Pov of gorgeous japanese cutie playing with huge cock

Pov of gorgeous japanese cutie playing with huge cock
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I peaked in the tent to see which side of the tent Ash had claimed. She was sleeping face down on top of both sleeping bags almost in the middle of the tent.

I crawled in and secured both flaps then zipped the screen shut behind me. I tried to undress as quietly as possible. I usually sleep in the nude, but tonight I knew it would be better to leave on at least a pair of boxer shorts.

I scooched Ashley over and claimed a bit of real estate, stretching out on top of the mattresses and sleeping bags. The rain was soft on the tent.

Knowing everything was safely secured and would remain dry I felt at ease until the smoothness of Ashley's calf brush against my leg. Was it an accident or just the restless state of sleep she was in.

In either case the touch of her soft skin, sent tingles through my body. I looked over and that beautiful young tush that I had been looking at all day was only inches from my grasp. I lay there and once again began to think about how wonderful her ass looked in those hiking shorts. and if it was possible how much better it looked now encased in a pair of white panties.

My prick began to swell.

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I rolled over trying to get comfortable and put those thoughts out of my head. My eyes were fully adjusted to the darkness as the rain began to pelt the shelter harder. I could see that her oversized Tee shirt had ridden up and exposed her half concealed ass cheeks and once again my balls stirred… Damn this was going to be five days of torture… In my half drunken state, my horniness was once again quickly overtaking any sense of good judgement.

I began rubbing my cock through my shorts.

I couldn't get the image of her puffy nipples or the aroma of her sex out of my mind. Suddenly, a lightning strike and thunder clap occurred nearly simultaneously and Ashley jumped. She snuggled closer to me and I felt her smooth leg rub against mine once again.

I froze.

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Oh my god, was she awake? Did she catch me jerking off? In the near totally blackness the only sound I could hear was the rain pelting the tent and the pounding of my heart. She was lying on her stomach and her right hand found my left hand and squeezed it. Oh shit she was awake and must have known I was masturbating. With the next thunder strike she rolled up on her side and placed her head on my chest while her hand moved closer to my belly and down toward my quickly deflating cock.

"I can't sleep, Uncle Tim".

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Will we be safe in here? I reassured her that this tent had weathered many storms far worse than this in the past few years and always remained dry and secure. It felt so good to have her small hand gently massaging my chest hair. Her hand drifted down to my shorts. When it reached my dick she slowly traced its outline before giving it a big squeeze.

I couldn't believe how good it felt and how quickly I was rock hard again. "Ash, you shouldn't- "Mom said you had a big cock, but I had no idea how big!" "What?

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"I know all about you and Mom", she said. "She said it was wonderful and nothing to be ashamed of." "What else did she tell you?" "That you were a great kisser" We both rolled onto our sides facing each other and our lips touched in an explosion of shear electricity that rivaled anything mother nature produced.

It wasn't to late to stop, but I knew we weren't going to.

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She kissed me deeply. Her tongue swirling mine.


I moved my hand to her chest and felt her tits through her top. They were a perfect handful. The puffy nipples I peeked at today had grown hard as marbles. I caressed and squeezed her breasts, then gently pinched and rubbed light circles around her nipples with my fingers. She shifted her hips in response and moaned into my mouth. From the way her body responded, I knew she was feeling the pleasure throughout her body deep down into her pussy.I worked my way to her ears, and whispered how beautiful she was, while she bit and sucked on my neck.


Instinctively my hand travelled along her ribs, belly button,the flat of her stomach, over her mons venus until I reached the top of her pussy slit. I moved my hand down between her legs and began to gently rub her labia through the outside of her panties. I felt the heat emanating from her treasure box. Ash spread legs legs wider which convinced me to push this further. She broke off the kiss and started quietly moaning, panting, and whispering "Oh my god, don't stop, Uncle Tim.

Please don't stop, that feels so good. I've wanted this for so long." I rubbed her clit in circles through her panties and she gyrated her hips in response while I fingered the dampness of her hot young cunt. "God, you're wet! Can I lick your pussy?

"I love the taste of a woman." She bit her lower lip, paused, then said enthusiastically "Oh my god. Of course! You have no idea how much I would love that, Uncle Timmy!" Hearing her call me Uncle confirmed that we both knew this was an act of incest, and it was a turn-on to both of us. She kicked her panties off exposing her pussy which was lightly covered with hair.

My jaw dropped at the youthful beauty of her body.