demands. Fucking her was no problem as I planned to let him do that anyway. Helping to train her didn't sound unreasonable either as I was sure he knew more about that than I did.

When he mentioned money I didn't plan on paying him to use my wife. Agreeing to his first few demands I thought about his request to be paid and looking around the store I came up with a solution.

I pointed to his customers who were still gawking at Kathy, "it's obvious those guys would like to fuck her. What if in a little while I take her into your back room and you can charge those guys to go back there and have some fun with her. Whatever you collect you can keep and that would be the same deal when you help me set up some special parties for her. He started to grin at the thought of how much he could make, "I like your suggestion but setting up something special will take a few days notice you need to call a few days ahead of time.

Right now I guess I see no harm in seeing how it works with these guys. I see you have her flirting with them a little already.

That will make it easier to convince them they will have fun in the back room." Looking to where Kathy was it was quite obvious she was already turning these guys on. Kathy was over by the video rack looking at an amazing assortment of DVDs. The five guys weren't standing too far away, enjoying the views they were getting each time Kathy bent over to look at a video. Those guys are getting an eye full and I guessed would be more than happy to pay a good price to fuck her.

I had no problem with his wanting to make money from her, so we had a deal. Walking over to her, she quickly squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear, "God I'm horny my pussy is burning up I really need you to let these guys fuck me." I told tell her to stop bending over or the guys would be shooting their loads in their pants and not in her. She blushed and quickly stood up I told her she could flirt a little more and wander off.

One guy move a little bit closer to her once I moved out of the area. She picked a video off the shelf holding it she turned to the guy and asked him if he had ever seen anything like that before. He stepped closer to her to see what it was she was talking about. I noticed she licked her lips, "I have never seen anything like that before that's awesome.

Look how hard it's made my nipples," she boldly told him. I knew that wasn't from the picture but because she was that hot. Standing that close to her he was more than happy to get a better look at her nipples. Then in a soft sexy voice she told him to feel how hard they were. The guy hesitated for a minute and looked around the store seeing me watching he stepped back.

I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't care which gave him enough courage to step closer and touch her nipples. I didn't hear what she said but I saw his hand move quickly from her nipples down and under her skirt. From the look on his face it was obvious he was feeling her nice hairless pussy. Because of her reaction, a soft moan, the other men moved much closer to her. She let the first guy play with her for a few minutes before stepping out of the circle they had formed around her.

Putting the video back down she told him it looked like a fun video and then walked over to me. I was so hard and hot I would have fucked her right there but I forced myself to wait till later.

I would let these guys have her first because I would have her for myself once we got home for the rest of the night. She would want to be fucked until she climaxed so I could make it a very long night for her, if I wanted too. She looked thrilled when I told her that it was time we went to the back room, "you won't forget to look for something better then your hand while were there will you?" I assured her I wouldn't forget that she would need to get spanked for being naughty when the night was over.

She squeezed my hand, "maybe even sooner?" She asked. "I understand the clerk, knows what works best on naughty girls maybe I should ask him to give me a demonstration, what do you think?" I asked as we walked towards the back room. She squeezed my hand even tighter, "it's always good to get an expert opinion," she giggled. She happily came with me to the backroom, it was where specialty items were displayed, all relating to bondage and S/M play. The first time there I didn't pay much attention to the items but now that I knew what Kathy liked I took more time looking at each item.

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I didn't get to see that much because Harry came into the back room followed by four guys. I guessed the fifth guy didn't have enough money to meet Harry's price. I was hesitant for a minute thinking this would be her first gangbang and I wasn't sure we were up to it. I wasn't sure I really wanted her to go through with this, I had enjoyed watching her fuck two men the night before but to watch my wife get gangbanged didn't seem right. It was one of those things, thinking about it, imagining it was one thing but actually doing it was something else.

Kathy had her safe word to say if she had changed her mind instead of waiting to hear her say it, I said it, Kathy looked at me and softly said, "please." I decided it wouldn't hurt to do it at least one time and it was one thing in her journal she could cross off as actually doing. Turning to Harry I told him to take over for now, I would just watch and learn.

