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Fbailey story number 308 I Found Her At Family Court When the old lady next door needed a ride to Family Court for a matter involving her grandson, I agreed to take her. After all she had lived next door to me for years and always shared her fresh homemade cookies with me. I had better things to do but I felt that she really needed me, so I took her.

It was a strange place for me to be.


I just sat in one of the waiting rooms with her until someone called her to go before the judge. While we were waiting a young woman and her mother came in to wait too.

The young woman looked to be about eighteen to twenty years old. She had on a blue top with lighter blue horizontal stripes. She was attractive but what really drew my attention were her huge tits. She obviously was not wearing a bra and her big full tits were hanging down to her elbows. Now that was not something that I saw regularly. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

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Her mother was talking to her all the time trying to tell her what to do in court to get her child back from Foster Care. My neighbor was talking to me about her problems. The whole time that young lady and I smiled at one another. There was some kind of attraction between us and I knew what it was on my part…lust. All I wanted was to get my hands and mouth on those huge tits and my cock in her juice pussy. What she saw in a forty-three-year-old man was beyond me but I certainly kept smiling at her.

My neighbor was finally called in to see the judge and her mother left to use the lady's room so the young lady and I were alone for a couple of minutes. She spoke first asking me if I liked what I saw. Of course I liked what I saw I would have to be stupid not to like that set of breasts. Then she asked me if would take her out on a date sometime.


I asked her if she was available that evening and she said that she was. Then she gave me her name and her mother's phone number. Her name was Ali MacGraw just like that actress that was married to Steve McQueen and she had just turned eighteen.

She was trying to regain custody of her three-month-old daughter. She was not married, she had no boyfriends, and the father of her baby left her when she got pregnant. Then her mother returned and she was quiet once more. Shortly the old lady next door came out and was quite happy about the judge's decision. I got up and said goodbye to the young lady. She smiled at me and winked so that her mother couldn't see her doing it.

That afternoon I called Ali and asked her if she would like to go to dinner with me. She said that she would like that then I told her to put on something nice to wear.

When she said that she didn't have anything nice I told her that I would pick her up early and then take her shopping. She liked that and told me that she would be sitting out on the front porch when I arrived. She wanted a quick getaway from her mother apparently.

When I pulled up to the curb Ali ran to the car and climbed right in quickly. I drove away knowing that was what Ali wanted me to do. She thanked me for getting her out of the house and told me that I looked very nice in my suite. I thanked her. She was wearing the same blue stripe shirt that she had worn in court. It looked like she was still not wearing a bra. I then asked her if she would be comfortable in an evening gown without a bra.

She said that she can't fit into any of her bras since her tits swelled up with milk. She said that she had to pump the milk out and give it to the foster care person to then feed to her baby for her. Then she proceeded to tell me all about the misunderstanding and why her daughter was taken away. However, in court that day she had learned that if she takes a couple of parenting classes then she can get her back in a few weeks.

She put a small package in my glove compartment and I didn't ask any questions about it. I drove to a fancy lady's clothing store. Inside I asked the sale's lady to show us some sexy little black dresses.

She looked at Ali and then at me and just smiled.

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She asked Ali her size and took her to a rack. She looked at Ali again and picked out three dresses for her to try on. She showed Ali the changing room and then asked Ali if she wanted either her or me to help her change. Ali just smiled, thought a moment, and then said that she should be fine but that if she needed any help that she would ask. While Ali was in changing the lady asked me if Ali was my daughter or my girlfriend I replied girlfriend.

She smiled sweetly and told me that I was a very lucky man. I thanked her. Ali came out in the first dress and it was lovely on her. The lady was not totally happy about the way that it fit and told her to try on the next one. When Ali was in the changing room the lady told me that Ali needed something to help lift her big breasts.

I told her that I really liked Ali's big breasts.

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The lady told me that she really liked them too. Her smile told me that she wanted to get her hands on them as much as I did.

Ali came back out and that little black dress was perfect. It had tiny spaghetti straps, it had a plunging neckline, and it was quite short too. The lady handed Ali a black strapless bra to put on and then sent her back into the changing room.

We both waited patiently for her return. Wow! That bra lifted her huge breasts up nicely. The lady finally got up the nerve to fondle Ali's breasts as she pretended to help adjust the bra. She told Ali that just a hint of bra showing in her cleavage would help excited her boyfriend even more.

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Ali looked at me and smiled. The lady then handed Ali a pair of black crotchless panties and told her to go put them on, and then she told me to take Ali to a shoe store and get her a new pair of shoes to go with her new outfit.

She suggested that I get her a nice safe pair of comfortable shoes and not any six-inch stilettos. The lady took the tags off the dress and bagged Ali's old clothes for us. I caught her sniffing Ali's used panties and saw her smile at me as she nodded her approval. I smiled back at her, took the bag, and escorted Ali back out to my car. At the shoe store I saw the young clerk trying to look up Ali's short dress but she wouldn't let him.

She liked the shoes and asked if she could wear them out. The clerk put her old shoes in the box for us. Now that we were ready I took Ali to a very nice Italian restaurant that I knew.

