Blowjob followed by hardcore bang amateur and teen

Blowjob followed by hardcore bang amateur and teen
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Copyright 2019 by tcs1963 All rights reserved by Author Edited by my friend, takemedown This story is from the imagination of tcs1963. It contains Bisexuality, light Femdom, some may even say coerced or forced Homosexuality.

If this offends or doesn't interest you, please feel free to find another story. Thank you.

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Controlled Lovers I was late coming home from work. As I entered our house I noticed the living room was dark. The only light coming from the flickering embers burning in the hearth. Shadows were dancing up the walls, as I stood there my eyes adjusting to the dimness. My attention was immediately drawn to the sounds and movement coming from the floor.

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There on the bear-skin rug in front of the fire, partly hidden by the furniture. I saw what was making all of the shadows on the wall. I was standing behind the wall, near the closet where we hang our jackets. Peering around the molding of the entryway to the living room.

I could see all three of them. My wife, Lisa was there guiding them like a maestro. She looked amazing and so fluid with her movements. Completely naked, the sight of her body was made all the more sensual by the glow of the fire. She was talking softly and although I couldn't hear her words exactly, I could tell they were gentle and encouraging. Yet, she seemed totally in control. It was then that I noticed two others for the first time.

Michael, her boss was kneeling, with his hands resting on the floor. Looking closer between Michael and her was a someone gently bobbing near his lap. So, I watched and the head raised up some, then back down and up again. Movements I most assuredly recognized, from those wonderful experiences with Lisa. Then as I kept watching, I realized that it was our friend and neighbor, John. Resting against John's lips, was Michaels fully engorged penis.

John's saliva making it sparkle and shine in the firelight. His tongue darting out and teasing the crown some like he was willing him back into the warm wet confines of his mouth. I moved a fraction closer and her words drifted to me; "Slowly John, tease and lick him as you slip him into your mouth." I was stunned and so turned on as I watched her, teaching them. Literally guiding them in their bisexual lovemaking. John seemed tentative and yet so eager to learn, and Michael was more amazed at his reactions to another man's manipulations.

As I stood there watching, she controlled Johns movements. My own cock was swelling in the tightness of my jeans, as I was watching them.

She told him how to lick around Michael's swollen gland, how to find his opening with his tongue and how to probe and lick at it. She placed her hands on Michael's shoulders and began to kiss him softly.

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Taking care not to prevent John from performing his slow sensual licking and sucking. As she kissed him her hand moved to rest on Johns' head, pushing him further down onto Michael's penis. She broke their kiss and whispered the words "Just relax and enjoy this moment, Michael." She pressed gently on Johns' head again, causing him to take the head of Michael's penis right into his throat.

Causing a slight gagging sound, but John seemed to recover quickly. His saliva dripping down onto his chest.


Michael groaned, "Ahhh". Lisa smiled, so in control and superior. He closed his eyes as he John's tongue visibly began to flick around his penis, massaging all the wonderful most sensitive places. Her hand pressed a little harder and John's head again, allowing a little more of Michael's penis to enter his mouth. As this continued she returned her lips to Michael, gently kissing him passionately.

Only breaking their kiss to tell them both how wonderful they looked, and how happy they were making her. Then the most wonderful thing happened, Lisa slipped to her knees. Moving to John's side, and as she placed her arm over his shoulders, and leaned in. She kissed his cheek and whispered, " How he was such a good boy and doing so well, and also how much she was pleased that he was enjoying his first male lover's cock." She then reached out to Michael and wrapped her fingers around his swollen shaft.

Gently but deliberately stroking her hand back and forth she began to caress him, and John continued to suck and lick. Michael sighed and lifted his hips a little, the action causing his penis to slide a little further into John's mouth. Instead of pulling back as I had expected John looked up at Michael then moved lower, taking in even more of his shaft.

Her hand continued to move slowly on Michael's cock as John began a quicker and more rhythmic bobbing motion. Allowing Michaels penis to almost fall from his lips, and then sucking him back in.

Then as the motion increased and John sucked his cock back into his warm wet mouth. I heard her say "It's ok Michael, look he wants your gift.' Kissing Johns cheek again she added in a lower voice, "Feed him Michael show him how much you like his mouth on you." Michael's demeanor changed from being slow and passive to someone thrusting forward and driven as if her words had awoken the sexual animal in him.

He began to move his hips backward and forwards towards John's face. Murmuring words of lust describing to her, and John how he was fucking his mouth. She continued kissing John's face and stroking Michael's penis. All the while, telling them both how aroused they had made her, and what a perfect cock sucker John was.

She told them how she loved them both for allowing her to share this moment. Michaels' head fell back his eyes closed. The concentration was obvious as he attempted to remain in control of his body. Lisa saw this and stroked him faster. Telling John and him to, " Open their eyes and to watch each other." They locked eyes signifying her total control, and Michael grunted as he began to release his warm cum into John's mouth.

Michael's knees trembled as he almost lost his balance. His balls flexing and pulling up close to his body.

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John seemed to tense for a moment but then relaxed again as she gently told him to swallow slowly and to savor Michaels gift. Michael's hips bucked wildly causing John to lose contact for a moment allowing some of Michaels cum to dribble from the side of his mouth.


He quickly swallowed him back down, causing him to flinch. Lisa wiped the silvery white drops away with her finger. But instead of tasting them herself as I had expected, she raised her hand to Michael's mouth, running her fingertips over and eventually between his lips. Michael's movements slowly subsided and he fell back onto his haunches panting. Looking at Lisa and John both, with a look of total satisfaction and adoration on his face.

She turned to John with a wonderful smile on her face and taking his head in both hands kissed his lips passionately. Slipping her tongue between his lips to explore his mouth and to share in Michaels gift to him. This tender moment seemed somehow too private and intimate.

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So I slowly backed away from the three lovers. My heart beating so hard, and my cock straining against the cloth of my jeans. As I went silently to our bedroom I could think of only one thing, and that was when was I to become involved with this most perfect of situations.

The End. Maybe.