His first action was to setup a video camera so everything would once more be recorded. Once he was happy with the focus he didn't waste any time walking over to Kathy, he slapped her butt really hard. "Why are you still wearing anything, in this room I expect you to always be nude." Kathy quickly complied removing her blouse, skirt and high heels then stood there nude in front of everyone. Harry winked at me, he knew how to handle her.

Then turning back to Kathy he slapped her butt hard again, "that's a pretty pussy you have, shown it off to these guys and tell them what you want," he ordered her.

Kathy immediately opened her legs pushed her hips out, smiled at the guys and told them she wanted their cocks in her pretty pussy. She wanted them to fuck her, fuck her hard, use her and fill her pussy with their sperm.

Before the guys could do anything Harry stepped in front of her he wanted to be the first. He was fat and hairy, but his cock was easily seven inches long, and as stiff as a poll. He wanted her on the floor, this floor wasn't as disgusting as it was in the video boots but it wasn't very clean either. That didn't matter to Kathy as she quickly laid on the floor with her legs spread open waiting for him to take her.

"Damn that's a beautiful sight," one of the guys said before Harry got over her. I had to admit it was a nice sight seeing her hairless pussy waiting to be fucked. She looked tiny beneath his huge body, I hoped the camera would get a good picture of her as he lowered himself on to her. She squealed with pleasure as he shoved his long cock completely into her in one swift move, finally getting a cock in her hot pussy.

She continued to moan as he rammed her repeatedly as hard as he could enjoying her tight pussy. I found my hand rubbing my cock as I watched, it was exciting seeing her get fucked. From her sounds I could tell she needed to climax but couldn't not until I got her home, he finished fucking her without giving her one. Pulling out he grabbed her blouse and not only used it to clean off his cock but he also pushed it inside her to dry her out for the other guys.

Removing the blouse he got off her and told the other men they had thirty minutes to enjoy her. The guys had all stripped down while Harry fucked her so they were ready to have her, they didn't want to waste any of their time. All four moved quickly to her they all wanted her at the same time. One guy got on the floor and held his cock up she immodestly hopped on him, wanting his cock as bad as he wanted her pussy. A second guy moved fast and got behind her to use her cute ass, the other two had to settle for her mouth.

Both stood in front of her and she alternated sucking both cocks. Harry checked the camera then stood next to me enjoying the show. Watching her satisfy four guys at once now strangely seemed like the right thing to make her do. I no longer had any doubts she was and would be a good sex slave, my sex slave. Kathy was moaning and groaning telling the guys how good they felt inside her, and soon began urging them to fuck her harder.

She was definitely turned on and couldn't get enough cock, it was incredible watching her, I was really enjoying it. I almost shot my load in my pants watching her and I decided this wasn't going to be her only gangbang experience. Seeing her moving back and forth on both cocks I noticed she was only sucking the two cocks enough to keep them hard.


I guessed she wanted their cocks to enjoy her tight hot pussy before they came. One guy said he was going to shot his load, Kathy began moving faster wanting a climax, but was denied one again. He shot his load deep into her, and was done fucking her but she stayed on him. Then the guy using her ass came and as soon as he pulled out was quickly replaced by one of the guys she had been sucking.

We spent the rest of the time watching her suck cocks and being fucked. Thanks to that cream she never did get a climax but her moans let them and now she was enjoying it. She let them use her body anyway they wanted, weather it was using her pussy, ass or mouth it didn't matter, as long as they enjoyed it, it was easy to see she enjoyed entertaining these men. It took more then the thirty minutes Harry had given them but he didn't stop them and enjoyed watching her as much as I did.

With the guys finally done, Kathy looked tired but I knew if there were more guys she would have kept going. The guys were ready to get dressed and leave but I stopped them. "Honey, it wouldn't be right to let these guys leave with sticky wet cocks, would it?" I asked her. "No, it wouldn't, I better clean them before they go," she told me.

She dropped to her knees, Harry told her how to kneel, "keep your legs spread open don't hide your pussy," he told her.

Knelling there with her legs spread wide open she licked her lips and asked who was first. Harry turned to me and said, "I was wrong she doesn't need much training she's a NBSS." I had to ask what he meant, he explained, that meant she was a, natural born submissive slut. I didn't like the term slut but the rest sounded correct, she was very submissive. "Hope you don't mind me calling your wife a slut but I call them the way I see them," he told me.

