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He left her blindfolded on the bed, wearing only a sheer nighty as she lay there lightly fingering herself in preparation for what was to follow. After two rousing bouts as a threesome with a stranger she had agreed to let him pick the third partner this time.

He smiled as he left the hotel room; he had other plans. When he returned twenty minutes later he was followed by not one, but two strong, handsome strangers.

They had agreed at the bar to the same three stipulations: "First, you'll have to wear a condom at all times. Second, you only do what she wants you to do. And third, you can never breathe a word of this to anyone." He motioned for them to undress and slipped into the bedroom to check on his wife. She was kneeling in the center of the bed, chest thrust forward as she lightly touched her pussy lips with one hand, clearly on the verge of an orgasm but restraining herself.

She still wore the blindfold and he knelt on the bed to give her a passionate kiss on the lips as he started to disrobe. She melted into his touch and bit her lower lip seductively, panting heavily, when he eventually pulled away. A shiver of anticipation ran through her body and he finished removing his clothing.

She gently ran her hands along her thighs as she waited patiently for her husband and a stranger to come make sweet love to her. He had taken the liberty of setting up two cameras inconspicuously around the room to catch the action, and now he checked them quickly before leaving the bedroom. The two strangers were waiting in their boxers when the husband returned, and after reminding them not to make a sound he led them into the bedroom.

Their dicks visibly jumped in their confinements when they saw her kneeling on the bed, and they circled her to get a good look at the woman they were about to make love to. The husband sank into a nearby armchair and started stroking himself as he watched the strangers pull off their boxers, put on flavored condoms, and mount the bed. As one knelt in front of her and reached his hands out for her thighs, the other pressed gently up behind her and stroked her shoulders.

She cooed softly and thrust out her chest, pressing back into the man behind her and reaching instinctively for their dicks. One of her hands slid around her ass until it found the hard cock behind her, while the fingers on her other hand extended blindly for something long and hard to wrap themselves around. The man guided her searching fingers to his manhood, and she cradled his shaft and stroked his balls while her other hand started slowly jacking off the man behind her.

She felt a pair of hands slide around her body from behind and cup her breasts through their sheer covering. The man in front of her straddled her leg, placing his thigh against her pussy and reaching around to grab her ass in both hands. With his assistance she started grinding on his leg, moaning as they pressed her body between them and massaged her in all the right places.

The husband stroked his cock as he watched the two strangers fondling his wife, which jumped when the front man's hands slipped around her ass to finger her pussy. He moved his hands to cup his balls as he watched the man behind his wife slip her nighty down to just expose her nipples, then pinch them as he ground his cock along her ass. And he had to stop himself from cumming as he watched the look on her face when the man behind her tilted her forward and slipped himself into her pussy.

She released a gasp of pleasure as she felt his shaft sinking deeper and deeper inside her, and she leaned forward into the other man to let the cock sink completely into herself. Her tits spilled out into a waiting pair of hands that fondled them as she bottomed out on the dick in her pussy, pressing her face hard against the chest in front of her and grabbing his torso in both hands. As one man started pumping his dick into her, removing everything from her mind but thoughts of cock as she moved from arousal to the brink of a climax, the other man lowered his breast-cupping hands and let her face slide along his abs to his cock.

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She gladly and voraciously dove her pretty little lips onto his rock hard member and bobbed her head along his comdomed shaft a dozen times or more.

Sucking him off with gusto, she reveled in the swelling, throbbing head against her tongue as the hands on her hips repeatedly filled her with the stranger's pleasure organ. She had been fantasizing about being double penetrated while she was fingering herself earlier, and when she couldn't contain herself any longer she climaxed, satisfying her fantasy on their wanton manhoods.

Her husband sat forward in his chair as he watched his wife's mouth freeze around the stranger's cock she was sucking and every muscle in her body tense in ecstasy. A muffled scream of pleasure rent itself from her throat and seeped past her lips around the shaft that was plugging into her dick-eating hole.

The man behind her held himself balls-deep inside her so she could have something to hold on to as her greedy, grasping pussy doused his member in her lusty orgasm. Her husband smiled and sat back, watching her slowly, gently float back down to earth from her heavenly climax and collapse between the two handsome strangers on the bed. Their dicks slipped out of her and her husband stood up, motioning for them to get off the bed. He retrieved a pair of handcuffs from the nearby dresser and mounted the bed.

