Grace Harper Takes Sticky Cum Face

Grace Harper Takes Sticky Cum Face
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The Cuckold Adventure 4 & 5 For Joyce and Al things seemed good. Joyce now had two cocks servicing her on a weekly schedule. When they were able to show up together she was in pure sexual ecstasy.

Al had finally come to terms with being bi-sexual, once he did he gave John and Alex both blow jobs. One Saturday after a Friday night of DPing Joyce they all sat in the kitchen drinking coffee, they were discussing whether Joyce or Al sucked a better cock.

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Finally to end the bickering Joyce turned and looked at the three of them, "listen her guys I taught Al everything his knows about cock sucking, so their!" The men left and Al went to his office to pay so bills.

The following week it seemed all hell had broken loose. On Monday afternoon John got fired along with fifteen other workers. Al was called into a meeting and told they were cutting all executives pay by 20%, if he didn't go along he could quit. Tuesday morning Alex's wife served his with divorce papers and had a restraining order against him so he couldn't get into the house to get his clothes. It took John two days before she allowed John in to get his clothes.

Thursday Joyce had a fender bender, nothing serious but the damage was a couple of thousand dollars and since she was the one who got hit she was going to have to deal with some one else's insurance company.

Friday John wife files for divorce, she was a little less angry then Alex's wife but none the less it was quite an ordeal to get all his stuff. They stored it all the stuff at Al and Joyce garage. For the next two week with all the upheaval neither Alex nor John called.

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Joyce felt bad for them but after 15 days she was getting super horny. Saturday afternoon Alex called, "hi Joyce how's things?" "Well aside from being horny I guess I'm doing much better then you guys how's it going?" "Not great but that's not why I called. Tonight some friends of mine are having a few special couple over for a small party.

I told them about you and Al, she called me a short time ago and told me to bring you guys if you want to come." Joyce had the phone on speaker so Al heard the conversation; he gave her thumbs up. "It sounds interesting what exactly is the purpose or theme?" "Sandy the wife who runs the affair calls it the drain your nut sack into your favorite pussy party." Both Joyce and Al started smiling, "we'd love to cum give me details." "Sandy will be calling you in about 20 minutes to explain the rules," "the party has rules?" "Yup see you tonight babe," the phone went dead.

Twenty minutes later the phone rang, Joyce didn't recognize the number but answered the call anyway.

The voice on the other end was Sandi's. She explained that they had a group of 10 couples who were swingers, tonight they were having five couples but one couple had cancelled as their kid was sick. They loved new people and Alex had told Sandy all about them.


If they wanted to they could come to this party if they liked it she was sure they would be welcome. Now she went on to explain the rules. If they had five couples they had seven to ten extra cocks as to ensure their pussies needs were completely satisfied. The group had rules which were very strict, all the single men had to be in the house by 7:30 PM.

If they arrived late they were turned away. The couple had until 8 PM at be in but after that the same rules applied, no one was admitted after 8.

Once in you were expected to strip down to your underwear, then you could proceed to the game room. They started the evening with some sort of funny game thing. Tonight was pussy squirting contest.

"Does everyone participate?" "Oh heavens yes dear the squirting contest is handled by women only, and as you know we know how to get a pussy squirting. But if you're uncomfortable with it it's not mandatory." Joyce and Sandy talked for another hour about what to wear and the cocks which were going to be their.

Sandy suggested she bring at least one pair of extra panties as they have never had a party whereby the end of the evening all the women's pussies were leaking cum profusely. It's no fun driving home in wet panties. Joyce hung up the phone and looked at Al, "tonight should be a lot of fun, please be sure were on time." Sandy didn't live more then five or six miles from Joyce and Al but they left extra early and arrived at 7:20. As they pulled into the driveway a heavy set man in his early fifties came out he walked over to the car, "hi I'm Ray Sandi's husband.

You guys must be Joyce and Al, right?" Al shook his hand "yes we are." "Good, park on the pad next to the driveway I'm making a cock run." "What the fuck is a cock run," Joyce asked. Ray quickly explained that the extra cocks weren't allowed to park in the driveway, they had to park at the shopping center several blocks away and Ray would go get them, as long as they called whatever time they arrived was within the limits.

Ray left; Al and Joyce walked to the front door and rang the bell. The door opened a short hair blond in a long robe was standing their, "hi I'm Sandy." "Were Al and Joyce," "Come in please." Once inside with the door closed she opened her robe.

She had huge tits; the bra she was wearing only covered her nipples so all the tit flesh was there for all to see. She had on a very small thong which only covered her pussy slit her bush which was neatly trimmed was almost totally exposed. "Please get comfortable then go down stairs have a drink, mingle and meet some new friends.