"What makes you think she's my wife?" I asked. "You made a typical mistake, she is still wearing her rings, and her wedding band matches yours. You should never let her wear any jewelry when you take her out, I'll show you the only thing she should wear," he told me.

He and I watched as she cleaned the guys cocks. She was down on her knees licking one guy's cock and balls; doing a very good job of cleaning him she had already finished cleaning two of the guys. I watched as she licked his balls getting every drop of used cum and her juices.

We waited as she finished the last guy, now done she stayed on her knees, legs open, chest pushed out, showing off her pussy and tits. The guys got dressed and Harry made a motion for them to follow him. Returning in a few minutes he said he only had time to give me a quick demonstration of what I should get. Taken me over to one rack he showed me a bunch of collars, "This is what she should wear in place of her rings," he told me as he pulled a collar down.

Before I could really look at them he pulled me over to another area, there was a vast array of whips, crops and paddles.

He spent a few minutes looking them over before selecting a leather paddle. "This one works best for her ass, it won't leave welts like a whip and it's easy to use." Then he picked up a crop, "This is great for those more intimate spots but you need a little practice to use it right," he told me.

He didn't give me a chance to say anything as he quickly walked over to Kathy. "Get on all fours," he ordered her. She quickly put her arms out and got on her hands and knees. He didn't waste any time and quickly swung the paddle, it made a loud snapping sound as it hit her butt.

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She let out a cry, which didn't faze him at all, swinging the paddle five more times he stopped and handed it to me. "Yes, I think this one you'll like, it's called a slapper," Harry told me. Asking about the crop he said he would demonstrate it later. I realized there were three other guys standing there watching us.

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Two white guys and a big black man, Harry went back to the front of the store, leaving them standing there looking at Kathy. The two white guys asked if she was still available to be fucked, they had heard all about her from the other guys. Realizing they hadn't paid Harry I told them no, they looked disappointed. Then they asked if they could hung around so they could at least enjoy watching what I was doing, saying I didn't mind all three stayed. Standing there holding the slapper I saw Kathy's nice white butt was now pink.

I decided to give it a try, I didn't swing it too hard the first time and instead of crying out Kathy moaned. I decide to put a little more effort into it and swung it harder the next time. This time she didn't moan but cried out instead, and it actually made me feel good to hear her do that so I continued paddling her butt.

Rather than just stop at six I gave her ten smacks on the butt telling her it was two for each guy she let fuck her. Glancing back down at Kathy her butt was no longer pink but now a brighter red. Deciding I was done spanking her I told her to get up and follow me. Taking her over to where all the collars were I started looking them over deciding which one to buy. They ranged from simple dog collars, to very fancy ones that looked like designer chokers.

I took selecting one, it was pretty fancy, it had rhinestones and was adjustable plus it snapped together making it look more like a choker then a dog collar.

Adjusting the size I snapped it around her neck, it looked nice it like the dog collars had a ring that you could attach a leash to it. She reached up and touched it her eyes sparkled as she gave me a big smile; "Now I really feel like I'm your slave," she giggled, obviously she liked it as much as I did.

She leaned towards me and whispered, "Are you sure you don't want those guys to fuck me," I replied, "I thought about telling them to go see Harry but Damm I want to get you home and fuck you." Leaning close to me she whispered, "I have your gel in my purse if you want to fuck me now. You know with the gel you'll start hard all night and my pussy will be yours for long as you want it, why not let them enjoy me a little?" It was obvious she still wanted some cocks other than mine, the only problem I had was the black guy.

It's not that I didn't want to see her fucking a black guy but I had planned to save that for a different time. I decided what the hell tonight would be as good as any time to let her have her first black cock.

Walking over to the three men I told them to go see Harry if they wanted to fuck her.

Both white guys quickly left the Black guy stood there looking at me. I asked why he didn't go see Harry so he could fuck her. He laughed telling me, "I don't pay for pussy I get all I want for free, I'm the local pimp." Then giving me a more serious look he stated, "Your little whore is taking away my girls business, I don't like that.

