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Sunny leone online blue film
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This story may be offensive to some and contains consensual sex between a male and a teenaged female. Please be warned and do not read on if you are offended by any of these things. I welcome all comments both good and bad so please feel free to leave them. Or if you prefer email me direct on [email protected] with your comments or ideas for stories. Confessions of a Taxi Driver (Part 1) I have always been a 'tit man' as my ex wife liked to put it. She herself was pretty busty being a slim size 10 and 34D when we married.

But then as the years went by she became a size 18 and 44G, a little big in all directions, even for my tastes. But I have always liked to look at busty girls whether in porn or when I see them out and about. And with fashions nowadays and being a taxi driver this has given me plenty to see! Particularly when picking up from the clubs at 2 or 3am. The sight of a big busty babe in a tight dress and very short skirt really does it for me and I have often wanked off thinking of my passengers after they have left the car.

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But on one of my days off I had a chance encounter with one of my 'regular' passenger's. I had taken my dog for a walk along the beach and was throwing a ball for him and taking in the sights of the beach as I walked.

It was a hot August day and there were some lovely sights to see. My dog, Bonzo was bounding up and down the beach as I kicked or threw the ball for him to retrieve.

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Without looking I picked up the ball from the sand and threw it up and over my head only to turn to see it land near to a very attractive and very curvy female lying on her back on a towel in a red bikini. The ball landed with a thump and my dog, ran with gusto over to the ball flicking sand all over the girl.


I quickly ran over apologetically and she looked up at me before lifting her sun glasses to see my face. "I'm really sorry!" I started. "It was entirely my fault." Surprisingly the girl, who looked around 19 or 20 simply smiled. "Oh hi, you're the guy that drives the taxi aren't you?" That took me by surprise slightly as I looked at her and then cast my mind back to a few nights previously.

Then she was in a very tight and obscenely low cut gold dress which was obscenely short too. And now as my eyes took in her body she was in a red bikini that was equally obscene in terms of the amount of flesh she was showing. Don't get me wrong, it was and she was perfect in her shape, but with high legged thong bikini bottoms and her bikini bra cups overflowing, this item was clearly too small for her.

Not that I minded in the least as I smiled back. "Yes, that's me!" I grinned slightly inanely thinking of what to say next. "I hope you got home alright that night. I watched as she sat up to look at me. "You did seem slightly worse for ware, with the drink!" She giggled showing her perfect white teeth as she did.

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"Yes I did thanks!" She grinned. "Much to the assistance of you! My knight in shining armour!" I felt my cheeks redden as I looked down at her, knowing she had caught my eyes trailing down to her big breasts. "Nice dog, by the way." She smiled. "What's he called?" "Bonzo!" I grinned back as I patted the dog on the head leaning down to talk to her.

I've had him since he was a pup." "He's lovely!" She grinned stretching a hand out to him to sniff. "Listen!" I am sorry for the ball and for him getting sand on you! Can I buy you a drink or an ice cream or something to make up for it?" "No I'm fine!" She giggled.

"It's nice to see you and get to know you!" "Oh yes, it is!" I readily agreed as I watched her move. "Normally I only see people, like you, through my mirror in the taxi!" I grinned.

"Well you must see some sights!" She smiled. "Especially when the clubs close!" I watched her shift again as she propped herself on her elbows.

Her big soft breast flesh wobbled as she moved. I couldn't take my eyes off of her big tits and she saw me looking too. "Sights like me, no doubt!" I suddenly diverted my eyes to her face to see a bemused look in her eyes. "So, do you like what you see?" She asked directly grinning. I was caught! But she didn't look annoyed. I smiled. "I see some lovely sights in the taxi, and none more so than you!" I looked directly at her with a cheeky grin. She moved and lay on her side.



Thank you!" She smiled that beautiful smile again. "What's your name by the way?" "I'm Phil?" I smiled back feeling more relaxed now as Bonzo was digging a hole in the sand.

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"And you?" "Sam!" She smiled. "Or Samantha. It's really only my parents that call me that though!" As she spoke I stared at her deep cleavage. "Nice to meet you Sam!" I grinned. "And if you ever need a taxi you know who to call!" Sam suddenly looked away as if she was looking for someone of something. "Anything wrong?" I enquired and she returned her eyes my mine. "I need the loo!" She said looking slightly embarrassed.

I smiled. "There is a public loo around 100 yards up the beach on the grass verge at the top!" I suggested as I pointed in the direction with my arm. "Oh great!" She smiled as she stood and I first noticed her in all her glory, her long toned legs leading up to her perfect shaped bum and then the glorious big round breasts hanging down aching to be licked and sucked, well in my mind anyway!" "Can you give me a hand, do you think?" She said and I immediately grabbed her bag.

"Sure!" I said as we walked over the sand and up onto the grass to see the toilet a short distance away. "Listen, I can put this stuff in my car for safe keeping if you want, or if you need a lift home I can do that too?" She smiled back at my kind offer.

"That would be great. But do you mind waiting at the door to this place?" She intimated towards the toilet block. "I don't like public toilets very much!" I smiled at her reassuringly as I opened the boot of the taxi popping her bag safely inside. "Of course!" I followed her to the entrance of the ladies and stood almost on guard at the door as she entered.

I watched in awe as her bum wobbled perfectly in the thong bikini bottoms as she walked." I had been waiting a few minutes and could see Bonzo in the car looking out at me. Then I heard it! "Phil?" I waited. "Phil?" It was louder this time and I turned to see Sam in her bikini looking at me from just inside the doorway. "Yes?" I enquired. "Is there something wrong?" Suddenly she reached out her hand and taking my arm pulled me into the ladies toilets.