Fastening one cuff around her wrist he leaned in and kissed her lips before dragging her gently to the headboard. Wrapped in the black comfort of her blindfold she lay in a euphoric daze of delayed response, kissing his lips after they had left and passively writhing to help her being pulled up the bed. He replaced the nighty and kissed her tits through the pointlessly thin fabric, pulling her languid arms through the straps before chaining her wrists to the bed.

She struck a luxurious pin-up pose and lay in anticipation as her husband stood beside the bed and motioned for the strangers to continue their escapade. Their hands roamed across her legs and sides, her nighty providing no protection from their wandering hands.

Her ass lay exposed already, covered only by her ankles, and with one touch from an inquisitive finger the fabric fell off her tits. A pair of hands around her ankles, on her shoulders, and on her ass helped her turn over and she pressed her face and chest into the bed.

She spread her knees wide with her ass high and bare, swaying expectantly as she waited for them to fuck her brains out. The hands on her ankles sent a thrill of captivation through her body and she bucked slightly in anticipation of being rammed hard and fast from behind.

One of the men ran his hands from her shoulders to her knees, sliding her nighty over her body and around her ass.

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The stranger behind her finished removing the poor excuse for a garment, and the legs kneeling inside her calves told her it would come soon. She propped herself up on her elbows and lifted her head, opening her mouth invitingly. She could feel hands on her ass; she licked her lips and let out a moan as a hard, thick shaft slowly pierced her pussy and slid its length down her dripping passage until it bottomed out at the back.

The stranger's cock was begging to cream and he kept his cock buried to the hilt inside her, twitching with pleasure as her pussy lips caressed the base of his shaft and his balls tapped her clit with each little movement.

Thighs trapped her shoulders and dropped a firm, sexy ass in her hands. "This could be him," she thought, since she knew he had been working out. She opened her mouth and pulled the ass toward her, letting the dick slide across her tongue as her lips closed around the shaft. They were both wearing condoms and now she figured her husband was probably doing her from behind since the cock in her mouth didn't feel familiar, though it was hard to tell through the latex.

Her husband sat back down in the armchair and masturbated as he watched his wife wiggling her pussy on the cock she thought was his. She moaned onto the dick as she slowly sucked and fucked the strangers on the bed, trying to make their combined arousal last as long as possible.

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The stranger behind her suddenly grabbed her hips and started reaming her with the full length of his shaft. She let out a mounting cry through a mouthful of cock as he pounded her pussy, going at her hard and lustily.

After a dozen or more thrusts he buried himself in her once more and the husband could tell by the way his wife squealed that the stranger was emptying himself inside her.

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They remained frozen for almost a minute before he pulled out, and she slipped her mouth off the cock to rest her head on the bed. "Fuck, you feel good!" she exclaimed, now hornier than ever. Then, turning to the on in front of her she said, "Lay down, I want to ride your cock." He abliged without hesitation, sliding between her widespread thighs and lining up his swollen head at her pussy entrance.

She leaned back, impaling herself on his rock hard member and throwing her head back in pleasure. Her wrists were still secured to the headboard and her arms pressed her tits together into sumptuous mounds in front of her. She bucked her hips and bounced her ass, trying to achieve maximum penetration with every thrust as the stranger between her legs grabbed her hips and held on tight. Every time she bottomed out she cried out, "Yes!" louder and louder until she was shouting and fucking with reckless abandon.

The sight of this woman rough-riding on this willing cock made the first stranger start getting hard again. He switched out to a new flavored condom and mounted the bed, straddling the woman's oustretched arms and sliding his manhood into her open mouth.

Having a cock hardening between her lips turned her on even more and she let him face-fuck her however he wanted as she focused on breaching her second orgasm of the evening. Her husband stood and put on a condom; knowing he was close to cumming himself he wanted a piece of the action. When his wife dropped her ass one last time and started grinding her pussy against the hips between her thighs, her body tensed up and the lusty, moaning scream that came up from the depths of her soul let her husband know that she was having one of the greatest orgasms of her life.

Mounting the bed, he knelt behind his wife, cupping her ass and shoving it down, impaling her even deeper on the stranger's swollen, rock hard fuckstick. His wife's renewed bucking and a groan coming from underneath her told him the stranger was cumming and she was loving it. Thrusting and grinding she rode out the new peaks of her orgasm, assisted by the stranger's grip on her upper thighs and her husband's hands rocking her hips and ass.