You can't do business here without my approval." I quickly explained to him I wasn't getting any money and my girl wasn't a whore. "Harry's charging these guys to fuck her what else would you call her, if not a whore?" "My new sex slave, I'm just breaking her in and Harry is helping me.

I have nothing to do with the money part, I'm sorry if she's taken away your girls business. Maybe we can work something out as I don't want to cause problems this is only place I could think of to bring her," I explained.

The two came back with big smiles and said Harry said they could fuck her and walked over to her. Kathy was soon sliding down on a cock and bending over so the other could fuck her ass. When the guy behind her pushed his cock into her ass she let out a yelp. At first I thought something was really wrong then I realized it was because her ass hurt from being spanked. She began really moaning loud as he pounded away at her ass and for a minute I thought she actually would explode with a climax.

Fortunately she was denied one again which meant later tonight would be a lot of fun for me. Turning back to the black guy, I could hear Kathy moaning as the two guys were busy fucking her. I could see the black guy was still thinking over what I had said.

While I waited I heard one guy remark he was surprised at how tight her pussy felt. I knew that was because of her exercising and kegeling which she practiced often.

The other guy said she had a really tight ass and didn't mind fucking it instead of her pussy. That remark made the black guy smile, "Some guys would pay extra to fuck a nice young white girl but how many guys has she had, six, seven, she would have to do three times as many to be even. She'd have to work the streets for two maybe three nights to be even." he told me. "No, I don't want her working the streets, she not a whore," I replied.

Looking at her he smiled, "OK, she's not a whore but I'll still losing money. How about you bring her to my place, I can setup something up to make up what you owe me. One night then we would be even, what do you say? "What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"I know some guys that will pay extra for fucking a white girl. One night entertaining at my place and we would be even. You can watch and even video it, Hell you mite even want to put her on the street after seeing her work like a whore," he told me. Before I said anything I wanted to talk to Harry. We both went to see Harry, he confirmed, the guy, Tyrone was the local pimp and the guys that fucked Kathy would have been customer for his girls.

Telling Tyrone I didn't want trouble and I would sent up a time for her to do one night, later. Tyrone wasn't happy but when Harry said I was a friend of Sue's his attitude changed. He knew Sue and agreed to wait for me to call him, giving me his number he left the store.

Harry said I shouldn't wait to long to call him because he could be very mean if he thought I was putting him off. Kathy was a little disappointed nobody else came into the back room with me and Harry.

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Harry decided it was time for his demonstration with the crop and ordered Kathy to get on all fours. When she was in position he walked up behind her and instead of swinging the crop like the paddle he snapped it. The leather tip hit her right between the legs on her pussy. Kathy let out a loud yelp but instead of jumping up like I expected she moved her legs even further apart. Harry took advantage of that and snapped the crop on her pussy two more times before he ordered her to stand up.

She quickly rose and stood with her legs wide apart and her chest pushed out. Harry winked at me as he stood next to her then without warning he used the crop again, this time the tip snapped on her left nipple.

Her cry echoed in the room as he quickly snapped it again on her other nipple. Both nipples immediately puffed up and turned a bright pink as he handed the crop to me and told me I should try it. It took a little practice for me to snap it properly and hit the spot I was aiming at. When I was done, both her nipples were bright red and extremely puffed out and she had some marks on both tits from where I missed my target.

Hitting her pussy proved to be a lot easier and when I was done it also was swollen and bright red. Extremely happy with the results I thanked Harry and I told her to get dressed.

Obeying me as if it was an order she quickly put on her skirt, blouse and shoes. She didn't look as nice and neat now as she did when we came in. Her skirt was dirty from lying on the floor and her blouse was somewhat of a mess after Harry used it as a rag on her pussy but to me she still looked cute especially now that her nipples were really visible through the blouse.

Grabbing the slapper and crop we went out to see Harry, he was definitely a businessman as he looked at the slapper, the crop and choker and told me what I owed him. After getting to fuck her and making money on her you would think he would give me those for free but not Harry.

I paid him in cash and as he put the them in a bag he pulled a dildo out from behind the counter. It was made of soft black rubber and looked to be about ten inches long with a base that looked like a pair of big balls. Putting it in the bag along with the card from the camera he chuckled as he gave me the bag and said, "That might get her ready for her time with Tyrone." Telling him I would be in touch we left the store and headed for the car.