Once in their underwear they headed for the basement, they saw Alex who came up to them and gave Joyce a deep tongue kiss. He shook Al's hand, "let me introduce you to all the people I know and then we'll meet the new ones. There were three other women already their. A tall blond maybe 5'8" she had shoulder length hair and medium tits and tight ass. A red head with hair halfway down her back big firm tits with large nipples, she was a little heavy maybe 135 or so but still a nice ass and trimmed pussy bush.

The third women was Latin perhaps 5'2", medium tits black hair great ass and legs, they all seemed to be standing with their husbands drinking but really not talking. After Alex had made the introduction of Joyce and Al to the men he knew Joyce headed for the other women and their husbands. "Hi I'm Joyce and this is Al," the Latin woman put her hand out "I'm Maria and this is Jesus." The blond was next her name was Abigail but she went by Gail with her husband Ed.

Last was Sophia the red head with Max. The men all headed for the bar leaving the women alone Gail looked at the group "any of you ever fuck any of the single guys?" They all looked at each other then.

Sophia spoke I've done Alex, Ken and Russ at the same time one night and it was wonderful." Maria smiles Juan and Tim rocked my world and pussy last week." Joyce piped up I've done Alex and another guy who isn't hear tonight at the same time." Sophia looked at Joyce you get both holes filled." "Sure did it was incredible." That comment seemed to break the ice and the evening started to begin.

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Sandy came down stairs with Ray and several black guys and they all headed for the bar. Ladies I thought we'd have a orgasm and squirt contest everyone good with it?" All four women nodded in agreement.

"Who will go first ladies?" "Joyce stepped forward I'll be first." "Ok Joyce panties off, if you want to keep your bra on it's ok but the guys really enjoy seeing our nipples pop out nice and hard so." Joyce unclipped her bra and pulled her panties down over her hips.

She was escorted to a leather chair as she was seated she felt suede restraints put on her ankles. Gail and Sandy sat on either side of her. They each kissed her nipples; Sandy reached down on the side of the chair and brought up a clit vibrator with a six inch dildo on it. They gently pushed the well lubed dildo it he pussy and slowly worked it all the way in. When it parted her pussy lips she moaned. Gail smiled, "just relax dear." Gail placed the clit vibrator on her clit, her eyes shot open as she wasn't expecting the stimulation it was causing.

She grabbed the two women's arms, "my god that's wonderful." Gail spoke if you think that's wonderful wait about five minutes you'll be in heaven. The guys in the room were chanting Joyce, Joyce she could not believe the sensations she was experiencing. Suddenly the vibrator went to high, her whole body started to spasm, she screamed and for the first time in her life she squirted a large amount of pussy juice all over.

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It took several minutes for her to calm down. They helped her up as Gail sat next. She was naked with pussy juice dripping out of her swollen pussy a couple of guys she didn't know held her hands and led her to the bar.

"What can we get you Joyce?" She looked at the two young men then she looked down and saw two very nice long hard cocks.

"Well after the squirting thing I need a cock in me know would either one or both of you be interested?" They took her hands and headed for a bedroom. Maria yelled to her "save some cum for us Joyce." She smiled and waved as the three entered the bedroom. Forty five minutes later Joyce and her two new friends opened the door and headed for the bar.

As she walked her pussy and ass made squishing sounds as they leaked cum. Three of the four women we in bedrooms Sandy was bent over an arm chair with a cock in her ass she was moaning loudly.

At the bar a large Hispanic kids smiled at her, "you look well fucked my dear." "Well my friends gave me two DP's in a row I came like a geyser, and so did they." He asked her if he could get a picture of her front and back, she leaned against a bar stool spread her legs and smiled as he took several pictures.

Then she turned around and stuck her ass out so he could get a picture of her ass leaking cum.

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"My names Jim what's yours?" "I'm Joyce have you gotten laid yet?" "No I was hoping if you would like to go with me and my friend Bill?" "I'd love to but let's wait for an empty room ok?" "That's great." She looked around the room and saw Al had a cock in his mouth and seemed to be enjoying himself so she just got a drink and made small talk until a room opened up. Her two new friends were talking about JR, he was a member of the Mandingo Club. They explained every guy in the club has a monster cock.

All the guys were between 11 and 15 inches. She gasped "11 or 12 inches I've seen in porn movies but a cock can't get any bigger that 12" can it?" "Joyce JR cock is 12 inches he's here this evening to see if Maria is going to join the Mandingos." Joyce now was told that once a women is a Mandingo member she theirs, they have her butt tattooed with the guy name and cock size.