I was feeling slightly uncomfortable but followed the beautiful young girl as she led me into a cubicle and closed the door behind us. "What is it Sam?" I said innocently, at least until I felt her big soft wet lips close over mine and her hand was on my bulge in my trousers.

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"I saw how you reacted to my body both on the beach there and everytime I use your taxi!" She grinned and I felt my cheeks flush slightly. "So now it's time to get to know you better!" I didn't fight it!

She kissed me deeply and I immediately ran my tongue into her mouth as our tongues danced. And all the time her hand was massaging my rock through my shorts, which was now hard cock.

Instinctively I reached up and grabbed a hold of her breast flesh through the thin material of the bikini. It overflowed my hands but felt so warm and delicious as I squeezed it gently feeling the nipples hardening under my touch. My cock was throbbing now and begging release from the confines of my shorts and boxers. I pulled on the bow of her bikini top which fell to the floor releasing what I can only describe as beautiful big soft breasts, that were perfectly shaped and sized and begging to be licked and sucked.

Sam leaned back encouraging me to rub and play with her fun bags which I did. I squeezed and fondled them pinching nipples. She moaned reaching down into my shorts and I felt her fingers slide around my burning hot and rock hard shaft. She pulled down my shorts and my cock sprang free much to her delight as my 8" of cut meat appeared before her.

"Wow!" She purred and I smiled as she sat down on the toilet. I felt her hands as she started to rub and stroke my shaft. Leaned back against the toilet door she continued to stroke it back and forth, in a slow and deliberate motion.

I was breathing heavily now as this beautiful and very busty girl, half my age finally flicked her tongue out to lick my cock head with the tip of her tongue before sliding it all around my cock head. Her green dazzling eyes were looking up into mine as she continued. Then diverting her gaze she slid her mouth lower and I moaned with sheer delight as she then licked from the base of my cock to the tip.

This girl was an expert as she moved her tongue back and forth and around the whole shaft of my cock as if she was sucking a lolly. Then finally as she reached the cock head again with her eyes looking back up at my face she opened her lips wide and started to slide my cock into her mouth.

Then she started pumping it in and out ever so softly as it entered her velvet lips. I watched as my shaft appeared and disappeared in and out of her gorgeous mouth lips sliding down my shaft like it was a banana taking more and more in each time.

Sam was sucking me hard and stroking my cock and it felt so good. I knew if she continued with this then I wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer and eased my cock out of her mouth. I pushed her gently back against the toilet seat and moved down to buried my face between her big soft tits. I licked and kissed them all over sucking hard on each nipple in turn feeling the bud in my mouth, I nibbled gently on it as I heard her moan and sigh.

"Do you want to fuck my tits?" Sam said softly and I stopped licking and kissing her to look up into her green eyes nodding my agreement. Without hesitation, I stood and straddled her big chest laying my hard cock right inside the soft valley and she squeezed her soft breasts around my pulsating cock shaft.

I reached down and started pinching her nipples as I started to move my cock back and forth between her breasts. I can honestly say I had never felt a sensation this good before and that included my ex wife.

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Fucking Sam's tits felt like heaven to me and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long. As my shaft rubbed between her big soft delicious mounds, my cock head poked out from her cleavage and she licked the tip before dribbling down onto my cock head to provide extra lubrication. I started to fuck her tits like there was no tomorrow as she massaged them around my cock so expertly. She cupped her two big breasts and wrapped them around my shaft tighter and moved them up and down in unison with me fucking them.


Just the sight of my cock rising in and out of them was almost enough to make me cum, let alone the intense feeling around my shaft. Then with a loud moan, I started to shoot, deep inside her cleavage and up onto her chin, as she continued to slide her tits up and down relentlessly on my cock shaft as it released load after load.

I stood up and back exhausted as I watched Sam lift each of her tits in unison and lick and suck my cum from them before reaching out to lick my cock clean. She smiled up at me. "Now how about a lift home Phil? I think you owe me!" She grinned and 20 minutes later we were in her house. Without hesitation Sam had my cock hard within minutes of getting into her house and her bikini was off on staircase as she pushed me back before impaling her hot dripping cunt onto my stiff cock.

She rode me like a horse, up and down first slowly then faster determined to make the most of the moment. Thankfully as I had just cum I could hold on for a while second time around. But the sight of her big juggs bouncing up and down right in front of my face was too much and I caught them and squeezed them hard as she rode me so perfectly.

I leaned forward and licked and kissed them as Sam continued to impale her wet cunt onto my hard pole over and over again. She eased off me and stood on the stairs looking down at me. "Come to the bedroom!" She grinned as she walked past me and up the stairs. But we didn't make it that far! As we reached the landing I pushed her face first towards the wall and sliding my cock between her silky thighs pumped deep into her cunt. Reaching around her perfect young body I took a big breast in each hand and squeezed them as I felt her body tremble as an orgasm overtook her body.

She screamed out and moaned as I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock shaft. I knew I was about to cum again and pulled out, turning her around and pushed her to the floor seconds before my cock exploded again and thick strings of cum shot out all over her big soft breasts. Sam looked up at me and smiled.

"So if I need a taxi I can give you a call?" She grinned. "You can call me anytime you want, night or day and I'll be there for you!" I smiled.

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And she did, but that's another story.