Kathy asked what Harry meant by her time with Tyrone, telling her I would explain it after we got home she feel silent and followed me up the street. The drunk suddenly appeared in front of us, blocking our way, "Hey honey do you have time now?" he asked. Pulling Kathy closer to me I went to walk around him but he quickly stepped in front of me. "What's the rush you said if she had time I could get a free blow job, I remember that's what you said," he complained. I remember saying that and also telling Kathy that if he were still around she mite get to see why his cock felt strange.


"You said you knew a place we could go, show me that place then I will decide if we have time," I told him. He grinned grabbed Kathy's hand and pulled her towards what looked like an alley between the buildings. At one time it must've been a real alley but now it looked more like a homeless encampment.

The smell from the alley also alerted us to the fact that this area was also there bathroom. Lining one side were makeshift tents, shopping carts and sleeping bags. He pulled her over towards a dumpster, it had a blanket stretched from the dumpster to a couple shopping carts making a shelter. He pulled her under the blanket and said this was his spot. He had some old blankets and what looked like a sleeping bag lying on the ground, everything he needed to live there was under that blanket.


There was no way I was going to let Kathy be used here, I thought. While I was looking at his stuff I hadn't noticed the drunk had unhooked his pants and dropped them. When he pulled Kathy's hand to his crotch on the way to the store Kathy had said "His cock felt strange and she wondered why." With his pants down I saw she was right, his cock was strange.

It wasn't bigger than most cocks I had seen, but the head was definitely strange looking. Rather then looking like a mushroom it looked more like a light bulb. It's bulbous shaped head looked much to big for the shaft. My first thought was it looked like a dogs knot but at the wrong end of his cock. Not only did it look strange it looked filthy and even from this distance I could smell it.

The old urine smell was nearly over powering, everything about this place, him and his cock was disgusting and wrong. Kathy had a frightened and yet lustful look on her face as she stared at his cock. I was sure somewhere in her journal she had written about something like this but it still seamed wrong to make my young pretty wife suck his nasty cock and yet, as bad as I wanted to get her home and fuck her myself I decided I could wait.

Seeing the look on her face as she stared at his cock, I decided to see if she would obey me or bulk at my command. I pulled out my go-pro and told her to get busy and suck his cock, before I could change my mind, Kathy dropped to her knees bent forwards and grabbed his cock. Her short skirt pulled up exposing her cute ass as I watched as her tongue slowly began licking the head.

She spent a lot of time licking the head before she started licking the shaft. The head looked a lot cleaner as her tongue began moving up and down the shaft. Her one hand was busy playing with his balls while she licked every inch of his dirty shaft. It didn't take long before his cock got stiff from her continued licking. The shaft itself didn't get any bigger as it got rigid but the head did seam to enlarge a little.

Opening her mouth wide she leaned forward a little more as she forced the huge head past her sweet lips and into her open mouth. I thought she would gag as his huge head entered her mouth. "Oh, damn that feels so nice, I'm gonna enjoy this," he mumbled. I told the guy to enjoy it as she was a great cock sucker, he nodded his head in agreement, and asked if he could cum in her mouth, I told him, Yes. Watching how that head pushed her cheeks out as it filled her mouth, I found myself wondering how hard it would be for him to get it in her tight little pussy.

Would she enjoy having him fuck her and what would it look like watching him forcing his cock in her pussy. She spent a good five minutes sucking on him before he shot a load into her mouth. Thinking he was done she pulled her head back a little too soon as a second huge load of cum shot out of his cock and landed all over her face. He didn't care he was happy, Kathy's face and hair were all sticky with his cum.

In an attempt to clean her face, she opened her blouse and used it to wipe her face. Exposing her tits like that got a reaction from the drunk and he quickly reached down and grabbed them. His dirty hands squeezed her tits, "nice tits, pretty nipples" he mumbled as his thumbs rubbed over her swollen nipples.

Kathy let out a loud moan as he quickly squeezed them say how much he liked her nipples. I told him to stop playing with her tits, saying she wasn't done sucking his cock and he released his grip on her tits. Kathy gave me a questioning look, "Your not done he's still hard, keep sucking until he's limp," I ordered.