I ordered a bottle of wine and the waitress never asked for Ali's identification. I mentally added in an extra tip for her. Ali was very impressed with me to say the least. Ali said, "Oh! You are definitely going to get lucky tonight, so very lucky indeed." I smiled and said, "Thank you." Throughout dinner Ali sipped her wine slowly, tried all the various foods that I had selected, and made sure to give me a nice look at her deep plunging cleavage.

She told me that she loved the dress, that the bra felt very comfortable, and that the crotchless panties were exciting her very much. The mere thought of them was exciting me that was for sure.

As we were finishing our meal Ali reached down under the table and came back up with wet fingers. She said, "See I really am wet down there. Do you enjoy oral sex?" I smiled and replied, "Yes, very much." She asked, "Giving or receiving?" I smiled again and said, "Both." I reached over the table and held her hand bringing it to my nose and then I sucked her two fingers into my mouth so that I could lick them clean.

I paid the bill and left a very good tip before escorting Ali out to my car. As I drove toward my home she slid the dress up her thighs, opened her knees wide, and proceeded to finger her clit right through the opening in her crotchless panties. I drove just as fast as I dared too. At my house I escorted her inside and right up to my bedroom. She had made it perfectly clear in the restaurant and in the car that we were going to have sex and that it would continue until one of us were dead.

For some reason I believed her. I watched as she unzipped the back of her dress, slipped it down her body, and then stepped out of it. Standing there in just a black strapless bra and her black crotchless panties she was an eye full.

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Her tummy was still slightly rounded from childbirth and her breasts were simply magnificent. They were milk filled baby bottles that any man would love to drink from.

She started to unhook her bra and I asked her not too. I also asked her to keep her crotchless panties on too. It would be even sexier that way. As I started to undress Ali asked me to go out to my car and get the small package that she had left in the glove compartment.

It was a breast pump and a bottle.

She needed to extract some milk for her baby and she had to relieve the pressure. I rushed right back. I wanted to watch the show. Ali just smiled at me and released the bra telling me that she would put it back on if I still wanted her to afterwards.

I watched as she sat on the edge of my bed, attached the bottle to the pump, and then put the funnel thing against her breast surrounding her areola. She squeezed a ball and I watched the milk start to flow into the bottle. It looked very watery. She squeezed out about two ounces then changed breasts and pumped out two more ounces of mother's milk.

She said that she left some for me if I wanted it. She put a cover on the bottle and then sat back on the bed beckoning me to her. I lay across the bed on her lap face up so that I could get a good grip on that nipple. When I sucked, her mother's milk flowed gently into my mouth, across my tongue, and down into the back of my throat where I swallowed it. It had a sweet taste and I enjoyed it so I kept sucking. After a few minutes she had me change my position and suck from her other breast.

I closed my eyes and pretended that I was a baby. I knew that right after that I was going to try to crawl into her pussy starting with my tongue, my finger, and then my cock.

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Ali thanked me for relieving the pressure in her breasts. I could feel a little difference with my fingers as I gently squeezed the large orbs while I sucked. I knew that I could get used to nursing on her. As I sucked she talked about becoming a 'wet nurse' and providing milk to other babies even after her baby was done breastfeeding. Apparently a woman can produce milk for as long as needed even up to possibly five years.

Wow, I could certainly enjoy that. Ali was actually glowing about helping other needy babies. She was a great mother and it seemed to come naturally to her.

Well I had finally had my fill of her mother's milk but I was also looking forward to having some in my coffee in the morning. I had no intentions of taking her home that night.


I'm not sure that she wanted to go home either. We would cross that path when we came to it. I did poke my tongue in her pussy and she was quite wet down there. She said that my sucking had given her a couple of small orgasms. Her baby does that to her too. Lucky girl! I poked a couple of fingers into her to test the size and found no problem; after all it had been about twelve or thirteen weeks since childbirth and she was fully healed.

As I slipped my cock into her Ali cooed, closed her eyes, and said that I felt so good in her. I kissed her gently and stroked into her slowly. After a few minutes I felt more pleasure and picked up my pace. I kissed her harder too. All of a sudden Ali went tense, wrapped her legs around my waist, and shouted out 'Oh God' several times as her orgasm consumed her entire body.

That sparked my own climax and I started squirting cum into her in rather large amounts. That set off a chain reaction in her that resulted in a second orgasm just as intense as the first one.

When I finished cumming in her I couldn't pull out. She still had her legs wrapped around me and she was not about to let me pull out. So I stayed right there for another ten minutes as we basked in the warm afterglow of love making.

It had started out as sex on my part but it ended differently. I don't know what happened but lust had turned to love somewhere along the line.

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It was not exactly love at first sight or had it been. Thinking back there had been an immediate reaction between us from the very start.

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She had felt it too. The age difference was not a factor. When she finally allowed me to pull out and roll to her side I said, "I love you." Ali replied, "I love you too." We then lay there together with my arm around her and her cuddled into my side talking about her getting her baby back, moving in with me, and us possibly getting married. To Ali it was like being Cinderella and finding her Prince Charming. To me it was like finding my soul mate, my other half that makes me whole.

After that night Ali never left me, we moved her in the very next day and she has never left. We regained custody of her baby two weeks later and we were married the following Saint Valentine's Day. We now have two more children and I get mother's milk in my coffee every morning right from the tap. The End I Found Her At Family Court 308