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"Who is he please point him out to me." They called him over and introduced her to him. She couldn't take her eyes off his package it was huge.

A room opened up and Bill and Jim asked her if she was ready she quickly agreed and off the three went. By 11:15 she had been fucked 3 times in each hole, cum was flowing out of her like a leaking facet. The other women were equally well fucked so there was cum everywhere. Sandy stood in the center of the room and announced Maria was about to take the challenge for the Mandingo Club.

Maria and JR entered the room she removed her wet cum soaked panties and got on the bed, JR and she kissed for a few minutes, she removed his cock from his shorts.

The women gasped as it sprang out, it was 12 inches and thick, she kissed and sucked it in an attempt to get it wet, her pussy was sloppy with cum so that was a plus but his cock was gigantic. They started slowly he parted her pussy lips with head of the monster then he slowly proceeded to push.

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The women watched in awe as the cock went in at a little over half way she moaned and asked him to stay still for a moment as he was really very deep. She looked into his eye's "lets get a few more inches honey." Once again he pushed into her. It appeared she may be able to take it as it looked like he had 9 or 10 inches in her. She was moaning like an animal, she must have had three or four orgasms by this point. No one said a word he looked down at her "last couple of inches babe want to go for it?" All she could do was shake her head yes but as he started to push the last two inches in she screamed and he pulled out.

She lay their crying everyone left the room. JR was back in the main room drinking as Joyce approached him she sat down next to him. Leaning close to him she said, "I'd like to be a member of the club, could you come to my house for a private session?" He smiled "sure but no matter what you'll still have to do it in front of the group." "I realize that I'd just like to try without the audience, ok?" She wrote his cell number on her palm and walked away.

The evening ended at 12:30 her and Al were home by 1. Chapter 5 The next day she heard from Sandy and all the girls, they were going to do lunch on Thursday and wanted to know if she wanted to join them. She agreed and hung up. She was lying around she was tired and still draining cum from both places. Al had gone out with a new friend he made from the other night for a drink. The phone rang she answered and it was JR. The conversation was short he explained last night he didn't get to cum, his balls were aching and if she wanted to try he'd be their in fifteen minutes or he was going to call one of the established club members and relieve himself.

"No don't do that I'd love to try, if I can't take it I promise I'll suck a load or two out." She gave his directions and went upstairs to change.


Ten minutes later JR knocked on the door, she had changes into pink lace low cut panties and nipple covers with pink 4"heels. He came in and she closed the door she had set the recorder in the guest room for motion so they be filmed. "Would you like a drink?" JR shook his head no, "would like to go upstairs for some pussy?" A big smile formed on his face, she took his hand and wiggling her butt more then it needed to wiggle she headed to the guest room.

After they entered she closed the door, he started rubbing her pussy and kissing her nipples. They lay down on the bed and he removed her panties. Her pussy was wet but no where's near ready to accept the cock between his legs. She sat up and started rubbing astroglide on his cock, she must have used half the bottle but he was slick and she was ready to try.

JR sat up and with the head of his cock pointed at her slit gently parted her pussy lips. A small moan escaped from her lips, her eye's were glassy as she looked up at him "come on lover that big boy need to cum." He started pushing the giant cock into her; frankly it felt wonderful but so far not too different from John or Alex.

He kept pushing until he had almost 10 inches in her this was Johns max depth. Her pussy was squeezing the big cock which was enhancing the feeling for both of them. "Honey how much is left to go?" JR looked down "about 2 and a ½ inches." "Ok I want it all, just keep pushing it in slowly, if I pass out just keep fucking me ok?" JR started his downward plunge she wiggled moaned and cried at the same time.

She had lost control of herself and was a wild animal in the heat of a sexual frenzy. One last push and he bottomed out. She was sure his cock was in her throat. Now every time he moved it in and out she had an orgasm she lost count at 5 then she realized he had stiffen, the next sensation was mind blowing cum was flowing deeper into her then she thought possible all she could do was cry, moan and gasp for air.

It felt like his cock spewed cum for thirty seconds before it subsided. She was no longer conscious but not unconscious either. Suddenly she felt the monster cock pull out of her pussy. As it did a torrent of cum came gushing out.

JR rolled off her, he looked over at her, "well my dear you have a wonderful pussy, it is very accommodating.

Would you like to become a Mandingo girl?" "I'm going to have to give it some serious thought as once you and the guys start using my pussy I'll never be able to fuck a normal sized man, frankly I'm not sure I want that." He shook his head in agreement. "Joyce since we know your pussy will accommodate my cock would you be up to another round of it?" At that moment a large glob of cum plopped out of her with a small wet noise. They both looked at her pussy, she chuckled "well I guess she figures it was great let's do it again." Two hours later JR left, he had fucked her three more times, she could not believe the amount of cum he had deposited in her.