Kathy's hair was still sticky with his cum and mostly around her lips were smears of dirt mixed with his cum. Her tits and nipples were dirty from his hands as she bent forwards and returned his cock to her mouth.

He surprised both of us when he grunted and shot another load into her mouth, which Kathy swallowed with no problem. Kathy continued to sucking his hard cock, but this time when he groaned once more, she suddenly pulled back popping his stiff cock out of her mouth.

The look on her face was one of total disgust as the guy quickly said, Sorry. I was confused as to what was going on and asked what had happened. He confessed he had to pee really bad and had squirted some piss in her mouth before he realized it. Kathy was still holding his stiff cock in one hand as she looked up at me. I was tempted to tell her to keep sucking his cock but decided otherwise and said I guess in that case she's done.

The guy quickly retreated to a side area, I could hear him relieving his bladder into a pot as I told Kathy to stand up. His cock was now semi-limp as he returned, smiled at us and thanked us. I decided to have a little more fun and told Kathy to lift up her skirt, which she quickly did. The guy couldn't help but stare at her clean-shaven bright pink pussy.

"Next time maybe you'll get to use your cock in that pretty pussy of hers," I told him. He just stood there staring at it until I said he could feel it and see how nice it feels.

His hand quickly reached out and began rubbing her wet swollen pussy. Kathy pushed her hips forward and moaned a little as his dirty fingers rubbed her pussy. "I think she would like you to put your finger in her pussy, I told him and asked Kathy if that was true.

Pushing a little harder against his hand she quickly said, yes please put a finger in me. "Shit she feels tight," he remarked as he pushed his finger into her pussy. "Think how nice that going to feel on your cock when you fuck her," I commented. "Damn it's so tight I don't know if my cock would fit," he said. "I'm sure when you fuck her you'll find a way," I laughed.

"You want him to fuck you don't you," I asked Kathy. She was moaning and pushing hard against his hand as she replied, "Yes, I want his cock in me, I want him to force it in my pussy, I want him to fuck me hard with his ugly big cock." I let him keep playing a little longer before I decided it was time to go and told him we had to go. He reluctantly pulled his hand away from her, smiled and said it would be fun to fuck her.

He once more thanked us as we turned to leave the alley. Walking away I heard him mumbled, something about his friends wouldn't believe him when he told them about her. That caused me to stop and turn telling him, "next time I bring her you can invite your friends to watch." That brought even a bigger smile to his face as he quickly thanked me once more. I found it funny he was the first and only one to thank me or her tonight.

Getting in the car, I asked, "Did you enjoy the sex shop?" "Yes, I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the last part. I think those guys would have really enjoyed fucking me after I was spanked. What about you, did you enjoy watching me or spanking me the most?," she murmured. I told her, "I enjoyed watching you, you looked very sexy being fucked and the spanking was just an added bonus." Staring at me for a minute she asked, "What was with that black guy didn't he want to fuck me?" Telling her I would talk about him later I then asked what she thought about the drunk.

"He was disgusting, he smelled terrible and his unwashed cock tasted even worst then he smelled, it was humiliating to be made to suck his cock. I thought I would throw up when he pissed in my mouth, that was nastily and detestable I couldn't believe he did that." When she paused for a minute it gave me time to think.

I felt I had pushed her to far and was about to apologize. I changed my mind when she rubbed my leg and resumed telling me what she was thinking. "His pissing in my mouth was so outrageous, immoral and repulsive I doubt even the lowest slut would enjoy him doing that to her. It was a perfect way to treat a slave, which while I'm wearing this collar is all I'm. I loved the way he and you treated me I only wish you would have let him fuck me. I love being your sex slave, Thank you for a very enjoyable evening." If that's the case maybe I will even let him invite his friends to fuck you next time, I told her.

She reached over rubbed my crotch and replied, "Whatever you want, Master I'm yours to commanded." Glancing at her I smiled, I couldn't wait to get her home so I could fuck her. Dear Reader, Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did look for franks wife part 6 as Kathy has more fun being a sex slave. I enjoy comments good or bad so please tell me what you think about this story.