When they were both finally spent the stranger extricated himself from under her and she slipped off the cock in her mouth to lay her chest against the bed in a sleepy euphoria.

Her ass remained high up in the air, however, prominently poised for more fucking. The husband's hands continued to caress her gorgeous ass, finally lining himself up for penetration.

The first stranger was rock hard again and he got off the bed to let the second stranger, still semi-hard and with a clean condom, get some time with her skilled mouth. The wife moaned distantly as her husband pressed his cock inside her, plundering her pussy in long smooth strokes. The second stranger grabbed her by the hair and gently lifted her head up to face his re-hardening dick.


Her mouth lolled open and when he slid his manhood into her cum sucker her lips and tongue instinctively began milking him in a gentle rhythm. By the time the husband started to increase his pace second stranger was already lining up behind him, waiting his turn. When he reached ramming speed the second stranger was rock hard again, eager for another shot at her sweet, round ass.

Her mouth locked open in rapture when finally drove his overengorged fuckstick home for the last time, her lips resting loosely around the stranger's throbbing shaft as her husband pumped her full of his seed.

Only when he had satisfied himself completely and was beginning to get soft again did he finally pull out. The first stranger was between her legs in an instant, eager to ensure she didn't go unfilled for even a moment. Her pussy lips were already red and puffy from being so well-fucked, and her body was starting to get sore from the abuse.

Without hesitation the stranger spread her ass cheeks and slipped his tip into her pouting pussy. She moaned when he started playing with her, letting only the head of his cock pop in and out of her. She leaned into him, sinking more of his rock hard shaft into her pleasure passage and starting to bob her head on the cock in her mouth like an overeager whore. Hands grabbed her head to slow her pace as the second stranger tried to keep himself from cumming then and there. She was nearing a third climax herself, and her breathing was becoming shallow again.

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The first stranger cupped her ass and leaned forward, sliding himself balls-deep into her glutonous, grasping cum-catcher. She squealed with joy as he started fucking her in a hard, steady rhythm, pressing her forward to deepthroat the cock in her mouth. The second stranger had to pull out and get off the bed to cool down, lining up again for his next turn to fuck her.

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The husband slid into the bed at his wife's face, cock still semi-hard and, having applied a new condom, laid his hardening member against her face. She seemed lost in pleasure, unaware of his dick, focused solely on the man pounding her firmly from behind. The husband turned her mouth to engulf his manhood and ran his hands down her naked back, enjoying the feel of her skin.

He ended with his hands on her lower back, cupping her ass and pressing her into the onslaught from behind. For several minutes he helped the stranger fuck his wife a second time.

Faster and slower, harder and softer, on and on it seemed to go with her moaning and panting under him. They took turns slapping her ass to make her squeal and running their hands over every inch of her skin as they fucked her. Finally the stranger shuddered and came, holding himself deep in her depths until he had finished pumping his last drop of cum.

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She was on the brink of an orgasm. Had he surged a few more times she would have exploded, but as it was she was left panting when he got off the bed.

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"Please!" she gasped, "Please, don't stop!" With no more encouragement needed the second stranger was on the bed, pressing his legs against her inner thighs. He spread her knees as wide as they would go and wasted no time in piercing her womanhood with his wanton member. She threw her head back and gasped as he started reaming her with his long-overdue dick. Her gasp turned into a slowly building scream as her sexual tension ramped back up and sailed off into the waiting abyss of ecstasy.

The stranger came with her and unloaded into her waiting pussy the fruits of her mouth's skilled labors. Over and over he plunged into her, continuing to fuck her sweet, sweet pussy as he came long and hard. The husband's dick twitched, rock hard again as he braced his wife's ass against the assault this stranger was ravaging her with. Her moans and cries subsided as his cock slowed its pace, eventually pulling out and leaving her collapsed on the bed as they all went to clean up.

When they returned she was asleep from exhaustion, and the husband showed them out with a smile. They grinned eagerly at him and said they were always up for another go anytime. When she finally awoke the wife's blindfold and handcuffs had been removed, and she was laying under a thin, white sheet. Her husband slid up next to her and she drowsily laid her head on his bare chest.


"I don't know if there were five or six of them, but that was AWESOME," she said with deep, satisfied feeling. "Want to watch the replay?" he asked snarkily, and pulled up a laptop.

She buried her face in shy excitement, then settled in to watch with a smile.