She needed a tampon to halt the flow of cum. Later that day she and AL watched the entire thing. "Joyce, are you going to become a Mandingo girl?" "I don't think so honey I'm pretty happy with normal size cocks, JR felt fantastic but it's not for me." Al seemed satisfied with the answer. A week later Al got home from work as he walked in Joyce was on the phone with Gail "good then its all set the parties at our house Saturday night.

You're going to contact Terry and Alice and see if they want to attend right? If they do you'll call me back and give me their phone numbers so I can call them." Al Heard Joyce's voice get quiet but he heard, they were discussing another Mandingo member Josh aka the pipe layer.


She looked at Al "well were hosting the party Saturday night, it appears Josh will be joining us. He's president of the Mandingo Club, he has a 14" cock, I didn't believe it but Gail says she actually sucked him off once." "She sucked him off; I can't believe she got it in her mouth." "She claimed she has never seen so much cum flow out of a cock, she said her and two other girls spent two minutes licking it up." The next day JR called Joyce, he asked if he could attend the party in addition to Josh.

Where she didn't mind she had to ask the obvious question, "Who are you guys going to fuck honey?" The response from JR was surprising, "Joyce I've told Josh about us he wanted me to find out if Thursday him and I could come over perhaps you may like to try him. If not I would like to have you again and you could blow him.

If it's not good then Saturday Terry wants to try his cock." "JR your cock felt wonderful I must admit, but it took two days for all the cum to stop leaking out, if Josh cum's like you were going to need some plastic to cover the floors." "Honey I cum in dribbles compared to him, I really hope you say we can come over." Joyce agreed to let them come over at noon but they really had to be gone by 4 as she had errands to run for the party.

Thursday at noon she heard a knock on the door she opened it and JR entered with a short skinny man.

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Once inside they both stripped to their underwear. Joyce had just nipple covers and green boy shorts. They went into the den and Josh asked her why she didn't want to join the Mandingo girls. She explained she didn't want to be accustomed to only giant cocks. He understood, finally she asked "can I please see what a 14 inch cock Josh?" Josh looked at her "Joyce we have a rule if I take my cock out your going to have to fuck or suck it, ok." JR chimed in "Joyce we know you've taken my entire cock why not try the biggest cock ever, since it wouldn't count anyway what the hell." Joyce sat staring at the giant bulge in his underwear.

She was biting her bottom lip trying to make a decision. After a few seconds she smiled "let's go upstairs and see if the giant wants a nice warm placed to unload cum in." No sooner had they closed the door to the bedroom then Josh had taken his cock out, gasped he was a short man but the cock was huge. She sat on the edge of the bed and started kissing and sucking the monster. It didn't get any longer it just grew hard and wide. "You ready to try babe?" She just nodded yes; she lay back pulled her panties off and gave him a big spread.

As the head slipped past her lips once again she felt the same incredible sensation as when JR had entered her. He continued pushing in her slowly, now JR's cock was at her lips she instinctively starting sucking it. She was moaning with pure animal pleasure as he slowly pumped her pussy. Her pussy was contracting on his cock in an attempt to milk the cum from his balls. Moaning and crying she yelled "put it all the way in babe." Josh chuckled "honey it's been all the way in for over two minutes!" She was on the verge of a orgasm when the cock in her mouth erupted cum started pumping out, down her throat, in her hair and all over her face.

Suddenly she felt Josh stiffen she screamed her body was racked with convulsions of orgasmic pleasure. She started cumming as she felt the first blast of cum pump out of his cock and started flooding her womb. She wasn't sure whether she passed out or not but when she regained control of her breathing Josh was laying on her with a huge smile.

"A penny for your thoughts sir." He pushed up so they were looking at each other; his cock was still deep in her pussy. There was a gurgling sound coming from her pussy as cum escaped and started to run down her ass. She got a strange look on her face, "since you're already in there any chance you'd like to unload another nut in her, actually I'd really like you too honey." Josh started pumping her again as JR cock was back in her mouth.

At 3:45 all three were completely spent Joyce had put her panties back on in an attempt to soak up the cum escaping from her but they didn't have a chance against the volume of liquid which was deposited in her. "How does your pussy feel honey?" "Josh a girl could get us to your cock real easily but I've got to think about it much more before I agree." "Well can we take you for your tattoo next week just to prove you took 14 inches today?" Joyce giggled "I'll let you know at the party Saturday, now both of you get dressed and get out I've got to clean myself up and get so stuff for the party."